Dinner At 4

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It is entirely possible that when you arrive home after a hard ( not in that way) kind of day, that you will want to kick it up and relax. The sounds you hear are familiar but out of place. It is not the sound of a television crackling on before the evening news – it is a crisp beer being opened and poured for you while you chill in the oversized chair.

You asked for this kind of service in your own home in jest during the past few months, but as all your sarcastic statements, it is cast aside, just as a worn line off the stern.

Whoever it was that was opening that sound of music was not a regular in your house, yet location of all necessary items was found without hesitation. Your eyes remained shut thinking you were imagining the whole thing.

The gentle tap of the heavy bottomed glass on the solid wood table still did not snap you out of your fantasy of being waited on, especially in the afternoon. The still air in the room allowed you to feel a breeze passing through a crack in the kitchen window. I t carried along an aroma of dinner. “Bizarre” you thought. You were about to indulge in your own beer-food tasting party/lesson.

The flavor of the first sip as you tipped the glass beyond the foamy creamy head was familiar as well. Your mind caught the aroma and paired the fruity brew with the grilled veal chop. Although you would not have matched the two, the smells and the taste of the beer was perfect. Upon opening your eyes for the first time since sitting down, you see a chef in full uniform well, almost full) in front of you waiting for your approval or refusal of the suggested dinner before you.

On an ordinarily tough day as you were finally ending, you were not apt to think of anything but the beverage and how glad you were that it was finally winding down. Today though was another story. The outfit staring back at you was pure white ~ and on the thin side for what you knew of this type uniform. There were no complaints on your behalf, since the material was a summer-weight and somewhat revealing at the same time. Standing there in front of you, she waited for you to join her in the other room where you could help her carry your meals back to the living room. All your favorites were being served up for you and the plates were even made to look fancier than other meals you’ve consumed in any home.

You finally figured it out and followed her to the other room. You carried back both plates and she followed with the beer. It was only right that she sit opposite you. It was the best place for her to watch your candid expression to the beer pairing and it was best for you to see how excited you made her as you sat back, breathed deep and unbuttoned your pants after the meal.

Her internal excitement was popping through the thin white material and displaying all the curves that were so ready for you.

She removed your plate from your lap, otele gelen escort brushing the backs of her fingers against your thighs as she did. You could not resist looking her in the face and smiling in an accusatory way. Insinuations that she meant to touch you were silent but they still sparked a reaction from your visitor.

When she returned with a dessert to match both dinner and libation, you were now fully impressed. The cake and dark chocolate were a fantastic finale to a fantastic meal. Had you ever known she’d know how to apply dessert directly to those thighs of yours and still allow you to eat it, you would have started with dessert. Just as you took the first bite and moaned in pleasure, she was on her knees applying that delectable chocolate sauce to you for the sole benefit of licking you clean.

Being the ‘quick learn’ that you are, you proceeded with your own strategic placement of sauce. Whatever and wherever you desired her tongue and lips, that is where you painted yourself with the potion. She was mad for you and you were savoring every moment.

One fingertip tapped the dark frosting off your dessert. Essentially pointing to the places you desire attention, she licked her lips as she watched where you were going with it. Every time you touched yourself, she traced the area with the tip of her tongue to remove the traces of chocolate you left on your already tasty skin.

The tone of your glass as you placed it on the table indicated you were low on liquids – she got up fast from her knees, getting chocolate on the front of her white coat. Retrieving another glass of your own fruity homebrew, she washed the spots of chocolate from her coat and returned to you with a glass of beer, a small bowl of more of that same warm chocolate topping and a wet top. What she found upon returning to you was a nude man with a pair of silk boxers disguised as a tent, draped over the hard cock she left moments before. They both smiled as she was frozen in her tracks trying to make it back to him. With a somewhat nervous laugh, her next steps were calculated but more hurried. She turned away quickly to get back to the kitchen as she realized that the red wine on the counter would be a better choice over the beer. She came right back to him with the more appropriate selection. They clinked glasses, she knelt before him again and playfully tipped her head to peek between the “tent” flaps to see just what it was that was holding the material in the air so well and for so long.

Her eyes grew wide, the smile on her face changed and her nipples pressed through the now-wet cloth of her chef coat. IN the same motion he made to take the wine from her, he grabbed the edge of her coat and pulled it, hoping it would open right away. It opened, revealing a thin underlayer, which he also motioned to remove or otherwise lift to reveal her pendik escort bare skin. She placed the bowl of warm chocolate sauce on the cushion beside him and helped to lift her top over her breasts.

