Alex’s Gifts Ch. 23

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Apologies for the lengthy delay. Life happens! Special thanks to the many fans who wrote to me and gave me the motivation and inspiration to continue this epic adventure.

Thanks & Enjoy


Three’s Company

Pulling into the garage, Alex parked his jeep and walked into the house expecting to find his sisters at the dinner table. Instead, he discovered a mop of curly red hair leaning over a book.

“Hi Carrie,” he said in greeting.

Looking up, a huge smile parted Carrie’s freckled face. She stood and walked into Alex’s arms and buried her face in his chest. Wrapped in each other’s arms, the gifted couple locked eyes and Carrie said, “You are amazing, you know that?”

“I have my moments,” Alex said humbly.

“You should have seen Lily today, she was unstoppable; happier than ever. The second I held her hand I felt the difference.”

“I know, I felt it too. She’s whole again,” Alex said, proud of what he’d managed to accomplish.

“She told me, Alex. She told me about your father and her, and about what you did. She opened up like she’s never done before. I cried and cried.” Carrie buried her head into his shirt again and Alex heard her sniffle lightly and when she looked at him again there was wetness in her eyes. “Thank you,” she said, her voice wavering as she struggled to control her emotions. “Thank you so much,” she added, once again balling herself up in his strong embrace.

Alex stroked her tangled mane and held her tight until she settled with a heavy sigh and they stepped apart. “I seem to be solving a lot of problems lately. Can we talk? Where are Case and Lily?”

“Shopping for your camping trip. They won’t be back for an hour or two. Have you eaten? We’re still working on those leftovers.”

“No, I’m starved.”

“Sit, I’ll fix you a plate. You’re tired,” Carrie said.

“Thanks,” Alex said and smiled softly. He couldn’t hide his feelings from Carrie anymore than from himself. Sighing, he said, “It was a long day.” He pulled up a seat at the kitchen bar and watched Carrie remove several containers from the fridge.

“How’s the new job?” she asked over her shoulder.

“Great. I had a chat with Emily. Well, first I had a chat with the lifeguard that’s leaving. He warned me about her.”

“Emily’s the boss? The one with all the kinks?”

“Right. Max said she could be manipulative. She’d claim their fooling around wouldn’t affect the job.”

“And of course it would,” Carrie said nodding like it was obvious.

“I had my doubts from the start but Max confirmed it. Today I didn’t do what Emily wanted and I could sense she wasn’t happy and was scheming to get her way. I called her out to her face, thinking I’d just walk away if she kept up the bullshit.”

“What did she do?” Carrie asked while popping a plate into the microwave.

“She fessed to it, said she was sorry. I could tell she was sad about Max leaving and needed someone to take his place. She seemed so insecure which isn’t like her at all,” Alex explained.

“The stronger they look, the more broken they can be on the inside. The more time you spend building walls, the higher they get and the more baggage you can hide behind them.” The microwave beeped and Carrie slid him a plate of steaming hot meatballs and risotto. Grabbing a knife and fork, she handed him the utensils and sat across the island.

“That all makes sense, it’s what I felt when she apologized. I have no idea what’s wrong with her but I did what I could to make her feel better. I think we’ll be alright now, at least I’m not worried about the drama.”

“That’s good,” Carrie said nodding.

“I did something to Natalie I wanted to ask you about,” Alex said after swallowing a mouthful of creamy parmesan rice.


“She was falling asleep when we were listening to Emily’s lecture in the morning. I zapped her and she got this huge burst of energy. I did it again just a bit ago with Megan but not as strong. Natalie was wired for hours and she knew I did something to her.”

Carrie grinned. “That’s one of my favorites. You can do it without the shock if you focus and move more slowly. But it’s limited, like a charge that builds up over time and when you use it it takes time to come back. That’s why Megan didn’t get as big of a dose.”

“Ah, I get it. Can I do it to myself? I tried but it didn’t work.”

“No. None of the gift’s abilities work the same on yourself as someone else. There are similarities but functionally it’s different. You can transfer it to someone else but you can’t just make something out of nothing.”

“Conservation of energy, a balance has to be maintained. Makes sense.” Alex drew from his knowledge of science to explain the unexplainable. If the gift truly was a natural occurrence it had to follow the same rules as everything else.

“Can I do the opposite and make someone sleepy?”

