Are These Things Planned Somehow? Ch. 04

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Are these things planned somehow? Ch.4

Having been inspired by some other stories I’ve read, this is my take on those.

Once again, my appreciation to OntarioBob for his input, the fact he gets some ‘stirrings’, at his age, whilst reading these is a boost in itself.

Please leave constructive feedback, it’s always helpful for the next chapter and thank you for sparing the time to read this.

The transformation of Aunt Val!

Life had taken on a whole new meaning for me. My relationship, with mum and Sarah, taking us along a path, with few limits, the sex full of variety, my inner kinks allowed to blossom. Sure, we were having to dodge around dad, but, it seemed, he was happier because mum was. I had learned, that making mum and sis happy, made me more confident somehow, just one of the advantages of a good, rewarding sex life I suppose. My work improved, I got a promotion with the use of a company car, people took more notice of me, so it seemed anyway. Life was, slightly more complicated perhaps, but more exciting, invigorating, new doors opening daily. One particular day, mum asked me to help out with Aunt Val. Her life, complicated by a messy separation, needing some ego boosting, support from us as a family, here’s what happened…


The immediate effect, of the first warm, sunny, early spring day, was akin to something in the movies. Everyone, everything, seemingly, held in suspended animation, until, with a flick of a wrist, the spell is released. Suddenly, it’s a world full of technicolour, everyone laughing, the public parks, strewn, with half-naked bodies, lapping up the rays. Women, in particular, strolling around, in skimpy, figure hugging, light thin dresses, tight shorts coupled with crop tops, mid-drifts showing. Cafés, taking full advantage, dragging their tables outside. For most, life is fun again, there’s everything to look forward to, good endorphins flow around their body, the human race at its best.

Although, somewhat sceptical myself, Aunt Val seemed to want to embrace this new lust for life, a fresh start for her she was calling it. This morning, following my mother’s instruction, I’d been dragged out, early, drive Aunt Val into town, she had shopping to do. With a small glint in her eye, she had emphasised the word ‘shopping’. Now shopping, for some women, is not for provisions, shopping is, I was made completely aware of driving in the car, was in point of fact, trawling the various boutiques, chain stores, trying on, rejecting, boatloads of clothes, experimenting, with newly-concocted scents, discovering, whether the diet, administered over the cold winter months, had succeeded, or not, so that they, might burst out, into the world, like a newly-formed butterfly. Hmm really, I had my doubts, but none the less, as per mum’s instructions, I did my best, drove Aunt Val to the shopping arcade, parked in the large open carpark near the cafes and bistros.

That is why, with a small degree trepidation on my part, we’d made a generous estimate, four maybe five hours, before meeting up again, so I could, if she had finished, drive her home, or off to some other ‘shopping’ venue. I didn’t mind, I had some work to do, so a coffee, with my laptop, seated at one of those outside tables at the café of my choice, was no big deal, a delight in fact, peace and quiet, quality time soaking up the ambiance.

I wasn’t immune to spring being sprung either though. I was well aware, with such a parade of feminine wares, constantly to-ing and fro-ing in front of me, I was totally distracted, in the end, after several hours of visual torture, not really succeeding in much, simply closed my laptop, ordered another coffee, settled in to watch the free show. What a show it was too, asses wiggled, bosoms, all shapes, sizes, some braless, some with erect nipples, undulated, titivated my senses, as well as all the other men sitting around me. Hips swayed, legs were exposed, whole expanses of flesh, displayed, I was, in that moment, in love, with the entire female population of this town.

I carefully eyed all this candy, hours whizzed by, even this pair, mature, cougars or MILF’s to some, loaded down with various fashion bags, curling effortlessly towards my table. I thought, maybe, I recognized both of them, one for definite. She was a pal of my mums from work, I was sure of it. I hadn’t seen her in a while, at first glance, I didn’t recognize her, so casually dressed, looking a million dollars. Her friend though, certainly attracted my attention, in a creamy, light dress, low-cut, a figure-hugging top, splaying out around the bottom, emphasising the succulent motion of her hips, more accentuated by sexy, fuck me, killer heels. Her hair, blond highlights set in it, fell lusciously, in curled waves, down across the spaghetti straps, over her bare shoulders. She was smiling, then laughing in agreement, something her friend had said, her eyes twinkling, barely throwing a glance in my direction, both of them, undulated past an casino siteleri old guy, sitting there, his mouth wide open, the cup, halfway to his lips, frozen by their beauty. Phew, what a sexy sight for sore eyes, my groin tingled at my thoughts, both of them in a threesome, yum.

