Dance with Me

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Last Saturday night, Pamela and I went to the “Electric Dream Café”, an underground club at a secret location in town. It’s an “almost anything goes” sort of club, and often there are live bands, BDSM demonstrations, and even a live sex show on occasion. That night, however, was a simple “meet & greet” dance, with a “sheer & see-through” clothing theme.

We hadn’t been to the club in weeks, and we were due for a night out. Pamela was dressed to the nines, in black high-heeled boots, stockings and garters, and a sheer silk shirt over a tiny pair of white lacy panties and matching bra. She wore her long straight blonde hair loose, and she looked hot! We met up with a couple we know from the club, Margie and Dirk. After exchanging hugs, kisses and a groping hand or two, they introduced us to their friends.

They had brought along two couples, John and Vikki, and Bill and Zoë, and a trio, Ben, Tiffany, and Sophia. I greeted the gentlemen with firm handshakes and the ladies with gentle kisses to their hands. Jules was there, too. She’s a good friend of ours, who sometimes shares our bed, and we greeted her with enthusiastic hugs, kisses, and gropes. Jules was decked out in a black bustier which showed off her amble bosom nicely, and fishnet stockings, with a long lacy-black open shirt trailing behind her.

We had great fun talking and laughing together, and I took Pamela and Jules out on the dance floor each in turn, for some quality grope time, and I was in a constant state of arousal, pressing my body up against these beautiful women. The music was a bit too loud, but we managed to carry on conversation when we were not dancing.

During sit-out times, while we talked to Dirk and Margie, and made plans with Jules for future get-togethers, my eye kept wandering over to Zoë. She was not dressed to theme, exactly. She wasn’t really even dressed sexy (which is okay; neither is a requirement to get into the club), wearing black slacks and a simple loose-fitting button-up shirt. It was her face that drew my eyes to her. Very pretty, she was, with long dark-brown hair, pulled back off of her beautiful face. She had a lovely shy smile, and sparkling eyes. On impulse, I approached her, greeting her husband, and asked her if she wanted to dance. Showing her beautiful smile again, she said yes, and I lead her out onto the floor.

Making small-talk as we swayed to the slow sensual music, we held each other close. Zoë was (I guessed correctly) five foot ten, and she fit nicely in my arms. I kissed her on the neck, and wrapping my arms tightly around her, I told her what a beautiful woman she was. She thanked me, and complimented me on my “gorgeous blue eyes”. Taking a chance, I kissed her again on the cheek, and made my way slowly to her sweet lips. She kissed me back, deeply, and encouraged, I let my hands explore her back, brushing the top of bayan arkadaş her luscious round buttocks, and up her sides, where I lightly brushed her lovely round breasts. The song ended much too soon for my taste, and with one final kiss, we went back to our seats.

Sitting back with an ice cold cola, I talked to Margie and Dirk, and watched as Pamela and Jules danced slow and close, kissing each other deeply. I was looking forward to the next time the three of us got together in private, and I fantasized about watching them each go down on the other, and on me.

I was left alone with my wonderfully filthy thoughts, as Dirk and Margie hit the dance floor, and Zoë got up and headed for the washroom. Bill was dancing with Vikki, and Ben Tiffany and Sophia were having a rhythmic cuddle in a far corner of the dance-floor, and John was chatting up a lovely young lady at the bar. Thoroughly relaxed, I enjoyed watching the randy crowd dancing and groping, but my eyes were torn away from the dance floor, when Zoë reemerged from the washroom. She had changed her clothes, and was now wearing a frilly black lace see-through teddy, and matching panties. Oh, she was lovely.

Meeting her halfway, I again asked her to dance. She smiled her lovely shy smile, and lead me to the floor. We slipped easily into each other’s arms, as another sensuous dance tune began, and danced slowly together. We talked a little about mundane things (what each of us did for a living, and “how do you like the club? Oh, this is only your second visit?” that sort of thing), through most of one song, before letting our hands move tantalizingly over each other’s bodies. Kissing me passionately, her tongue probing my mouth, she allowed me to squeeze her round fleshy buttocks, and slip my hands under her top, where I felt the bare flesh of her massive tits, and squeezed her hardening nipples. Our hips were pressed tightly together, and I began to realize that her height put our genitals at almost equal level. We dry-fucked right there on the dance floor, my hard cock rubbing against her pussy. Slipping my hand into her panties, I rubbed her lovely buttocks, while pressing my rock-hard dick into her crotch. Moving my hand around between our bodies, I slid my fingers alongside her very wet pussy lips, causing her to moan in my ear. I gently massaged her clit for only a few minutes, when the music stopped.

We had danced through three songs, but now there was a long silent gap, and the dance-floor was clearing. Reluctantly, I pulled my hand from her panties, and thanked her for the dance with a kiss. Both of our knees wobbling, we made our way back to our respective partners for a rest.

