Compulsion Ch. 01

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Anal Drill

We locked eyes as we were walking into the coffee shop. A sudden knowing look exchanged, an instant attraction or recognition if you will. A deep, almost ancient, feeling of connection on some level. I cannot describe it but I know it. I can remember it occuring before and it is almost a premonition that something is going to happen between the two of us. My very first thought is, this is a man who would appreciate and know what to do with my shaved kitty. I envision his mouth enveloping it, tasting me, flicking my clit and urgently pulling me into him as I convulse.

He is tall -maybe 6’4, he has a powerful build with a broad back, fabulous biceps and strong muscular legs. I imagine the positions we could enjoy and the strength his body would have pressed against me. We are introduced and have a bit of small talk while waiting for our drinks. My friend comes over to tell them I am trouble and they should watch out for me. I grin and blush as I swat my friend’s arm. He grins at me. We hit the road and stop a few hours ataköy escort later for lunch. The guys are bantering and making innuendo and we are laughing with them. I find myself sitting up straighter, pulling in my tummy. Grinning shyly at the jokes, trying not to give too much away. I have behaved myself for a number of months. This man may bring out my naughty nature.

I’m not sure how it starts the next night. Perhaps it was the drinks before we went out for dinner. Maybe it was sitting 3 across the backseat of his big ole pick-up truck as arms and legs pressed gently into one another. I want to touch him so badly.

Somehow we end up talking about my situation and his. We are alike in our drive if not in our life paths. I notice him texting/chatting and mention how I enjoyed that and wonder if I will do it again sometime- dh has already given me permission. I tell him that I write to process and he wants to read something I’ve written. I consider it and then borrow his laptop when ataköy eve gelen escort we get back to the house. I download 2 short stories for him to read at bedtime. About my outlook and wondering how one would meet with a stranger.

He loves them. He texts me that he is incredibly turned on. I am happy and tell him it would be fun to write one for him. He agrees and tells me that he can’t stop thinking about my boobs. He wants a picture and I ignore the request. I instead tell him that it turns me on to think of him thinking of me. He tells me that he is stroking his cock and that he wants to wrap his mouth around my nipple. Now I think- FUCK! I WANT his mouth to taste my nipple. I want to feel those strong arms holding me as I lower my nipple into his mouth to feel the exquisite sensation of warmth and moist and urgency.

He tells me that he wants to cum on my tits. I want that too! He tells me his door is open and I could come right in. I think of the risks and I ataköy grup yapan escort say I can’t. He promises everyone is in their rooms, noone will hear. He tells me he is getting close and he wants me there. I cannot stop thinking of his mouth and his broad shoulders and those fucking amazing arms of his. I go to my door and tiptoe across the creaky floor. I see him splayed on his bed, legs apart and his hand working up and down his lovely cock. OMG he is amazing naked. I want to just look at his body but I cannot resist him, his body is so beautiful and his eyes are glazed. I have to go to him.

He says hurry, I’m so close! I run to him and pop my nipple out of my nightie and into his waiting mouth as I reach between his thighs and feel him explode all over my hand and his belly. I rub it in for a moment and let out a sigh, wishing I had made it sooner. We both giggle and hug and I sneak back to my room wanting more, slipping my finger into my silky wet kitty…rubbing my clit furiously until I gasp and tremble and fall asleep with my hands between my legs.

The next day in class an investigator is telling us that most people have impulsive behaviors and compulsions not addictions. The test is whether they would do the “wrong” thing with a policeman at their elbow. I crack a huge smile envisioning the policeman at my elbow last night!

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