Alone with Stepsister’s

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It was the start of the school holidays, my dad and step mum were going on holiday, leaving me with my 2 step sisters Kim and Sarah, Kim was 19, as was I, she had black hair, brown eyes, she was about 5’7, here breasts were about a D and she was very pretty, actually she was hot. My younger step sister Sarah was 16, she too had black hair, green eyes, about 5’6, her breasts were about a C, she was pretty but not a patch on her sister.

It was 6 pm and I was home alone, Kim was out with her friends and Sarah was at her friends for tea, my dad and step mum had left for the airport about an hour ago.

It was raining hard outside and was quite chilly inside so I put the fire on to warm the place up.
I flicked through the TV, there was nothing on as usual so I went upstairs for a DVD to watch, I looked through my collection, all of which I had seen at least twice so I went into Kim and Sarah’s room to see if they had any.
Their dirty laundry was in a pile in the corner, I couldn’t resist.
I went over to them and picked out a pink thong, I didn’t know whose it was but it smelt good. I put the thong back on the pile and went over to the drawers, I opened them one by one, checking under the clothes to see if there was anything there, unfortunately there wasn’t, I pulled the bottom drawer out a little too far and it dropped of its runners, I pulled it completely out so I could fix it and that’s when I saw them, it was like a toy shop, a sex toy shop to be more precise, there were dildo’s and vibrators, all different sizes and shapes, and there was a pretty neat collection of glass ones too, unfortunately I thought to my self, no strap on.
I put the drawer back in, took one last smell of the thong in the laundry pile and left the room.
I grabbed a porn DVD from my stash and went down stairs, I figured no 1 will be home for a while so I might as well.
I put it in and sat on the sofa.
My cock slowly swelled as the scene unfolded, 2 women were in a 69 position, licking each others pussies.
I pulled my shorts down to my knees and grabbed my now rock hard cock, I pumped away at it, faster and faster as the lesbians on the DVD fucked with a double ender.
I was getting close to an orgasm when the back door opened, I quickly jumped up and stuffed my cock in my shorts and switched the DVD off just in time before Sarah walked in, she was wearing jeans and a white t-shirt, the sudden downpour must have caught her on the way home.
The pink tops of her breasts were clearly visible through the wet see through-white t-shirt, her blue bra stopped the view of her nipples. She looked at me looking, then looked down at the bulge in my shorts, then without saying anything, went up stairs.
I sat back down on the sofa, trembling slightly.
“Chris” Sarah shouted from upstairs
“Kim phoned me and told me to tell you she won’t be home until tomorrow”

Sarah came back down stairs wearing a long t-shirt.
“This is the only warm room in the house” she said and ran back up stairs, moments later she returned with a blanket, sat next to me on the couch and handed me a DVD.
“Here put this on” she said as she gave me it.
It was a horror movie, illegal bahis I opened the DVD player and quickly took out the porno and put in the horror.
“Close the curtains” she said as I stood up.
I closed them and returned to my seat, she threw the blanket over me and cuddled up, she was freezing, her cold arm touched mine and sent a shiver through my body.
“Your freezing” I said pulling her closer to me.
By the time the movie had finished she had jumped so much she was now cuddled right into me and squeezing my hand tight, she smelt lovely, her head was resting against my shoulder as she pulled me tight to her.
I got up and removed the DVD, it was now 10pm and I decided I was going to bed.
“I’m off to bed now” I said and handed her the remote.

I went upstairs and stripped to my boxers, my room was quite warm. I jumped into bed and lay there looking at the sealing,
About half an hour later I heard Sarah going to bed, I lay there thinking of the toys in her room. Were any hers?

About 5 minutes after she had gone to bed I heard a knock at my bedroom door.
“Are you still awake Chris” Sarah said from the other side of the door.
I grunted and she came in, still wearing the t-shirt she wore earlier.
I know this will sound weird but can I climb in there with you, my room is like a morgue.
I smiled in the dark and rolled over to make some room, looking like I didn’t really care much but deep down I was loving this moment.
She climbed in and I turned to face her, the moon light which shone through the gap in the curtains lit up her face. Her skin looked so smooth. She looked back into my eyes and smiled.
“Good night” she said and leaned over and kissed me on the cheek.
Her lips were so warm and full, the kiss seemed to last for ever.
We lay there side by side, for a moment before she turned on her side and asked me if id done it yet.
“Course I’ve done it” I said
“Who with” she replied
“Well…….Lindsey Goddard for one”
Her face froze as I said the name.
“Wow, you are lucky, even I would fuck her if I got the chance” she said in a joking tone.

“Have you” I asked, figuring she put me in an awkward position so I was going to do the same to her.
“Erm….yes” she hesitated “I have”
I wasn’t going to ask who with, truth is I didn’t really care.

“So u were watching a porno before I came in” she suddenly said.
I looked at her and said nothing
“I put it on after u came up here”
I still stared, not saying a word.
“I don’t know why guys like to watch them, why don’t they just get the real thing”
“W…..W….Well sometimes the real thing isn’t there when u need it” I said.
“Oh, I suppose” she said.

“Did u like seeing me all wet” she suddenly blurted out, I nearly choked on my own tongue.
“Don’t know what u mean” I said.
“When I came in all wet, I saw you looking at my tits”
“I wasn’t” I said, thinking if I said I was she would tell someone.
“I know you were, its ok I won’t say anything, besides I was looking at your stiff cock in your shorts”.

