Drunken Handout

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“Just put it in,” she moaned in my ear as the deafening music pumped around us. We’re at a busy party full of friends in the middle of the city, a gorgeous view of the skyline right next to us and all we can see is each other. May is many things and boring isn’t one of them. I’m sitting in a lounge chair next to the dance floor, and she’s on my lap, legs straddled into the cushions, facing me. She’s biting my lip and giving those seed hungry eyes.

“Do it, you pussy,” she says out loud with nobody to hear but me. Not that she would care if they did. She has already unbuttoned my jeans and pulled my boxers down to expose my rock hard 10 inch dick. But because she’s on top of me with her long dress spread over my legs, nobody but us can see it.

I can feel the wetness seep through her thong. The hand she has on my long but thin dick lets go and pushes the linen aside to reveal her warm cunt. She buckles her hips, moving it towards the head of my cock, as if she’s kissing it with it. It feels so wet and warm I could burst, but I’m hesitant. What if someone sees? We can’t seriously be fucking in front of our friends?

I look across the room and my buddy Mark is cheering his beer as if he knows what’s going on on top of my groin. But from his perspective it must just look like the hottest girl at the party is making out with me. I’m more nervous than I usually am, perhaps because I’m afraid I’ll either shoot my seed over the chair and our clothes or deep up her canal impregnating her.

“Not here,” I whisper. But she curves her mouth and pushing her other lips against my shaft. I moan.

“No?” her eyes ask.

“Fuck it” my brain goes and grab her neck and push her towards me as both my tongue and my dick enter her. God that feels amazing. I want to throw her on the floor and fuck her brains out but she’s contained, in charge, holding me down as she slowly twirls her pussy around the tip of my dick. In my mind I have already shot my loads a dozen times but for some reason my pole is going steady. I whimper in her mouth and she lets out a joyful giggle.

“May! Christy is drunk we’re taking an Uber!” a girl screams in her ear suddenly. She’s standing right next to us and in my shock I move deeper inside May. She doesn’t resist and slides down my shaft all the way until our pubes intertwine. I can’t help but let out a moan. The girl rolls her eyes at me and looks back at May.

“Sure, let’s go,” May smiles and just like that she pulls herself from me. I hastily cover my junk and button my pants, but the girl has already seen it. Disgusted she pulls May away, who throws back an evil grin and waves. Fuck she’s definitely not boring. I want to run after her. Push her against the wall and me inside of her just to blow my load. My dick is so hard I feel like the buttons are gonna pop. But she’s already gone and I’m left grinding all my energy and horniness alone in the chair.

“God damn tease,” I mumble to Mark when he comes in for a slap on my back. But secretly I loved that May didn’t give two fucks and left me high and dry. It’s gonna be even hotter at the next party when I do fuck her senseless. I open a beer and start drinking.

The evening passes in a blur. I open beer after beer. I dance with a couple of girls, but none of them are as horny as me. Every time we grind and they feel my hard dick pressing against them, they bolt. It pisses me off. I text May if she can come back after dropping her friend. She doesn’t respond. Smart girl. I’m probably too shit faced to stay hard anyway.

Several hours of flickering disco lights, people talking and empty cups go on and suddenly I find myself stumbling into one of the bedrooms and falling down on the bed. I think about going home instead but instead the light from the hallway phases out and a soothing blackness calls me into a slumber.

When I open my eyes I see May entering the room, with that teasing grin of hers. Did she come after all? She crawls canlı bahis on to the bed, slowly. I can’t help but go crazy. I want to pull her on top of me and pile drive my dick up in her stomach, but I’m too tired. She giggles and opens one button of my jeans. She smiles teasingly.

“Yes, baby suck my dick,” I moan. I feel my balls tingling and I want to release so bad I might just start jacking instead. She opens another button. And another. The warmth within my boxers is released and the cool summer air graces my meat. I feel her hands pushing my shirt up, and her warm lips kissing my stomach. They pull my boxers down but my dick gets stuck. They keep pulling, giving me some of the pressure I long for. But then I notice the hands aren’t delicate, they’re even kind of hairy. I look down and instead of May I see Mark.

I blink my eyes. I’m definitely awake now. Outside the music has stopped but people are still talking, in the refuse-to-go-home kind of way. I’m on the bed, my stomach naked, my dick out, and on top of me is a guy friend laughing. Drunken horniness in his eyes.

“Dude what the fuck!” I utter in surprise.

“Hehe relax dude. I’m just kidding” he says with a childish giggle. But what he does next is definitely mature and no joke. Without hesitation he opens his mouth, warm breath blowing over my leaking cock before his wet mouth swallows the tip. I want to protest but his soft lips feels so amazing, pushing my foreskin down and embracing all of my cockhead that all I can do is give the deepest sigh of relief.