“Sure, but that’s a lot less fun,” Carrie answered. “May I?” she asked reaching out her hand. Alex took her palm canlı bahis in his and felt a trickle of energy flow from her skin into his. He suddenly perked up, feeling much more lively.

“Thanks!” he said as his eyes widened and pupils dilated with the influx of vigor.

“Any time, little man,” Carrie said with a grin. “Just a dab to keep you up. I know Lily is looking forward to tonight.”

Alex grinned and then blushed, pushing the thought out of his mind and focusing on Carrie. Their times alone together we’re rare and precious and he wouldn’t let himself become distracted.

“Megan and I are selling porn videos of ourselves online. Actually, her brother is,” he confessed, slightly drunk on Carrie’s touch.

“Whaaaat?” Carrie said in slow surprise.

Alex blathered uncontrollably as the events of the past two days poured out of him in unfiltered bursts. “I had it out with Ben. He punched me, well tried to, ended up breaking his hand on the door. He wouldn’t stop spying on Megan so we fucked on camera so he’d see. Oh, and Becky joined us. Apparently, she’s with Ben now.”.

“Woah, woah, slow down. So you and Megan and Becky did the deed on camera to get Ben to stop being a creep? And he didn’t know about you and Megan?” Carrie asked, trying to make sense of Alex’s energetic outburst.

“Yep. Then he found out and tried to sock me. We talked it out and we’re cool. He and Becky are still together,” Alex said, trying to slow down.

“And how did that end up with y’all making porn?” Carrie asked with slanted eyebrows.

Alex continued to spill words, “Ben put the video up for sale. Megan and I did a little role play, pretending to be brother and sister to get the point across. We were wearing masks just to be safe. Apparently, that shit sells because he made five grand in two days.”

“Christ,” Carrie exclaimed.

“Right, so you see where this is going. Meg and I came up with some rules and shut down the peephole. We moved the whole operation into her room and just got done shooting two more videos. She’s a freak but I love it. It’s weird with Ben but he’s been a good sport so far. They’re both super into it.”

“Damn,” Carrie said shaking her head. “You’ve been busy, guess that explains why you were so tired.”

Alex nodded, polishing off the last meatball on his plate. “I’ll send you the link if you want.”

“Nah, that’s okay. I’d rather have the real thing,” she said with a smirk.

Alex laughed. “Can’t argue with that.”

“Any big plans for your camping trip?” Carrie asked.

“Nope, just along for the ride. It’s all Casey.”

“Good, I hope you have fun. You definitely deserve a break.”

“You think they’ll let me have one?” Alex said chuckling.

Carrie waved him off. “You know that’s not what I meant. What we do takes a toll, Alex. You need to recharge and relax and appreciate the good you’ve done.”

“I will,” he said earnestly. “I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

Carrie clasped his hands and Alex closed his eyes, letting her gift fill him. He surrendered to her will and felt a peaceful calm surround him. She tickled his senses, instructing him in discreet ways, enforcing her desire that he relax and accept his reward. He breathed deep and felt a balanced serenity cloak his body.

Snapping his eyes open Alex blurted, “You figured it out!”

“Apparently so,” Carrie said, beaming at him.

Alex grinned back. He’d told her how to manipulate specific emotions and in so doing had given her back a piece of the gift she’d awoken in him. It was beautiful and perfect. Alex rounded the kitchen island and his heart leaped with hers as the two exquisitely unique individuals pulled together in a warm embrace.

“I’m proud of you Carrie,” he said with a chuckle, turning the tables on his one-time mentor.

“Shush stupid, you’re ruining the moment,” she said breathlessly into his chest.

Alex knew what this meant to her; that she had a peer, someone to share who she was. It was beyond precious to her. He had the ability to make her whole in the same way he’d started healing his sister and he realized it shouldn’t be taken lightly.

“I love you,” Alex said. He continued, saying everything he felt, “I wouldn’t be able to do this without you. The advice you give me affects everything I do. I think about you all the time and I couldn’t imagine my life without you. You are everything to me, Carrie.” Alex pulled his partner tight and channeled his gift into her. He surrendered his power to her, not seeking to manipulate or touch her emotions in any way.

Carrie gasped as Alex opened to her. The well of his power sunk below her reach and threatened to drown her. She pulled back, dropping her connection and simply held him tight, lost in the depth of his emotion. She couldn’t hold back the tears as she wept into his chest in response to his heartfelt words.

Carrie looked up with wet eyes from between his arms and said, “You are everything to me too, Alex. Thank you for being what bahis siteleri I hoped you were. You don’t know what that means to me.”