I bought a round of soft drinks for Jules and Pamela and myself, and we kissed an cuddled in the corner. The DJ finally got the music sorted, and encouraged people, bayan partner over the mike, to grab a partner, and do a strip-tease for them. Jules grabbed my hand, and dragged me, protesting mildly, to a chair, where she sat, and told me to dance for her. I almost didn’t do it. Not being the best dancer in the world (but far from the worst in the club), I felt kind of silly and conspicuous. But what the Hell? Jules wanted me to dance for her, so dance for her I did. Swaying gently to the music, I removed my belt, and unbuttoned my shirt, so she could rub my chest and tweak my nipples. Bending slightly, I rubbed my hard cock into her crotch, and gave her a slow sensuous dry fuck. I couldn’t last long in this position (very hard on the thighs), and only danced one song for her, but she thanked me just the same, with a long deep tongue-kiss, and a gentle squeeze to my balls.

My cock was harder than ever, and I was really looking forward to getting Pamela alone, where I could do all sorts of naughty perverted things to her lovely nude body. But I still had unfinished business with Zoë.

Nodding hello to Bill again, I approached Zoë, and extended my hand, asking her “would you care to dance?”

I noticed some hesitation before she smiled and took my hand, and we made our way through the half-naked crowd to the dance floor once again. She slipped her arms around me, and we started dancing. Her hesitation earlier bothered me a bit, and I felt perhaps I might have overstepped my bounds during our last dance. “Zoë,” I began, “if I was a bit too forward, earlier, I apologize. Perhaps I should have said this before, but at this club ‘no’ means ‘no’, and I would not be insulted if you said it to me.”

“Oh, don’t worry about that,” she said, smiling. “It felt wonderful. I’m just concerned about leading you on. Bill’s still a bit overwhelmed by this club, and I don’t want to give the idea that I’ll be going home with anyone. If you want to dance, and feel me up, that’s great. It’s a lot of fun, but that will probably be it, for now.”

I smiled. “I have no expectations of you, Zoë.”

We agreed that nothing had to happen, and I for one did not want to make Bill (or anyone else for that matter) uncomfortable. We talked, however, about some fun things that two couples could do without ever swapping partners.

“For instance,” I said, kissing her neck, and nibbling on her ear, “just fucking while another couple is fucking in the same room can be quite intense.”

“Mmmm,” she agreed, kissing me full on the mouth. We held each other close, and I was reminded again of the proximity of her pussy to my hard cock. She ground her hips against my manhood, and kissed me more passionately. My hands began roaming again, and I felt up her lovely large tits, and squeezed her nipples roughly. She winced, and when I expressed bdsm escort concern that I might be too rough, she assured me that she’d let me know. I gave her nipple a little twist, and rubbed her ass through her panties.

Moving my hands to her panty-clad pussy, I felt the material, and noticed that it was quite wet. My fingers were glistening with her love-honey when I brought them to her lips. She licked my fingers provocatively, like she was sucking cock. Slipping my hand into her panties, I felt her womanflesh again, and a tiny whimper escaped her lips.

Gently massaging her clit, I kissed her deeply and wetly, our tongues dancing to the same rhythm as we were. She broke the kiss to whisper, “press harder!” I did just what she asked, rubbing her clit firmly with my middle finger, and she moaned loudly in my ear.

“Do you want me to make you cum?” I asked her, while trying to do just that.

She nodded, and moaned, “but you’ll have to hold onto me tight — Ooo!” Holding her close, I slipped a finger deep into her pussy, rubbing hard on her clit with my thumb. Her moans got louder, and her grip around my shoulders got tighter as I brought her closer and closer to her climax.

Moving one hand to my slacks, Zoë unzipped my fly, and reached into my boxer shorts, grabbing my very hard cock in her soft hand. She stroked it lightly, sending waves of sensation throughout my body, and her moans, as I stimulated her clit, were louder than the music. In the midst of the pressing crowd, we masturbated each other, and I did my best to keep her on her feet, as her knees wobbled.

Gripping my cock tightly, Zoë’s body trembled as she got closer and closer to ecstasy, and I continued to finger her wet snatch. She completely gave up on the idea of standing on her own two feet, wrapping her arms around my neck, and using me for support, as she began wailing and crying out. Her sexy voice resounding in my ear, she pushed her hips against me, impaling herself on my finger, while I drew circles around her clit with my thumb, and then she came! Her love juices flowed freely from her hot cunt as she shuddered to a delicious climax. I brought my fingers up to her lips once again, and she licked her sweet nectar off of them, sucking my fingers sexily.

I held her in my arms and swayed until the end of the song, as she regained the use of her legs. She thanked me for the dance with a loving kiss.

“Oh,” she said as I zipped up my pants, “you didn’t get to finish.”

“That’s okay,” I said kissing her again, “I don’t particularly want a big wet spot on my pants.”

“I’ll make sure he doesn’t go to sleep unsatisfied,” said Pamela wrapping her arms around the two of us. “That was quite a sexy show you two put on,” she smiled.

I kissed her gently, and put my arms around both ladies, and we had a nice slow dance together, before we said our good-byes, expressing hope that we’d see each other again.

And Pamela’s word was as good as gold. That night, when we got back to my apartment, Pamela and I did all sorts of naughty perverted things to each other’s nude bodies. But that’s a whole other tale.

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