Box Shaped Heart Ch. 19

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Chapter Nineteen – The Shape of Truth

They stumbled inside, laughing and joking, and somehow ended on the carpet in the living room. The game had been incredible, they had stuffed their faces with hot dogs and they had spent their evening in a dive, drinking and singing with other fans.

“Fuck, this was the most amazing night out in forever, Alex,” Aron said breathily, as somehow he managed to disentangle himself from Carter’s limbs, only to adjust his position and make his placeholder of a husband spread his legs so they could hook their crotches together.

“It fucking was,” Carter confirmed wrapping his arms around Aron and pulling him close. “Can you believe they won?”

“Yeah. I can’t believe I’m doing all this stuff with you, though,” Aron laughed and placed a sloppy wet kiss on Carter’s mouth. “I was getting used to you being bitchy, you know?”

Now look who had a loose tongue after a few drinks. Well, there had been more than a few drinks, and even a strong guy like Aron was bound to feel the effects of so much alcohol in his bloodstream.

“What are you talking about?”

Through the haze of alcohol, Aron seemed to start reconsidering his confessions.

“I’m still bitchy as hell!” Carter laughed and kissed his friend with a loud smack.

“Hmm, that reminds me,” Aron pushed himself to his feet. “Good thing I brought that home.”

Carter rolled on one side and found it ideal to just walk on his fours to reach the sofa. Standing up required way too much body strength.

“Well, nice of you to assume the position,” Aron joked.

“What?” he tried to turn. “Ouch!” he yelped.

Aron was standing there, leaning over him, the leather paddle in one hand, and he was laughing at his expense. Carter growled and stood up quickly. It wasn’t like he was drunk-drunk. He could still snatch the thing from Aron’s hand if he was quick enough.

“Aha!” he shouted victoriously and swung the paddle in the air. “Let’s see who’s getting a smacked bottom now!”

Aron was either too tipsy to react, or he was letting his skinny husband win just for the sake of it. Carter found great pleasure in pushing Aron down, rolling him and smacking his ass with the paddle.

Hmm, it had to be better on a naked butt. So, without too much preamble, he began struggling with his husband’s jeans. Aron, the ass, was having a great time laughing his ass off.

“Undress and give me that ass to spank it,” he growled, and Aron just started to laugh harder. “C’mon, I’ll get all bitchy on you if you don’t.”

Aron almost made no effort to grab him, but he fought. There was no way he was going to be the one to get spanked tonight.

“C’mon, I’m dying to spank you,” he complained.

If Alex was such a man doll, there were ways to get what he wanted without trying to overpower Aron, because that was definitely not it.

“Why didn’t you say so, baby?” Aron chuckled.

The man stood up again, and this time made a show of unhooking his belt and pushing down his jeans and underwear. Carter gulped. He was no stranger now to Aron’s intimate parts, yet he was still impressed. He licked his lips.

“You seem a little distracted,” Aron spoke, and proceeded to remove his jeans and briefs completely, remaining in nothing but his t-shirt.

Carter was all for this bottomless fashion. Aron did a one-eighty, slowly, showing off his ass a little, and Carter found himself soon all over it. He sank his fingers into Aron’s muscled ass cheeks and placed a kiss right above the crack. Aron laughed.

“Hey, I’m ticklish.”

“You don’t say,” Carter murmured and searched for the spanking paddle with his eyes.

It was not the best position possible, but he did manage to raise the paddle and spank Aron’s ass once, hard.

“Hey!” Aron exclaimed. “Why didn’t you say you were starting?”

“And have no surprise advantage?” Carter laughed. “You gotta admit it, it’s a nice sound.”

The second time, though, Aron yelped and jumped, covering his ass with both hands.

“Hey, you have a mean swing, right there,” the man glared at him.

Carter got on his feet again and waved the paddle menacingly.

“Come on, present your ass,” he followed Aron.

The man was apparently not that big a fan of punishment, because he started running and laughing. Okay, so this was how they were going to play this. Carter sprinted after Aron, but the guy was way too fast for him. He had to stop to draw his breath.

“Some kind of dom you are,” Aron stopped at a safe distance from him, hands on his hips.

Carter could not look anywhere else but the guy’s dick. Officially, he was obsessed with that thing. After all the hot dogs he had stuffed down his throat tonight, it was a miracle that he was still in the mood for having his mouth full again.

“Alex? Baby?” Aron cooed.

“What?” Carter snapped.

“You’ve been staring at my cock for the last two minutes. Did you forget about wanting to spank me? Do you want this instead?” Aron grabbed his cock and flaunted it.

