College Days

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I would like to thank all my editors: CambriaRose, KET1965, Sweetmary21 & tanglegirl. Without them this would not be up here.


Her slim, well-formed body jumped, and her large breasts jiggled as she turned the unfamiliar knob. The water cascaded down hotter than expected as she moved hastily from under the suddenly scalding shower. Her intent hadn’t been to burn herself, but to wash away the traces of last night, and this morning.

Her cute face shifted as someone entered the washroom. “Brad, is that you?” The girl asked turning her head sharply, attempting to make out the large figure beyond the blurry barrier that was the glass shower door. Having taken out her contacts, even if the glass wasn’t blurred, seeing would still be pretty hopeless.

“Who else would it be Jennifer? The washroom is attached to my bedroom.”

“Give me a break; this is my first time here,” Jennifer said as she continued to turn the knob around and around trying to get it to an acceptable temperature.

“Yeah that’s true. Mind if I join you in there?” Brad asked directly beyond the shower’s glass door.

“Actually I need you in here, help me out with this fucking thing,” Jennifer said with an urgent giggle as Brad opened the shower door. As it opened, all Jennifer’s movement caused her long, wet blond hair to cover her left eye. On top of that, all about her was steam, now making even what was right next to her difficult to see.

Jennifer, with her unblocked right eye, aided by her other senses, was quickly assured that it was the body that had been atop her last night and this morning. Although she had heard his voice, her raised fingers ran over his enormous biceps reassuringly, and the chiseled features of the skyscraper-like, Brad Weston.

Brad towered over the five foot six girl, with his solidly built six foot seven frame. He typically rose above most in the real world, but it was just the right height to get him a basketball scholarship to Bryce University; the college they both attended.

Jennifer ran a single polished finger over his cut body, advancing toward his massive biceps. She looked past his dimpled chin to his dark-blue eyes. Above his masculine frame and sexy face was his fashionable short, spikey hair. She didn’t say a word as she dropped to her knees with the water cascading down over her head.

“Suck my cock baby, please?” Brad pleaded as he quickly turned the shower to a tolerable temperature. He moved his hand over her wet bust, completely covering her double-d chest. His fingers caressed her soft mountainous peaks before they dropped from his range.

Jennifer teased Brad, licking around his sizable package, moving inward, sucking each of his balls into her mouth. After he was well heated up, she took his long hardening shaft in hand licking the cock head possessively. Her delicate mouth easily engulfed half, seconds later she had worked most of the eight and a half inch cock into her wet, heated crevice.

Her small hands rotated along the length, maximizing the effect of her enticing tongue. Using the beating water to her advantage, her hands and mouth worked the pole in-sync.

Moving her full luscious lips once again, she focused on his cock head, licking the underside of the large pole. His murmurs became louder and clearer. She moaned as his enormous hands forced her down balls deep, momentarily humming over his rigid tool. Brad was hoping she would do what she had done for him this morning as he neared the end.

Instead, she pulled her head back; Brad had wanted her to swallow his load, but her body language said not this time. Respectfully he heeded this, allowing her to fully retract her head. Her hands pumped away as spurt after spurt of white joy landed all over her, but mostly on her French tipped nails.

Up on her feet, Jennifer washed her face off in the shower grabbing her hunk of a hookup for a deep sensual kiss.

“Fuck me, now!” Jennifer demanded as Brad complied with a grunt, lifting her off her tip -toes, gripping her firm round ass with his large hands. He easily picked her up as he aligned his cock with her bald pussy.

Thinking she had now adapted to his length and girth after their previous activities, he didn’t ease in. Aided by her hand, he slammed away. Brad moved his cock in and out with his weight pinning Jennifer against the wall. He held her in alignment with his cradling hands.

Jennifer screamed as Brad crushed his body into hers. She wrapped her legs around his

waist like a vise, her hands now busily exploring his golden godlike frame.

His cock aggressively hammered away in Jennifer’s tight glove. To her sadness, after a few seconds he erupted, ending their little tryst, like he had before. Jennifer was still pinned against the wall as they kissed aggressively; their tongue’s mirroring their bodies.

Jennifer had been looking forward to last night’s hookup since freshman year. But just like this morning and last night, she was let down with her canlı bahis lack of stimulation.

