College Bathroom Pt. 02

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All week long I told myself I wasn’t going back to that bathroom on the small college campus again, at least not so soon. Yes, I had a great time fulfilling my gay fantasies, but I needed to be able to control my urges. Every night I felt my mind wander … How many guys came there on a Monday or Tuesday night? Or is it only busy on weekends? I could go find out … No! I’m not driving to campus on a week night. I needed to work in the morning.

By Wednesday, the urges were getting worse. As I showered that morning I started stroking myself while thinking of the blow jobs I had given. Then I thought of the young stud who had fucked my ass. I soaked up a finger, spread my legs a bit and pushed my finger up my hole. I thought of the college student behind me as I thrust my finger in and out of my ass while stroking my cock. My cock erupted, splashing cum against the shower wall.

Thursday was worse. I felt like I was hornier than I had ever been and thought about the blow jobs I had given and the loads I had received. That night, I was close to picking up my keys and making the drive, but I held off. Instead, I threw on some porn, stripped naked and jerked off. I watched several videos of cum shot compilations. I watched as pretty girl after pretty girl took large loads to their faces, tits and asses. I watched them swallow load after load and felt jealous. I was craving a load of cum like I normally crave chicken wings or bowl of ice cream. Finally, I couldn’t take any more. I laid on the ground, flipped my legs over my head, opened wide and shot my own load of cum into my waiting mouth. It wasn’t the same as coaxing it out of someone else’s cock, but it would have to do for the night.

Friday arrived and work was brutal. My eight hours in the office felt like a week. As horny as I was, I was still trying to tell myself I wasn’t going to campus that night. I didn’t want this to become a regular thing. I couldn’t go back a week after I tried it for the first time. I’ll go home, jerk off, I’ll feel better and just enjoy a quiet evening.

It came time to leave work and I couldn’t get home fast enough. As soon as I got inside my house, I put on my favorite porn and shot the load that had been building all day. And I was right, I felt better. I ate dinner, watched a movie, had my easy going night.

But then it started getting later and my mind started wondering again. I felt a tingle in my cock. The thoughts I had been having all week started flooding my mind again. I tried watching a game that was on TV to distract myself. Didn’t work. Midnight hit. I should just go to bed. That was the sensible thing to do, just go to bed. I turned off the TV, got up from the couch … and walked over to pick up my keys and left …

Twenty minutes later, I found myself back where I was a week ago, sitting on a toilet in a stall of a dorm basement bathroom. My pants were around my ankles, but not for the reason they normally would be in this situation. I again slowly stroked my cock.

“How long will it be before someone visits tonight,” I thought to myself.

Turned out, not very long. The door opened and someone entered the room. He walked into the stall next to me. I heard him unfastening his pants and he sat down on the toilet. Shit, was he actually here to use the bathroom?

I minute later the visitor whispered, “You here to give or receive?”

Not here to use the bathroom!

“Give,” I responded.

“Well, I guess either, really,” I clarified. “But I’d prefer to give right now.”

“Door’s unlocked. Come to my stall,” he replied.

Without pulling up my pants, I stood up and waddled over to his stall. I opened it and stepped in. I expected casino siteleri him to stand, but he just sat there, stroking a nice 7″ uncut cock.

“On your knees.”

He commanded and I complied. I sank to my knees on this dirty bathroom floor once again. He removed his hands and without further instruction, I bent over and took him in my mouth.

There was no pretense between either of us. I wasn’t unsure and hesitant about what I was doing like I was last week. He wasn’t battling demons within himself about whether this made him “gay” or not like the one kid last week. No, he wanted a blow job and I wanted to give it to him, no other context needed.

“That’s it you little bitch, suck my cock,” he stated under his breath. “Kneel on this filthy floor and suck my fucking cock on this bathroom toilet. Yeeeeeahhhhhhh. That’s it you slut.”

So the demeaning aspect of this act was obviously the turn on for this guy. And talking dirty was getting me a little more excited honestly. I felt my cock harden and twitch as he spoke.

“You like being a whore in this nasty little bathroom, don’t you slut? Yeah you do. Keep sucking my cock, make daddy feel good. Suck it good.”

I kept bobbing my head up and down his shaft with my hands on his knees for leverage as I leaned forward. His shaft was smooth, not very veiny, and I could feel his foreskin sliding up and down a little along with my mouth.

