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You’ve got entirely too wide a smile on your face Saturday morning. And you’re up to something. I know this because you’re just lying in bed, propped up on an elbow as you watch me come awake.

“What?” I manage to mutter, still half-groggy from sleep.

You just giggle. “Shower and eat, I’ll tell you on the road.”

I shower, alone, and eat breakfast with you. You giggle a lot, and talk little.

By the time we get into the car, and I settle down into the passenger seat the curiosity is getting to me, and fortunately, you seem eager to talk.

“Okay, so what’re we driving to?”

“You know Rebeka?”

“Yeah, artist chick, no hair, scalp tattoos? Thinks you’re cool and I’m the walking avatar of The Man?”

You laugh out loud. “She doesn’t think you’re the Man, she just thinks you’re a little sheltered.”

I get a thought. “You realize, there is utterly no way I would consider that woman sexually appealing.”

You laugh again. “We’re not having sex with her. Or anyone else today, for that matter.”

I ponder. “Er…why the grinning then?”


It’s my turn to laugh. “Well, what?”

“Well, she wants to do a photo shoot about bisexuality.”

“Er…okay, square that with no sex?”

“Well…no _sex_ exactly…”


“Well, it’s probably going to be fairly sensual, from how she described it to me. Some of it might be sexy. But no sex.”

“Er…so, sensual…that means…”

You nod and talk a little more hesitantly. “Well, there is going to be another two people there…but I won’t touch the man, and you won’t touch the woman. You can say no if you want, now…”

I think about it. I think hard about it, noticing that you’ve got that look of concentration on your face. I try hard to think of Rebekka’s style of photography, and fail. I look at casino oyna you again. “Okay. But I can back out later, right?”

“You can…and so can I, remember that.”

I hadn’t expected Rebekkah’s greeting to be a whoop of “Fuck yes! She brought the Man!”

I shoot you a look. “See.” I grin, and you swat me lightly.

Rebekkah is a tattooed whirlwind, ushering us in. “Off with the clothes! Now, off…clothes go. The other models are naked, and you’re not going to be otherwise.”

I see you blush a little and we comply. I reach out and slide a fingertip across your nipple, and you eep, and flush, and grab my hand for a second…before letting me caress, slowly, for a second before I pull my hand away.

We move into the studio, close enough that our arms just barely brush together as we walk, all eyes on us. I glance over at you and wonder if I’m blushing too. The other two models are just lounging around, finishing coffee.

Bethany I know vaguely and there is a momentary flash of recognition in her eyes. She waves her fingers at us. She’s sitting almost primly, snow white relaxing with legs crossed, a coffee mug gently clasped in long, pale fingers. She brushes back her hair, and dark eyes trail across us…

The man I think is named Art, and my memory keeps saying he’s a member of the campus nudist alliance. Eyes move. Yep, no tan lines.

Rebekkah’s eyes move between all of us. “Geezus…we doing the peep show bit here?” She cackles in her way. “I’d love to sit around and see if you four actually at some point work up the nerve to MOVE but time’s wasting.” I suppose we’d all been staring for longer than I’d thought.

“Okay, I want the four person shots first— you two—lovebirds. Yeah, the blushing ones. Get over on the mat.” She points at us and makes shooing gestures toward the backdrop in front of the camera. canlı casino I hear you giggle and look over at you as you take my hand, and we walk forward.

“Right here?” you ask.

“That’ll do.” She fiddles with her equipment for a moment, and also adjusts the camera. “Okay, pose.” She grins, showing too many teeth.

“Ummm…” I ask after a pause. “Pose how?”

She sighs then smiles again. “Look, we’re aiming for at least partially natural here. You’re about six inches away from the woman you love the most in all the world. There’s nothing between you but air and adoration. Just do whatever pops into your head that doesn’t leave a mess.” She ducks back behind the camera.

Our eyes meet again, and I see your smile. With only the smallest hesitation, I slide my arms around your waist, cradling your back even as your arms reach to wrap around me, your fingers pressing into my buttocks. Your lips brush over mine for a moment. I nip them softly with my own, tugging for a moment before your mouth presses hard, tongue sliding into my mouth, and I stop noticing the clicks of the camera.

“Okay, okay…that’s good. Good enough for that part. You two, cuddle around them…”

I pay little attention to the words, lost in the softest of stroking from your tongue, until I notice Bethany’s face over your shoulder, feel her hands slide between us to cup over your breasts. You jump a little, then your tongue grows almost wantonly insistent in my mouth as I feel her fingers kneading you. My eyes are open, watching hers close as her lips kiss oh, so delicately along the side of your neck. Your eyelids open, meet mine for a moment before looking over my shoulder and widening. I feel smooth hands on my waist a second later, and the press of a warm body behind me a moment after that. He moves close, skin tight on skin, and I stammer the kiss for a kaçak casino second as I feel what must be his cock, flaccid, pressed against my left buttock.

A tongue brushes my earlobe a second later, and I can hear you whimper softly, even as you look above my shoulder to where his mouth has taken my earlobe inside to stroke. “Alright…got enough of that…you two in the middle lean back…outside team, support ’em—no falling over or I get pissed after I stop laughing.” My eyes meet yours again as we slowly break our kiss. My hands slide to your shoulders as yours do to mine, and our grasp slides to our wrists as we lean back, holding tight, even though I feel hands under my back supporting me, and presume Bethany does the same for you. The angle pushes our hips together, and I can feel the heat radiating from you. “Okay, good. Good. Now I want a kiss in that position—don’t have to use tongue, but act like you mean it for fuck’s sake and mine.” Bethany is faster than Art, and I see your mouth open softly, eagerly accepting her descending lips before his face blocks my view. He grins for a half second before his mouth covers mine and I taste mint and espresso on his tongue as it boldly parts my lips.

The contrast is strange…lips harder, skin rougher…I mull this for a long moment, forgetting to move, feeling the penetration of my mouth, the smooth rhythmic clenching of your fingers on my wrists, and the slight motions of your hips. A slight mental dam breaks, and I respond, my tongue finally actively touching his and playing with it. He kisses greedily and I enjoy, even as I hear a soft, muffled moan that I know is yours, and feel soft sticky wetness just where our thighs meet.

“Whew, that’s good. Now stand up, okay. No spinal injuries, my insurance won’t handle it.” Hands lift us as bodies move away, and I am face-to-flushing-face with you again. I kiss you quickly, softly and you blush more, arms hugging me tight. “Take five, I’m going to change rolls and we’ll get the couples scenes done. Stretch, and there’s coffee in the kitchen.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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