Their subtle fragrances, wafted on the warm air, lingered pleasantly in my nostrils, making me think of sophisticated French women. I sensed they’d stopped, behind me, giggling quietly, some joke or other. Scraps of their whispering, came to me…

“He did, really, touched me, right there, made it look an accident!”

“I told you, didn’t I, so nice to be appreciated again though, after all these years!”

Clicking footsteps came around my right, mum’s friend, suddenly in view, she had turned back, was standing in front of me grinning widely. A long-haired redhead, curvy, very similar to Christina Hendricks in body shape and stature, the vee neckline, of her figure hugging burgundy coloured dress, drawing the eye to the prominence of her ample boobs.

“Hi, we just passed by, I thought I recognized you. Alex, isn’t it? I’m Clare, I work with your mum, haven’t seen you, in what, three years, I think? My my, you’ve grown up fast, so handsome too.”

I blushed, “Hello and thanks, of course. I’m so sorry,” I scrambled, stood up. “I thought it was you, but, you know, the casual clothing, very… different.” I felt silly, why didn’t I say sexy, or wonderful, or something more flattering.

“Oh, right, of course, different clothes, different persona, my out of office look.” She smiled, glanced up, winked across to her friend.

I gathered myself, tried to show some maturity, confidence, “Err, would you like a coffee? Mum’s not in town, I’m with my Aunt, she might be back any time now. Maybe…” I shut off mid-sentence, clearly babbling. I felt out of my league suddenly. This sexy, clearly vibrant, older woman, looked me up and down, like I was her next meal, tall, devouring me with her eyes, a posture, only wearing stiletto heels gives a woman, dressed to impress all that wanted to view. Suddenly my new found confidence left me, she was Cleopatra, high priestess, and me, a little asp. I might get a nibble, a tiny one, but I’d die in the process of trying to please her, a thought, not wholly unsatisfactory as it goes.

“Well, that’s a kind gesture, from such a charming young man, normally I’d accept, but I’m in a bit of a rush, I think my friend here might like to keep you company though.” She gestured, begging her friend over. She came around, from behind me, stretched out her hand, her perfume now prominent and definitely very French.

“Hello there. Alex, isn’t it?”

I clasped her smooth hand, freshly manicured, colourful nails tipped each finger.

“Yes, I…” I stopped, mid-sentence, she was beaming, the sun behind her, like a halo. Her cheeks, like newly reddening apples, either side of her broad smile, her perfect white teeth, whiter for their red frame of lipstick, her neck, all the longer for the enticingly scooped neckline. A dazzling silver pendant, lying in a generous valley between her breasts, all the more entrancing for the amount of flesh on show.

“I… I… wow.” I stammered, I couldn’t believe it, had to squint against the sun’s rays, to double check.

Clare’s soft sultry voice, interrupted my thoughts, “Well, I’ll leave you two to it then, shall I? See you soon.” Clare leant over, the two of them exchanged kisses, on each cheek. “Remember what I said Val, it’s been lovely to catch up again, you too Alex, don’t be a stranger now, bye.”

With that said, she grinned at both of us, Aunt Val giggling, Clare mimicked a call on the phone, with her fingers, she sauntered, sashayed sexily away into the crowd, the image of elegance.

“You can let go now, Alex, let some blood back into my hand.” She smiled. “If you want to, that is?”

“I don’t, I don’t…” I sighed, heavily, words failing me again.

Many hours ago, my spectacled Aunt waved me goodbye, strolled off in plain jeans, blouse, comfy shoes, a large handbag slung over her shoulder. Her long, straight brown hair, pulled back into a tight bun. She disappeared into the crowd, vanished immediately, her slightly nondescript frame blending seamlessly into the hustle and bustle of people on various missions of their own, sales to browse, haircut appointments to meet. Now, out of that same crowd, appeared this, this vision, this goddess, pure class, elegant, just like Clare in fact. I still held her hand, I was in awe.

Feeling like one of those ventriloquist’s dummies, wide-eyed, a vague stupid look on my face, my mouth opening and closing, nothing actually coming out, Aunt Val put down her bags, reached out with her free hand, placed one finger under my chin, pushed up, closing my mouth.

“Get me a coffee, please, then we can talk.” Her voice, seemed different, low, sultry, sexy even.

I did what she asked, quickly, returning, sitting opposite her, the table between canlı casino us. I hadn’t taken my eyes off her, even when ordering the coffee, I was a deer in headlights, trying to take it all in, so much had changed.

