Backyard Barbecue

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Big Dicks

Let me tell you about an incredibly sexy party we had. It’s unbelievable, but true. I didn’t think these things really happened to you, but they do. We had moved to this city, when Mike my husband was transferred. After about two years they laid him off. It was hard losing our friends from where we came from, and then, when we’d just made new friends here, he lost his job. Mike was very depressed as he went on several interviews that did not pan out. This was a sad time for our sex life, it went down to nothing, from being very satisfying. While he was away on one of his trips I confided in Mary about our troubles and our poor sex life, she had become one of my closest friends during the past two years. It was at this time Mike called me and told me the latest job interview looked very good and he thought they were going to make him an offer, which meant we had to move again. I was in tears and wept on Mary’s shoulder for comfort. Mary suggested a going away party would be just the thing to cheer both Mike and I up.

I said, “We can not afford to throw a party.”

Mary looked at me then winked, “Let me take care of everything!” We planned to have the party at our house on the weekend when Mike returned from his trip that only gave us three days to invite the other couples and prepare for the party, there would be four couples plus Mike and I.

Mike is a handsome man in his late thirties with brown hair and eyes. I have the same hair color and what most men have told me to be a very attractive figure. I wear a C-cup and measure 36-25-37. I like to dress to show off my hour-glass figure, so it’s mostly low cut tops, short skirts and tight jeans.

Mike called just before his flight and told me that they did made him an offer and it looked very good, but he did not give them an answer yet, he wanted to discuss it with me and he would give me the details when he got home. He gave the flight info and told me he would take a taxi home so I would not have to fight the traffic. I was very exited with the news and called Mary to let her know that the party was on for Saturday, then I made my own plans for when Mike walked in.

Mike’s flight arrived mid-after noon and the cab ride would not take long, he called to let me know he was on the way. I quickly jumped into the shower to freshen up before he got home. I did not have much time but the water felt so good I just could not help but to touch myself. First rubbing and pinching my nipples making them hard, then slowly moving a hand down to my shaven pussy. Between the water and my own juices my fingers slipped in with ease, slowly stroking them in and out until I could not take it anymore, it was then I quickened my pace. Trusting harder and faster while pinching my nipples in turn harder also, I was on the edge of coming, but then I forced myself to stop, I had better plans. After rinsing off and turning the water off I stepped out and quickly dried off and then wrapped the towel around casino siteleri my naked body. Checking the clock I could see that Mike should be walking through the door any minute, I waited in the hall by the front door so I could watch through the side window.

Only minutes passed but it seemed like hours, then I saw the cab pull up and Mike got out, paid the driver and headed for the door. As he stepped up on the porch I opened the door stood behind it just out of sight.

Mike said, “Wow, what service!”

As I closed the door he turned to see me in just the towel, I stepped close to him and locked lips snaking my tongue into his mouth. It caught him by surprise causing him to drop his bags and briefcase. That was when I stepped back and dropped the towel to the floor, he was speechless, so I had the effect I wanted. I did not give him time to recover; instead I dropped to my knees onto the towel and undid his pants freeing his cock into my hands. It did not take but a few seconds and he was fully hard, I gripped his balls as I stuffed his cock down my throat sucking him hard and fast. He knows I love to suck cock and eat his come, and I was going to get him to blast off quickly. Within minutes Mike was moaning, I knew he was close, which was when I slipped my hand under and stroked his asshole, causing him to lose control. With a loud gasp and grunt Mike shot his load deep into my throat, several spurts shot from his cock, so much so that almost could not take it all, after all he had been gone for three days. I pulled away letting the last few drops to land on my tits as I milked his cock. Just before I released his cock I licked it clean then cupping my tits I licked the come from them.

Looking up into his eyes I said, “Welcome home honey!”

The next day the party got off to a good start until the rain came, and come it did, so quickly we were all caught out in a sudden down pour of which put a damper on the barbecue! Everyone got completely soaked as we ran for the house. Mike grabbed some towels from the linen closet and some tee shirts from the laundry room for the guys, while the girls and I headed to our bedroom to dry off and find clothes to change into.

Since we are all within a size or two of each other we had no problems finding something to wear. All of us stripped our clothes off and began patting ourselves dry, I could not help but admire the other girl’s bodies, and they must have noticed. They all looked at each other and began to grin, and then Mary was the first to walk toward me and using her towel she began to pat me dry, that was when the others joined in. They circled me and began to rub their hands all over my body; I had never felt anything like it before in my life. It seemed as if ever nerve in my body was on fire. I closed my eyes as I drifted off into a world I have never been to, and loved it, that was when I felt lips pressing to mine. Without thinking I returned the kiss with more passion, canlı casino driving my tongue deep into her parting lips. As we pulled away I saw it was Mary, and could feel the instant connection between us and all the girls.

Sara broke the silence, “What do you say we have some fun with the guys?”

