An Estonian Boy and His Family Ch. 01

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Hello, I am a 18 year old boy from Estonia, I live with my parents and my sister, I also have a big brother who does not live with us, he is 26 already and married. My sister, Mari is 19 years old and is super hot, she got this hot red hair, big pair of tits and a nice round ass, every guy in our school wants to bang her, including me, but I know it is incest so I wish I would forget these feelings. My dad, Joonas, works most of the time and he is rarely home, he works for the government and has to travel a lot. I am a normal high schooler, I go to the Gym and because of that I am kind of muscular, girls like a lot, but I have not found “The one” yet. Now let’s talk about my mom, Karolina, well, she is something else, she is 44, she does not work, she is unemployed. She has got brown hair, her tits are massive, my head would just get lost between them, that is how big they are, her body is fantastic, I would say she is about 30 if I did not know she was my mom and 44 years old. Since I hit my puberty I have wanted to fuck my mother, but I did not know how, until now…

My mom started having problems with sleeping, she would wake up to every little sound and after that she would have hard time falling asleep again. She went to see the doctor, they said she needs to take sleeping pills, when she came home she told me to go get her those pills, I went to get those pills, when I was buying these pills I thought of buying few more packets, just in case she casino oyna runs out.

When I was on the way to my home I thought of a little dirty plan. From what I have read, sleeping pills put the user to sleep for atleast 8 hours, so I wondered, if I would get her to take 2 pills at once, one from her packet I got for her and one from the other packets I got myself, would she be out cold? I promised myself, that I would find out tonight.

When I got home my mom was in the kitchen cooking.

“Mom, I am home” I said when entering the house.

She replied: “Hey honey, did you get the pills I asked you to? I really need them.”

“Yeah, I got them right here” I gave her the packet and began going to my room.

When I entered my room I instantly locked my door and opened my computer, there I looked for a porn site and started to jerk off and started to think about my plan and how to complete it.

“So if I give her 2 pills somehow, she will be out cold for few hours, during then I will sneak into her room and see if she is asleep deep, if she is, ill fuck her, or atleast do something, yeah, sound good to me” as I was thinking of my plan, it got me so hard and horny that I came and my underwear was full of cum.

Suddenly my mom came upstairs and knocked on my door saying “Hey Mihkel, dinner is ready, come to eat” and she left, I got up and went to bathroom fast, cleaned myself and changed my underwear.

When I arrived at our dinner canlı casino table I did not see my sister, I asked mom about her.

“Oh, Mari is at her girlfriends place, I drove her there few hours ago, she will be staying the night over at her place.”

“Okay, by the way, this meal looks delicious!”

“Oh thank you honey, I always try to do my best for my family.”

The meal was boring and I wanted something exciting to happen, then I got an idea, I dropped my fork under the table and dived after it. Under the table I saw my mom’s legs open, she was not wearing panties, I instantly got a hard-on, suddenly my mom closed her legs, she must have realised that I am watching her and asked me

“Did you find your fork? What is taking you so long.”

“Yes, I did!”

I picked up my fork and got up and ate some more.

“Mom, thank you for the meal, I will go up to my room now.”

“Sure honey, you have school tomorrow, go to sleep, oh and before you go, can you make me my sleeping pill drink thing?”

“Yeah, sure, no problem.”

YES! This is my chance, I will drop 2 pills instead of 1 and put her to deep sleep.

I got the water and went to my room, took 1 pill from my packet and then went to the bathroom, where my mom kept her packet and took 1 pill from there, I mixed the pills with the water and brought them to my mom’s room, surprisingly she was already in her nightgown, damn she looked sexy, I could not believe kaçak casino that I would fuck her tonight, or atleast do something for starters.

“Thank you honey!” she drank the water, “Good night honey, have good dreams!”

Oh I was not about to go to sleep this easy…

I waited for an hour, then went to check on her and saw her in deep sleep.

I sneaked up to her, removed the sheet and saw her in front of me, completely at my mercy.

I removed my own pants and had my dick hard and ready to fuck my mom, but I had a feeling like something was going to go bad, so i thought of going a bit slow today, start from smaller things, like touching her tits or licking her pussy.

I removed her nightgown and watched her glorious body, those tits, damn, it made me hornier, then I saw her pussy, it made me so hard that I wanted to penetrate her right there, but I somehow restrained myself and went slowly to her mouth and kissed her, she tasted so good that I kissed and kissed her once again until I was so horny that I took my dick to her mouth and touched her lips with my dick, then inserted it into her mouth, I fucked her mouth with passion, that was actually the first time I had a “blowjob”. I went on and on until I could not hold it inside anymore and I burst my cum into her mouth, I was scared that she would have woken, but instead for my surprise, she swallowed my cum, I thought to myself that it must have been an reflex.

I instantly put her nightgown on her, put the sheet on her and cleaned her mouth and left her room.

That night I did not sleep, I thought about what I am going to do to her next…

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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