Convention-al Night Ch. 02

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Lori let her shorts fall to the floor and released her long auburn hair from the rubber band that held it back. She took a moment to admire her naked form in the long mirror of the women’s locker room. She loved her breasts; 36C, which she thought was probably average for her height – and still firm at age 30. The nipples were dark pink and turned slightly upward. She ran her hands up her taut tummy, the evidence of years of Pilates, and pinched her nipples.

It was an hour past closing time at the gym which belonged to the company she worked for – a physical rehabilitation group. The gym catered to people who had been hurt and wanted to get back into an exercise routine as well as people who had never exercised before and needed to begin. It was quite popular now – the idea of the owner and Medical Director, Bill. She pinched her nipples a bit harder and moaned as she thought of her boss. Just a week ago, they had been at a conference together and made the most passionate love; or maybe it was just great sex. Lori was unsure because Bill hadn’t looked at her for the past week. In fact, anything he said had to do with business, and he wouldn’t meet her eyes. So much for no regrets, she thought as she stepped into the steaming shower.

As she washed, she let her mind wander to the trip to Vegas. She used the bath sponge to gently lather one breast, making circles around the nipple. Her free hand found the other breast and began making circles around that nipple with her fingernails. Getting more aggressive with the sponge, she began to rub across the hard pink nub. She abruptly switched to her other breast, lathering that one and moaning as she moved her hand down her stomach to the neatly trimmed patch of auburn between her legs. Her breathing grew more rapid. She caressed the lips as she continued washing her breasts, and then let a finger slide along the opening. She gasped as she crossed her clitoris, and let her hand rest there, her finger flicking back and forth across the rapidly swelling nub. She moved the sponge to her stomach, then to her buttocks, caressing them with the slippery lather as she rubbed her clit more rapidly.

She stopped with a gasp, rinsing the bath sponge and putting it aside. She rinsed, pinching her nipples gently as she stood under the water. She then reached up for the shower head, and thanked God for whoever decided to upgrade to the removable, massaging version. She found a rather fierce setting and began working her clit, spreading her legs wide. She pinched her nipples with more force, moaning as her small, red button was attacked by the onslaught of water. She came fiercely and loudly, shaking as she moaned. As she came down her breathing slowed; she returned the shower head to its normal position and stepped out of the shower.

She dried off and eyed her black cocktail dress hanging on a wall of lockers. She normally didn’t look forward to dressing up and going to benefits or socials, but she decided she needed a change tonight. Being avoided by Bill had made her feel vulnerable, unappealing and whorish all at once. A night out for a good cause was just what she needed. This one was for Alzheimer’s or some other neurological disease. And if she found someone else looking for companionship, it would be even more worthwhile. Maybe it was time to forget about her boss, at least as far as serious relationships avcılar üniversiteli escort went. She quickly did her hair and makeup and dressed, slipping on the black halter style cocktail dress and black silk panties. She neatly folded her workout clothes and placed them on a bench before leaving the locker room.

As she left, she locked the employee entrance behind her, not noticing the faint light coming from under the door in her boss’s office.

He waited until her heard the click of the lock before going into the women’s locker room. Bill didn’t know what he expected to find, he just knew he wanted to be close to her. The door shut and he felt a tinge of excitement in being somewhere “forbidden” to men. Most men. He owned the building and if asked he would say he was checking to make sure the cleaning staff was doing a good job.

He looked at the clothes folded neatly and went to them. The same blue shorts and white tank Lori had worked out in. He touched them, and then lifted them. His heart skipped a beat when he found the plain pair of white cotton Victoria’s Secret panties. They were not particularly sexy, just plain briefs as opposed to a thong or even bikini. But the fact that they were on her, surrounding her wonderful hips, touching her most womanly areas made Bill hard instantly. “I’m turning into a perv,” he thought with dry amusement. “I’ve got to do something about this before she drives me crazy.”

He held the panties, thinking of every day for the past week and how he wanted to take her – on his desk, on her desk, on the exercise mats, even on the examination tables. He found himself with his pants undone, her panties wrapped around his hand and entwined with his cock. He closed his eyes and imagined slipping into her wetness, making her orgasm on every surface in the clinic and the gym.

“I really am a pervert,” he thought, looking down at her silk panties, enjoying the soft material against his rigid flesh. He imagined her licking the glistening precum from the tip. Her mouth was something he had yet to enjoy fully, and he knew she could swallow him completely if she had some more practice.

He closed his eyes, and imagined her. Her hands on his cock felt like silk – he could feel them working him up and down. He jumped when he felt something squeeze his balls and stopped, looking down with a look of equal parts lust and dismay. Attached to the smooth hands and tanned arms was the object of his lust. Lori smiled at him mischievously. “You could’ve just asked for my panties; I would have given you a much sexier pair,” she said throatily.

He quickly released his cock, which remained at full attention. His voice failed him as he searched for an explanation, but to his surprise she waited for none, dropping to her knees. Her black dress was halter style, and gave him a perfect view of her cleavage. His cock jerked as she licked the head, making small circles around the hole with her tongue. Her hair was swept up and pinned back, allowing him a great view for the show. She licked larger circles, around the head, then began licking down the shaft. His hand found its way to her head, and he watched as she slowly licked from the head down to the base, then returned slowly up again. She surrounded the head with her lips, sucking gently, then avrupa yakası escort with more pressure before letting it out with a pop, and returning to trailing her tongue up and down the shaft.

She continued this several times. Bill couldn’t imagine getting any harder, but he was amazing himself. “Please,” he begged as she sucked the head again. She let it out with a pop, smiling devilishly and placing her tongue on the tip. “You’ll drive me crazy,” he said, pushing her head toward his hard cock, wanting her soft lips wrapped around him.

