All in Time Ch. 03

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Samantha stared at the RA’s door with a look of disbelief on her pretty face. She shook her head and blinked, looking again at the placard on the door; it read the same thing as before.

Diondre Freeman, Resident Advisor.

She’d returned to school after a week of successfully avoiding time alone with Diondre, fearing what would happen if he got closer to her. She’d longed for the start of class, when both of them would return to their respective schools.

In light of the wakening of her body, and realizing that she was probably the last remaining eighteen-year-old virgin in the country, she’d opted for co-ed housing, much to her mother’s dismay.

“Now, Janni….” Quentin had reached out to stroke her mother’s arm as Janine opened her mouth to argue her daughter’s choice. “This is a good thing. She needs to get out there and start dating. Just because it’s co-ed doesn’t mean she’ll be doing what the other girls will.” Quentin glanced over at her and winked, a smile creasing his dark chocolate face. At her mother’s hesitant nod of agreement, he continued.

“From knowing Sammi, she’s better than all that; she won’t sleep around. She’s got a good head on her shoulders.”

Her mother had finally acquiesced and shrugged; Samantha slumped in relief that her stepfather had managed to talk her mother into agreeing. She was glad Quentin had been on her side; a part of her had been terrified that they’d both be against it. Even though she was of age now, she still wanted her mother’s approval, and she had signed the FASFA paperwork when Samantha had signed up for her financial assistance and student loans.

But she was tired of being the only virgin that she knew. It was a little embarrassing, and the small group of friends that she had was constantly trying to set her up with some guy from one of the local frat houses to “fix her problem.”

Sammi had always turned them down, laughed and just not gone to the party she’d been invited to. But now she needed to get her mind off of a certain tall, dark and very handsome man. As soon as she got settled in her room again, she’d be shooting a text off to Melanie and Rachel to see where the latest party was set for.

She had to settle this however, now that she was back in her assumed haven. She was supposed to be free of her sexy stepbrother. But he was her RA.

Samantha blinked back tears of frustration and leaned back against the wall, dropping her head back with a muted thunk! and sighed. God, what am I going to do? I swear, if he makes faces at me when I’m with another guy, I’ll choke him!

“Creampuff?” She nearly jolted when the familiar voice broke into her reverie with the strange nickname only one man dared call her.

Samantha couldn’t help but notice the smile and excitement in Diondre’s voice. With a low groan, she opened her eyes to look up at him.

He stood in the doorway to his room, his smile revealing bright white teeth. Excitement showed on his face as he held out a hand, stepping to the side.

“Please, come in! I didn’t realize you went to school here.” He chuckled as she shook her head in response, knowing it wasn’t because of what he’d said.

“Sure you didn’t.” Her retort was dry, and she rolled her eyes as she moved to stand on the other side of the jamb.

“I really didn’t!” Diondre straightened, dropping his hand, feeling slightly foolish for holding it out as long as he had. “Dad suggested I look at transferring schools since this place is three times the size of where I was. More scouts, more opportunities. I applied for a transfer here, and was accepted almost immediately. Now I’ve just got to….” He trailed off, and watched Samantha’s cheeks pinken while she stared over his shoulder.

Turning, Diondre’s spine stiffened, and he swallowed thickly. The door into the dorm cross-ways to his room had swung open slightly, and a couple was sitting on the dorm bed; after a moment, he had to reach down and adjust himself in his chinos.

The girl was astride her boyfriend, short skirt hiked around her hips as his palm covered one bared cheek of her ass. She was topless, and her head was thrown back while he appeared to be sucking on her breasts.

It wasn’t merely this spectacle that had the unintentional voyeurs gaping in surprise, but rather the hand that gripped her ass had a finger hooked around the string of her thong panties, holding it to the side as she impaled herself on a very thick cock that was already shiny with her juices.

The muffled groans grew louder, and Samantha moved closer to Diondre as the petite girl’s back bowed, her hips slamming down on her lover as she neared an obvious—and very loud—orgasm.