Immediately, he dipped his finger in the chocolate, placed it in her mouth and quickly reached for another fingerful to feed her again. She sucked the sauce from his finger in such a lingering sensual way. Rolling her tongue around his finger with a gentle nibble at the tip, they both seemed to be fantasizing it was not a hand in her mouth.

The next time his finger tapped on his own flesh was the moment she widened her eyes and extended her tongue for his approval. She was in disbelief that the invitation offered her to suck his cock was now scribed in chocolate. Had she not felt his foot lift against her wet pussy as she knelt before him, she would have thought it was all imagined. Since his finger was dipped to the knuckle, she pursued the chance to suck on both. The tip of her tongue twisted and turned until he realized she wanted him to touch and rub his fat head and join in her fun as she pressed it to the inside of her cheek.

The tightness he felt was the pressure as she sucked in to swallow the extra chocolate he applied to himself. Slowly, so very slowly she withdrew the shaft from her lips until the edge of that cock of his was trying to spill out but her lips tightened to keep it within her mouth. The taste of his cock and the sweetness of the chocolaty goodness were a fine pairing of flavors. One sole improvement she was about to learn was the combination of the chocolate as it blended so well with that very first dewdrop of his nectar. He didn’t realize she was tasting all that as she moaned a smiling higher pitched moan than he’d previously heard.

That change caused him to sit up straighter. He paid more attention to the sensations she was imparting through her passion for sucking him. She was not letting go any time soon, so he provided small doses of the dessert topping with his finger each time she opened her mouth wide enough to take a breath. The times she opened her mouth to take his cock all the way he could not move, only watch as his cock disappeared behind those still-painted garnet lips. His minor verbal contributions entailed moans of pleasure, the calling of her name and the requests to suck harder or go deeper.

He called her his bitch and his whore and honey and baby over and over, but he did not know for certain which name caused her to moan. He didn’t know which one had the stimulating effect that caused her to suck him harder and push him deeper to her throat. Trying to figure it out further, she caught on to him and would not let up the information. Her excitement was now unbridled and he was the recipient of proof. She did not let it all loose yet, as she enjoyed the part he was playing in the touch me, lick rus escort me here charade. Whatever he applied that tasty chocolate to, she’d oblige him and remove it with the powers of her mouth.

Strangely, the next spot to get the attention was the upper limits of his adorable, perfect belly. As it happened, she had to lift herself off her heels to balance on her knees. Her hands wrapped around him and grabbed at his ass. By feeling it, she could also “see” it. As sexy as it was when he walked, she enjoyed it that much more with it in her hands. She licked every bit of body paint from him. The next sensation she felt was her nipples brushing against his skin. When she looked down, he had applied that sauce to the very tips of her swelling nipples. They both knew what would be next. With a sly smile, he didn’t need to speak to tell her “yes, lick your tits and get my cock in there too” And with that, he dabbed more on that irresistible head. He held her hair back to enable the view of her face as she smiled with the licking and lapping of her own breast as it connected with his hard cock.

She grabbed him, at last around his thick shaft and gently, subtly stroked him. Quietly, calmly and with little motion her hand slid up. And down. And up. But the next ‘down’ was met with a hot wet mouth once more. As her hand slid back down to the base, her lips encircled his cock at the same point where her hand lay. He was uncertain as to the tight feel he was getting. Were her lips clamping him or was it her hand? He tightened his eyes to see it in his mind. When he could not, his mind floated to the feelings and to the sight of his cock against her tit as it was licked clean of all the chocolate he applied.

He clasped his hands behind her – as he changed the force on the back of her, she elevated herself to straddle his lap. Just as he thought she’d be sitting on that rod of his bared and on display, she rode him until he glided through the length of her, feeling the wetness along the whole length. She only slid along him to see his cock pass between her legs and show its head from beneath her pussy as she looked down. As it appeared, she reached between her legs and cupped her hand around the head. To him, it felt like he had penetrated that hot wet pussy that seemed to both of them to yearn for him.

She dipped her finger in the chocolate and applied it to her own chest for him to suck off. Her hand presented itself from beneath her right breast and offered him the entire thing. Pushing up on it kept him from slouching to access it all. What it really was doing was allowing her to lick it at the same time he did. He licked harder, pulled harder on her hips and when he could feel the wetness nearly dripping from her with all the excitement he brought on. When she lifted herself from sitting on his lap to that higher position on her knees, his face was planted between her breasts.

When she thought he’d had enough, she slid off his thighs, down along his knees and finally ending on the floor again, she sucked him off until he came in her mouth. He added one scant fingertip of chocolate to her lower lip. She licked it off once the current contents were completely swallowed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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