Bradley’s World Ch. 02

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After the awkward encounter, both of them go change into more presentable clothes. While Gabriella’s taking a shower, Bradley comes downstairs to find pancakes ready.

“These smell really good sis! When did you learn how to cook?” he asks.

“When I was in college dipshit. Where else would I learn how to cook. It’s not like mom was going to teach me. Speaking of mom, where are our parents?”

“They’ve gone on a business trip. They’ll come back on Monday.”

“And so you invited Gabriella over to fuck the whole weekend?”

He nearly spits what’s in his mouth. He knew his sister was very forthright, but he didn’t expect it to be so direct.

“Jeez Kate, you had to phrase it like that?” he says, choking on his meal.

“Well, I’m right, wasn’t I?”

“Yeah, you’re right. That was the plan.”

“So I’ve interrupted the fuck fest?” she says, laughing. He gives her a mean stare and goes back to eating. “What are you doing here anyway?” he asked.

“I broke with Eric. I was living with him, right? So now I don’t have any place to stay at. I’m going to be here until I find a new place. It’ll also be good, helping out mom after the divorce and…” Her voice trails off. Bradley looks at her incredulously. Kate is trying not to make eye contact and turns to concentrate on making pancakes.

“They’re ankara eryaman escort getting a divorce?” he asks. She doesn’t answer and just keeps cooking, acting as though she can’t listen to him. “Kate, answer me. Why are they getting a divorce?”

“I think you should talk to mom and dad when they come back.”

He gets up and walks towards his sister. He grabs her hands, pushes her against a wall, and pins her hands above her head. Kate’s cheeks turn red, as Bradley gets closer to her face, and says, “Tell. Me. What. Happened.”

“Dad was cheating on mom and she found out and now they’re getting a divorce.” She blurts it out, not being able to control herself. He lets her go, looks at her for a few seconds, and then goes back and sits down. She picks up the spatula she had dropped on the ground. To her surprise, she finds herself turned on by what happened.

Gabriella comes in, only wearing an oversized T-shirt and panties. Kate looks at her walking in. Gabriella has nice tits, she thinks. C or D cups, she assumes, is pretty similar to her breasts. She was a bit taller than Kate and had legs for days. Kate felt herself getting turned on imagining Gabriella naked and her tits rubbing on her…

She imagines how those tits will look like with a hard dick between escort elvankent them, Bradley’s dick between them as Gabrielle lets him fuck her tits. Kate’s hand goes to her breasts on their own, before she remembers where she stops herself immediately. Red in the face, with rock hard nipples and slightly wet panties, she starts making pancakes.

“Hey, Gabriella. Pancakes?”

“Yes, they smell delicious. Thank you.”

Gabriella gives Bradley a kiss and sits next to him. Her hand immediately goes over his shorts and rests on his dick. He looks at her, with a “what the hell are you doing? My sister is right over there” stare, and she just smiles, slowly moving her hands along his dick, over the fabric of his shorts. He tries to push her hand away, but she just keeps on doing it. She slides her hands under his shorts and starts rubbing his dick, which is slowly getting harder.

Bradley can see that Gabriella is turned on by all this, her nipples hard. She’s squeezing her thighs together, trying to rub them to get some friction. He sees and places his hand on her thigh. She stops working his dick and gives out a small moan. Looking towards the stove, he sees that Kate has her back to them, and she’s not looking. If she does turn around, he knew they would just stop. He slides his etimesgut escort bayan hands along her thighs and touches her pussy. She’s wet, and the panties are wet. He rubs her pussy over the fabric, the extra layer giving more stimulation to her clitoris, as she’s jerking him off.

If Kate turned around at this moment, she would see her brother’s dick being fondled by Gabriella, and she being fingered by her brother. He slides one of his hands up her shirt, fondling on her breasts, and she lets out a moan. This is when Kate turns around, and sees what’s happening.

“What the fuck! What are you doing?” she screams, but she can’t take her eyes off her brother’s dick. Bradley immediately takes his hands off her, but Gabriella is slow to do that. Her hand is still on his dick, and Kate is just staring at it. When she’s silent for a few more seconds, Gabriella gives his dick one last pump, and bend to kiss it on the head. She straightens herself up, smiling.

“Are the pancakes ready yet, Kate?” she asks, being all glib. Kate just looks at her incredulously.

“Get up.”


“I said, get up,” Kate says, walking around the table to their side. Bradley’s dick is still out of his shorts, and it’s slowly getting less hard. He’s scared about what is going to happen next, as his girlfriend and his sister look each other in the eye. What happens next is something that surprises not just him but Gabriella too.

Kate leans forward and kisses Gabriella, one hand going to her hard nipples, the other going to her wet pussy.

“Will you share him with me?”

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