Bitch For Life

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Angela had always known that she loved women more then men. Even at a young age, she would sneak her father’s Playboy magazines into her room and rub her pussy looking at the sexy centerfolds. So, it came as no surprise, that in her senior year of high school, Angela fell hard for a girl in her History class. Her name was Camille, and she was the sexiest girl Angela had ever laid eyes on, excluding the Playboy models.

“Hi, my name’s Angela, but you can call me Angie,” she said, walking up to Camille during lunch one afternoon.

“It’s nice to meet you, Angie, I’m Camille,” she said, smiling and inviting her to sit down.

The two girls spent the next 45 minutes, laughing and getting better acquainted. They shared the typical “getting to know you” lines. Where their parents worked, how long they’d been married, where they lived and even how much they hated school.

One difference was, Camille was totally heterosexual, which presented a problem for Angie, who was already falling for the gorgeous blonde senior.

Angie forced a smile as Camille went on and on about Bobby Kinson, the quarterback of their high school football team, and thinking the whole time how much she’d love to lean over and kiss her.

After the lunch bell rang, the two girls said their goodbyes and each headed off into different directions.

That night, Angie laid on her bed, thinking of nothing but Camille. Going over their perfect lunch, excluding the useless mention of that neanderthal, Bobby Kinson.

As she drifted off to sleep, Angie hoped her deep thoughts would bring sweet dreams of the girl she hoped to one day make her own.

The next morning, she was awakened by the phone. Her mother was already at work, so Angie slowly crawled from her warm bed and staggered downstairs into the living room to answer the annoying ringing phone.

“Hello?” she said, stifling a yawn.

“Angie?” asked the voice on the other end.

“Yeah, this is Angie. Who is this?” she said, taking a seat on the arm of the couch and looking out the window.

“This is Camille, I hope you don’t mind me calling you,” she said, softly.

“No, not at all,” said Angie, quickly jumping to her feet, “How’d you know my number?”

“I asked Alex,” said Camille.

(Alex was Angie’s ex best friend. Ex because Alex had betrayed Angie’s trust by telling Angie’s mother that she was a lesbian, something Angie wasn’t ready for her mother to know, at least not yet.)

“Oh, okay, that’s cool,” said Angie, stretching the phone cord into the kitchen so she could grab her usual morning soda.

“Listen, the reason I’m calling is because my parents are gone for the day to the beach with some of their poker friends and I wanted to know if you’d like to come over and hang out,” said Camille.

“Sure, what time?” asked Angie, after nearly choking on her drink.

“Ten o’clock, okay?” asked Camille.

“Ten’s perfect. 459 Stackton Street, right?” asked Angie.

“Yes, 459. I’ll see you at ten, bye bye,” said Camille, then hanging up the phone.

Angie hung up the phone and dropped to her knees, thanking God for this phone call. She quickly ran upstairs to grab a shower, it was already almost 9.

After quickly washing up, Angie sprinted out of the bathroom and across the hall into her bedroom, sending clothes flying from her dresser drawers. She wanted to look good, but not obvious, finally deciding on a pair of jean shorts and a black halter top. After putting her hair back tightly into a ponytail and leaving her mother a note, just in case she made it home after her mother, Angie darted out the door.

She had no trouble finding 459 Stackton Street. It was a nice two story home, lots of rose bushes around. Angie smiled as she pulled her mustang into the long, dark gray driveway.

Camille appeared at the front door, happily waving to her new friend as she climbed out and made her way up the stone covered walk way.

“Have any trouble finding me?” asked Camille, ushering Angie inside the house and closing the door.

“No, not at all, you look great today, by the way,” remarked Angie, taking a seat on the large sofa and noticing Camille’s flimsy sundress.

“Oh, thanks,” she said, taking a seat next to Angie, “I’ve güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri had this dress forever, seems like.”

“So your parents are gone all day, huh?” asked Angie.

