Bathtime for Sean

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Imagine a tub full of warm, fragrant, soapy water with you sitting in front of me so that you can feel my warm slick breasts pressed against your back as they slide slowly across your wet skin. Your eyes slowly drift shut as my hands gently caress your stomach and chest. I hum softly into your ear as you feel damp tendrils of my hair tickle your shoulder. The steam from our bath slowly rises and mixes with the air. I pinch your nipples with my fingernails and your eyes pop open just as I start sliding my thighs alongside yours and you see the water in the tub sloshing from side to side.

I lick your cheek.

You tremble.

I slowly push you forward and stand up to allow the water droplets to fall from my nipples into your hair. You lean back to press your head against my kitten and I wrap my hands around your mouth and throat.

You moan and I feel it.

I slide back behind you and resume my previous position. I slowly reach around and scrape your inner thighs with my fingernails. illegal bahis I can feel your muscles twitch beneath them.

I know what you want but the anticipation is what you need.

I lick your ear and whisper gently “Did you enjoy your bath?”

With teeth clenched, you open eyes that you weren’t aware that you had closed and you watch as I stand up, get out of the tub and leave the room. With a smirk on my face and knowing that you are watching my wet ass leave droplets in its wake, I hear water splashing, mumbling and groaning under your breath behind me.

You approach me but only to the point where I can feel your body heat but yet you do not touch me. You know and remember your boundaries.

I point and you obey. I know what you need. I know the day that you had because I could see it on your face when you came home. I tell you that tonight you will not kneel. You are mine but tonight I will service you.

I direct you to lay on the bed with no care for the sheets and your illegal bahis siteleri cock stands strong and proud. Even he waits for his mistress.

I slide my fingernails up and down the outside of your thighs until you relax and once I see that your eyes have closed, I suck every last inch of you as far into my mouth as possible. You inhale so quickly that you almost choke but you know that this is a choke free zone so you get it together. I love the feeling of you in my throat and it always makes me moan. Up-and-down and up-and-down and on every down stroke I swallow just so that you can feel the squeeze.

You’re starting to sweat.

You haven’t asked for permission and your hands are in my hair but I will allow it for now.

I know what you need. I squeeze 2 fingers in and out of my pussy until they are coated in cream and them rub it onto your nipple. You would know that aroma anywhere and beg me to suck them but I think it’s time for you to come. There’s sweat on your brow and canlı bahis siteleri your chest is heaving. You need a nap.

While you are deep in my throat and you can feel me massaging every inch, my tongue sneaks out and rolls around your balls. First one and then the other, back and forth. I know that you love this. You beg me, “Not yet Mistress.” But I know that you love and need this so you’re pleas go unanswered.

I slide you out of my mouth with a wet pop and demand that you look at me. With one hand I gently hold both of your balls and cradle them while I lock eyes with you and slide you all the way down into my throat along with them as well.

You’ve never seen this.

You’ve never felt anything like this.

And you explode.

I can feel you hot and wet down my throat. Your hands push my face into your groin. Your scream echoes through the room and the house. Shot after shot you unload into my belly until you are wasted.

At last I release you and lick my lips as I catch my breath. You drop back to the sheets like a wet mop and off to dreamland you go.

I go to the bathroom to make a warm, damp washrag to sponge you down. You don’t even notice. I turn down the lights and leave the room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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