Cousins and a College Party Ch. 02

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I returned to my dorm room, lay down on the bed and stared at the ceiling replaying the events that took place last night between my cousin Michelle and me. I was thinking how we were going to go forward with this giant taboo hanging over us. I laid there hoping it was just a dream and that when I woke up my world would be right again. Unfortunately, that was not going to be the case as I received a text message from Michelle.

“Text me back ASAP!!” was all the message said. I stared at the message for a few minutes before texting Michelle back. I simply replied “what’s up?” so began a string of messages back and forth:

Michelle: How are you doing?

Joe: Okay for the most part everything is still kind of a blur. How are you?

Michelle: Basically the same as you.

Michelle: Want to meet for coffee and walk around the park?

Joe: I can do that. I don’t think sitting here trying to do class work is going to work out too well.

Michelle: My thoughts are the same. Need to get out and get some fresh air.

Joe: What time?

Michelle: Now. Meet me at the coffee house.

Joe: On my way.

Michelle: See you in a few with a smiley face attached.

I walked out of my dorm and tried to think how this time with Michelle was going to go. I walked along the sidewalk towards the main drag to meet Michelle and did my best to try and focus on everything and everyone that was going on around me. There were few people about on this Sunday morning, though it was still early for college kids especially most were still sleeping off their drunken stupors from the night before.

I reached the Coffee House and Michelle was standing outside waiting for me. I wasn’t sure how to approach her as I got near. Should I hug her? Or, just say hi? My mind was swimming so I greeted her like I always had with a quick hug. We ordered our coffee’s to go. Michelle and I both ordered a caramel macchiato. As we waited in silence for our coffee’s Michelle wrapped her arm around my waist and I looked straight ahead not knowing how I should react. I paid the cashier and we walked out onto the street.

The park was just a block away. On the walk over we talked about how nice of a day it was and shocked that there weren’t more people out and about. “Must have been a good night for everyone” I said which drew a small chuckle out of Michelle and a punch to my right shoulder. I looked over at her put my arm around her waist and pulled in her close.

Though we had yet to speak about what had happened between us Michelle was the first to bring it up. “I hope you don’t feel differently about me and that you still love me as your cousin.” I gave her a firm look and said “we are family and that is the strongest bond there is” I replied. Besides “you are my best friend.” We walked and enjoyed all that the park had to offer. The birds were singing. The ducks and geese swimming in the lake or foraging for food on the shore. A few people were out in their kayak rowing. A couple of people were fishing from the shore hoping to catch that ever elusive “big fish”. We sat on a park bench and watched for a while before getting up and continuing our walk.

Michelle stood up and began running towards a mother goose and her chicks so that she good take a picture with her smart phone. I stood and watched her run down the sidewalk and for the first time today I noticed that she was wearing gray yoga pants. “Whoever invented those is a fucking genius” I thought to myself. Along with the yoga pants she was wearing a pink light weight fleece pullover and grey tennis shoes with pink decals and shoe laces. I caught myself staring at her again as she was bent over taking the pictures and I started to get hard again.

Catching up to where Michelle was I hoped she wouldn’t look down and notice that I was hard again. Luckily, she stood straight up and we walked along looking at all that was around us. “This is nice, ” she said. “I should get over here more often and do my jogging”. So about last night she said as we were out of earshot of the others at the park. I want you to know that I am okay with what happened. I sense that you are feeling guilty or awkward about it and since I know I am okay with it, I hope that it can help ease the burden you are having.

“Thank you Michelle” I replied. I wasn’t sure how this was going to go. I think our hormones just got to both of us and what ensued was two people got caught up in feelings that couldn’t be controlled. I want you to know that hearing you are okay means a lot to me because you were right, I was feeling guilty very unsure where this left us.

We finished our loop around the park just enjoying friendly conversation. So, “has Heather backed off any in her questioning about who was having sex? I asked. Michelle responded and said, “No. Hence the text to you to get some coffee.” Well, we will just have to play it cool around her and do our best to not let her know that it was you and I pleasuring each other when in her presence. Hopefully in a day or two she will stop and give canlı bahis it a break.