“You don’t have to look, well, so stunned or is it shock, it is still me.” She smiled.

“How can I not look stunned? I mean, you’re…” I was searching for the right word, “stunning!”

She blushed, looked around the other tables. “Well, thank you for that, I’m flattered, truly I am, it’s been a voyage of discovery for me today I can tell you, I’m not sure I’ll get used to it, I’ve really missed doing this sort of thing though, Clare has been amazingly supportive.”

“What’s with the?” I made circles around my eyes, highlighting my question.

“Ah yes, contact lenses. I thought, actually Clare thought, let’s give them a shot, they’re very comfortable really and it’s a free trial, for a week. I’m sorry I didn’t try them earlier, but then, you know…”

I did know, a little, from what mum had told me recently. How my uncle had been an unsupportive husband, focused on everything else, except his wife, this vision now before me. She hadn’t made an effort before, because he didn’t either. Their lives, drifted apart, resentment, arguments, gestures, anger… the whole package, leading to a messy separation in the end.

During the winter, mum had told me, Aunt Val had been feeling numb. Christmas had come and gone, playing happy families caused more anxiety, sometime during the New Year holidays, the midst of an extremely cold winter, she met my uncle head-on, tore him apart bit by bit, he deserved it, they parted, Aunt Val now seemed better for the freedom, moving on, no more simply surviving.

“I’ve got to say it, you’re gorgeous, wow Aunt Val, you look amazing.” My eyes, roamed her body.

“I’m still your aunt.” She said, dipping her head, in an effort to make contact with my wandering eyes, which, had been, focused on her significant cleavage, then finally latching onto her face. She smiled, happy eyes, I found it my turn to blush, my mouth open again.

“I take it you approve? With bits of me at least!” She said, with a laugh, thank heavens she saw the funny side.

“I do indeed approve! Not that you need my permission, I’m happy you’re happy.” My groin certainly seemed overjoyed, it also tingled appreciatively, but then it had been tingling with all the visions of the day.

“Mm, yeah, that’s what Phil told me.”

“Phil?” I enquired.

“He’s a doctor, well consultant, over at the Health Centre, where I work part time as a receptionist, deals with emergencies and stuff, it’s not all pregnant women, flu jabs and hay fever there you know. Anyway, he said, my being happy would rub off, on those around me. I can see he was right, you’re happier with me.”

I smiled, warmly, “So, err, this Doctor, he’s an adviser of some kind?”

“Ha ha. Yeah, I guess he is, in some context. A bit younger, a lot more hair than your uncle though, and, well, being honest, dishy with it too, most of the girls and especially the nurses there think so.”

“Oh, I see, so you two might be an item then?” I tried to sound upbeat, already envying him.

“Hmm.” She paused. “Purely professional, at the moment, but maybe, if I play my cards right, use my new looks, play my cards right!”

I couldn’t believe it, she puckered her lips, jiggled her front side to side, her tits wobbling enticingly, only just stayed inside her dress, I followed them, turned crimson at being caught looking, she laughed out loud.

“Sorry Alex, I’m a bit out of practice, you know, with the whole seduction thing, need to practice my techniques!” she blushed again, looked away embarrassed.

“Umm, believe me Aunt Val, you’ve got nothing to learn, you have all the right attributes now, I watched most of the men, sat here in this cafe, eye you all the way here, they certainly liked what they saw.” We both laughed at that, before her face took on a more serious aspect, she leant over, towards me, grasping her coffee cup, both hands wrapped around it. It was distracting, her cleavage prominent again, I thought one of her tits was going to dip into the cup, I’d get to see her already flimsy dress, turn transparent!

She whispered, “I want more independence, I need to be able to come and go, whenever I choose, I feel tied down.”

“Err, what? Sorry, independence, tied down? What do you mean?” I asked, a little confused.

“Ahh, silly me, what I mean is, I don’t want to have to rely on others, all the time, to go places. I mean, take today, you’ve got better things to do than lug your old Aunt around everywhere, a young man like you, needs to sow some seeds.” She smiled, little did she know about who was enjoying my seeds, or did she?

I thought about my answer, carefully. “I’ve enjoyed lugging, my once ordinary, but now foxy, Aunt around today, it’s good for my image. Girls, my age will think I’m really hot prospect, managing kaçak casino to hook a looker like you.”

“Hooker? You think I’m like a hooker?” She seemed shocked, looked down at the amount of bosom she was exposing, rearranged the scooped neckline a bit, tried to cover up more of her cleavage, without much success, thankfully for my eyes.