Diondre shook himself and stepped over, shutting the door as the girl’s casino siteleri cries filtered into the hallway. Gripping Samantha’s hand, he pulled her deeper into the room with the intentions of taking her mind off of what they’d just seen.

Her eyes were wide and glassy, cheeks flushed a pretty pink as she sat, unthinking, on his bed. Her hand shook just a little as she lifted it, opening a couple of buttons on her shirt to cool herself down.

“I’m… sorry for that,” Diondre’s voice was soft and apologetic, and she looked up at him with shining eyes.

“She…he…they were….” Samantha’s voice was hoarse, and she shifted, hips squirming as she tried to fight the stirrings of arousal that were slipping into her veins.

“I know.” He moved to stand in front of her, his palm cupping her cheek as she blinked, obviously trying to gather her scattered thoughts.

Diondre hissed in surprise when she leaned forward and wrapped her arms around him in a hug, her cheek pressing into his shirt above his belt buckle. He ground his teeth, urging his cock to stay down as he felt her soft breasts press into his thighs. It was the first time that she had ever voluntarily touched him, and he was in a strange limbo of heaven and hell as he fought to control himself.

A dark hand slid into her soft hair, cupping her head in response to lurid thoughts of them in this position, with his pants around his knees and his thick cock encircled by her pale fingers. He groaned, feeling his length thicken and swell, pressing against his briefs.

Dammit, why does she take control of me like this? White girl got me by the dick! He chuckled to himself, and froze when her face shifted, nuzzling into his stomach.

* * *

Mmm, he smells so good…feels so warm. Samantha’s eyes were still closed as she revisited the short scene she’d witnessed just moments earlier with Diondre.

She’d never watched porn; hadn’t ever been brave enough to use the family computer to search for the videos she knew were online. She’d never let a guy get beyond kissing her, or feeling her breasts through her shirt. ‘Junior-high stuff’ was what her few friends in high school has teasingly called it.

Samantha was aware of what a penis looked like in its flaccid state, and even erect… but there was just something so wildly erotic and forbidden about seeing it so red and slick. It not only made her nipples tingle and tighten, but her vagina now ached, clenching instinctively at the thought of something so beautifully menacing delving deep inside her most secret place.

Diondre was warm, even through his shirt, and she rubbed her cheek and nose against him. She let herself drift into a foggy state, and even though she knew it was wrong, she found herself trying to imagine them like the couple they’d witnessed in an intimate moment.

A dark hand on the fleshy curve of her hip, fingers digging in to hold her against him as he thrust upward, his dark cock breaching the creamy pink recesses of her body….

She shuddered and swallowed thickly; shaking her head to clear it of the erotic images, she trembled when her nose pressed into the warm flesh directly before her. Samantha blinked, her eyes widening as she looked at the deep mocha skin her nuzzles had exposed. Angling her face up to look into his dark, heated eyes, she squirmed a little in response to his fingers tightening in her hair.

She gazed up at him, her eyes wide and curious even as they showed warm and inviting with arousal, making him groan in need.

“Baby girl, you better stop lookin’ at me like that unless you want this….” He thrust his fingers deeper into her curls, hips rocking into her as she blushed, her tongue slipping out to trace her lips.

He watched the way her eyes went wide, and he licked his lips when her hands drifted over the small of his back, her fingers teasing against the waistband of his chinos. She had no idea as to the effect she was having on him, of that he was certain; didn’t know that the way her fingers danced across his back made him long to feel them on his stomach and lower, or the way her breasts pushing against his legs made him yearn to have them naked against his chest.

“Want…?” Sammi’s voice was low, throaty, and she blinked slowly up at him. She tingled all over. It was like their previous two encounters, only this time she felt a deeper longing; one she didn’t know how to handle. Her body was reacting on auto-pilot, responding on pure extinct as the pleasurable ache grew stronger deep within her core.

Fingers dipped into his pants, and Diondre shuddered while her fingernails seemed to innocently scrape over his skin. He tugged gently on her hair as he bent, lifting her face as his mouth descended canlı casino to hers. He groaned in satisfaction at her slight whimper, and his thumbs brushed along her jaw when his tongue swept against her lips.