Sure, he had the tools and the body, but he had no clue how to use it. He was quick to please himself and be on his way. However, Jennifer was mesmerized by Brad’s handsome traits. She was happy enough to finger herself to where she needed to go. Her eyes followed him as his tight ass and dripping meat exited the shower.

Brad had gotten what he wanted; after all he had fucked her every which way last night and early this morning. Well, except for anal. He’d pushed her, and she’d refused. In his mind, he added her answer up to the result of him refusing to go down on her. He never went down on a girl, and he never planned to.

After she was clean, Jennifer went back in the room where the previous dirty deeds had gone down. She quickly got dressed, while Brad readied himself for a workout that would start on the bedroom floor.

Jennifer put her short white dress on as Brad jumped into a tight workout shirt. Next, she began to put on her six-inch heels. She knew it wasn’t a typical Monday morning dress code. It was blatant evidence of a walk of shame. If it was later in the day and not Seven A.M, her fifteen-minute walk to campus wouldn’t be so scandalous.

“Have fun in philosophy.” Brad started laughing as he dropped to the floor doing a one-handed pushup. Jennifer looking on wished she was below him, blocking out the sure fact that he wouldn’t last and the fact that she was just his latest conquest and he hers.

“I’m not going. I’m going back to my dorm room to sleep,” she said as she finished sliding her tiny feet into her black stiletto pumps.

“Did you drop philosophy? I don’t understand, doesn’t it start in an hour?”

“I’m skipping today. After last night, I don’t think I can sit down and listen to Bertram drone on for three hours.”

“Did you hand in your essay early?” Brad asked as his body rocketed up and down.

“It’s due next week; how did you know about it?” Jennifer asked, surprised that Brad knew what was happening in her boring three-hour class. After all, he was just a casual fuck.

“My cousin, I mean my roommate, well he’s my cousin and my roommate, Peter….”

“Yeah I get that,” Jennifer said as she grabbed her larger than life Gucci bag, thinking how stupid Brad sounded.

“Well, I’m sure he’s in that class, and he’s been working on it for weeks now. The date’s been on the freezer since the beginning of the semester. Trust me; Peter doesn’t fool around with shit like this; that’s why our parents encourage us to live together. I mean, he refuses to do my work for me, but he still helps me a lot. He’s great to study with.”

Jennifer stood there partially ignoring him as she went through her iPhone. There were so many missed texts. Then, there it was, the one that changed everything.

“Saw u W Brad gueS u finshd d modrn philo essay erly”

Jennifer looked at Brad with shock as if he’d told her he had AIDS. “That paper’s worth forty percent!” She yelled.

“Yeah I know, Peter’s been pissing on about it forever.” Brad said going on and on as Jennifer stood there in a dream-like daze, thinking about her options.

“He worries about maintaining his 4.0 GPA so much he writes two different copies, for everything.”

“Peter does what?”

“He writes two essays then picks the best one to hand in.” Brad stated as he shot up onto his feet walking towards her. “I’ll see if he’s home, but he isn’t going to let you have his backup. I mean, he wouldn’t even do it for me, and I’m blood. Him and his morality bullshit!”

“Just show me where he is!” She adjusted her bra pushing up her large breasts. Figuring she would flirt with what she pictured as a total geek, and he’d hand over the paper forthwith.

She had never done something like this before, she wasn’t the greatest student, but she always did her work. The truth is, she never really put all herself into it. But now she only had an hour to get the minimum twenty page essay done, or risk failing the class.

If she failed this class that would blow her B average, meaning her parents would stop paying for college. She actually wanted to do well here and get her business degree, hopefully securing a good job, with dreams of working in Manhattan on her mind.

Jennifer hated the fact that the Faculty of Business at Bryce had made a Philosophy minor mandatory, for the Bachelors in Business Administration. It was killing her.

They walked into a bedroom toward the front of the house. The room was the complete opposite of Brad’s; it was tidy and completely organized.

“He’s a bit anal, isn’t he?” Jennifer asked aloud as she noticed the, “Never give up!” Winston Churchill poster. Below it, was a long bookshelf with autobiographies, encyclopedias and books unknown to her, with tabs throughout most of the pages.

“A little I guess,” he said with a shrug.

Jennifer moved her hand to pick up one of the thickest and clearly well read books on bahis siteleri the shelf, with “James Joyce,” written on the spine.

“Oh,” Brad said looking beyond the window.