Yeah, damn right he wanted that. He threw the paddle and walked over casino siteleri to Aron, grabbing the guy’s manhood with both hands.

“Fuck, baby,” Aron cursed softly, as Carter began stroking him, while fondling the balls, too. “When did you turn into sex on a stick?”

“I’ve always been like this,” Carter mumbled.

I am because of you.

Aron was ruining his concentration with all that talking. He slid to his knees and took the man in his mouth. Damn, he thought, as a small shiver coursed down his spine. Why did it feel so good to stuff his mouth with his best friend’s cock?

“Wow,” Aron whispered and he firmly grabbed Carter by the back of his neck. “You give so great head, baby.”

Carter could feel something swelling in his chest at the praise.

“And I really love your new technique,” Aron added.

Now he froze.

“Don’t stop, baby,” Aron’s hand was firm on his neck. “It’s pretty amazing, you know? I like it when you’re a bit rough. It lets me know you really want this. C’mon, eat up that dick like you mean it,” the man half-joked and pushed Carter’s head into his crotch again.

At least he knew how to control the situation and grabbed the guy’s cock at the base, using his hand to make a tunnel with his hand and rub the steely shaft in earnest.

“Oh, fuck, oh, fuck,” Aron murmured. “You’re killing me with this blowjob, have a little mercy.”

Well, he knew Aron didn’t really mean it this time, and it was just a compliment, so he increased the pressure, sucking in more. Ah, damn, he could feel his dick struggling against his pants, but there was no way he was going to let go. He wanted Aron’s cock deeper and deeper.

He could hear Aron’s raspy breath above him, as he worked the guy’s cock.

“I’m coming, baby,” Aron cried out, and kept his head there, as he unloaded wave after wave into Carter’s throat.

He was now holding onto the other for dear life because he almost could not breathe. But who cared about that anyway? It was so damn satisfying to have Aron come in his mouth like this that he could take it.

Aron let go moments later, and Carter allowed the guy’s cock to slide out of his mouth, but not without giving it a few more licks that made the other shudder.

“Wow, baby, just wow,” Aron caressed his face tenderly.

“Did you like it?” Carter asked smugly.

Aron was following the shape of his lips with rough fingers.

“I’m so glad I found you and married you,” Aron whispered as he leaned in and kissed Carter.

Ouch, nice cold shower.

“Okay,” he mumbled and got to his feet.

Aron pulled him tight and then forced his chin up, so he could look at him.

“What’s wrong?” Aron questioned while searching his husband’s face.

“Nothing,” Carter shook his head.

“C’mon, don’t lie,” Aron insisted. “You’re hot like this, and you make me dizzy with happiness, but the next minute you look like you just found out that you have only one week left to live.”

Ah, damn. Well, that was somewhat accurate. To a certain degree. The doctors still seemed optimistic about what the hell was happening to his body.

Aron stiffened next to him.

“What aren’t you telling me? Is this about your health? But the doctor said you’re completely fine …”

“I am fine,” Carter interrupted. “I’m just … I don’t know,” he shrugged.

What could he tell? He was not allowed to tell.

“Do you need to see a therapist?” Aron said cautiously. “We can arrange something. Baby, I want you to be happy.”

“I am,” he said sharply.

“Sorry to contradict you, but you seem the opposite of that,” Aron protested but started caressing Carter’s arms.

“I cannot stop thinking …” he started. “Carter’s mom and dad are a wreck. The guy is there, in the hospital, dying. And I’m here, having fun, and … I just feel guilty, okay?”

It was the closest shape of truth he could touch without breaking the rules.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Aron hugged him. “I want to understand what you’re going through.”

“Promise me something, Aron,” he said while holding his best friend with all his might.

“Just say the word,” Aron encouraged him.

“Promise me that no matter what happens, you will be happy,” he said in one breath.

“But I am happy,” Aron replied. “I have you, and you’re amazing.”

“No, just listen,” he hugged the other tightly. “If … Carter dies, don’t be … unhappy.”

Aron remained speechless.

“I know, it sounds bad, but … I only want this,” he said.

“I … I don’t want to lie to you, Alex,” Aron spoke, his voice filled with emotion. “I cannot promise you this. It’s the only thing I cannot give you. Ask me anything else. But not this.”

Oh, fuck. He could feel his entire body shaking.