Her world spun on its axis as Diondre kissed her, and she found herself wanting to feel him against her; his heated skin against hers as his tongue filled her mouth, wiping away all other thoughts.

He was aware that Sammi was shifting, but he didn’t care as long as it wasn’t away from him. Her soft lips were like heaven, and her taste was honeyed sweetness. Her innocence was obvious, so he kept the kiss as light as he could, fighting his desire to crush her mouth and press her back into his mattress.

Whimpering, Sammi lifted, shifting again as her fingers tugged at the buttons on her shirt. Her hands slid up his back, and she went weak inside when he pressed against her. Moaning her surrender, she found herself leaning backward against his pillows.

The linen was cool against her burning flesh, even through her thin shirt; a welcome contrast to the blazing inferno assaulting her frontside. Diondre was like a furnace as his kisses deepened, making her shiver, his free hand dropping to rest against her collarbone.

His cock jumped in his shorts when her back arched instinctively in response, and he knew what she wanted. Fingers splaying, he dragged his palm slowly down over her flesh, twitching again at the sensation of the sharp little point in his palm as he curled his hand over her, squeezing and massaging the virgin flesh through her bra.

Samantha’s whimper was quick and low, her back arching further as her core heated to a degree unlike anything she had ever experienced. It was divine and torturous at the same time, the pressure there increasing the ache she’d felt before, but now a new one flamed to life at the warmth covering her sensitive skin.

With more than half of her buttons undone, it was so easy to rub his thumb against the lacy edge that cupped her flesh, and he pulled back to nip her lower lip. She was hard against his palm, and he squeezed gently again, loving the way her body arched, and the tiny whimper that escaped her lips.

Releasing his hold on her hair, he snaked his way down to free the rest of the buttons on her shirt before curling his arm around her waist. He held her snuggly against him, and dipped his thumb deeper, rubbing it against the tight peak that was begging for his lips….


It was like nothing she’d ever experienced, the touch of a man. Not even the romance novels she’d devoured could ever begin to describe the slow ribbon of heat that slowly unfurled deep inside her. A gentle tremble she couldn’t control gently shook her entire body as his lips slid from hers and pressed wet, open-mouthed kisses down her jaw and along her neck.

Diondre’s tongue flicked out over the pulse that visibly throbbed in her neck, his teeth grazing as his fingers delved into the cup of her bra, lifting her milky flesh free of its confinement. Flushed with arousal, her skin was even more lovely than he remembered.

It looked so delicate and pale, contrasting sharply with his as he thumbed the deep pink tip again. Sammi’s whimper went unheeded as he ran his jaw along the gentle swell of her breast. The taste of her skin drove him mad, and he nuzzled further down, the slight growth of whiskers along his jaw rasping the sensitive peak before his lips gently touched the tightened bud.

Sammi squirmed, arching on a sharp little gasp at the gentle touch; she melted when his warm lips parted and his tongue curled around the suddenly aching point. Her hands cupped his neck, holding him against her as her hips moved of their own accord.

Her insides had begun to clench, writhing to some unknown beat as Diondre sucked her nipple into his mouth. Her eyes drifted closed when he shifted and thrust himself against her, then they flew back open upon the realization that her skirt had somehow ridden up around her hips, leaving nothing covering her but her favorite pair of pink and grey panties.

‘The same panties from the day we met!’ was her fleeting thought before Diondre rocked again, pressing against her and making her soft, pliant body tremble and thrust instinctively against his much firmer one. ‘God, nothing had ever felt this good….’

* * *

Diondre’s body was on fire from her passionate, innocent response. He needed this; needed to touch her, taste her, feel her come undone because of him. The annoying voice inside his head berated him for lusting after his sweet, untouched stepsister, but the man in him yearned to be the first one to give her this pleasure.

His hands curled over her hips, and he nearly groaned when kaçak casino he realized nothing was keeping him from her but her panties. Fingers flexing against the soft cotton, he grazed his teeth against her nipple before fluttering it with his tongue.

