Bear Ch. 02

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Thanks to Miss Lynn for editing this story and making it a much better read. I keep making changes after the editing. I take full responsibility for any errors. You might want to read chapter one if you haven’t already done so.


Ryan and his girlfriend were getting married and they’d invited me. I know that Sharon was a little leery of me but Ray told her I was all right. He was right because I would never hit on my buddies’ wife unless they came to me.

It was a nice wedding and I hung out with his uncle Ray from the bar. After that, I went out a few times with Ryan and Sharon but they were more family oriented than the women I dated. We stayed friends but never really hung together.

It was three months since I had seen Lil. I decided to make a trip back and thank my old man for paying his respects to my mom. I guess I wanted to take a gander at Lil again also. I arrived around four in the afternoon and Lil answered the door in a pair of sweats.

“What are you doing here? My God, Milton will be home soon. You must leave.”

“Bullshit Lil, I want to talk to the old man. When will he be here?”

“In about an hour. Why don’t you come back then?”

I pushed the door open. “Don’t worry Lil. I’ll tell him I pushed my way in; now take off those sweats and come over here and ride me.”

“We can’t, Bear. Milton will be here in an hour.”

“We better get started then,” I said as I pulled her sweats down. I undid my trousers and pulled out my cock.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” said Lil as she finished removing her sweats.

I rubbed her pussy for a few minutes and knew she was ready. She climbed up and lowered herself down on my shaft. “Oh God, it feels good,” said Lil as she rode my cock.

Her juices were flowing and we were going faster and faster. She was riding me like a fucking bronco. I couldn’t hold back as I shot a load up in her pussy. She screamed as she lowered herself and I could feel her orgasm by the pulsing of her pussy around my cock.

We sat there a few minutes and talked. She told me that Milton had believed her. She wondered why I didn’t say goodbye but I said that was the best way, no attachments. I told her I was kind of hoping to find her pregnant with my kid.

She laughed and said she was on the pill due to the occasional swinging. I asked her about kids and she said that Milton shot blanks. After the incident with me being born, he had a vasectomy. She didn’t want kids and was happy with her body.

We heard the garage door. “Oh my God, it’s Milton. What are we going to do?” asked Lil.

“Take your sweats and go change in the bathroom. I’ll handle Milton.”

She rushed into the bathroom and I stood up and zipped up my pants. I was at the refrigerator grabbing myself a beer when Milton came storming in.

“What the fuck are you doing here? Where’s Lilith? Who let you in?”

“Well hello to you old man. I came here to talk to you for a few minutes. Your wife went in the bathroom. I guess she didn’t want to be in the same room with me.”

“How did you get in here? I told her never to let you in.”

“Easy there Dad,” I said in a sarcastic voice. “I pushed my way in since she wasn’t going to let me in. Hell, I’ve only been here five minutes. I’ll be damned if I was going to sit on the porch like a dog.”

I took my beer and went over to sit on the couch. “What do you want Milton?” dad asked.

“Look, I was coming this way to order some cycle parts. I had to make sure that they were the right kind before they mailed them to me. I decided to stop by and thank you for what you did for mom.”

Right then Lil came back into the room. She told him that I pushed the door and came in. She was looking better now. The redness on her face was back to normal and she had her sweats back on.

“Milton, did you go see his mother? How come you never told me?” asked Lil to good old dad.

“I was in that town so I went and paid my respects. That’s all. I figured it would stop him from coming back here,” dad replied.

He turned to me before speaking. “Milton, we don’t want you here or in our lives. I paid my support to you and paid your medical bills. You’re not part of the family. You were a mistake and I paid for it.”

“Whoa, old man. I don’t want shit from you. I stopped by to say thanks and that’s it. You start crap with me and you will regret it. I won’t think twice about kicking your ass. The only reason I never have is out of respect of my mom. She’s not here anymore and I won’t take your fucking lip.”

“Please, just leave. We don’t want any trouble. Just go away, please Milton, just go and leave us alone,” said a scared man.

I stood up and dad backed away. “Well Dad, I guess this is goodbye. Don’t worry, I won’t be back to bother you. Lil, I wish I could have gotten to know you better but dad says no,” I said with a smirk.

I pulled Lil to me. “How about at least a hug good-bye from the step-son you never got to know.”