“I do,” Alex answered. “I feel everything about you.”

Carrie whimpered, knowing it was true. She felt the same and there was no sense in denying it. It had been so long since she’d been entirely connected with someone that she forgot what it meant.

An opening door interrupted their tender moment as Casey and Lily walked into the room. Carrie turned away to hide her red eyes, walking up to the sink to wipe her face.

“Hi ladies,” Alex said, stepping out of the kitchen to greet his sisters. Their arms were full of boxes and bags. “Need help?”

“Nope, we’ve got it,” Casey said.

“Just getting ready for tomorrow. Casey told me about the place we’re going, it’s going to be so great!” Lily said excitedly as she set her pile down on the kitchen table and walked over to Carrie. Alex heard them talking quietly while Casey went back into the garage for a second load. Picking up his dinner plate he strolled over to the sink to join his elder sister and Carrie.

“Everything okay?” he heard Lily ask softly. Carrie turned her red eyes toward him and smiled, nodding briefly while Lily stroked her back.

“I’m fine,” Carrie said. “Alex just got me a little emotional,” she added, turning to Lily.

“He can do that,” Lily said and sighed while batting her bright blue eyes at her brother.

Alex heard a thump in the garage and bolted to the door. Opening it, he found Casey underneath a pile of camping gear struggling to stand up. “Are you alright?” he asked in an alarmed voice, reaching down to help her to her feet.

“Yeah, just tripped when I was pulling these tents off the shelf. I guess I could use some help,” Casey admitted.

“At your service,” Alex said. He held out his arms while Casey loaded him up. Back inside he dumped the camping gear on the table and returned for a second and third load.

Looking down at the massive hill of equipment, Alex asked, “How’s all this going to fit in the car?”

“We’ll take mom’s truck. Lily said she’d drive separate,” Casey said.

“Sounds like you have it all figured out,” Alex replied, smiling at his ever-thoughtful little sister.

“It’s going to be great. I can’t wait, I wish we were leaving right now.”

“You can’t go yet, Megan said she was coming over to say goodbye later tonight,” Alex said with a grin.

“Yay! I’d better get busy then, lots to do,” Casey said, pulling a piece of paper from her pocket with a to-do list scribbled down its length.

“Alright, let me know if I can help,” Alex offered again.

“Nope, you go relax. I’ll get Lily to help if I need it,” Casey said, turning her attention back to the list.

Alex went upstairs and took a quick shower, then returned to his room. Rifling through his dresser he pulled on a pair of his new sexy bulge-inducing underwear, then added a comfortable pair of sweatpants and a loose t-shirt. In his office, he checked his work email, responding to a few customers before setting an out-of-office message stating that his next availability would be the following Monday evening.

Switching over to his laptop, Alex checked his personal email and found a letter from his mother. A half dozen pictures of her were attached that showed her having fun in various poses, usually behind either a heaping plate of food, or an ancient stone building. She was in Italy and due to return in several days. The email served as a reminder to pick her up at the airport, she was due back the day after they’d return from the camping trip. Alex drafted a quick message to let his mom know all was well and they were looking forward to seeing her Monday, and then sent it, copying his sisters.

Back downstairs, he curled up on the couch next to Carrie and watched his sister’s pack for the camping trip. The soft redhead leaned against him and eventually dropped her head in his lap. Stroking her bushy mane, he trickled his gift into her and felt her do the same. They played a little game in silence, each choosing an emotion and either inflaming or dousing it slightly. Then the other would have to do the same, first choosing the right one before locating it in their partner. It was fascinating and enthralling as they wove their joy, empathy, love, sympathy, passion, and pride together. Carrie upped the odds, choosing two emotions, Alex responded with three and Carrie silently signaled her defeat. He leaned down and kissed her forehead softly and she nestled deeper into his lap.

Carrie yawned and Alex asked, “Sleepy?”

“Mmm hmm, I’m going to go to bed. Bring Lily up once they’re done.” Carrie lifted up and stretched, her sort shirt rose to reveal a tantalizing glimpse of her pale midriff. She caught Alex looking and smiled. He continued watching as she stood and turned to head upstairs, focusing his attention on her magnificently broad hips and round backside as it bounced out of view.

Standing, he walked to his sisters bahis şirketleri who looked to be wrapping things up. “How’s it going?” he asked.