“Ah, damn, I should have let you rest more. And forget all about Instagram and other stupid stuff. You will take the entire week off and that’s final. And let’s just go together to see Carter. The doctors say he’s stable and that his body is healing at a good rate, seeing what state he is in. Stop with these wide-eyed fears. Carter canlı casino is not going to die.”

He was pretty certain he wanted to cry like a stupid baby right now.

“He will get better and we will all be friends, okay?” Aron insisted.

That was not going to happen.

“Promise?” he asked, despite himself.

“Yes, that I can promise. You’ll see. He’s an amazing guy. We will have a super duper time together. Carter is the funniest guy I know. He’s a good friend. He’ll be a good friend to you, too. Seeing how much this accident changed you, I won’t be surprised to see him changed, too.”

“Maybe if he’s that changed, you won’t like him anymore,” Carter mumbled.

“I’m talking about him seeing things clearer. About us. He will see how much we love each other and he will understand. I’m sure of it.”

“Okay,” he sighed. “Okay. I trust you.”

“Better now?”

“Yes, sure,” he said. “But don’t lock me up at home. I’d rather be posing all naked, than staying all cooped up in here.”

“As you wish, baby,” Aron admitted. “What do you say? Do you want us to go together one day to check on him? I go almost every day, but you’re busier than me, so you should pick the day that’s most convenient for you.”

“Are you really doing that? Are you going to see him every day?” he exclaimed.

“Well, of course, I told you. He’s my friend, I’m not giving up on him.”

“You know what, Aron? You’re a great man,” Carter whispered and pushed his head into Aron’s shoulder.

“And you’re amazing. Come now, there was enough excitement for one day. Let’s get you to bed.”

Half an hour later, he was cocooned in bed, with Aron’s heavy arms around him.

“Make love to me?” he whispered, and Aron moved slowly to kiss him.

“Are you sure?” Aron’s lips caressed his ear, sending small jolts of pleasure down his back.

“Yeah, I want you inside me,” he said simply.

Aron was as tender as someone of his size could be, but Carter could still feel like he was getting crushed as the man covered him, head to toes, with his own body. But it was perfect like this. He felt grounded, safe, and he didn’t have to worry anymore. At least for now.

The guy’s lips were caressing his neck slowly, making him shiver.

“I’m so in love with you right now,” Aron said softly. “You’re safe here, with me. I won’t let anything bad happen to you.”

He knew that. He knew next to Aron he was safe. And he was whole, too, because when the man impaled himself slowly into Carter’s body, there was nothing else he could think of but how complete he was.

It was easy to voice his happiness like this.

“Wow, baby, you’re so vocal,” Aron mumbled through the kisses. “I love hearing you cry out like this, do you have any idea how fucking hot you are?”

No, he didn’t, and he didn’t care to know what Aron had to say to his sexy husband. At the moment, he was nothing but a looter, scavenging emotions.


Aron had let him sleep in a little, after calling Yolanda and getting a reprieve of a couple of hours for him. And he was thankful. His hangover was not that bad, but Aron had not let him go to sleep until he had been sure his husband was completely satisfied. Which meant that he didn’t feel like getting out of bed at all now.

Eventually, he knew he had to wake up. With a cup of coffee in one hand, he examined the living room with rueful eyes. He could tidy up the place a little. After all, Aron had made coffee and left plenty for him, too, which was a lifesaver.

He picked Aron’s jeans from the floor, and, simply by force of habit, he checked the pants. His fingers wrapped around a card, as he checked the back pockets.

“A club?” he stared at the elegant card, on which, on the dark print, a few letters were embossed in gold.

Whatever, Aron had to go drink somewhere when he was out of town, right? The name of the club didn’t ring any bells. He shrugged and put the card back. Hmm, there was still time until he needed to head out the door.

Oh, yes, he could use that time to check the strange e-mail Aron had gotten instead of his confession about who he really was.

He fired up the laptop and waited patiently for the device to boot. If he was lucky, Aron was still using the same password. All he needed was to track down the location from which the e-mail had been sent. That could give him an idea about the whereabouts of this invisible shithead who was playing with his life and also Alex’s. Maybe the guy was a real magician or something. But he still had to use an IP address to send e-mails, right?

Hmm, Aron hadn’t changed his password. Easy-peasy. Aron had never kept his password secret from him, and Carter had often accessed his e-mail, while they were still friends. Well, it was all for a good cause, and it was going to be the only one time when he was getting inside the guy’s e-mail, without his knowledge.

He stared at the header of the e-mail, chewing his bottom lip. Nope, he checked, and it didn’t look like the replacement had come from a different address. Damn, whoever that magician was, he was a whizz kid kaçak casino at hacking e-mails, because everything looked like nothing wrong was afoot.