I put my arms around Lil. She looked over at dad wondering what she should do. Dad just casino oyna stood there and watched. I put my hands on Lil’s ass and squeezed. “Damn, nice ass, Mom.”

“Get your dirty hands off her and get out of my house before I call the police.”

I gave a final squeeze to Lil’s ass and said, “Sorry Lil, like father, like son.” I laughed and walked out the front door.

I could hear the arguing behind the door. “Why did you let him in?”

“I didn’t, he forced his way in,” said Lil.

“Why did you let him grab your ass like that?” asked the old man.

“Me, let him? You’re supposed to be my husband. Why didn’t you stop him? What could I have done? My God, he’s as big as a … as a bear,” said Lil.

I started my bike and laughed as I headed to a local diner and then home. For the record, I never saw my old man again but I did fuck Lil three more times in the next six months. We met halfway between our homes about a two-hour drive for each of us.

We met at a motel and spent the night together when she knew dad was going to be out of town. After that, I think it just became old. I had gotten my revenge and she realized she was taking too big of a risk with her future. I didn’t need to hide it if I wanted a fuck.

We had sex over and over our final time together. She wanted me to do the piss thing again with her because she said it was something she could never do with anyone else. I don’t know why since she lived a somewhat loose life.

We went into the lounge and filled up on beer. Damn that girl could orgasm. She let it all out. I had to call the maid up early to change the sheets since they got soaked. Lil was a bit embarrassed and waited till housekeeping left before coming back into the room.

I guess I will miss Lil in a way. I wished her the best. She’d be able to keep my bastard father happy if she fucked him the way she did me.

Life was pretty good. One day I got a call from Ryan and he asked me to go to a homecoming with him. Jessie, the guy that helped me in the bar fight six years ago, was getting out of the service. Ryan and I went to say our hellos.

The kid was now a man. I gave him one of my bear hugs and he said he was really glad to see me. The three of us talked over old times. His family treated me like one of them. I really felt comfortable around him. He had no problem introducing me to all his family and friends.

He introduced me to a good-looking red-haired woman named Chrissy. I think he had a crush on her but I don’t think he wanted to admit it. Jessie’s sister asked to speak with him. Apparently, the Chrissy gal left her boyfriend and they wanted Jessie to go retrieve her and her kids personal belongings.

Ryan said he thought we should go along to keep Jess out of trouble. We volunteered to go along the following day. This guy Kyle that Chrissy lived with was scum. He was a drug addict but I guess you know that if you read Jess’s story.

Kyle was going to give us a hard time till I pushed him through the door and told him we were going the get Chrissy’s belonging. He said something about calling the cops until I told him to go ahead and do it. I would be interested to know what he would tell them about the drugs he left out.

Ryan and Jessie both kidded me about taking Rose home. The gal that was at Kyle’s place when we arrived. She didn’t want anything more to do with him when she found out what a scum bag he was. I took her home on my bike while Jess and Ryan took the truck home. They asked if she was now my woman and I told them, “only for the one night.” We never made plans to get back together. I guess if I’m ever in her area, I might look her up.

They invited me to their place a number of times but I didn’t go often. They were my friends but they both had family around them. I guess in a sense I really missed that. All there ever was before was mom and I and now she was gone. Maybe I was just getting old but I felt I missed not having my own woman. I mean one who just wanted me for who I was. I guess if I looked in a mirror long enough I could see why. All my women were pretty much one night stands. I never let any get any closer.

I got a call from Jessie and he asked me if he and I could hang out one evening. I knew he was probably having woman trouble. I found out later that he was crazy about this Chrissy woman who lived at his house. He tried to deny it by going out and fucking some stranger. I figured he was making a mistake but who was I to judge others.

We were going to a few bars and took Jessie’s truck because he wasn’t into riding cycles; it made me laugh.

We ended up at a stripper bar where we started drinking and putting dollar bills into some g-strings. A couple of women were looking at us. I walked over to the table and asked them if they wanted company. Jess and I looked like night and day. He was a clean cut sort of guy and I was a biker.

These gals weren’t prostitutes. I always said I would spend a bundle on a woman and show her a good time but I would never pay for pussy. That’s exactly what we did. We drank and canlı casino even ordered snack foods at our table. We were getting pretty drunk when I asked the women if they wanted to get a room and party. They agreed and we drove across the street to the motel. I figured these gals liked variety and I guess Jess and I were about as different as could be.

