An Unexpected Surprise

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It was a night late in February and all of us working at the college radio station had invited our friends, acquaintances and various people from the business to a big party. Lots of people, lots of music, lots of fun but less of people to help out, thus, the major part of the staff had to work their fair share in the bar, at the turntables and the door.

I was just in the middle of my last pass for the evening — bar service — when Nick planted himself at the other side of the disk. Nick was the main photographer for our college newspaper, but also a DJ in his own right, sometimes doing work for us at the radio station.

“Hey, how is it? Nice party you’re throwing tonight — hand me a beer will you! Oh, and before I forget my manners completely — Valerie, allow me to introduce John. He’s an old friend of mine, and not too shabby at the turntables himself. I’m sure he could teach you a trick or two.”

I shifted focus to John and registered a dark blonde, blue eyed, reasonably good-looking guy with steel rimmed glasses on the other side of the bar. I nodded a greeting towards him.

“John, nice to meet you. What can I get you?”

“A beer, no make that two, bring the other one and yourself over to our table when you finish. We’re right over there.”

I smiled to myself as I turned to get the beers. Yet another flirting guy, they had been everywhere this evening, must have been something in the air. Went over as my pass ended, sat down next to them, talked a while. He was a nice guy — easy going, interesting. As the night went by he invited me up on the dance floor and like most DJs I knew he had a good sense of rhythm and was quite the dancer.

Time went by quickly in his company and as the night wound to a close John drew me in to a quiet corner by the restrooms. I felt his fingers lightly move over the neck and further down over the collarbones.

“I want you to come home with me.”

“Mhmm. And what if I said I need to help the others pack up and can’t go with you just yet?”

“Well, then I’d pick you up right where you stand and take you home anyway. Come on, I know you want to leave too.”

A few moments hesitation, thinking it over and then nodded back in response, too interested in him to leave it at that. Went to get my coat and headed for the door with his arm around my shoulders. It was cold outside and at his invitation I crawled in with him underneath his coat while we were waiting for the bus. Inside we found a nice secluded spot in the back and John pulled me closer so I could rest against his shoulder.

Leaned against him his hands had full access to me and soon they found their way in under my shirt, stroking, caressing. My arm rested lightly over his lap and I felt him grow harder under my wrist. His voice raspy and hot in my ear.

“Mmmm. I like what I feel. Can’t go any further here even if I’m dying to, or I’d get us both arrested for indecent exposure.”

I felt my body respond to his hands and words, my breathing heavier than normal. Caught a glimpse of myself in the dark window, cheeks flushed and mouth slightly open. My stomach tickled and I was curious to see where this night would end.

A casino oyna quick walk from the bus stop got us to his apartment and once inside he stopped for a minute to turn on the stereo on low volume before leading me into the bedroom. He quickly pulled off the clothes from my upper body, removed his shirt and let his hands run over my chest and stomach, paused at the top of my jeans, unbuckled the belt and opened the top button. I sat down on the bed and watched him remove the rest of his clothes.

Still only semi-hard he already hung low on the thigh, even in that state thick enough to rival the full hard-on of other guys I’d seen. I swallowed without thinking about it, honestly a bit taken aback by the view. He must have caught the look on my face as he paused and sat down on the bed beside me.

“Are you OK?”

“Yeah, well… I guess ‘slightly shocked’ kind of covers it… I’m kind of new to this…”

He looked puzzled for a while and when he realized what I meant I could almost physically see the reaction in him.

“Wait a minute… No way this is your first time together with a guy? It’s not the impression I get from how you act and what I’ve seen so far tonight…”

“Well… Yes and no. Sure, I’ve been with other guys before — just never all the way…”

I felt embarrassed trying to explain that even if I had played around to my heart’s content I had not yet found myself in a situation where I had wanted to take it farther than mutual groping, licking and kissing. He listened, seemed to think for a while and then replied.

“To be honest — if I’d known I wouldn’t have asked you to come home with me. Sure, I’ve done this a couple of times before — but… Well…”

He nodded downwards.

“For a first time I’m probably not the smartest choice you could make. You decide for yourself how far you want to take it tonight, OK? I would try to make it as comfortable as possible for you.”

A mischievous smile crossed his lips.

“Because I’d lie if I said I didn’t want you badly. I’ve wanted you all night.”

He pulled me closer and started stroking the back of my neck. I felt the muscles relax under his hands and eventually we ended up side by side on the bed. He removed my jeans and underwear and continued working his hands all over my body, stroking, caressing and massaging, finally finding their way in between my thighs. I saw the smile when he felt how slippery I was.

“So far, so good…”

I raised myself up on one elbow and placed one hand on his stomach. Traced the outline of him with my fingers. Then let my hand slide down to the base and took a firmer grip around him, beginning to milk him slowly. It felt heavy, soft skinned, hot from the blood inside and I discovered my fingers barely closed around the shaft. I felt a small quiver inside — equal parts fear and arousal. He gently pushed me down on the bed again and shook his head.

“Let me take care of you first. I’ll come eventually – one way or another. Just relax and enjoy the ride for now.”

With those words he moved lower on the bed and kissed me lightly just above the knee. His mouth traveled further up the thigh until I felt his tongue canlı casino sliding in between the lips. He knew how to use it — long lazy strokes the length of me, small swirls, occasionally using the stiff tip of his tongue inside of me. Before long I came — bucking up against his mouth and gripping the sheets below me. After my breathing calmed down a bit I pushed myself up on one elbow again.