“Serves you right,” she growled before opening her mouth and letting his hard cock fill it. He sighed out of relief and pleasure, and she was able to get his cock halfway into her mouth before letting up, sucking from the shaft to the tip. Bill feared she would begin her game again, but to his relief she bobbed down on him again, gaining a half inch before stopping and resuming her suction. As she returned to the top, she continued her suction and began flicking her tongue across the head, then took his rod into her mouth once more. It was all he could do to resist the temptation to force her down, gagging her on his thick 8 inches. He wanted to give her all night to work up to it, but the look of this beautiful, elegant woman sucking his cock was proving too much, and he was afraid he would explode before getting what he really wanted. He pulled away, watching her lick her lips and led her to one of the benches, a smooth narrow wooden surface.

He gently laid her back on the seat, letting her legs spread on either side of the wooden plank. He straddled the bench facing her, and began working his hands up to her thighs. He lifted her dress, bunching it around her waist, and begin running his finger up and down her slit beneath the thin fabric of her silk black thong. Her position spread her pussy nicely, and her wetness glistened. He easily found her clit, swollen and feverish, now freed from its hidden place. Bill leaned forward, taking in her divine scent before licking up and down her slit. She moaned and lifted her hips, wanting his tongue inside of her, probing her wet hole. He sucked gently at the red button, now proudly protruding from under its hood and slipped a finger into her hole. She sighed with satisfaction, and hooked her legs into the slats that lined the bottom of the bench.

“Oh, god, Bill,” she breathed. “Mmmmhmmm,” she moaned, and Bill slipped two fingers into her. She began moving her hips against him, moaning and sighing as her boss drank in her juices, lapping at her. He then returned to her clit, sucking once more. “Please, Bill; I want you inside of me.”

“I am inside of you,” he said playfully, bending his fingers to make the point.

“No,” she said breathing heavily. “I want your cock, now.”

He sat up and smiled. Lori was the most timid worker he had ever had. In fact, she had gone 3 years before asking if she’d ever get a performance review, or a raise. Those were the days when he was trying to keep the company afloat, and her raise simply slipped his mind. In fact, he decided he didn’t pay near enough attention then, or he would have began fucking this wonderful angel much sooner. “Where do you want my cock, baby?”

“Ooooo, in my pussy, please. I want your cock in my pussy,” she cried out.

He needed bağdat caddesi escort no further urging. Before she could finish her pleas, he grabbed her ankles and forcefully pulled her to him, his cock trapped between his stomach and her cunt. She wrapped her legs around him and moaned as he ran his cock up and down her wet slit. “Please, Bill.” she begged as she lifted her hips. He held her hips and positioned her on his rigid cock, her hole wet and ready for his shaft. He pulled her onto him, moaning with her. He had never tried this position before, and the sensation was almost too much. Her legs remained wrapped around his waist, her pussy wrapped around his cock. “Please fuck me,” she said, looking up into his eyes.

“Oh I am, over and over again. And after that, I’ll fuck you again and again,” he growled, thrusting his cock deeper into her to emphasize each word.

“Yesss,” she moaned, moving her hands up and groping her breasts

“Yes, what?” he asked, stopping his thrusts.

“Yes, fuck me,” she cried. “Fuck me hard, Bill,”

He began pumping hard, and her moans soon turned into screams. He worried about someone finding them, and noticed the panties still in his hand. HE balled them up and put them into her mouth. She moaned, smiling up at him with her gorgeous eyes. He began fucking her once more, thrusting so hard into her pussy that he had to hold her hips to keep her from moving across the bench. He ground against her, urged on by the muffled screams and moans.

The only thought now in his mind was that he had to have her, and he grabbed her, roughly pulling her onto his lap. She bounced up and down on his cock, impaling her tight pussy on him again and again. He sucked and bit at her nipples, and held her hips so that she couldn’t move off of his cock. He laid her back once more, this time roughly, and lifted her ankles to his shoulders. He drove his cock all the way in, and felt her began to quiver as she screamed into her panties. He did this three more times, slowly driving his cock in to the base, holding it there and then slowly pulling out. He then sped up, holding her hips once more to pull her to him as he thrust.

As her screams into the wadded up material got louder and higher, Bill felt her pussy clamp around him, the soft velvet muscles around his cock contracting and relaxing. The sight of her coming and the sensations that flooded his cock were too much and he came with a loud moan, filling her with his seed. Her breathing slowed as she continued to milk his cock until it softened. Bill removed the panties from her mouth as he smiled down at her, leaning forward to kiss her.

“Now I know how to get you to shut up during meetings,” he said, holding the panties close to him.

“Promise to make me cum like that and you’ll never hear another peep out of me,” she said, looking up at him.

“I don’t know; I kind of like making you scream like that.” He leaned down, lying against her. “And I hope to make you scream like that from now on…at least when we’re alone,” he said, kissing her neck.

“So are we dating? Am I just a good fuck?” she asked, hopeful at what the answer might be.

“Both, I hope,” he said with a gleam in his eyes. Lori hit him playfully.

“I missed my dinner,” she said, pouting.

“I’ll buy you dinner and maybe dessert if you’re a good girl.”

“Is this a date or a company outing?” Lori asked, only half joking.

“I hope a date, because company outings rarely end with coworkers staying the night with me,” he said, standing and helping her up.

“And dates do?” she asked, enjoying being close to him.

“Tonight’s will,” Bill said confidently, leading her to the showers.

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