Angels in Trouble Ch. 01

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The story is a collaboration between myself and my best friend Anne (in the story). We envision this as an ongoing adventure (future chapters).

All characters, whether described as such or not, are all over 18 years of age

Feedback and constructive criticism is very much appreciated and I encourage feedback for ideas.

My thanks to MommyLovesGirls and Teri L for their amazing editing.


Moving In

My parents helped me lug my things to my dorm room that was on fourth floor of St. Josephine Preparatory Academy for Girls where all the first years were housed. As I kissed them goodbye, I could feel tears welling up but I fought them back to be strong in front of my parents.

As I stood in the room I looked around, the room was fully furnished of course and most of the clothing I would be wearing was the school uniform, but I still had quite a lot of stuff?posters, my laptop, fancy clothes and the like?that I had brought with me. By boarding school standards the room was generously large, in was an “L” shape with a twin bed and desk at each of the bed alcoves. There was enough room for a queen size bed instead of the twins that were furnished. The bed alcoves were separated by a huge walk in closet to be shared by me and my future roommate.

I walked over to each of the beds and pushed down on each of the mattresses. They both felt about the same so I began making up the left one. There was lot of commotion and squealing going out in the hallway with a hundred or so girls moving in. As I was putting my things away, every time I heard something outside my door, I would quickly turned around hoping my new roommate would be arriving.

I was about finished when I heard a bang on the door frame and “FUCK!” I looked over and I see this girl wrestling a huge piece of luggage through the door. She looked to be about as tall as my five feet five inches or maybe taller by a bit and she had the most beautiful brown curly hair. It bounced as she moved, and I was entranced by it from the start. Her face was soft and round, and her hazel eyes peeked from behind thin-framed glasses. She was beautiful in the way people are beautiful. She was not an airbrushed model. But when she smiled, you don’t look at those things. Her face became HER FACE, and you could not help but fall into those eyes. Smiling at me as she struggled with luggage with both hands, “Hey!”

Her greeting brought me out of my trance, “Hello,” I stuttered.

No sooner did she kicked off her flip-flops and threw her luggage on the empty bed, an older man about in his mid-forties came through the door carrying with little effort her huge steamer trunk. “You can put it over there Uncle Bennie,” pointing to the floor in front of her bed as she walked by him to close the door. With his hands empty now, she stretched up to place her hand around his neck, tippy-toed on one foot while the other leg is kicked up behind her. As they kissed her cute white shorts raised up partially exposing her ass cheeks. Watching their passionate embrace, I felt my body tingle all over. When they finished kissing, she led him to the center of the room, glanced over at me and smiled, “I need to properly thank him for carrying my trunk up.”

With a furrowed brow, I thought to myself, how else is she going to say ‘thank you?’

Still smiling she asked, “You min’d tossing me a pillow?”

Without much thought I grabbed the pillow off my bed and tossed it to her. She placed it down in front of him, kneeling down, she unzipped his pants and pulled both his underwear and pants down together to his ankles as she looked up at him. My eyes got big as saucers and could not believe he was standing there with pants around his ankles and that she was face to face with his limp cock.

Still looking up at her uncle, she took her thin-framed glasses off and tossed them to me while she grabbed his cock and started to slap her face with it and then slapped casino oyna her tongue until she put in her mouth and began to suck it.

My jaw dropped open as I witnessed her sucking her uncle’s cock. I had heard of girls giving blowjobs but I never believe that a woman would ever put a man’s cock in their mouth?until now. She must had done this plenty of times before and was good at it because in no time his member was hard. His erection looked huge, but truth be told, this was the first time I actually seen an erect cock.

She began vigorously bobbing her head back and forth, her saliva dripped off his completely covered manhood, at the same time I heard her obscene slurping and sucking as he moaned in obvious pleasure. Resting a moment, she wrapped both hands around his hard cock and jacked him off with the same vigor as she did sucking him. She glimpsed over to me and winked before she went back to sucking. She then grabbed each of his thighs and when she was at the head of his cock she slid her mouth all the way till her nose was nestled in his pubic hair. He let out the loudest groan when he felt her lips at the base as shook her head back and forth.

I sat their mesmerized seeing his cock down her throat.

Suddenly I watching his ass cheek muscles tense up as she grabbed them and the same time he grabbed her head, held it about half-way on the length of his cock. He threw his head back as they both moaned in unison. As she hunched down to sit on her legs looking up at him, he pulled his pants up and walked out the door, “See you kitten.”