“No silly, ‘hook a looker’, not ‘look like a hooker’!” we laughed, the tension broke. “I see the only ear treatment you got, was to get those fancy earrings, not get them tested.”

She seemed please now, “So, you like them then? I was not so sure at the time, another Clare recommendation.” She swung her head, side to side, her hair lifted, showing off the crystal laden rings, glistening in the bright sunlight. I tried to be casual, leant back in my chair, he breasts wobbled again with the movement of her head, I took in the whole of her again, top to bottom, she really was so hot to look at, so much so I caught some other men eyeing her up again.

“Yeah, I like them, in fact, I really love this,” I waved my hands in the air, up and down her body, “the whole package, amazing.”

“Well good. Now, back to the independence bit, I meant it, I need it, it’s really important to me, Clare agreed it would help me get ‘back out there’.” She looked stern, determined, encouraging really after her marriage breakdown.

I sighed, smiled, humour in my voice “OK, OK, we’ll drop your curfew, I’ll let you stay out, shall we say ’til midnight. One minute more though, you’ll turn back into what you were before.” She laughed, at my joke, tapped her open toed shoe on my shin, I fanned being injured, rubbed my leg.

She spoke quietly, “Alright, fine. But in keeping with your whole Cinderella scenario, you’ll let me play with your pumpkin then, I’ll need to use it?”

“What?” I replied, my over active imagination, all sorts of lewd pictures flitted through my mind.

“Your car, silly boy. I’d like you to teach me to drive it, I’m sure you’ll be just great.” She smiled.

“Oh, I see, am I allowed to do that, at my age I mean?”

She waved her hand in the air, “Yeah, I checked it out. If the teacher has had a license over three years, all we need is…” she bent over, into one of her bags, her cleavage on show again, my eyes instinctively followed, “these.” She finished, dumped a pack of ‘L’ plates onto the table, then continued, “I don’t want to use a driving school. It’d take me ages to pass, now I’ve got these blonde highlights.” She laughed.

I looked at her blankly, not understanding.

“Blondes? Dizzy types?” she gestured, lifting one of her curls up between her fingers.

Suddenly I got it, the two of us laughed together, real laughter, not the stuff where you’re just going through the motions, we were really laughing. Others around us, looking, some of the men’s gazes lasted too long on my aunt’s body, getting admonished from their female partners.

We continued, laughing, chatting happily, finishing our coffees, seeing her act like this had made the long wait worthwhile. Getting up to leave, I took Aunt Val’s bags, ‘a gentlemanly gesture’ she acknowledged, she sauntered off, ahead of me, heading back towards the car, just carrying her new clutch bag. A first opportunity, for me and other new arrivals at the cafe, to size her up, from behind. Maybe she always had that gorgeous shape, I just never realised it? Or was it the diet? Her buttocks swayed, enticingly, the flimsiness of the material, with the sun directly on it, giving a teasing glimpse, a small white triangle, her panties beneath, barely covering her cheeks. Her waist, slim, flaring to her hips, I wanted to grab them. Her hair flowed teasingly in the slight breeze, silk like, some flowed down her back, it bouncing lightly with each step she took in the new heels. God she really was hot, thankfully though, I was carrying these large bags, serving an extra purpose, covering my growing erection, my thoughts getting more sexual by the minute. Once, I caught the glance of a young chap, walking parallel to us, his gaze, also fixed on her ass, undulating enticingly in front of him. He must have sensed me watching him, grinned, indicating my aunt’s ass, miming a ‘wow!’ I resisted temptation, didn’t say anything back, probably because I silently agreed, a totally correct assessment indeed. Glancing to the other side, an old gent, cleaning and wiping his spectacles, replacing them quickly, no doubt in order to get a better look at her, an image to last all his day.

She turned suddenly, glanced over her shoulder, like a slow-motion film shot. “Oh, there you are, thought I’d lost you.” she waited for me to catch up, linked one of her arms through mine. The young man’s eyes opened wide, I grinned at him, as though to say, ‘you can look, but you can’t touch, she’s all mine!’ That thought rocked me, just a little, I’d gotten possessive, so quickly, why did I think that at all?

Reaching the car, we stowed everything, onto the back seat to not crush things, got in, me, for the time-being, still in the driver’s seat. I turned, trying to keep my eyes away from her legs, her skirt, ridden up to mid-thigh, she didn’t adjust it, showing a glimpse of stocking tops, the lace band stretched around her thigh.

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