I didn’t know what to say or do.
“W…well they were ok from what I saw” I said, bracing myself for a terrible reply.
“Thanks……… illegal bahis siteleri you want to see them properly” Sarah said, smiling at me,
And before I could say anything she had put the bedside lamp on and pulled her t-shirt over her head, she was sitting in a black bra and thong.
“Ok your turn” she said.
I sat up, “I’m only in my boxers” I said
She reached around and unclipped her bra, “I’ll do it slow to tease you” she said as she slowly brought the straps over her shoulders.
My cock twitched into life and slowly began to swell and rise.
She pulled off her bra completely to reveal her perfectly round C cup breasts. I reached out slowly and took them in each hand and began to rotate my hands, she let out a slight moan as she put her hand down the front of her thong.
I shuffled round and lay her on her back, I went down to the bottom of the bed and pulled down her thong, I couldn’t resist so I slyly smelt the crotch area, it wasn’t the same smell as the thong in the room so that one must have been Kim’s.

I licked Sarah’s swollen clit with the tip of my tongue, she gasped and squirmed a little, I continued to lick up and down her slit, pushing my tongue between her pussy lips.
She was moaning even more so I put two fingers all the way up her love tunnel as I licked and sucked on her swollen clit, she bucked and pushed her hips onto my fingers and mouth as she moaned.
“oooh yes Chris, ooh baby, lick my clit, mmmmm
I removed my fingers from her wet pussy and sucked the juice from them, it was warm and sweet.
I lay down as she got up and she pulled my boxers off, my stiff cock sprung free and stood up like a telegraph pole, it was almost 8” which I thought was ok.
She grabbed the shaft in her hands and placed the head on her mouth, she bobbed her head up and down on my length, taking more and more in her mouth as she came back down, it wasn’t long before she was sucking hard and fast and I could feel my self going to orgasm.
“STOP” I said
She lifted her mouth off my cock and looked at me.
“I don’t want to cum in your mouth yet” I said

She let go of my cock which was throbbing and climbed further onto the bed, she was now sitting on my waist, my stiff cock pressed against the back of her ass.

She leaned forward and kissed me, I felt her hand grab my cock and guide the head to her sweet wet pussy entrance, when it was there she sat back, taking the whole 8 inches up her love tunnel.
Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open, she moaned as my cock was buried up her cunt.
She began to move up and down slowly, moaning more as she quickened her pace. Clearly she had never had a cock this big.
She lifted herself so only the head of my cock was in her pussy then lowered down onto my cock hard. It slammed into her cunt and she moaned out loud as she repeated the process.
She was fucking my cock so hard now that my headboard sounded like it was going to smash down the wall.
OHH YES, IM GOING TO CUM….she screamed.
With that I immediately began to slam my cock into her pussy.
AHH AHH AHH AHH AHH AHH she screamed with every slam of my cock.
Her canlı bahis siteleri pussy erupted and her pussy juice shot out from around my cock.
“wow, you’re a squirter” I said
I wiped some from my stomach and tasted it, she tasted good, I offered her some and she sucked my fingers as she continued to ride my cock, moaning gently with every move.
She rolled off of me and lay beside me gasping for breath.
“You like that” I asked with a smile. “you like me fucking your slutty little whore pussy
“Ooh yes, I fucking loved it” she said, planting a wet kiss on my lips. “You fucked my whore pussy good”
We lay there for a minute, naked, breathing heavy when she got up on her hands and knees.
“Oh Chris, I want you to fuck me up the ass” she said as she worked her index finger inside.
I got up and positioned myself behind her, she removed her finger and I slipped my length up her pussy to juice it up.
“You like getting fucked up the ass you little whore?” I asked as I spanked her ass cheeks hard.
“mmhhh, I don’t know, my slutty ass has never been fucked before”

I pulled my cock out of her tight pussy, it was glistening with her cum. I rubbed the head up her pussy lips to her ass and pressed against her hole.
Mmmmm she moaned as my stiff cock pushed against her tight virgin asshole.
I pushed slowly until the head of my cock was up her ass, Sarah put her head on the bed and moaned loud into the pillow.

I continued to push my cock into her sweet tight ass, it was going in slowly.

I had about an inch and a half to go, Sarah was moaning loud and rubbing her pussy, I reached under her and grabbed her tits as I pushed the remainder of my cock up her ass.

“ooh baby, I feel so full, fuck me, mmmmmm” she moaned
I moved my hips back and forth as my cock slid in and out of her tight ass. It wasn’t long before I was fucking her hard and fast, pulling my cock almost out of her ass before I slammed it back in, my balls slapped her pussy as she pushed her hips back with every forward move of mine.
I continued to slam my cock into her sweet, sexy ass, caressing her tits as I went.
“Oh Sarah…..I’m going to cum babe” I said as I slammed my meat up her ass.
“Yes, do it baby, fill my virgin ass with your hot sweet cum”
I plummeted my rod in her ass a few more times then came, my cum shot from my cock deep into her ass, glob after glob.
I continued to fuck her ass until my cock deflated. When it slipped out Sarah immediately sank her mouth around it, she sucked my cock as she collected the cum dripping from her ass. Some she pushed up her pussy, some she licked from her hand but there was plenty to go around.
“Mmm, you taste so fucking good” she said to me when she finished sucking my cock.
I lay on the bed, exhausted off the ass fucking I just gave Sarah.
“Oh Sarah, we have to do this again sometime” I told her, no way could I let this be a one off.
“I’m up for it, I’ve always liked you since we moved in here, I think Kim thinks your ok too.”
“Really, what did she say” I asked a bit too excitedly
“She just says you’re ok”.
Some good that was, ok could mean that I’m friendly, or good to get along with.
I pulled the covers over me and Sarah and cuddled into her, her tits were pressed against my chest and my cock lay between her legs.

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