“He must have been in the kitchen having breakfast.” Brad said, pointing through the window to a black Ford Escape moving slowly down the driveway. Jennifer began her run downstairs immediately.

“I’ll text him to wait.” He said as she made her way to the front door trying to run in her six-inch heels, as she tried not to fall. She stopped, abruptly removing her heels, catching Peter and his Escape in the middle of the street.

Now out of breath, she opened the passenger door. For the first time, she looked at Peter. She hadn’t met him before, but she was sure he heard her last night and early this morning. She regretted that now.

“Brad just texted me, you needed a ride to campus?” He wasn’t bad looking, she thought, his mop-top hairstyle made him look younger than he probably was, and his rectangular glasses simply did nothing good for him.

In contrast to his cousin, he could be categorized as not worth her time, he was also much shorter than his cousin at what she guessed was five foot eleven. He was cute in an innocent, nerdy way. She was out of his league by miles.

“My name’s Jennifer,” she said as she climbed into the seat. She quickly pulled down the mirror in the visor and touched up her make-up. She figured she only had a few minutes to flirt with him and get the paper before they arrived on campus.

“I’m Peter,” he said extending his free hand.

She noticed his eyes weren’t wandering over to her side, as he stared straight ahead almost clueless to her presence and her intent. She thought that was odd, and for a second she hoped he wasn’t gay. As she thought that, he turned slightly and spoke.

“You’re in Early Modern Philosophy 304 aren’t you, which philosopher did you focus on?”

“Yeah, well that’s why I needed to talk to you.”

“We have forty minutes before class if you want me to quickly edit your Term Paper. Although, I know it’s the last minute, you’ve probably polished it already.”

“That’s the thing,” Jennifer said, brushing her still wet hair out of the way. “I didn’t finish it… I thought it was due next week,”

“What?” He asked as the Escape passed the iconic century-old statue of the founder, Benjamin Bryce.

“I thought it was due next week.”

“Professor Bertram doesn’t allow late papers, and I mean never, unless…”

“Yeah I know medical reasons. She’s a real bitch!”

Peter laughed at that and Jennifer smiled at the fact that she got him to lighten up.

“So I…” She got out before Peter cut her off. The Escape headed down past the rows and rows of Elm trees that covered the campus road, toward the old gothic buildings, which was Bryce College, the undergraduate school within the greater university.


“You don’t know what I was going to ask?”

“Yeah I do, my cousin told you about my backup paper. You can’t have it. How ironic is it we’re supposed to be learning about ethics, and you’re….”

“I’ll fail the class!” She exclaimed as Peter parked.

“You could have written it last night; instead of forcing me to endure your constant fake hollering. Just because you’re hot doesn’t mean… Look, I don’t want to be an asshole, but I just can’t do it. I’m sorry.”

“Fuck!” Jennifer thought under her breath that it sure did come back to bite her. She was losing ground fast.

As Peter spoke, she decided there was only one thing she could do. She knew she wasn’t the kind of girl to do it, but she had no other options and no alternative card to play. She felt this was a ‘do or die’ moment. She got over her nerves and hoped it would work.

After all, he wasn’t bad looking.

She took off her seatbelt and lowered her head to his waist. “What are you doing?” He asked unable to make sense of the moment.

Jennifer said nothing as her little hands busily unzipped Peter’s khakis. She smiled as he turned hard instantly. She looked up; his face and lips seemed frozen with momentary shock, as if somebody had pulled a gun on him.

She dropped her head taking most of him in right away. “Oh my God!” Peter shot out with his eyes on alert for passersby.

His cravings and desires were more than in full swing, as his morality temporally exited his conscious state. His eyes rolled back. She layered his seven-inch cock with saliva as her head dived down the length slowly twisting around the head licking it with care, before repeating herself.

As her head bobbed urgently, she quickly tied up her hair to keep it from getting in the middle of things. After minutes of working the length, her mouth focused on his cocks head, as her tongue licked away like her life depended on it. Her mouth grew tired, but she kept on. Unlike before, there was no extraordinary visual stimulant.

Her hands now became entwined with Peter’s as she pulled them under her dress, bahis şirketleri to her breasts. His fingers touched her large soft mounds, and that did it.

“God I’m gonna, oh…” Peter blurted out as Jennifer engulfed the head. Seconds later he exploded in her warm wet mouth.