A few minutes later, I felt him start to thrust his cock upward into my mouth a little. Coupled with his increased breathing, I knew I was close to my reward. He placed his hand on the back of my head, again showing his “dominance” to make sure I took his load in my mouth. If he only knew I had been waiting for this all week and there was no chance I was going to waste a drop of his spunk.

“That’s it, whore. Keep sucking me. You’ll earn your prize soon, bitch. Keep sucking it. Almost. Almost. Yes! Swallow it, slut. Don’t you dare spill a drop.”

His cock exploded in my mouth. He must have been saving it up all week, or longer, because he had quite the load saved up for me. And I couldn’t have been happier. The more he spurted, the more gooey cum I swallowed down like my last meal.

As soon as he finished, I stood up so he could get dressed and leave. He said thanks and I opened the door to go back to my previous stall. But there was someone else waiting.

“Where do you think you’re going?” the new stranger asked.

The guy I had just finished with, now fully dressed, brushed by me as he left the room. My new acquaintance pushed me back in to the stall.

The new guy closed the door and told me to turn around. The guys seemed to be in no mood for pleasantries tonight. I did what I was told, kicked off my pants and spread my legs slightly. I heard a cap flip open and then snap shut. He must be applying lube. I stood there and waited.

I felt his slickened cock part my cheeks and stroke up and down before poking at my hole. His mushroom head started to push forward and open my hole. He was persistent, but took his time rather than pushing straight in, which I obviously appreciated. Slowly but surely, my ass opened up to its invader. Inch by inch, it slid inside of me until I felt his hips against my cheeks.

He leaned forward and whispered in my ear, “You ready?”

Without waiting for my reply, he put his hands on my hips and slowly pulled back until the ridge of his cockhead pulled against my anus. He moved forward just as slowly and pushed his entire length back up my ass. He worked my ass at this deliberate pace for a while. He reached around and played with my nipples. It felt really nice and I moaned loudly.

That canlı casino must have signaled to him that I was ready for more because he started stroking faster. Meanwhile, my cock was sticking straight out in front of me as hard as it had ever been, drooling precum constantly. My partner stopped playing with my nipples and just cupped my pecs while he thrust into me.

I had both arms straight out in front of me pushing into the wall for support. The guy fucking my ass lowered his hands to my hips and began pulling my ass onto him as he increased his tempo, causing me to need to push into that wall even harder so he didn’t knock me over.

“That’s it, bitch, take it up your ass,” he started saying. He hadn’t really said anything to this point, so I figured he must be getting close and liked to talk as he finished. He kept long-dicking me the whole time, pulling back and shoving his entire length into my guts with each thrust.

“You like my cock in your ass, don’t you bitch?” he continued. “Tell me you love it.”

“I love your cock in my ass,” I replied.

“Yeah, tell me you want it harder.”

“Fuck my ass harder,” I egged him on. “Fuck my ass as deep and hard as you can!”

My hole was well opened by now. He increased his pace a little and my cock jumped all around below me as he slammed his hips into my ass. His breathing increased.

“Oh shit, I’m gonna cum,” he blurted out. He must have crossed the point of no return before he meant to. “You want it inside of you or you want me to pull out?”

Before I could answer, I heard him grunt and felt his cock pulse as he pushed deep inside of me. “Too late,” he said, stating the obvious. He pulled back and pushed it in again, flooding me with more cum as if pulling out for the rest couldn’t have been an option.

“Yeah, take my load deep inside you. You love my cum in your ass. I knew you wanted to feel it, bitch,” trying to assure himself he had done nothing wrong. He deposited the last of his load inside of me, got dressed and left.

As he walked out I heard him say, “Oh, excuse me.” Someone else was waiting.

“Come out here,” the new voice commanded. Shit, was it security or a janitor working late?

“Keep your clothes off and come out of that stall now.”

Wait, that voice sounded familiar. I slowly opened the door and cautiously exited the stall.

“Damn, I hoped that was you! I knew you’d be back!” It was the guy who had fucked me last week. But he wasn’t alone.

“You remember my roommate, don’t you?” Ah yes, the kid I had sucked first who then kept saying how he wasn’t gay.