“Great. We’re pretty much done. I’ll get the food together tomorrow after work and we can leave around three. Does that work for you?” Casey asked

“Yep, I should be home a little after one,” Alex responded. A knock sounded on the front door. “That’ll be Megan, I’ll get it,” Alex said. Opening the door he smiled at Megan who hugged him quickly and strolled through the foyer as Alex closed the door behind her.

“Hi girls,” Megan said cheerfully. “Getting all packed up?”

“Yep. But I’m sad you can’t come,” Casey said, pouting slightly. “Brittany’s super excited though. She’s never been camping before.”

“We’ll just have to plan another trip,” Megan said. “I have to keep the fam happy, seems they think I’ve been spending too much time over here lately.”

“I know,” Casey said, still looking a little down. Alex wasn’t worried, he knew Megan would make up for it later tonight.

Looking at the wall clock Alex was surprised to see it was nearing ten o’clock. “I’m going to head upstairs. Goodnight, everyone.”

“‘Night Alex,” said Casey and Megan. Lily looked up at him expectantly and he bobbed his head, telling her he’d be waiting for her.

Upstairs, he turned out the lights in his room and then crossed the hall to Lily’s room. The door was open and he could see Carrie sitting on the edge of his sister’s bed. She was wearing the red satin kimono robe he’d given her. With a quick change of plans, he darted back into his room and took off all of his clothes except his skimpy briefs. They were white, semi-transparent and did very little to hide what was underneath, if anything they helped exaggerate his already impressive proportions. He wanted Carrie to see, she was the reason he had them but had yet to behold a single item of his new wardrobe. Touching his front, he coaxed his cock to life and watched it swell, pulling the flimsy white material tight around his package. Reaching to a little over half-mast, he smiled with satisfaction and exited his room.

Skipping back to Lily’s room, he swung open the door and strolled into the room. Carrie looked up and her jaw dropped. Alex stepped towards her and walked right between her legs.

“What do you think?”

“That you have good taste. That’s magnificent,” Carrie said breathlessly as she reached up and cupped his package. His cock bobbed in her hand and started growing immediately. Carrie put her hand down and watched as his shaft lengthened and pushed down and out, tenting the stretchy fabric and making it even more see-through. Once he’d reached his limit, she lifted her hand back up and gently stroked his tip. The tight thin material clung to his ridges, she could easily make out every detail of the anatomy underneath, from the thick veins running the length of his shaft, to the tiny slit at the end of his flared crown.

Carrie switched to using two hands, one underneath and one on top, pulling his shaft and fondling his tightly wrapped balls. Alex stepped his feet apart slightly and she was able to pass a hand between his thighs, grasping his backside while resting his cock and balls on her forearm. She continued her exploration for another couple minutes until they heard a sound in the doorway.

“Alex, what are you wearing?!” Lily said in a shocked tone. He turned to show her and she gasped, throwing a hand to her gaping mouth.

“Carrie encouraged me to expand my collection,” Alex said with a grin.

“Funny, she did the same for me,” Lily said.

“And Alex bought me this,” Carrie said, standing and showing off her short red satin robe.

“You both look beautiful. Let me change, I’ll be right back,” Lily said with a smile. Reaching under her desk she slid out the wooden chest. Hiding her actions from view she unlocked it and retrieved a couple of items and then returned the chest to its hiding place. Moving to her closet, Lily reached in and pulled out a thin cotton robe and then left her room.

“She doesn’t want to ruin the surprise, I guess,” Alex said as Carrie sat back on the bed. He joined her, wrapping an arm around her waist and watching the door expectantly for his sister’s return.

Carrie heard Alex’s breath catch as Lily slid back through the doorway. She’d hoped his sister would choose to wear what she had on, Alex deserved to see her in it, after all, he’d given it to her.

Alex stood and held out his arms as Lily approached wearing the pink lace babydoll he’d picked out. Carrie said she looked ravishing in it and Alex was certain that a single word would never do her justice. Her curves filled out the fancy lace top perfectly and the wispy transparent mesh that hung from her proud bust gave her an air of untouchable beauty. But Alex could touch, and he did, wrapping his arms around the most gorgeous creature he’d ever seen.

“I never imagined…” Alex said softly in Lily’s ear, unable to finish his sentence as his sister melted in his embrace.

“You two are a sight to behold.” Carrie wouldn’t choose one over the other for all the money in the world. She also knew she didn’t have to, they were both hers.

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