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My name is Luke Blackstone. I’m a tall, good-looking black man living in Los Angeles. I was once a cop in Boston but these days, I am in a very different line of work. I am a Porn Star. Not just any ordinary Star but a Porn Star’s idea of a Porn Star. An icon. I am the man. I am the champ. Hell, I make half a million a year doing what most men would do for free. It’s just my luck, I guess. Some people are engineers, I am an Adult Film Megastar. Life happens, folks, deal with it.

This is how my day went. I went to visit some of the freakiest women I know and we did all kinds of freaky things. Mary Huntington is one of my favorite freaks. This tall, somewhat chubby chick was something else. Alabaster-skinned, black-haired, blue-eyed and very sexy. This gal is one of the freakiest women I’ve ever met. We met a while ago on a Porno set. She played the part of a sexy but naïve college student who tutored a rather raunchy black male football player in Algebra. In the movie, I played the role of the seducer and she was the ingénue. It was a lot of fun. It’s always fun to shoot a Porn movie. Let no one tell you otherwise.

I smile whenever I remember that particular porn shoot. I bent Mary over a desk and spread those cute butt cheeks of hers before sliding my cock into her asshole. This was her first anal scene on camera and I wanted to make sure that she remembered me. I held her by those slim hips of hers and thrust into her. Mary did not scream when my ten-inch black dick penetrated her well-lubed yet still tight ass. That’s saying a lot about her. I’ve made a lot of women scream as I plowed into their assholes. Anal sex is what I’m famous for. I loved shoving my cock deep inside Mary’s asshole. Down where the sun didn’t shine. To top it off, I came all over her face and made her suck the cum out of my cock. That cock of mine which had ankara evi olan escortlar just been up her butt.

Today, Mary had a little surprise for me. She had invited her friend Molly Blake along. Molly is a chubby, flame-haired, green-eyed, big-bottomed gal I’ve seen at a few Porn industry functions. This woman had quite the resume. She did everything from Bondage to all-anal videos and even bisexual and transsexual-themed videos. Little is known about her past, although there are rumors that she was once a famous collegiate wrestler. I tried to picture Molly wearing tights on a wrestling mat. Not a pretty picture. No offense but some people simply shouldn’t wear tights. This large woman was one of them. I’ve never worked with her personally but she’s one of those BBW Porn Stars. Yeah, a lot of men out there like to watch large women in raunchy, sex-drenched situations and these kinds of videos have been selling like crazy. To each his own, I guess. Fat women need love too. I sat on Mary’s couch, and they told me what they had in mind. Some rather kinky action. They wanted to see what this macho stud was like, especially off-camera. I was totally down for it.

First, Molly stripped in front of me. Never let it be said that fat chicks can’t be hot. Molly looked hot. With her cute face, large breasts, thick legs, wide hips and big butt. I found her very appealing, especially when she knelt in front of me and took my ten-inch black super cock in her mouth. I thrust into her mouth, loving the feel of her warm tongue all over my dick. Man, this fat chick was a seriously great cock sucker. I shoved my cock down her throat, working it in and out of her wet, warm mouth. She got me real hard in no time. I looked at her cute, plump butt. I definitely wanted some of that. It occurs to me that I’ve never fucked a fat chick in the ankara olgun escortlar ass before. Time to find out what it was like.

Molly got on all fours. I looked at her plump yet somehow still sexy body. Everything about this woman was large. Her butt was quite large, and shaped like a heart. Her bulky body looked positively tempting. I spread those plump butt cheeks of hers and slid a finger into her asshole. I was surprised at how warm and tight her anus felt. I smiled, decided that I was going to have lots of fun with her. Without further ado, I put my cock against her back door and pushed. Never let it be said that anal penetration is always easy. Even with lube, Molly’s ass felt tight around my dick. It took me some time to get to the bottom of things. Oh, I also took my sweet time getting there. I’m sure most of you would.

I placed my hands on those wide hips of hers and thrust my cock into her ass. Mary sat down on the couch, watching me and Molly as we did our thing. I’ll say this about my first fat woman. She was definitely stoic. Yep, Molly was very stoic as I plowed my cock deep into her asshole. Not a scream from her, although there was the occasional gasp or grunt. I suppose that’s forgivable because who wouldn’t feel some initial discomfort with ten inches of black dick up your butt? Mary grinned as I continued to plow my cock into Molly’s asshole. The big woman had a tight asshole. I wouldn’t think this possible. Oh, well, got to make do with what you’ve got. I smacked that booty of hers and got a yelp out of her before burying my cock even deeper into her asshole.

I wanted to make this big woman scream loud enough to wake the dead as I slammed my cock in her asshole. I wanted to hear an ear-shattering scream as she totally surrendered to me. So, I gripped her hips even more tightly and shoved myself ankara sarışın escortlar into her ass, putting all of my strength behind it. I buried my cock into the forbidden depths of Molly’s asshole. So far up her ass that I thought I was going to exit through her mouth. I think this was a good move for I heard some major sounds coming out of Molly mere moments later. The ear-splitting scream which emerged from her mouth was loud enough to wake the dead and music to my ears. So intense was the sound that I came right then and there. Blasting Molly’s ass and filling her hole with my cum.

A little while later, I pulled out of Molly’s ass. The big woman lay on her back, legs spread. She was panting and sweating heavily. Her eyes were glazed over and staring at me blankly. I smiled. Yes, I was the man who just gave her the fucking of a lifetime. The man who stretched her asshole to new widths. Thanks to me, her anus was now a gaping asshole. Cum rushed out of her hole still a stream. Molly looked at me, and said nothing. I grinned. My work here was done. I had rendered her speechless through raw anal passion thanks to my ten inches of black man power. It has been known to tame many women. Mary smiled at me. She had gotten her rocks off watching me screwing her best friend. This woman was a pervert. Maybe worse than me. Hey, I’m not a bad person. I’m just really kinky.

I left Mary Huntington’s house, and headed back into the night. there was a lot to do in the city of Angels at night. I’m thinking of going to a bar to pick up women. I have lots of female admirers. If I had a dime for every woman who walked up to me in the street and declared herself a hardcore fan of mine, I’d be seriously rich. Anyway, you might wonder why I do the things I do. I can’t help it. I need to engage in hyper sexual and extreme behavior on a massive scale. It cannot be corrected but I have no other way to fulfill those twisted needs of mine. See you around, folks. I’ve got stuff to do. There are lots of women out there. Lots of pretty toys for me to play with. I’ll tell you about my adventures another time. That’s what’s up, holler!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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