She got up and walked over to me where I was still hypnotized and in shocked with what I just witnessed. She made me stand up and taking my face in her hands; she tenderly kissed me. Her lips were so soft that I closed my eyes and unconsciously I opened my mouth to receive her tongue. As we French kissed I tasted a mild salty flavor. Our tongues danced in each other’s mouths when she began pushing a salty goopy substance into my mouth. My eyes widened when I realized that salty goopy substance was Uncle Bennie’s sperm. I tried to disengaged from her but she held my face firmly until we started gently lip kissing and we both swallowed his cum.

She opened her hazel eyes, forehead to forehead, nose to nose, and smiled, “Hi?I’m Anne!”

Dumbfounded with what just happened, I sat back down on my bed, staring at the wall, my mind raced recalling Anne giving her uncle a blowjob and me swallowing some cum for the first time, “Hel…lo, my name is Sue”

Anne removed the suitcase from the bed and started to unpack as if nothing ever happened. “So what brings you to St. Josephine’s?

I shook my head to bring myself back to reality, “My dad got assigned to the embassy somewhere in the Middle East for the next four years. My parents thought it would be too dangerous for me to go the American high school over there. So here I am. What about you?”

“My mother and aunt came here to St Jos. But my aunt and uncle who happened to be my Godparents thought I would get into too much trouble going to a coed boarding school,” Anne giggled, “and they’re probably right?I would fuck and suck every guy there! So here I am…at an all girls’ catholic school.”

As Anne straightened out her school uniform skirt and blouses and hung them up, I noticed all her skirts have been altered rather short compared to my ‘above the knee’ skirts. She then opened up her steamer truck and began tossing things on the bed. As I squinted to figure out what that were, I realized she was pitching sex toys. There were types of realistic dildos ranging from six inches to twelve, some were thin in width while others were as at least two and one half inches wide. There were static dildos, some that vibrated and there was some that were even design to squirt. There were double head dildos, double penetrating dildos, she tossed what look like a harness. There were different sizes of anal plugs canlı casino and beads. All in all there were over fifty different types of sex toys and I sat there amazed.

Anne noticed me stirring at all over toys. She giggled, “I like to masturbate! In fact I will play with myself and masturbate at least two times a day or if not more considering the only cock around here is that old black janitor’s. So you’re going to have get used to all the moaning from my side of the room.” I watched her put them in the drawers of her nightstand when she picked up a nine inch vibrating realistic dildo and lobbed it to me. “Here you go, dorm room-warming gift!” She smirked and chuckled, “He’ll be your second best friend!”

I wrapped my hand around it and turn it on the lowest setting. It had a low quite hum and vibration, “Who’s my first best friend? I questioned.

“ME OF COURSE!” We both started laughing. Unknowingly that Anne would become my best friend, mentor and lover.

She continued putting away her toys, when she glanced over at me, seeing that I had turned up the vibrator to high and was rubbing my face with it. “You know it goes in your cunt?right?”

Chirping back, “Yeah I know that!”

Then it dawned on Anne, “You’ve never been with a guy?”

Her question caught me off guard, “Yes I have. I’ve kissed several boys before!”

“No…that is not what I meant. You’ve never been FUCKED! YOU’RE A FUCKEN VIRGIN!”

I turned red in the faced with embarrassment and admitted to her that I had never been fucked. In fact, I told her that her uncle’s cock was the first cock I have had ever seen before.

“So when we were kissing and I snowballed my Uncle Bennie’s cum into your mouth; that’s first time you’ve ever tasted and swallowed cum?”

Once again I turned red with embarrassment and nodded my head yes.

Anne was smiling from ear to ear. “So what did ya think?”

My eyes sparkled and a big Cheshire grin came across my face, “I loved it! I love the consistency?I love the way it tasted? I love everything about it!”

“Great?my mission in life for the next four years is going to be to make you into a SLUT and WHORE like me!” Anne proclaimed.

Anne finished putting away all of her things. She grabbed my hand, “Let’s go meet the other girls and check out the floor.” As we walked out into the corridor, she nodded to the stairwell, “I’m glad our room is at end next to the stairs, it will make it much easier for us to sneak out and have some fun!” We both giggled at the thought.

Across the hall from our room was one of two laundry rooms with washer and dryers. We began our journey down the corridor stopping at every room and introducing ourselves to every girl. In the middle of each floors on the front side was huge common room with a half dozen of sofas and chair, several tables and a large flat screen TV hanging on the wall.

