Airport Fuck

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I am 22, small petite girl. 5’3″, 100, 32a, blonde and shaved pussy. These are all true stories.

I went to spend my summer holiday week off with my parents. On my way back from MI, I had a layover in Chicago. I was with my parents for a week and did not go out and fucked a guy so I was very horny. I never go more than a couple of days without a cock in me and the week was too long. I wanted to be back home soon so I could go out and have fun with all the hot guys and specially the married guys (love fucking married guys). Flight was late in the evening from Chicago and due to mechanical issues that flight was delayed well past mid night now. Being horny I went to the bathroom and played with myself till I came.

I came out feeling a little better. Took my seat at the gate and the seat happened to be across this good looking business suit dressed guy. I saw a ring on his finger too. Looking at him erenköy escort I started to get horny again and I wanted to fuck him or at the very least tease him enough. The airport was quiet, not deserted, but quiet. I was wearing a short skirt and pink thongs. So I nonchalantly opened my legs enough knowing he can see my thongs. Once I realized he had seen and was getting turned on pretending not to notice but stealing a glance when I wasnt looking at him. I bent a little and opened my suitcase pretending to find something and pulled enough sexy panties out of the suitcase on the floor as I continued to look for nothing. I know he saw all the sexy panties that must have turned him on. I looked up as I started to pack my panties and smiled at him and bit my lips seductively and winked at him. He knew what I was doing but being married he was scared to do or say anything.

After a göztepe escort minute, I turned my back to him, squatted on the floor opening my bag again but this time I had my skirt pulled down enough to show him the thong strings on my ass as I continued to play in my bag. He had a good view of my thongs disappearing in my ass crack. I suddenly turned and caught him staring at my ass and asked him, ‘do you like what you see?’ he mumbled yes and I laughed. I said he can see more if he wants. He was not sure what I meant so I walked to him, bent down and whispered in his ear…you have 15 minutes to fuck the shit out of me if you want!

He needed no more invitation and he stood up. I grabbed my stuff and walked to the end of the terminal which was almost empty and quiet and entered the ‘family restroom’ (for those who do not know it is bathrooms where family members, both men and women kadıköy escort can go and take care of their kids diaper needs). He was right behind and we locked the door and I had him pushed against the wall as we kissed and I raised one leg around his waist, feeling my skirt ride high. We kissed as he grabbed my naked ass and pushed my thongs to the side and started to finger fuck me while we stood. His touch and having a guy on me made me so wet and within a minute I was cumming on his finger. He pulled out, licked his fingers clean, dropped his pants and pulled his cock out. I went down on my knees, started to suck him and made him real hard and thick.

I then walked to the wash basin, bent down and supported myself with it, spread my legs with my ass to him and asked him to fuck me. He took his hard cock and shoved it deep in my wet wet pussy. He pumped me hard and quick and strong and came hard. We cleaned ourselves and came out and waited for our flight to leave. We never asked each others name or anything. I am sure he was happy as he did not want any drama later and get caught by his wife. I had my fix at the airport and I slept on my way home flight.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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