“The double Ds did it, I guess!” She said with joking pride as he sat there speechless.

“No one saw us, did they?”

“No,” he replied, his chest heaving.

“Good. Okay, here’s the deal. You give me that paper, so I can change the cover letter before class, and you can do whatever you want to me this Friday.” Jennifer hoped he would accept.

He looked like he was fighting himself as his teeth bit his inner lips. There was a pause and uncertainty for about a full minute before he spoke, “I want Saturday too.”

“You’ll let me have it?” Jennifer said, her face glowing with joy.

Looking straight at her with desire and conjured up assertiveness, he said. “I want something else right now, too.”

She looked a bit worried. Sure she could back out of fucking him this weekend, but right now wasn’t something she could wiggle out of. “Anyone could see us if we have sex here.”

“I don’t want to have sex with you. There’s just something I like to do to girls that may be weird, I don’t know. I’ve only done it a few times with this one girl. I’m kind of addicted to it, but haven’t had the opportunity to do it much.”

“Okay,” Jennifer agreed hesitantly, thinking she was lucky he’d parked in the back amid the thousands of cars. She watched as Peter reclined her seat, he placed his head where she had hers moments before.

“You’re going to…” She began to say gleefully as his tongue grazed her bald opening. Inching forward his fingers opened her tight flower. He licked her clit as his lips brushed her labia. Jennifer’s flexible legs landed on Peter’s back forcing him down.

Her hands did the same to his head. Peter loved the smell and the taste of her pussy. This was proven as he ate her out with every lick and flick of his tongue.

She was increasingly wet as he brought her fingers into the fray. He hadn’t planned to, but it seemed like the natural course of action. He slowly moved a finger in and out, as his tongue, lips, and mouth intensified around her clit.

“Oooommm, yeah, please just like that.” She cooed uncontrollably and truthfully.

He tongued the delicate flesh for minutes, with naval precision. With a purpose in mind outside his own enjoyment, he intensified his focus. Peter now fucked her with two fingers, her body moving with his every whim. When he pushed in, her hips moved forward to accept the forthcoming sensation of tongue and fingers. He was hitting all the right spots.

Now at the brink Jennifer pushed his head down further as she went orgasmic. “Oh yeah, yeah, yes!” she moaned softly in fulfillment. However Peter kept up his licking, like oxygen was a foreign need.

She didn’t want him to stop, but she had to print out the cover letter. There was only twenty minutes before class would start. The parking lot also began to buzz with activity, “That was great, but we need to stop.”

“Did I do something wrong?”

“No you were great, the best I’ve ever had to be honest, but I really need to print out the essay.” Looking down she noticed he was hard again.

‘He must really like this.’ she thought to herself.

“Did going down on me make you hard?”

“Yeah, I really love doing it,” he replied with a sheepish grin.

She couldn’t believe it; he was quite talented. If Brad could do that he would be perfect she thought. She began to wonder if Peter made up for the shortcomings of his cousin in other ways too, meaning stamina.

He handed her the essay from his bag, but he did so hesitantly, “all Friday and Saturday?” He asked wanting to make sure they were clear.

“Sunday too, please I need this now.”

With that Peter handed her the twenty five page paper.


Seventeen minutes later, Jennifer arrived at Early Modern Philosophy 304. Lecture hall B-27 was uncharacteristically full with about three hundred pissed-off business majors dragging themselves into the mandatory class. Dr. Bertram wasn’t there but her TA. Kelly Metcalf was.

She handed her the term paper titled, “Descartes: Thought & Existence.” Not being able to read the essay, she simply reused Peter’s title before she ripped off his cover letter.

Jennifer began to sweat as the stolen paper now entered the pile. She regretted this; she wished she had remembered this beast of an assignment was due.

“Jennifer?” called out a tall red-haired girl who stood across the lecture hall.

“Sophie, hey,” she said nearing her friend, as they walked to the seats at the back of the lecture hall, Sophie being one of her roommates back in the sophomore dorms.

As Jennifer sat down Sophie started in on her. “So what happened with you and Brad Weston, is his cock really as big as they say?” She just blushed as all she could think about was Peter’s fifteen minutes of going down on her. At least, it felt like it was that long. She began to get wet thinking about it.

“Looking at you blush, you are so totally crushing on him.”

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