We reached Michelle’s apartment and she asked me if wanted to come in and have a glass of water. “What about Heather?” I asked. She told me she was going to the library to work on a paper that was due in a week or so. I agreed and we entered her apartment only to find Heather sitting on a chair. Michelle was startled and loudly said, “I thought you were going to the library?” Heather responded, “I was but I’m still a little hungover so I decided to work on some other homework.”

Heather had a mischievous look on her face when she asked where had been? Michelle responded, saying “we went for coffee and we walked around the park.” Heather chuckled and said “that sounds romantic.” Michelle looked at me as I was looking at Heather trying to figure out what her motive was to all the questioning. Michelle looked back at Heather and asked “what’s with all the questions and silly faces you are making?” Heather stared us both down with a smirk on her face and asked me why I came back to the apartment instead of going on to my dorm? My answer was short and to the point, “to get a drink of fucking water.” “Oh, is that all?” Michelle turned and we looked at one another, taking our eyes off of Heather for a brief moment. As we turned back to Heather my eyes grew big and Michelle said “where the fuck did you get those?” Heather was delicately holding up my black cum stained silk boxers.

Michelle went off on Heather, calling her every name in the book, including the most hated words by all women the dreaded “C” word and Heather just sat there and smiled. After Michelle finished her tirade, Heather explained how she came into possession of the boxers and said that Zoey the cat had brought them out from your room Michelle, which got me curious, so I got up and looked into your room and noticed that there were no blankets on the floor in your room and your bed looked as though more than just you had been in it. So by putting things together the puzzle of who I heard fucking were, in fact, you two who as you know as well as I do are cousins.

Michelle dropped to her knees and started crying. I kept my gaze on Heather and just stared her down. Heather looked at me and asked if we wanted to explain what had happened last night. After a few minutes of complete silence other than the sound of Michelle’s sobs I told Michelle to walk over and sit in the chair next to Heather while I sat in the chair next to the computer furthest away from the two of them.

Michelle looked over to me and I nodded yes as to indicate to her that I was okay with her telling Heather what had happened. Michelle began to tell Heather how we ended up in bed together detailing the events leading up to it: When you stood to go to the bathroom you fell back onto the couch, spilling your drink and causing the other girls to spill theirs which is why the couch the looks the way it does. Joe and I got you into the bathroom and got you cleaned up and changed and put you to bed. We cleaned up the place and it was late and raining. I didn’t want Joe to walk home in the rain and so we ended up in my room and yes in my bed. What you heard last night was Joe and I orally and using our hands and fingers to pleasure each other. I did grind my pussy on his cock when he still had his boxers on and I still had my thong on but that is the closest we came to fucking.

Heather glanced in my direction as if looking for confirmation so I got up, walked over to Michelle, who now had tears running down her cheeks put my arm around her and told her that everything she just told you is the absolute truth. Now if you don’t mind don’t ever speak of this ever again.

Heather began to speak and said “this is not quite over.” Both of you saw me naked in a very vulnerable state so I think that it is only fair that both of you strip out of your clothes so that I can see you naked. I stared her down and told her “she was out of her mind to even have ever thought that was going to happen.” Michelle spoke up and said “you see me naked all the time living in this tiny apartment, we do only have the one bathroom and when we both have to be somewhere at the same time we do share.” Heather spoke up again and said this is different. The two of saw me naked together now I want to see the two of you naked together. After calling her a “bitch” I walked to the kitchen to get Michelle and I our water.

Michelle, with tears in her eyes asked “that if we do this will you please promise to leave this and us alone?” Heather agreed but only if we would re-enact the bathroom scene with us being the ones who were naked. I heard this entire conversation from the kitchen and when I entered the main room join Michelle and Heather again I said again “there is no fucking way this is going to happen and you both are out of your god damned minds.” Michelle looked at me and said “if we do this she will never speak of it again and we can get on with our lives. I looked at Heather and told her to get her clothes she wants to be changed into bahis siteleri then we will do what she asked. “No, that’s ok, I’ll stay naked as well” Heather said.