Opposite side of the hall from the Common Room was the floor’s toilet and shower. There was door on each end with double row of vanities. On the other side of the vanity room was the toilet room with a single row of toilet stalls on the backside. At each end there was the shower room in the old style gang shower arrangement with no individual privacy for showering.

We made our way the last room and were chatting with girls of that room, when a girl popped her head in and said, “Sister wants to meet with all of us in the Common’s.”

Sixty first year girls congregated in the large Common room, most of us were sitting on the sofas or on the floor with few of the girls standing. Dozens of conversation were going on the same time, suddenly it became deathly silent as this young looking Sister entered the room. She was about five feet eight inches tall. Her face was remarkable, her skin was silky smooth, her deep blue eyes sparkled and from the color of her eyebrows, I deducted she was a natural ginger. I could only imagine how beautiful kaçak casino she would be with make-up on. I assumed her body matched her face but it was hard to tell under her bulky traditional black and white nun’s habit. We all started to stand but she waved her hands up and down. “No… no… no need to stand. Please remain seated.” She made her way to the center room, handed a girl a stack of papers and told her to pass them around. As we passed the paper around, she began, “Good evening girls.”

Like a choir, we responded in unison, “Good evening Sister!”

“Hope you girls are getting settled in.” She said as she looked around the room and all of us nodded yes. “Good…my name is Sister Ursula and I will be your Resident Advisor…God willing for the next several years.” Every one giggled. “I have Master Degree in Psychology and I teach Sociology. I’m twenty-eight years old and I did attend St. Jos. I got the ‘calling’?,” using her fingers as quotation marks, “when I finished grad school. And…for you who are wondering…NO…I’M NOT A VIRGIN!” This comment brought looks of shock and huge laughter. “Ok. Everyone should have gotten the rules that were passed, so let’s go over them.” One by one Sister Ursula read each rule and discussed a few of them. “I know few of you will try push the envelope, you will try sneaking out; you will shorten your skirts as short as possible.” I look over at Anne, she smiled at me and gave me wink, knowing that I knew all of her uniform skirts were short…short! “And some of you…YES…will try lesbian sex. Heaven knows I did!” Once again her comment brought looks of shock and laughter. “Bottom line girls, Mother Superior rules with an iron fist and has no qualms about using her paddle on anybody?so angels stay out of trouble.” This brought more laughter. “Tomorrow?Friday, you will be required to wear your uniform all day till after supper. You will go to each of your class for about fifteen minutes were you be given your syllabus and your books. This weekend you be free to explore St. Josephine and the town. There will be a bus going into town and returning every two hours with last leaving town at 9 pm. My door is always open if you need anything at all. My room is next door to the Commons. Is there any questions?” No one raised their hand or said anything. “Ok then?enjoy the rested of your evening and we will see at 8 AM for breakfast in the refectory.”

With that we all adjourned. Some of the girls hung out in the Commons talking to Sister Ursula while others went to their rooms.

As Anne and I walked back to room arm in arm, we heard girls talking about how cool was Sister Ursula. Others were speculating that she was hellion and troublemaker while attending St. Jos. We giggled hearing all the different comments. I squeeze Anne’s arm, “Sounds to me you and Sister Ursula may be kindred spirts!” We laughed as we continued to our room.


My face was buried into my pillow trying to smother my crying and as I tried not to awaken Anne.

“Are you ok?” I heard Anne’s whisper.

“Yeah…, turning away from her. I began sobbing and sniffling a little louder. She lifted the sheet, climbed in, and cuddled next me. I felt the warmth of her body. Anne began gently running her fingers through my hair. “I miss my mom and dad.” I turned over to face her and my face nestled into Anne’s tits. “I feel like my family has abandoned me.”

In a soothing voice and gently stroking my hair, she said, “Your family hasn’t abandoned ya. They love you very much. I love you very much! I’m your family now and I’ll look after ya.” Her words and her gently touch was calming me down as my sobbing lessened. “Here take this, as she offered me her nipple. I lightly kissed it and took it my mouth. I began suckling like I was a newborn baby. “See doesn’t that make you feel better. I barely nodded my head yes. I sensed that Anne had closed her eyes and was enjoying me sucking on her tit. “My Aunt Edith would let me suckle when I was blue after my parents died and she still does.” Anne voice began to drift off, “I just’ wish mine were producing milk like hers. There is nothing like warm milk to put you to sleep…”

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