All (of me) You Can Eat

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Horse Hung

We’re in a beautiful hotel room with a big balcony looking out over a white sand beach. I’m about to give the sound of the waves crashing on the shore a run for their money 😉 I order some champagne and a chocolate fondue from room service. I’m going to be your own personal buffet .

First I take my finger and smear some chocolate on my lips… then come over to you and kiss you softly… your tongue circling my lips…

I take a spoon and fill it with chocolate.. and drizzle it over my nipples… offering them to your waiting mouth… feeling you sucking and circling with your tongue… hungrily, insatiably… but I pull back.

Now for some champagne. I lay back on the bed and pour champagne over my breasts…down to my belly… making a nice little pool. You lean over and drink from my body… licking and kissing me all over as you lap the champagne.

Some more chocolate… I spoon some of the silky smooth chocolate onto my toes… you lick and suck them and it drives me wild.

Next I take the spoon and coat my inner thighs… spreading my legs.. making room for you between them. You smell the sweet smell of my pussy mingling with the chocolate as you begin licking and caressing my inner thighs with your mouth.

Then şirinevler escort I reach for the champagne bottle… there’s about ¼ left in the bottle. I raise up my hips… and insert the neck of the bottle into my wet swollen pussy. Then… I tip up the bottle and fill my pussy with champagne. I can feel the bubbles inside me…

My breathing quickens as I reach for the fondue plate again. I take a strawberry… dip it in the chocolate.. then ever so carefully, I remove the bottle and insert the ripe sticky fruit.

The chocolate is dripping down to my ass. As I motion to you to continue your feast… I raise my hips to your waiting mouth. I feel your lips engulf mine. Your tongue works all around my opening and down to my ass… licking up all the dripping chocolate.

And then… I feel your lips lock on to mine as you begin to suck. The pressure from the fruit and the bubbles is building inside me.. making me SO excited. I feel you sucking the strawberry out of my tight wet hole. Then, just as it is about to come out.. you begin to nipple on it… prolonging my sweet agony as you eat it out of my one little bite at a time.

Then, with a gush of champagne and my juices you take the şişli escort final bite. You hungrily gulp down the champagne… tasting me… taking me inside you… you swallow and come back for more. Your hungry mouth pushes me open. Your tongue probing deeper and deeper inside me. I cum hard… filling your mouth again.

You cover my body with yours and kiss me hard. My own juices flowing into my mouth as we kiss.

With one hand, you caress my breast… massaging it… pinching my nipple… pulling it. I feel the fire raging from my nipple right down to my clit. Then you take both of them… and suck and pull on them. Back and forth and back and forth. My hips buck madly.. desperately trying to catch your cock which teases me… brushing my inner thighs… hot… and hard… Then finally, I feel you at the entrance to my soaking wet pussy… back and forth… brushing my clit. I moan and try to move down onto you but you are too strong and hold me back. You do not let up until I have cum again.

I cum like the waves crashing on the shore outside our balcony window. Then, with a surge of power.. I mange to get out from under you and throw you down onto the bed. I have you straddles and pinned before you suadiye escort even know what hit you. I lean forward and smother you with my breasts. Then I sit back up and position your cock at my dripping opening.

Its payback time… I insert just the head.. and circle my hips slowly.. round and round… now you are the one bucking your hips… But I pull back every time you try to thrust deeper into me.

I pull all the way up and off your cock… “you want it? you want to fuck this pussy?” I tease… Making you beg for it… “mmmmmm… that’s what I like to hear” I purr softly…

Then I suddenly lower myself all the way down… impaling myself on your rock hard cock. I hold it there for a moment… Squeezing you tight. Then slowly start to slide up and down… squeezing with every stroke… sucking your cock with my pussy… grinding into you… trying to take you deeper and deeper.

I reach around and take hold of your balls. My temp speeds as I massage and tug on your balls… fucking you faster and faster. You take hold of my hips and pull me back and forth… back and forth… with your cock pounding into me with each stroke.

Harder and harder I ride you. My finger nails dig into your chest as you feel my pussy clamp down. I growl and scream as I feel you stiffen. I know that soon you will explode inside me… coating my walls with your cum.

I throw my head back and waves of pleasure mingle with the crashing of the waves on the shore. I feel them breaking over me and I surrender to their greater power.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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