Danger Ch. 18

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Chatper 18: Overtime

Danger was back working at his university again to augment his income. He was working the evening shift helping people with computer problems. One night about ten minutes before closing time someone came to his desk and asked for help with a programming problem. While his job description didn’t include helping with programming, he was more than willing to help since the person asking was the hot Brazilian chick whose panties he had wanted into since the first time he saw her. He knew her name was Tia and that she was born and raised in Brazil. She was short, about 5′ 4″, with short, curly, dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, and full lips. She sported a small, but firm, chest, toned stomach, tight ass, and awesome legs. Tonight she was showing off her body by wearing a super tight, floral print slinglet with a black bra underneath, and a pair of short tight cut-offs with a pair of sandals on her small feet.

When she asked for help Danger decided to close a few minutes early and go help her. He was able to solve her problem in about fifteen minutes, but he didn’t want to leave yet so he offered to help with her with the rest of the program. She gladly accepted his offer since she was finding this particular assignment more difficult than the others for this course. As they worked neither of them noticed the rest of the students in the lab leave as it got later and later. When they finally finished the program, Tia stood and stretched causing the bottom of her shirt to ride up exposing the smooth skin of her stomach and hips, just inches from Danger’s face.

She looked around the room she noticed its deserted state. As she sat back down she asked Danger what time it was. He glanced at his watch and was shocked to find that it was almost two o’clock in the morning. Tia apologized for keeping him so late, but Danger replied that it was no problem and that he could catch a cab home. Tia instantly invited him to crash on her couch since she lived within walking distance of campus. Danger gladly accepted the chance to hopefully see Tia in a state of undress and possibly more. They worked for another half hour finishing up some loose ends in her program before heading off to Tia’s apartment.

It was a mild summer night with a warm breeze, the walk to Tia’s place only took ten minutes or so and Danger spent most of the time anticipating what might happen. When they arrived at her small bachelor apartment Tia asked if he wanted something to drink. Danger said yes and sat down on the couch as she headed for the kitchen. She emerged later with two glasses of water and apologized for not having anything else. As she went to hand him his glass, she rather deliberately spilled it contents on his shirt and the crotch of his pants. She stood back up, said oops, and then proceeded to pour her glass over the front of her shirt.

“We’d better get out of these wet clothes,” Tia said as she grabbed the bottom of her tight slinglet and peeled the wet garment from her body. She tossed it aside and looked down beylikdüzü anal yapan escort at her black bra. “Damn, that got wet too,” she pretended to complain as she reached for the clasp. Once that was undone she slid the straps down her arms and tossed it aside leaving her wearing only her cut-offs. Her pink nipples had grown hard and stood out proudly against the olive color of her skin. She then kneeled between Danger’s legs and undid his pants. She pulled his rapidly hardening cock out of his boxers and slowly stroked the shaft until he had reached his full nine inches. She then bent her head down to his cock and took him into her mouth. Her tongue flicked around the bottom and sides of his stiff prick while the rest of her mouth playfully sucked on the large, purple head. Her warm mouth felt so good on his prick that Danger found himself raising his hips as her head came down trying to drive his cock deeper into her mouth.

When she tasted his salty precum leaking from the head, Tia gave him a couple more deep, hard strokes and stood up and turned to start walking away. About half way across the room she stopped and unbuttoned her cut-off shorts, undid the zipper, and let them fall to the floor leaving her wearing only her black, bikini panties. She gestured for Danger to follow her before disappearing around the corner and into the small hallway of her apartment. Danger quickly shed his loose clothing and streaked naked across the small room and into the hallway. He found Tia in her bedroom sitting on the bed. When he came through the door she rose and hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her panties and slowly lowered them down her thighs revealing her dark brown bush. When they hit the floor she took one foot out and kicked the panties at Danger with the other. He caught them and brought the crotch to his nose and inhaled her musky aroma before tossing them aside.

Tia was now seated on the edge of the bed again, she had her legs spread at a forty-five degree angle and was leaning back on her arms giving Danger an unobstructed view of her moistening pussy lips and excited clit. He knelt between her parted legs and caught the scent of her sex again before gently kissing her clit. Tia jumped slightly at the stimulation before laying back on her bed and bringing her heels up to its edge allowing Danger to munch away between her thighs. The tip of his tongue quickly found its way between her swollen lips and he could taste her juices as they began to flow. Tia was moaning at his touch as she rolled and pinched her hard nipples.

As her tunnel opened up allowing Danger to slip his tongue all the way inside, Tia wrapped her calves around his head with her ankles resting between his shoulder blades. She was now moaning loudly and on the verge of orgasm, her hips were bucking periodically and her bush was becoming matted with her sweet nectar. Her hands curled into fists and collected handfuls of the bedding as her body began to tremble with the onset beylikdüzü balıketli escort of her climax. She now had Danger’s head squeezed tightly between her thighs as he continued suckling her clit and stroking the warm skin of her stomach and hips. Sweat and goose bumps appeared all over her naked body as her orgasm reached its peak and she began to come down.