“Yeah, all day. They get with their poker friends and they all lose track of time,” said Camille, laughing and getting up to go to the kitchen, “Would you like something to eat?”

“No thanks, I’m cool,” said Angie, placing her car keys and purse on the glass topped coffee table.

“Take your shoes off, get comfy,” said Camille, pouring herself a Coke and taking her seat back on the couch.

Angie was a bit nervous, but she kicked her tennis shoes off and sat back on the overstuffed sofa, trying not to be too obvious checking out Camille.

“So, what would you like to do?” asked Camille, “We could hang out here and watch some movies or listen to CD’s or go to the mall, whatever you wanna do.”

“Doesn’t matter to me,” answered Angie, “We can stay here, if you like, I love movies and music.”

Camille smiled and placed her glass on the coffee table, “Okay then, let’s raid the CD cabinet, see what we can find.”

Angie smiled back and watched Camille make her way across the large living room. She scanned her long, tan sexy legs peeking out from beneath that almost see through sundress. Her ass was small, but not boney small and her long blonde hair kissed her shoulders perfectly.

Camille put in a CD and rejoined Angie on the sofa, “This okay?”

“It’s fine,” said Angie, trying to move closer to Camille, without being too obvious.

Camille sat back and leaned her head on the overstuffed cushioned sofa’s head rest.

“You have a beautiful home,” said Angie, looking around at all the family photos and awards that Camille had won over the years for various reasons.

“Thanks, but I don’t like it here much,” said Camille, putting her feet up on the coffee table, “My parents can be so strict, sometimes I feel like I’m suffocating, you know what I mean?”

Angie nodded her head yes, of course she knew exactly what Camille meant. She’d felt for years like she was suffocating, hiding under the mask of a heterosexual 18 year old, when honestly all she ever thought about was women.

As the music played, the girls became more and more acquainted, sharing laughs and gossip about the guys and girls at school.

Camille closed her eyes for a second, listening to a guitar solo on one of the songs, and without a thought, Angie leaned over and placed a soft kiss on Camille’s lips.

She opened her eyes suddenly and looked at Angie.

“Shit, I’m sorry,” said Angie, turning away, feeling her cheeks burning with embarrassment.

“Hey, Angie, listen,” said Camille, lifting her chin and turning her face back towards her, “Did you hear me object?”

Angie didn’t respond. Slowly she felt her cheeks begin to cool off and her heart rate return to normal.

“I kinda knew you were into girls,” said Camille, giving Angie a reassuring smile, “Don’t worry, I’m not mad or anything.”

Angie returned the smile and settled further into the overstuffed sofa, slowly beginning to feel a little more comfortable.

“Matter of fact,” said Camille, “I wouldn’t say that I’m a lesbian, but I have often wondered what it would be like to be with a girl.”

“You have?” asked Angie.

“Sure,” answered Camille, “I’ve heard that lesbians have an awesome sex life. Women know exactly how and where another woman likes to be touched.”

Angie agreed completely. She could see Camille’s nipples hardening beneath the flimsy material of her dress and this made her pussy become moist.

Before either girl could say another word, Camille reached up and slid the straps of her dress down, revealing her perfect tits.

“Do these do anything for you, Angie?” she asked, pushing her dress down to her sides.

“More then you know,” whispered Angie, scanning Camille’s sexy tan nipples and full, slightly sagging tits.

“Do you wanna suck my nipples?” whispered Camille, “I’ll let you lick or suck anything you want, Angie.”

“Yeah, I wanna suck your nipples, then slobber all over your clit, Camille,” she said, sliding closer to the blonde vixen.

Camille reached over and grabbed güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri Angie’s long hair, pulling her mouth to hers, kissing her hard, instantly making Angie’s cunt slobber inside her thong.

Angie reached down and rubbed Camille’s right tit, massaging the puffy nipple in her fingertips.

Camille spread her legs, and broke the kiss, informing Angie that she wasn’t wearing panties.

Angie slid her hand down between Camille’s legs, and sure enough, her fingertips met a sexy, wet bald cunt.