Growling as her body clenched and rubbed against him, he hastily opened his belt, drawing his fly down enough to lower his pants to his hips before thrusting against her as his palms once again filled with her hips.

Her body was soft, so soft, and he shuddered as her thighs held him close, body arching as he rubbed his throbbing cock against her; feeling her grow even hotter and wetter with each lunge of his hips.

He worked her thick little nipple in his mouth, eyes opening to lift, watching her face as he slid his hands inside the back of her panties; clutching the creamy globes of her ass, he thrust against her and began to grind.

Sammi’s eyes opened in shocked pleasure as he rubbed hard against her clitoris. She felt the heat and hardness of him more than before, and a part of her brain realized that he was only in his boxers now. Nearly naked in his bed, covered by his hot body, her flesh crying for something she’d never experienced, she didn’t care.

“Di-Dion..Diondre…..” she panted, focusing on his mouth and the heat spreading from where he rocked against her. It was so intense that it bordered on pain, but she found herself lifting her hips into his, and soon had him moaning against her breast as she found his rhythm.

He tightened up, his back tensing as his cock slipped through the slit in his briefs; cursing as it came into contact with the slick wetness of her panties. She was so fucking hot, so wet, so ready for him. Hearing her whisper his name as she was lost in her pleasure almost made him cum, but he wasn’t ready for that yet.

Diondre lifted his mouth from her nipple, and grinned hotly at the tiny whimper that escaped her lips. His mouth settled against her neck, licking and lightly sucking as his fingers tightened on her ass, angling her hips upward so that the underside of his cock could skate over the nubbin of her clit.

Sammi cried out, her hands sliding to cup his shoulders, thighs curling over his hips as he settled into a faster tempo. Her nipples were tight pebbles against his tee shirt as each thrust of his hips made her muscles clench tighter, fanning the flames deep inside her into a raging inferno.

“That’s it, baby girl. Don’t fight it,” he purred into her skin, hips rolling into hers, grinding on each downthrust so that his cock was working her clit. “Let it happen, creampuff. Let go for me.”

His words skittered over her damp flesh, and she closed her eyes against the sensory overload, focusing inward. The pressure inside her increased tenfold, and a part of her heated more as she heard the jingle of his belt as he moved over her.

The image of him against her turned, and she could suddenly see them on his bed just like this, only naked. His dark skin sheened with sweat as he thrust into her, filling her body like the couple from earlier, her hands pinned over her head as his cock speared into her wet, willing body.

She gave in to the raging demands of her body, and cried out, stiffening in his arms as her pleasure exploded, and came for him.

It was too much, feeling her gush into her panties, and he thrust harder, trying to lengthen her orgasm before letting himself go against her thigh. His eyes widened as her thin panties gave way and his cock slipped inside her, taking her in the way he’d wanted to for weeks.

Sammi stiffened as the burning pain invaded her orgasm, and she felt herself clutching his shoulders, nails biting into his skin as she blinked up at him.

Diondre shuddered, his back arching as his body responded to the extremely tight channel sucking at his cock, thrusting deeper into her once, twice, and a third time. He groaned long and low as his cock swelled, spurting his cum deep inside her.

Still blinking, her mouth open in awe and shock, Sammi trembled in his arms as Diondre rode his orgasm, watching him stiffen over her as he shuddered, his hips jerking gently against hers.

“Jesus, fuck….” Panting heavily, he pulled his hands out of her panties and set them on the bed beside her waist. He watched in slight horror as a drop of his sweat fell onto her exposed breast.

He realized what had just transpired.

She lay beneath him, cheeks flushed, lips swollen and dewy, eyes wide as her body slowly cooled. His softening cock slipped from her clutching channel, and his gaze dropped down, watching as a creamy drop of his cum escaped her body.

“Dear God, what did we just do?”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This is a complete work of fiction. Any characters resembling real persons, alive or dead, is merely coincidental.

Copyright USA All Rights Reserved ©2014 Mabry Michaels.

This story may not be reproduced in any manner, without the express permission of the author.

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