We got a twelve pack of beer and a few wine coolers to take to our room. Good thing the motel was close. We entered the motel and one of the gals turned the TV on to a music station. Sally, the one I was with, said she could dance as good as the strippers and proceeded to prove it to us. Sheila, the woman with Jess, got up and started stripping along with Sally. It didn’t take long before both women were naked and dancing around.

The women were both probably in their late thirties. Neither had on a wedding ring but I did hear them talk about their ex-husbands. They told us that they were just out for a fun night on the town. I have to say they were nice looking women and were a lot of fun.

I looked over at Jess and saw Sheila started things by undoing Jess’s pants and sucking his cock. Sally was busy working on me. After our cocks got hard, we finished undressing and got into the beds. It wasn’t long before Sheila was riding Jess. He held onto her hips as she rode him like a mechanical horse. I was glad to see Jess having a good time.

After our first round, we all lay around and talked. We found out these women worked together and about once every couple of months, they went out to enjoy a night out on the town. Jess told them he’d just been discharged from the service and I mentioned that I fixed cycles.

After drinking a few more beers and resting, we changed partners. It took a lot longer to come the second time. Being drunk didn’t help.

We ended up spending the night with these two women. We woke up and all took turns taking showers. Jessie was up first and brought back coffee and bagels from the lobby. We said goodbye to the women but not before I got their phone numbers for future reference. I had a hell of a lot of numbers and I often wondered if any of them could have been the one? That one special woman who might have made a difference in my life.

I went on with my life. The cycle shop had all the business we could handle. A couple of months had gone by and I got a call from Jessie. He asked me to stop by on Sunday. He told me before I refused he wanted me to know he and Chrissy were getting married and they wanted to see me.

I had to wonder why they wanted to see me. When I arrived on my cycle both Jessie and Chrissy gave me a big hug, or I guess I gave one to them. Jess told me he wanted me to be in their wedding. I have to admit that it hit me hard. I really had no idea that is what they wanted.

I saw another woman standing with them. “Who might this little lady be?” I asked Chrissy.

“Bear, this is my friend Ellen that I work with,” said Chris.

“Nice to meet you Ellen,” I said.

“Bear, I told you we were getting married and I want you to be my best man,” said Jessie.

“Why Me, Jess? You’re kidding right? Damn, Jess, what do you want a dried up old biker in your wedding party for, anyway? Surely there is someone else that can do it?”

“There is but I want you there supporting me. So, what’s the answer?” he asked.

“Don’t you have to have a bridesmaid who would be willing to be with me?”

“She has one,” said Ellen, “if you don’t mind cleaning up a bit. I’m willing to stand up with you.”

I smiled at Ellen, she seemed like a pretty nice gal; then I looked at Chris. “Chris, I can’t wear one of those monkey suits.”

“Only Jess has to wear the monkey suit, I mean a tux. The rest of you just need a suit or sports coat,” she said. “The bridesmaids are all wearing nice dresses.”

I looked over at Ellen. “Are you sure about this? I sure ain’t the pick of the litter.”

“Bear, as long as you let me cut that hair and trim up that beard I think you’ll look quite stunning,” said Ellen. “Just so you know, many years ago I was a biker broad. I even have the hidden tattoos to prove it. I outgrew it and have two wonderful children and now I have three grandchildren. I’ve been married and divorced twice. I’m not a pushover and I’m not your lay for the night. So, are we partners in this wedding or not?”

I gave her a big hug. “I like you already,” I said. “Bring on the wedding.”

The wedding was getting near so I called Ellen and went to the Salon to get my hair cut and beard trimmed. Jess came along with me and Chris cut his hair. Ellen did a great job cutting my hair and trimming my beard. I couldn’t believe I put myself in her hands. The funny thing is we got along great together.

When I was finished, I looked like a different man. I gave Ellen a hundred dollar tip. She told me that it wasn’t necessary. I grinned and gave her a hug then told her I would see her at the wedding.