“Oh, God,” whispered Angie, reaching down and unzipping her jean shorts.

Camille sat up and slid her dress up over her head, sitting there, completely naked, definitely a feast for Angie’s eyes.

Angie lifted her ass and slid her jean shorts down, pulling her wet thong down, as well. Camille reached over and helped her slide her tank top off, tossing it on top of the coffee table.

They kissed again as Angie rubbed Camille’s spread thighs, eventually working her way up to the sexy, bald cunt again. Camille moaned into Angie’s mouth as their tongues explored each other’s mouths, even playing tug of war with them.

Camille slid down on the couch cushion and planted her feet on the coffee table, completely spreading her legs all the way, while Angie rubbed her pussy, often dipping her fingertips inside Camille’s drooling cunt.

After several minutes of kissing and fingering, Angie couldn’t hold back anymore. She got up and got on her knees, on the floor, between Camille’s legs and buried her tongue inside her pussy, causing Camille to moan like a slut in heat each time Angie’s nose rubbed her swollen, sensitive clit.

“Oh, God, Angie,” she groaned, reaching down and grabbing Angie’s hair, twisting it with her fingers, gently pushing her mouth further into her cunt.

Angie slammed 3 fingers deep into Camille’s aching, sloppy wet cunt as her tongue danced around her clit, sending Camille into fits of extasy, chanting and moaning Angie’s names between heavy breaths.

She curled her toes and raised her hips a bit, tugging Angie’s hair a bit tighter, chanting over and over, “Oh, shit, Angie, make me cum!!!”

Angie fingered Camille’s cunt like a mad woman, driving her fingers in, knuckle deep, and wiggling them around inside her deep, then yanking them out, then repeating the same steps, over and over, all the while working her tongue around Camille’s swollen red clit.

Camille arched her back and pushed her cunt hard into Angie’s mouth, screaming as her cream flooded her face and mouth, “OH, SHIT, ANGIEEEEEEEEE!!!!! OH, GOD, I’M CUMMING!!!!!”

Angie lapped up every drop of the sweet cream, making loud slurping noises as Camille’s cum kept flowing. She’d never tasted anything that tasted so sweet.

Angie’s pussy was as wet as a raging river now. Her nipples were rock hard and she thought of the strap on she carried inside her purse, never leaving home without it. She was thankful she had remembered it, especially today.

“That feel good, baby?” asked Angie, moving her mouth away from Camille’s sopping wet cunt.

“Oh, God, Angie, I never dreamed I’d cum THAT hard with a woman,” whispered Camille, obviously spent from her over powering orgasm.

Angie smiled and turned to the coffee table, unzipping her purse and taking out the 7 inch strap on.

“What’s that?” asked Camille, eyeing the toy.

“It’s my “cock” answered Angie, “I wanna fuck you with this, Camille.”

“Oh, fuck, that’s hot. Getting fucked with a “cock” by a woman,” cooed Camille.

“Get on the floor, on your hands and knees,” instructed Angie, putting the “cock” on and crawling on her knees, getting up behind Camille.

Camille looked over her shoulder, giving Angie a wicked, seductive smile, “Gonna make me your bitch?” she asked.

“Yeah, I want you to be my bitch, Camille,” said Angie, rubbing her sexy, small naked ass.

“Oh, God, I wanna be your bitch,” she whispered, “Fuck me with your big cock, Angie.”

Angie licked her lips and slowly guided the “cock” towards Camille’s used pussy, “Tell me you want me to fuck you, bitch,” she said.

“Fuck, I want you to fuck me, Angie,” said Camille, “I wanna be your bitch, only your bitch.”

Angie güvenilir bahis şirketleri didn’t say another word, one hard thrust and she buried her “cock” deep inside Camille’s cunt, causing her to yell out, “Oh, fuck!!!! Your cock’s huge, baby!! I’m your slut, fuck me, Angie!!!”