Michelle stood up and took a deep breath and said “you ready Joe?” I nodded yes and we turned to face Heather. Michelle was wearing a few more articles of clothing than I was so she told me to wait a second until she removed her jacket. Hanging her jacket on the chair she was sitting in she looked at me and we both started to remove our clothes. We both started by taking our shoes and socks off then standing back up we took another deep breath and removed our t-shirts. Michelle reached her hands back behind her and unclasped the white lacey bra she was wearing and let it fall to the floor. We stood topless in front of Heather and she looked at us from her chair and slipped her hand down the front of her shorts and started masturbating in front of us. “Oh that is so hot. Two cousins, one a gorgeous petite blonde with nice little tits, and her good looking cousin who appears to be hiding a nice big cock in his shorts.”

Heather spoke up and said “please continue, don’t let me stop what you are supposed to be doing.” I noticed Michelle’s hand move to her waist and her fingers grasp the waist band of her yoga pants. I moved my hands to my gym shorts and started to pull them down when Michelle reached over and grabbed my wrist. She leaned in and whispered in my ear “I am not wearing any panties. Do you have boxers on?” I whispered back “I will take them off with my shorts so that we would be completely nude at the same time.” Michelle and I discarded our remaining attire all the while eying Heather rubbing herself into a frenzy.

Heather motioned for us to come to where she was sitting. Michelle and I slowly walked over to the chair Heather was sitting in and she removed her hand from her shorts and she held it out for us telling us how hot and wet her pussy was. I shook my head and looked over at Michelle who was staring intently at Heather’s wet and sticky fingers. My cock was fully erect and harder than I had ever been and was begging to be taken care of. Michelle snapped out of her trance and looked down at my cock then turned and apologized saying “sorry I fucked our lives up!” “I am as much to blame so don’t ever say that again” I sternly said to her.

I looked at Heather and said “are you ready?” She nodded and said that she was. I asked Michelle if she was ready and she said “yes.” I moved to the right side of Heather and pointed for Michelle to move to the left. Heather edged closer to front of the chair where my dick and Michelle’s pussy was a mere few inches from her face. I took a deep breath as well did Michelle and we both reached down and grabbed Heather’s t-shirt and started to raise it up and off of her. Heather alternated her stares going from Michelle’s bald snatch to my engorged throbbing cock. As we raised her shirt higher her firm 36 C breasts began to come into view. My cock twitched when we had cleared her breasts and Heather licked her lips as she saw this sudden involuntary movement. Heather raised her arms up and Michelle and I lifted her shirt over her head and dropped it on the floor in front of us. “That was so hot” Heather said and began massaging her tits. I looked over at Michelle and saw that she was watching Heather kneading her tits and she began kneading her little buds.

“Do you two want to be alone?” I asked and they both snapped back to their senses and Heather caught Michelle playing with her tits and she gave her a big smile. I admit that the sight was a huge turn on but I wanted to get this over with so that I could get back to my dorm so that I could relieve the tension in my cock and nut sack.

In my mind I knew how this was going to play out and I was wishing it wouldn’t happen. I moved to stand directly in front of Heather with my cock pointed straight at her mouth, Michelle dropped to her knees and I put my arms out and put them under Heather’s. I lifted Heather up and did my best to avoid eye contact as I raised her to her feet. Heather giggled as she felt Michelle working her shorts off of her and then Michelle nudged the back of her thigh and she fell into me with her naked breast pinned against my chest. Michelle’s hand was trapped between Heather’s shaved pussy and my throbbing hard on.

We stayed this way for about a minute when Heather let out a little moan of pleasure then I felt a hand wrap around my cock and start to stroke me. Heather and I both looked down simultaneously and saw that Michelle had a finger in Heather’s already wet pussy and her other hand stroking my cock.

Heather said while looking down at Michelle, “looks like someone is a little turned on.” I began to say Michelle’s name when Heather put her hands on my face and lifted it up where she planted her lips to mine and desperately tried to pry my lips apart with her tongue. I tried to break free of two of them but when I tried Michelle would tighten her grip on my cock and Heather put her arms around my neck and pulled me in closer. bahis şirketleri Heather broke free of my lips and said “don’t fight it just enjoy the pleasure.” Then she let out another moan this time louder than the first. Michelle had two fingers inside of Heather’s twat and was fucking her as fast as she could. Michelle let go of my cock that was in her left hand and replaced it with her mouth. “Oh fuck” I moaned as Michelle went to work on my throbbing member. Heather grabbed my face again and kissed me but this time I returned the kiss and our tongues began to explore each other’s mouths.