“Of course you remember him, it’s only been a week.” What was up with guys not waiting for a reply after a question tonight?

“As soon as I left here last week I went and made him suck me off. Forced his ass open the next morning and I’ve been fucking him all week. He’s not as good at either as you are though so thought I’d bring him down here to pick up some pointers.”

He pulled his shorts to the ground and just stood there with his hard cock pointing upwards as he stared at me, waiting. Again, no questions tonight, apparently. But I knew my place in this arrangement, knew why I was there. I sank to my knees and started sucking his cock.

“Ah, that’s it, that’s the good head! You watching, bitch?” he asked his roommate. He replied meekly that he was watching.

I felt his bulbous head slide across my tongue as his shaft slid past my lips. Saliva began pooling in my mouth to allow him to slip in and out easily. He stood still, not pumping his cock forward, making me move to take more into my mouth. He wanted to know that I wanted to suck his cock, not kaçak casino that I was being forced to accept it. And he was right, I did want to suck his cock. With each suck, I took a little more until his head was pushing against the back of my throat. Soon, it was entering my throat as I occasionally deepthroated him. I looked up and saw the pleasure on his face.

After sucking him for a few minutes, he wanted more. He simply stated, “Doggy, bitch.”

I stopped sucking and got on my hands and knees on that grimy bathroom floor. The middle of the floor. In a public bathroom. Where, even though it was late at night on an unoccupied floor, any one could walk in at any minute. And I waited to receive his cock in my ass.

He smack my ass as he approached me. He rubbed the cheek and then slapped it again. His cock was well lubricated with my own spit, and my hole was opened from its fucking earlier, so he was able to push right in.

He didn’t waste much time and just started sawing in and out of my ass. We both knew our role in this arrangement and, honestly, we were both enjoying it. He grabbed my hips and fucked me hard. And I didn’t just kneel there and take it, I moved my ass backwards to accept more. He went deep inside my ass with each thrust, pushing straight up across my prostate and fuck that felt good! My cock swayed wildly beneath me, which also felt oddly pleasurable. REALLY pleasurable. Precum was constantly dripping from my hard cock that wasn’t being touched at all.

Fuck his cock felt so good inside me. I was amazed at how quickly I learned to love being on the receiving end of anal sex (I already knew I loved being on the giving end thanks to a couple of accommodating girlfriends). I loved how my hole stretched open even more as the shaft pushed inside and then shrunk down as it pulled back out. I loved feeling his hips push into my ass cheeks as he pushed all the way home. And I love how my cock bobbed around beneath me as he fucked me hard.

I looked up and saw his roommate watching us intently. There was a bulge in his pants and a pained expression on his face that he wasn’t playing with it.

“I told him before we came down here that he wasn’t allowed to touch himself while he watched,” my fucker stated, noticing where my gaze was directed. That felt a little cruel, but what the hell did I care? I hung my head and watched my cock bounce to the rhythm of the fucking.

After a few more minutes, my partner stated he was almost ready to cum. He leaned over my back, reached around and started stroking my cock.

“I want your ass hole to pulse and grab my cock while I cum, so go ahead and spurt that load for me, baby,” he said. The combo of his hand on my cock coupled with his cock hitting my prostate was enough to push me over the edge.

“Oh, fuck,” I moaned. “Fuck me, yes, fuck me. Make me cum.” And I did. I erupted, spurting my load straight onto the bathroom floor. It got onto his hands and I could feel my own cum lubing my cock as he continued to stroke.

“That’s it, bitch. Grab my cock with your ass hole. Feels so tight.”

He was fucking me as hard as he could in this position. Smack, smack, smack filled the air as his hips slammed against me.

“Here you go, take your reward.”

I felt his cock pulse and then the first splash of cum coated my insides. I jumped a little as he kept stroking my cock and rubbed my now sensitive head. I felt him pulse and shoot more. And more. And more, until finally he slowed his strokes, pushed fully inside of me and let rest of his load leak into me while his cock softened. He pulled out and gave my ass another little smack.

“Get dressed,” he stated. “Let’s go back up to my room and have some fun with the little whore standing over there. Ready to take two cocks at once?” he asked his roommate.

Unlike my last visit, I dressed and walked upstairs with him to continue our fun.

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