Angie began thrusting in and out, burying her “cock” so far inside Camille, she felt her begin to tremble. This only urged Angie on further. She dug her nails into Camille’s hips and began fucking the shit out of her, ramming her “cock” in and out, calling Camille her bitch, her slut, her property.

“You my fucking bitch, huh, Camille? You wanna be my slut?” hissed Angie, pumping her “cock” further into Camille’s slutty cunt.

“Oh, fuck!!!!” screamed Camille, “Fuck yes, I wanna be your slut, Angie!!! Only your slut, baby!!!”

“Good girl,” whispered Angie, pumping her “cock” faster, ramming Camille’s cunt harder, jamming the tip deep against her womb.

Suddenly, Angie stopped, quickly withdrawing her “cock” from her slut’s sopping wet pussy and driving it straight into her dry asshole.

“OH GODDAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!” screamed Camille, grabbing the leg of the coffee table, “OH FUCK, OH,GOD, ANGIE, POUND MY ASS, BABY!!!! POUND ME HARD!!!!”

Angie leaned forward, grabbing her bitch’s shoulders, pulling her up and backwards, forcing her “cock” in so far, she could no longer even see it. Angie’s tits pounded against each other with each thrust.

“Mmmm, that feel good, bitch? You like me pounding that ass for ya?” hissed Angie.


A wicked grin came across Angie’s face and she quickly withdrew her “cock” from her bitch’s asshole. She pushed her down, face first into the carpet and instructed her to lie on her back. Camille obeyed, completely lust driven, lying on her back, legs spread wide open.

Angie leaned down and dragged her tongue across her bitch’s ultra sensitive clit, teasing her momentarily.

Camille groaned and her body began to tremble again.

“Don’t you cum yet, bitch,” whispered Angie, crawling up to Camille’s face, quickly straddling her, planting her hairy pussy over Camille’s mouth.

“Suck me off,” said Angie, as she leaned forward, laying on top of her bitch and forcing her legs open, sucking her aching clit into her hungry mouth.

The two girls laid there, completely enthralled in an erotic 69 session, both lapping each other’s juices, fingering and sucking each other’s clits. Their groans filled the large house, as they both approached an explosive climax.

Angie couldn’t hold out any longer. Her stomach was tensing up and her pussy was wetter then it had ever been. Camille lapped up the juices as quickly as they slid from Angie’s twat, burying two fingers deep into her lover’s cunt, and Angie did the same.

Before long, both girls were panting, wiggling around and moaning each other’s names as the cream flowed and the smell of sex completely enveloped the room.

“OH, GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD” screamed Camille, wiggling uncontrollably beneath her lover’s naked body, releasing her sweet, thick cream into Angie’s mouth.

Wasn’t long before Angie followed suit, “OH FUCK!!!!!” she screamed, grinding down and shoving her twat into her bitch’s face, “OH FUCK, CAMILLE, OH, GOD, YOU SEXY HOT FUCKING BITCH!!!!!!!”

Both girls just laid there, for a moment, struggling to catch their breaths and finish swallowing each other’s cum. Angie spun around, still lying on top of Camille, giving her a long kiss, both swapping cum and engaging in another game of tug of war with their tongues.

“I meant what I said,” whispered Angie, “I want you to be my slut, full time.”

Camille kissed her again, fondling her lover’s tits and looked up into her eyes, “And I meant what I said too, baby, I wanna be your slut, full time.”

“I won’t share you, Camille,” whispered Angie, rubbing her bitch’s sweaty blonde hair.

“I don’t want anyone else, baby,” she whispered back.

Angie and Camille spent the next half hour, kissing and expressing their committment to each other. As night fell and the two girls drifted off to sleep, they both knew this was forever.

They went on to move into an apartment together, living happily as Angie being the “man” of the couple and Camille, being her bitch for life. To this day, neither woman has ever been with a man and neither woman has ever felt like she was suffocating. True love was found, true love was kept and true love is celebrated every night in their bedroom.

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