“Uh-uh. Don’t get up; I’m not finished with you.”

I heard the teasing tone in his voice and saw the smile on his lips — he seemed to enjoy himself. He pressed one finger against my lips.

“Open up – I want your mouth around my finger.”

I opened slightly and sucked on his finger, wetting it. He removed it and a moment later I felt it slide into me. Two fingers on my lips – I knew what to do and felt the salty taste of myself as I opened up and sucked them. Seconds later I felt the tips at the opening, sliding in again.

His fingers pressed up against my stomach, as the thumb massaged the same spot from the outside. The steady rhythm, mimicking the rhythm from the stereo, took me closer and closer and just before coming a second time he pushed his fingers hard up against the front wall and held them there. My whole lower body contracted with the orgasm and I felt warm, sticky liquid run out of me. I still shivered as he withdrew the fingers and let them slide between the wet lips.

“Good girl. That’s what I wanted to see.”

Out of the corner of my eye I saw his shadow on the wall, distorted and grossly out of proportion. Felt that same surge of curiosity and slight fear as before, more tinged with curiosity now. The question rolled off my tongue without thinking.

“Just how big are you compared to your fingers?”

“Quite a bit longer, and somewhere between three and four of them taken together.”

I saw the barely concealed smile. Knew that he too understood that I was curious and relaxed to the point that stopping here would leave me disappointed. That thought and the memory of how he felt in my hand intensified the mix of emotions — arousal, excitement, butterflies and those heavy, jittery, warm waves from the last orgasm. I had to clear my throat before I could speak.

“I want you tonight. This feels good, you make me feel good.”

He smiled again, leaned over and pulled out condoms and lubricant from the drawer on the nightstand, then pulled two of the pillows on top of each other. He patted on the pillows and motioned me to place my hips on top of them.

“More comfortable for you and easier for me.”

He kneeled beside me, rolled on a condom and placed a generous squirt of lubricant on the very tip. I caught another glimpse of the shadow as he moved in between my thighs — hips thrust forward, head bent down, mouth slightly open, one hand on my hip, the other positioning him at the opening.

As he moved around to find the right position it reminded me of his fingers and beneath the cool lubricant I felt the underlying heat from the accumulated blood. He pushed a short bit into me and I involuntarily clamped down around the head. This felt entirely different than his fingers, fleshier and more substantial.

“Try kaçak casino to relax; the tenser you are the more it will hurt. Close your eyes if it makes it easier for you and tell me if I need to stop.”

I nodded, closed my eyes and took a deep breath. As I exhaled I felt his hands on my hips and his weight leaned in towards me. The stretching became even more pronounced as the head moved deeper inside and the wider rim hit the opening. I winced as the sensation switched from just stretching to pain. His fingers moved over the sides of my stomach.

“It’s OK. I’ll stop here for a while and we’ll take it from there. Just tell me if you want to continue. There’s no rush and no need to go on if you don’t want to.”

His voice sounded strained, despite the reassuring words. I took a few more breaths and tried to relax while exhaling. Looked him in the eyes, mouthed “go on” and nodded. He leaned into me again, a bit more weight behind this time, pushing his hips towards mine, slowly moving a bit deeper. Then all of a sudden he hit bottom hard and fast and a quick, hot pain made me tense up and instinctively try to pull away. The hands on my hips held me still and he leaned over to kiss me.

“Shh… Sorry if that hurt you, baby. Didn’t mean to go so fast for the last bit, it just came through quicker than I expected. Just lie still and the worst will go away in a little while.”

He stayed still inside me, fingers again moving lightly over my stomach. Little by little I started feeling and enjoying the fullness created by having him inside me. Felt it all the way from the opening to way past where his fingers had pressed up against me. He tried a few short strokes in and out and I held my breath as he touched parts inside that sent shivers down my spine.

Pulled back a bit longer and moved back in with a little more power than those first tentative strokes. It felt good, but I also felt raw inside with a slight burning still left behind. Saw his eyes close and head move back as he started a steady rhythm, moving with a bit more speed and force.

“Oh God, this feels so good.”



“Sorry, but it’s a bit too painful to go on…”

“Sure. Don’t worry — I’ve already said it — I’ll come eventually one way or another.”

He slowly pulled out and I winced as the edge of his head caught the opening on the way out.

“Next time will be easier, trust me — even if you find another guy like me. This is why I said I wouldn’t have taken you home if had known. I don’t like hurting women… It’s not always a blessing to look like I do.”

The grimace on his face was part sad, part proud.

“Must say you surprised me though. You’re deep even if I didn’t believe so from how it felt at first. I was almost in all of me and that doesn’t happen every time.”

His arms stretched out towards me and I crawled up against him. Head on his arm, back towards his chest, one of his arms around the waist. Searched a bit with one hand and pulled him up between my legs. Still hard, still hot from the blood inside. The warmth itself felt soothing and I felt another surge in my stomach — knew that I would have wanted more than what I got.

“Just want to feel you close, even if I can’t have you inside me.”

His arm pulled me closer to him and I felt his lips on my neck. The tone in his voice was only half-joking.

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