I had the sports jacket that I wore to my mom’s funeral. Thank God, it still fit. I wore a nice shirt but no tie. Don’t kaçak casino like anything around my neck, unless it’s a woman, haha. I saw Ellen and she looked great. She wasn’t what I was used to dating in women; at least she didn’t look that way. Being older and refined was probably it as she was three years older than I was.

She was taller and larger than Chris, Sharon or Susan, the other bridesmaids. We were a pretty good fit, I thought, as we walked down the aisle together. I was nervous, hell I don’t know why. I guess I didn’t want to screw up Jess and Chris’s wedding and I wanted Ellen to think well of me. Ellen was like my rock; she smiled and I knew we were doing okay in our little part of the ceremony.

At the reception, I felt a lot more at ease. Ellen asked me to dance. I told her I wasn’t that good and had two left feet. She didn’t care as we moved slowly together on the dance floor. Seeing Ellen smiling made me happy. Throughout the evening, I pretty much stayed with Ellen except when I danced with a few of the other women including Chris, the bride.

It was great at this reception, I felt that I fit in and that was something that I hardly ever felt. I was here with a beautiful woman and with real friends. I guess I felt accepted. Jess’s parent always treated me good and I truly respected them for it. I was getting warm and Ellen said to take off my sports jacket. I mentioned to her about all the tattoos and she said no one there cared.

After removing my jacket she began looking and studying them. I told her there was a story behind each one. After explaining a couple, I told her it was enough for tonight. I asked her about hers that she had mentioned when I first met her. She looked around and since no one was watching us, she pulled her dress down a little exposing part of her left breast. On it was two small dolphins. She told me we would have to be a little more intimate before seeing the others.

I laughed and told her I was game; she smiled and struck me in the arm. I didn’t want this night to end. I took Ellen home and she gave me a light kiss before going in her apartment. She meant it when she told me she wouldn’t be my lay for the night. I actually respected her for it.

The next day I was straightening up the trailer and I kept thinking of Ellen. I tried calling her but there was no answer. On Monday, I called over to the Salon. I asked her out for dinner, “Ellen, everyone’s gotta eat.”

I heard her laugh and then accept. We had a nice dinner and spent more time talking. We ate out twice the first week and three times the following. I asked her if she wanted to go out the next weekend but she told me she spent most of them with her kids and grandkids.

I told her I could understand wanting to be with family since I really didn’t have family. If I did, I would want to see them regularly too. Ellen was the first woman I had ever talked to about my personal life. She smiled at me; I don’t know if she could see that sadness of being alone in my eyes.

“Bear, why don’t you come over Saturday and you can meet my family.”

“I don’t want to intrude on your time with your family.”

“Hog wash; they have been asking about you and wanting to meet you anyway. Saturday will be as good a time as any.”

“You told your kids about me? God, Ellen, what did you tell them?”

“The truth! That you’re a good man and that you own a cycle business. Yes, they know that you were once a biker. They don’t know you did time though. I’ll tell them most everything but I want them to meet you before I spring anymore on them.”

I agreed to go to her place. I got there a little early and asked her if she needed any help. “Do you know how to peel and cut up potatoes?” she asked.

“No problem,” I said as I took a knife and whittled away at the potatoes. After finishing, I looked around at her apartment.

I told her what a nice place she had. She told me thank you but it wasn’t quite big enough. It had two bedrooms; one was hers and the other for the grandkids when they stayed overnight. She wished it were bigger so the kids would have more room to play. Being an apartment there wasn’t much room for them.

Ellen had two daughters, Tracy and Marie. They were both married; Tracy had two kids, a boy age four and a one-year-old daughter. Marie’s one son was three. I saw pictures of her family hanging on the wall and on the end tables. She was very lucky to have such a beautiful family.

Ellen had told me she got pregnant at an early age. She and her biker boyfriend at the time decided to get married. It put a pretty good damper on their traveling life but he kept going away while she stayed home and took care of their baby. A year later, she had a second daughter. She gave her old man an ultimatum. He chose the road. About six months later, he died in a fight.

She went back to school for cosmetology and got her certificate. Her mother helped her raise her daughters. She turned her life around. Quite a few years later, she met and eventually married a salesman. Kind of reminded me of what my mom did. After about seven years, she found out that he was cheating on her and she threw his ass out. She has just dated since but hadn’t gotten into any relationships. She works and spends a lot of time with family now.

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