I reached down and squeezed Heather’s butt cheeks as hard as I could and she let out another moan of pleasure. Michelle released my cock from her mouth and we all heard the pop that it made as she freed my meaty cock from between her lips. Heather was getting weak in the knees from Michelle’s assault on her pussy. I Leaned down and took Heather’s left tit into my mouth where I sucked, licked, and gently bit down on her protruding nipple. My left hand found her right tit and I began lightly tugging on her nipple with my thumb and fore finger. Heather loudly moaned “fuck I’m cumming!!” Heather collapsed against me with her fingernails digging into my back as Michelle brought her to orgasm. Michelle removed her cum covered fingers from Heather’s love box and was about to lick them when Heather dropped to her knees next to Michelle and kissed her on lips and Michelle accepted her tongue into her mouth. Heather and Michelle continued kissing for about a minute. Heather then took Michelle’s cum covered fingers and put one in Michelle’s mouth and the other in her own. They both licked Heather’s love juice off of her fingers then went back to kissing each other.

I stood there watching them kiss and began stroking my cock over them. When they broke free of their kiss Michelle stood up and kissed me on the lips and said lets go to the bedroom. Michelle and I started walking towards her room and looked back at Heather who was still on her knees trying to regain her senses and asked if she was going to join us. Heather nodded yes and we continued on her bedroom. In the bedroom with I looked at Michelle and said “what the hell was that about?” Michelle looked at me with the look of a deer in the head lights and finally said “I don’t know. That was the first time I ever did anything with another girl.” Michelle pushed me down on the bed and got between my legs and started licking my shaft with her left hand began massaging my balls. My fingers roamed through her hair gently. Heather stood in the doorway and said that “this is so fucking hot” and took a picture with her smart phone.

Heather walked over to bed and stood and said “I don’t know what to do, I’ve never been in a threesome” I replied and told her that “this was a first for all of us.” I reached out and grabbed Heather’s hand and held it while she watched Michelle sucking on my cock. Looking at her and knowing she was getting turned on I released our hands and told her to get up on the bed and straddle me. Michelle looked up and said to Heather “Joe has an amazing tongue you really should try it out.” Heather looked timid as she got on the bed putting one leg on either side of me keeping her pussy above my face. I stroked her legs with my hands while she contemplated what to do. I did not force her to do anything she didn’t want to, hoping in time she would give in on her own. Michelle noticed Heather was still unsure of the situation and released my cock from her mouth and got up on her knees and leaned in and kissed Heather on the lips. They continued kissing and my hands were still on Heather’s leg stroking them up and down gently. I moved my hands to the insides of Heather’s thighs inching my way closer to her hot wet box. Michelle broke free of Heather’s mouth and started kissing down the right side of neck down her shoulder and finally kissing the top of Heather’s right breast. Heather moaned lightly as Michelle started flicking her tongue and sucking on her nipple. Heather no longer could contain herself and reached down and pulled Michelle from her tit and the two began making out once again. I reached up and put my hands on Heather’s hips and slowly guided her down to my waiting tongue.

Heather moaned in ecstasy as my tongue started lapping at her hot soaking wet love box. Michelle straddled my cock and reached down and guided it into her own hot love box and lowered herself down my shaft until I was deep inside her. Michelle started moving up and down on with an intensity that she had been wanting this for a long time. Heather’s pussy was dripping her hot liquid juices all over my face as I continued my assault. I ran my hands up Heather’s back and to her shoulders and pushed her down and towards Michelle’s tits where she went to work sucking, pinching, and pulling on her nipples. With Heather in this new position it was time for me to finger fuck her hard and fast. Michelle was grinding and riding me like a porn star. Heather’s moaning grew louder and that meant she was getting closer to her orgasm. I had two fingers deep in her and one finger massaging her “Do Not Enter Button”. It didn’t take long for her to reach the breaking point and she collapsed on top of me as she started to squirt her orgasm all over me.

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