For a few seconds I hear the slobbering and the heavenly warm mouth on my dick. And it has only enveloped the tip. With every stroke it inches down, swallowing my throbbing pole further inside where it belongs. I feel teeth lightly grazing my skin. I go nuts and can’t hold in. I grab the hair attached to the head and push it all the way down. A shreek fills the room, but the slobbering quickly continues as a nose presses into my crotch and a lower lip touches the top of my ballsack. I’m in.

His big, manly hand slaps on my stomach and suddenly I’m reminded that the wet big lips around my member aren’t from some chick I don’t know. I let go of the hair. I’m wide awake again and push myself up.

“Mark what the fuck are you doing.” I look down at him, slightly worried. Mark is a grown ass jock. We both played football in college. We saw each other naked in the shower and Mark is a perfect specimen of men. Broad shoulders, big beard, huge pecks and even more impressive legs. I saw him fuck a girl once when the team stayed at a hotel and we all banged the cheerleaders. He was drilling her like he was an animal. What the hell was this guy doing slobbering over my dick?

“Shut the fuck up man, I don’t care” he drunkenly blabbers. “It’s just a hand out, nothing more. I don’t even care,” he grins before he throws his head down on my dick again. It’s so warm and he’s sucking so hard his lips feel tight as a pussy. I think I might pass out again. But I hold his head and push it off. I look into his eyes. They seem to clear up a bit.

“I want to” is all he says. And I can’t deny; I’m so fucking horny and he’s so good at it, that I want it too. His casualness and masculine voice ensure me that this isn’t a big deal so I nod and stroke my hand over his cheek and ears to the backside of his head again, pushing him down. Before I close my eyes I see that the door is still slightly open. That gets me even harder. For any of our friends to walk in and see Mark the man blow me like a bitch. Mark reached around my body and pulls it closer into him. The tip of my dick reaches the back of his throat, he’s choking and I am in heaven.

Mark keeps on sucking for what feels like hours and for reasons beyond me, I don’t blow my seed across the room like in those Scary Movies scenes. We develop this insane rhythm. Him bopping up and down my shaft and I bucking back and forth and it feels amazing. It’s so bahis siteleri wet, my cock is so hard, his gag reflex is non-existent. This is easily the best blow job I have ever had and I want it to last forever. Suddenly, Mark lets go of my dick and for the first time in a while it feels the cool air again. Instead, Mark pushes it up and goes to town on my balls. I shudder in excitement, it feels so good. But I want my dick inside of him, so as his tongue is licking my nutsack, I grab his hairs and push him up. But instead of swallowing my dick like the greedy bitch he is, Mark pushes himself onto the bed and kisses me.

I’m taken aback. Blowing is one thing. Helping out is another. But making out is fucking gay. I think about the open door and push him off me.

“I’m not a faggot dude!” I say a bit too loudly for someone who doesn’t want to get caught.

“Fuck off,” he groans, waving away the argument as if what we just did wasn’t the gayest shit in the world.

I look at him, completely comfortable with everything. The saliva mixed with my precum still dripping down his lips. His entire mouth glimmering in the lights of the hallway. I don’t know why I do what I do. His entire body is impressive but I’m not turned on anything. Not like when I see May strutting down the dance floor. And yet I dive on top of him and start making out with this guy.

I push his short hair out of his face and my tongue deep inside. It feels rough – he’s a smoker – and being grazed by his beard feels wrong for some reason. And yet the kiss is mesmerizing. Our mouths lock and our bodies follow. I let my own crotch rotate on top of him and for the first time in my life, I feel another guy’s hard on press against me. I wrap my arms around him like he’s a girl and can’t help but start grinding. My dick needs release.

For a moment it feels like ordinary fooling around. I get used to the beard and even his strong arms holding me too, but I notice my dick getting bigger, throbbing even, by the grinding. Something about not a silk dress but hard, rough jeans that barely cooperate yet radiate the warmth of a crotch makes me wild. As if the world is trying to keep our dicks from touching but we’re trying any way. The thought sinks in that I want to feel his dick with mine and I’m not utterly disgusted. I’m fine with gays and I even checked out some porn when I was younger, but I never wanted to try it myself. I don’t even like looking at dicks in straight porn.

And yet, I push myself off Mark, get off the bed and pull my pants down. I don’t want to take my shoes off, as if doing so would legitimize what we’re doing. If someone were to burst in we could still roll next to each other and say we’re just jerking. Or pull our pants up and pretend to sleep. While I contemplate, Mark senses where I’m going and he pushes his pants down too.