As her thighs released their grip around his head, Danger pulled his head out from between the Brazilian’s legs and grabbed her by the hips and rolled her over onto her stomach. Her tight, round ass cheeks were now sticking straight up at him and he knew he had to fuck Tia’s tight cunt. He pushed her thighs apart again and nestles the large, purple head of his cock between her wet lips. Tia tried grinding herself back onto his cock, but Danger kept his cock out of her pussy teasing her until she begged for it.

“I can’t wait any longer,” Tia gasped between moans, “Ram your cock into me. Fuck me, now!” Danger gave into her demands and slowly pushed his cock into her cunt. He felt her warm lips wrap around the head as he penetrated her body. He felt Tia’s body tense as he continued pushing his cock into her tight pussy. After about of his shaft was inside her, Danger slowly pulled out and then pushed in to the hilt. Tia felt the walls of her cunt stretch to allow Danger to come in.

“Mmmmm…I love a big, thick cock,” Tia cooed as she thrust her ass back to meet Danger each time he plunged his dick into her body. Her ass and thighs made an audible slap against his crotch as he humped her cunt. Danger removed his hands from where they sat on her hips and slid them up the sides of her body and underneath her so he could pinch her hard nipples. Tia then began bucking her hips against Danger’s crotch as he rode her to orgasm. Her cunt tightened its grip on his cock and soon Danger was in the middle of his own orgasm as he delivered a load of hot cum deep inside Tia’s body.

Danger pulled his cock out of Tia’s cunt and she turned and sat on the floor leaning against the side of the bed. His cock was just inches form her face and she took him into her mouth and used her tongue to clean her sweet juices off of his shaft. Danger’s cock quickly grew back to his full length in Tia’s warm mouth. This time Tia was determined to complete the task she had only just started in the living room. She had almost all of Danger’s nine inches in her mouth and she was thoroughly enjoying every bit of it. While one hand held the base of Danger’s prick, the other was busy rubbing her cunt bringing herself to orgasm at the same time as her mouth brought Danger to his climax. His cock exploded once more with another load of thick, white cream which coated Tia’s mouth and throat. She licked up every drop of Danger’s cum and swallowed it without hesitation.

Tia then climbed back onto the bed and laid her head down on the pillow. She lay on her side with one arm tucked under her head and the other falling over his beylikdüzü bayan arkadaş firm, ripe tits. Her upper leg draped down over the lower partially concealing the scratchy hair of her bush. Danger quickly followed her onto the bed and lay next to her. She parted her legs allowing him to slip his thigh between hers, resting it against her moist pussy mound. His right arm went above her head on the pillow and his left hand went to her hip and pushed her back enough for him to move his head to her tits and take one of her hard nipples into his mouth. His lips surrounded her areola while his tongue traveled in circles around her nipples but never touching. Gradually his tongue made smaller and smaller circles around her fully erect nipple and the first time it brushed against the side Tia’s hips bucked and her excitement forced a gasp to escape her lips. Danger’s hand left her hips and slid back to her ass and squeezed one of her olive colored cheeks as his tongue was now fully pressed on her nipple. Tia then started grinding her crotch against Danger’s thigh between her legs.

As Tia felt the heat rising between her legs, she reached her free hand down and grabbed Danger’s hardening cock which was poking her in the belly. She quickly began jacking him off as her orgasm built. Danger was now flicking his tongue back and forth over her nipple. Tia’s clit was now fully exposed and each time she ground her crotch against his thigh her magic button would be pressed against him and a long moan escaped her throat. Her skin broke in goose bumps and her body began to quiver as her orgasm began to take hold. Seizing the moment, she pushed Danger onto his back and quickly straddled his cock, nestling the head at the entrance to her spasming pussy. Her swollen lips hungrily devoured the head of his cock and Tia lowered herself down, impaling herself on Danger’s long, hard shaft.

The penetration of Danger’s cock into her excited pussy was enough to push Tia to the first of many orgasm to come. She braced herself by putting her hands on his chest and Danger could feel her body trembling around his dick. As her first orgasm released she began to slowly raise her ass until just the head of Danger’s cock was inside her and then she allowed herself to fall back down. Each time she raised and lowered herself, she got faster and faster. Even as orgasms racked her body she didn’t let up. Her naked skin was now sweaty and the musky aroma of sex filled the small bedroom and Danger’s nostrils quickly sending him to the brink of orgasm. Seconds later Tia’s cunt was lined with his hot, thick cum as his cock erupted inside her.

As Tia’s orgasms subsided, she laid down on Danger’s chest and nuzzled her face into the side of his neck. She continued grinding her crotch against his pelvic bone trying to stimulate her clit to another orgasm. When she was finished she pulled her tired body off Danger’s cock and slumped beside him. She took his softening cock into her mouth and cleaned him off thoroughly. She then glanced at her alarm clock at cursed at the time.

“Fuck, it’s after four and I’ve got an 8:30 class,” she said.

“You’d better get to bed,” Danger commented as he pulled the sheets down and invited her to climb in. Tia pulled her weak body under the covers and as soon as her head hit the pillow she was out cold. Danger laid beside her and continued stroking her naked flesh until he too fell asleep.

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