Sara was holding up a leather miniskirt and pullover top with a low neckline. As I said, my clothes tend to be pretty sexy. As she slipped them on all eyes went to her bosom. The top was two sizes too small and her 40-inch boobs were jumping out of it. As she wasn’t wearing a bra either, her nipples were standing straight out. That gave us all the idea to choose the sexiest things we could find. None of us had on any underwear, since I don’t wear any, my selection was non-existent. So there we all were, boobs on view, nipples poking out. My friend Kathy chose a short white linen skirt, through which you could see her dark patch of fur just above her pussy lips.

We joined the men in the living room. When Sara and Kathy walked in, all eyes went to Sara’s big tits and Kathy’s visible cunt hairs. It was easy to see the guys were minus underwear as well, because they all started getting huge bulges in their pants immediately.

John, Sara’s husband, said, “Damn, why did you bother putting anything on gorgeous? Half of you is sticking out anyway.”

Sara looked around the room and, knowing all eyes were on her, she said, “Well, if you insist,” and pulled her top over her head. She looked at her husband and said, “Is this better then, dear?”

He looked a bit taken aback, but then when all of the guys started to applaud and us girls too, he relaxed and laughed along.

Then someone, Mike I think, said, “Now, let’s see a little dance.”

I quickly put on some music and Sara started to sway back and forth, shaking and fondling her tits as she moved. The men were having a hard time of it, especially below the waist! Sara bent forward and everyone could see her ass and lightly-furred slit. She pushed her behind towards her husband and he kissed it. Then she moved towards Mike, wobbled her big tits at him and thrust her pussy right in his face. Her skirt was fastened with a zipper and Mike reached up, tugged it down and helped Sara take it off. Her back was turned to him and as he helped her with the skirt, he licked from the small of her back downwards, and when Sara leaned right over, touching her toes, Mike really had no option but to bury his face in her welcoming puss. Sara must have been really exited because the moment Mike’s hungry tongue vanished into her folds, she was moaning very hard and on the brink of climaxing right there in front of us.

While Mike was licking Sara’s puss, all the other men had finally released their straining erections, all hoping they would be next. There was no need to wait, not with all the wet slits in the room. It was wetter between the woman’s legs then it was outside! George stepped kaçak casino in front of Sara and brought his knob to her lips. Without a thought, Sara began sucking on his purple bulb and that was the signal for all of us girls to go into action. I just grabbed the nearest erection (it was Pete’s) and ran my tongue all over it. A hand went between my legs, a finger slid inside, a tongue flicked over my clit. But something felt quite different, an abundance of hair on my thighs. I looked down and saw it was Mary who was eating me out. I went into overdrive on Pete’s cock and had him ready to blast. Using my special asshole tickle technique sent him over the top filling my mouth and throat full of hot come. I looked up into his eyes and gulped it all down before sucking him back in to get every drop.

As Pete stepped away I spun around on Mary’s face and buried my face into her pussy, the shock caused her to trust her tongue deep into my hot hole. I felt hands on my ass, looking over my shoulder I saw Sid, Mary’s husband on his knee’s, I felt Mary pull her head away so Sid could slide into my dripping pussy as Mary rubbed my clit. He did not stay in long, I felt him pull out and placing his hands on my ass cheeks he spread them and lined his cock up to my asshole. I had not had a good ass fuck for so long; I got weak kneed with just the thought. Mary helped guide Sid’s cock to my ass, then he pushes just hard enough for the head to pop in, but I wanted it all and thrust my hips back to take him deeper. Sid knew at that point I liked it hard and started trusting faster and deep, Mary went back to sucking my pussy and I hers, and I slide a finger deep into her ass as well. It did not take us long till we had a good rhythm going, soon after that we were all coming wildly.

Well the barbecue might have been a washout but everyone agreed the party was a smashing success. It certainly did a lot to improve Mike’s mood as he was the only guy there to screw every woman-something of a boost to his ego! Perhaps the mood was such because Mike and I knew we’d be leaving soon, but there seemed to be no inhibitions about anything. If you’d told me in the morning that I’d have made love to virtually all my husband’s friends, plus one or two of their wives, I’d have said you were out of your mind. Like I said before, I just didn’t believe these things happened.

The following week Mike had decided to call and take the new job, as he was reaching for the phone it rang causing us both to jump. Mike was on the phone for several minutes, he did not say much just listened.

Just before he hung up he said, “Thank you, thank you very much!”

When he turned I saw the look of shock on his face as he walked toward me, he took my hand and sat me down on the couch.

He said, “That’s was my old company, they want me back, with a raise! We don’t have to move now!”

I jumped up and hugged and kissed him, then I thought of Mary, how could we face our friends again, I decided to call her to find out her reaction. We chatted for a few minutes before I told her, she was ecstatic.

Mary said in a sexy voice, “Well, I guess we need to have a welcome back party now!”

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