He exposes a thick, 14-inch dick. I gasp. I have never seen one so long. It looks unnatural and yet it’s wide in girth too. An urge to get on my knees and suck it comes up but I repress it. Instead I dive back on top of him and start grinding again. The radiating heat from our groins is too much to handle. The softness of our hard dicks touching too fucking good. I feel like I’m gonna blow again, and still I don’t.

Mark notices me being overwhelmed by the sensations and kisses my neck and strokes my back.

“It’s ok babe,” he whispers. And I get angry. It’s not ok. He’s a fucking dude. A rage overcomes me. I get up and push his legs far up in the air. I look at the hairy ass below me, I spit on it. I spit on it again. White saliva drips down into his crack. I push myself under his pants in between his legs, so his jeans rest on my neck. I look at him. He grins, knowing what I’m about to do. I grab my rock hard dick and shove it in between his cheeks.

It hurts at first. The dryness of it all. I can’t seem to locate where I want to go, but I keep pushing anyways, as if that is gonna make it bahis şirketleri easier. Then I feel my spit and my dick starts sliding down to an unmistakable warmth. There it is. I think I can go back now. I’m not lost yet. I’m still a hot young man who fucks girls like the best. Hell I could go outside now and score one probably. But I don’t want to. I want to do this. And so I push my rock hard dick forward into the great unknown.

The ring feels a bit rubbery, not anything like a pussy. I think to myself; is this it? But Marks face is clenching, and he starts breathing deeper and suddenly I feel his ring relax. It widens and swallows my mushroom head whole. And as I sink down his asshoel a warmth wraps around my cock. His canal feels so fucking I tight and warm, like a blanket. All tension and anger in me subsides. I let myself fall on top of Mark. Both with our t-shirts still on, our pants on our ankles. I moan loudly in his neck as he continues breathing deeply.

I’m inside. I’m inside a man. My balls are against his asscheeks. His dick is sticking against my stomach. I’m fucking a dude. It feels so natural. Such a perfect fit. Like his asshole was made for the size of my dick. And as I look at that dude and he, vulnerable with his mouth open and cum hungry eyes staring back at me, I start bucking my hips. I want to fuck him. I want to fuck this manslut.

Mark, the tough Mark, starts whimpering like a girl and I start increasing my pace. Pushing my body up against him and the bed, as if my dick is trying to reach into his abdomen, deeper and deeper. My legs are starting to burn from the dry rubbing against his ass cheeks but I don’t care. My dick is inside and I want to stroke it with his manpussy. I tower over Mark and give the best fucking performance of my life. Marks manly hands stroke my biceps as to affirm that I’m in charge. This drives me wild and I starting making out with him as my lower body plows into him.

“Oh my god yes. Fuck me,” he whimpers high pitched, as if this huge manly body is taken over by a horny girl. His hole is getting wetter somehow and my dick slides in and out with ease. Like I’m fucking a pussy but it’s stronger. It’s not a fragile body but muscled and hard and it can take my entire weight driving into it. Mark keeps lifting his ass up as to create the perfect pit for me to fall in over and over again. His willingness is more than I have ever seen from a girl and I increase my pace.

I want to fuck him. I love that he’s a man and I overpower him into submission. I love that we’re two hot men who just needed release. I want to fuck him for the rest of the night but I can’t hold it. I start going unevenly. It hurts. I start screaming and clenching my teeth. Marks high pitches noised continue as his strong arms pull me deeper inside. The bed starts slamming harder against the wall.

I fill his bowels with cum. Rope after rope. I scream. I don’t care if the entire party hears. If they all watch us. The best orgasm of my life doesn’t seem end. It starts painful but as it continues I feel my balls emptying. The tip of my dick tingles inside his canal. I want to keep rubbing it inside and I keep shooting. I moan and laugh and crash on top of Mark. My body shocks. Suddenly I feel that I’m sweating like a pig. Both our t-shirts are drenched. I lick the sweat of his cheek and he licks my lips. We start making out again as my dick goes soft and slowly keeps moving inside of him before it slips out.

I breathe out.

“That was fucking amazing,” I laugh at Mark. He smiles.

“Yes it was.” I kiss him and it feels safe. Like fucking and kissing men is no big deal. I smile. This wasn’t gay at all. It was just a nice hand out from a friend. It didn’t change my sexuality. It just felt good right now. We’re drunk, we have all of our clothes on. We just exposed our lower bodies so we could get some release, that’s all. Once we close our pants it’ll be like nothing happened. I want to roll off but I realize I’m stuck in between his legs and pants. We both chuckle.

“You’re not going anywhere.” Mark smiles at me. And I paralyzed with fear, fully aware of what his horny eyes are saying: “It’s my turn now”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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