Amen (An Erotic Story) Ch. 01

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Copyright Don Abdul ©2005

Edited by papaya_lynne


It all started with an innocent phone chat.

Mo: Hey Theo, how have you been brotha?

Theo: Hey babe, what’s up with you? It has been quite a while…

Mo: Yeah, it sure has. Anyways I’m doing ok; the good Lord has been good to me.

How about you, what have you been up to lately?

Aw well, what can I tell you? It sure has not been a bed of roses. The loneliness is twisting my mind, and then some. LOL

Mo: Aw, poor darling. But I’m kinda surprised you’re feeling lonely. Guys like you don’t do lonely, so what’s with that?

Theo: Umgh! I dunno, where am gonna start to answer that one.

Mo: Whao! That bad uh?

Theo: Yeah, and then some. Might be best if we do not go into all that.

Mo: And why ever not?

Theo: Well for one, I do not want you to end up feeling sorry for me, and then we might be forced to relive memories that are best kept in the past.

Mo: Hey, it is me you’re talking to man, ease up and tell it all to mama. LOL

Theo: Yeah right!

Mo: Hey, hey do I smell sarcasm somewhere in there?

Theo: Well if you must know I’ve been without a woman for aw, lemme see… about a year and a half.

Mo: Oh Lord, and Why not, you never been that way before…

Theo: Um, lemme see…nothing really, it’s just that there was a contest for the avrupa yakası escort heart of the only one woman I truly ever loved or even wanted, and guess what, I lost out.

Not surprising really (shrugs), if you consider that the contest was between the church and me.

Mo: Oh! Well sugar, you know it aint like that. That was just something way beyond you and me. I got the calling and I had no option to answer it. I could not let my desire of the flesh get in the way of eternal salvation. I thought you understood that at the time. You even promised never to hate me for it.

In time, you would find a woman for you, and you will get over this I promise you.

Theo: Yes, I did too, and I swear I do not hate you. I couldn’t even if I wanted to, my heart and soul would not go along with it. It’s just that there has not been anyone for me. How can there be.

Theo: (snickers) Sure why not, afterall the job requirement is simple enough though, she just has to have these qualities/abilities:

* Communicate eloquently without ever having to speak a single word * Know when I am worried, even though I am smiling or laughing. * Know everything about me, including the intimate things I never even told her * Know how to take my incomplete emotions and turn them into the fullness of love * Know how to kiss me like no other person alive * Make me so horny my bağcılar escort balls ache, and then love me so completely my sleep is deep and undisturbed by dreams or nightmares * And oh, she has to be able to make me scream my head off when I cum.

And most importantly, she has to look like you, talk like you, cry like you, and smell like you exactly…not nearly, not just more than, or less than…

Mo: Wow! Hold your horses man, is that what you been living with? Is that why you have been avoiding me?

Theo: Avoid, I wish. How could I possibly avoid you, you are in my heart, and in my mind. You dominate my thinking and my consciousness.

Mo: Aw, I am flattered….

Theo: Flattered uh, well I am sorry about that, it honestly was not intended. Matter of fact, if I was a religious man, you would be that religion.

Mo: (with mock seriousness) Hey do not talk like that, I done told you before brotha, “every saint has a past and every sinner has a future”. Anyways, now that you called, I would like to meet. Catch up a lill and see with my own eyes how the good Lord has been taking care of you.

Theo: Are you sure that is a good idea?

Mo: Why ever not?

Theo: If you say so…

Mo: Amen! My place dinner Friday evening, say 6-ish?

Theo: Only if you guarantee you’re gonna be serving that special soul food. bahçelievler escort LOL

Mo: Deal!


Come Friday night, Theo arrives at her place at half past 6 p.m. Even from the front porch, his nostrils pick up the aroma of her wonderful cooking, ‘damn!’ He thinks; ‘great, she has always been one hell of a cook’. He rings her bell and a while later she opens the door to let him in. As soon as he steps through the door, Monique engulfs him in a bear hug, he responds with equal enthusiasm, but he only kisses her on the cheek, and then on her forehead. For reasons Mo cannot understand, she finds herself crying.

They stand right there in each other’s arms and he just holds her, and pats her lightly on the back as a gesture of support. She recovers her composure and looks up into his eyes, and in her usual inimitable way, says a silent thank you without speaking a single word.

Dinner is even better than he had expected, and now they are in her living room, sitting on the sofa sipping the wine that he brought along, taking in a sitcom show on TV, and enjoying a game of scrabble.

They had started the game of scrabble to ease the tension when try as she may, Theo refused to be drawn into a discussion of his difficulty in moving on.

After playing just the one game, the tension in the air is too much for Theo to bear anymore, for the sake of his sanity, he decides that its time to go.

They are at the door and he turns around to shake her hand and bid her goodnight, but just like when he arrived, she is ready with a sisterly hug .

He kisses her on the forehead, then on her cheek, then on her lips, expecting her to pull away from him…

To Be Continued…

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