Feeling dejected with his investigation, he decided to log off. His eyes traveled over the list of e-mails in Aron’s inbox and stopped at one.

“Thanks for all the fun,” he read slowly, chewing the words on the subject line.

All right, this was no longer benign. Was he really going to read Aron’s electronic correspondence? The sender was someone named David … Hmm, he thought. He let the mouse hover over the e-mail. The fun? What fun? What could Aron possibly do to have fun with a guy named David?

Hey Aron,

I wasn’t expecting you back so soon. But we really had a good time together, so I thought about sending you a few pictures as a memento.

Here’s hoping things work out between you and your husband.

If not, well, you know where to find me.



He stared at the screen in shock. Who the fuck was this David dude? What the fuck?! Aron was not a cheater. There had to be another explanation. No, nopey, no, no, no. But what kind of fun was this guy talking about? Maybe they just had some drinks.

The pictures didn’t show anything compromising at first. Just shots of a club interior, the bar, Aron with a drink in his hand, smiling for the camera, while a guy who looked in his mid-40 was hooking one arm over his shoulder. The man seemed to have a similar height to Aron and was built strong, too. His blue eyes were staring at Carter from the picture, with a small secretive smile. It was like the guy knew something Carter didn’t, and that was definitely annoying. Was this really the type Aron was going for when he wasn’t fucking his twink of a husband? No, he shook his head. This guy was nothing but a friend. The way he was keeping his arm thrown over Aron’s shoulder didn’t look intimate beyond a friendly gesture.

That didn’t mean that Carter couldn’t admit that the guy was a looker. Showing his age, for sure, but with the kind of attitude and presence that would make others take note of him. How could Carter describe him? Ah, a man of the world. That was an accurate description.

Yeah, he was worrying about nothing. But when he clicked on the next picture, he knew he had to reconsider. The guys performing on some kind of stage were putting to absolute shame Simon’s outfit when the guy had come to play slave. And Carter had thought that was risqué enough. This, however, was in a totally different league. Plus, it looked like those guys were engaged in all kinds of sexual acts, save for penetration.

He shook his head. For a second there, he had lost himself while admiring the almost naked bodies. What was he now? Gay or something?

He could feel his teeth grinding when he looked at the last picture. It was a shot outside the club, and now Carter knew that name. He quickly ran a Google search and identified the location. So, maybe Aron went there for more than just drinks and pleasant conversation.

Well, he turned off the laptop. Aron had some explanations to give. He definitely wasn’t a cheater, Carter said to himself. But damn, that fucking looked bad.


“Are you kidding me?” he grabbed one pair of underwear with two fingers and held it as if the thing could suddenly develop teeth and bite him. “Am I supposed to wear these for the shoot?”

Mark pointed one pencil towards the underwear with a thoughtful expression on his face.

“That is from the Blue Desire collection,” his assistant explained.

Carter took the offending thing and stretched it while looking through the enormous gap at Mark. The thing barely covered the front, leaving the back, ahem, exposed.

“This is not underwear. Whoever wears such a thing will just have a naked ass to worry about. Frankly now, what is the purpose of this thing? And I wasn’t supposed to be this naked, right?”

“No, no, these are not for the shoot,” Mark waved quickly, now bent on putting his boss’s mind at ease. “They’re a gift. For you.”

“Is this a joke? Do they think themselves funny or something?” Carter exclaimed.

“Well, they thought you would like some items from their special collection. You know, for personal use,” Mark continued.

“For personal use? Why would I go out of the house wearing such a thing? It must be damn uncomfortable,” he continued his protests.

Mark gulped audibly, then coughed, and then drew one long breath.

“That’s not for wearing outside. It’s for, um, bedroom affairs?” Mark shifted from one foot to another.

Carter stopped and looked at his secretary.

“Do you need the bathroom, Mark? Just go, you don’t have to keep it in; it’s bad for your kidneys.”

“No, I don’t need the bathroom, boss,” Mark denied. “It’s just that, um, I don’t know how to say this … Okay,” the young man braced himself. “They sent this sexy underwear so you can … make your husband happy,” he added quickly.

Carter dropped the underwear back into the box. Hmm, did they have it in a bigger size? He knew exactly how Aron had to present his ass for punishment if he was going to found as little as the guy had tried to cheat. Well, if Aron was a cheater … No, Aron was not a cheater. There was an explanation for David, that fancy club, and everything.

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