Air Charter Ch. 02

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Authors note: After a multitude of requests, here is chapter 2 of Air Charter. I’m not sure if a chapter 3 will be coming or not. I may choose to leave what happens next to your imagination. Or I might not.


In some ways it wasn’t quite fair. I mean I’ve never been one to be deceitful, but in this case it seemed like the right thing to do. Kim was waiting at the cabin and my job was to get Amy there without any argument.

“Adam! What’s’ going on? Your phone call was more than a little bit cryptic,” Amy asked as she practically ran across the tarmac at the Chicago Dupage County Airport, pulling the wheeled suitcase behind her.

“Oh. Kim is having an absolute fit. She’s demanding that you come at once and refusing to come home until you come get her,” I said with a scowl. “You so owe me for screwing up my vacation!” I said pretending to be angry as I took the case from her and stuffed it into the hold under the cabin of my twin engine turbo prop. Truth be told I’d had a bit of a crush on Amy since I started flying her and Kim around the country. I’d of course told her about it, sorta, but been shut down cold every time I’d tried to entice her into anything personal.

As Kim had told me, Amy was the perfect professional personal assistant. She was a whiz at keeping her schedule in order, able to handle a myriad of details without bothering Kim and in some cases, was as adept at running the lingerie business every bit as good as Kim. The only real difference was that Amy wasn’t a super model. In her own right she was good looking. Five and a half feet, not skinny but not fat, modestly large chest, creamy white skin and short cut auburn hair. To me she looked damn sexy, no matter what she was wearing. Today, in a tight fitting, short skirted dress, she looked even more so.

I followed her up the stairs to the plane, closing the stairway door just in time to watch her bend over and thread her way into the right hand co-pilots seat of the plane, her skirt pulling up far enough to show me that she had on pink lacy panties under the powder blue dress.

“I’m so sorry. I know I pushed you to take her. I’ll make it up to you somehow,” she said as I stepped over the center console and settled into the left seat. I handed her a pair of bulky headphones with a microphone attached and then picked up my own somewhat slimmer designed headset and mic. I remained silent as I flipped through the startup procedure, spinning both turbines up before keying the microphone.

“Dupage tower. X-ray Alpha Gulf Foxtrot Seven ready for departure.”

“Roger X-ray Alpha Gulf. You are cleared to taxiway W William to Runway 2 Left. Hold at the ramp.”

“Roger. Taxiway W William to 2 Left and hold,” I answered as I throttled up, the only aircraft at the moment on the tarmac with an engine running. In moments we were bouncing along the narrow strip of pavement that would take us all the way south to the very end of the seventy-five hundred foot runway. It was well more than we’d need with the light load I had on board, but I wasn’t going to complain. I stopped just before reaching the end of the runway and checked both engines and props, making sure everything was working properly before radioing the tower back. “Dupage tower. X-ray Alpha Gulf holding at two Left.”

“Roger X-ray Alpha Gulf, you are cleared onto the runway. Depart turning left and contact Chicago flight following at five thousand.”

“Roger that tower. X-ray Alpha Gulf rolling,” I answered. Taking off from a smaller airport like this one was always more relaxing than trying to fight the big boys at someplace like O’Hare or Midway. I let off the brakes and rolled onto the end of the runway, turning the plane to line up down the center line before pushing the throttles full on.

“So how long?” Amy asked over the headset as the plane launched itself up from the pavement and I snapped the landing gear handle into the stow position.

“About four hours,” I answered, letting my voice soften, no longer having to maintain the fiction that I used to get her here and on the plane. I reached into my pocket and pulled out the note that Kim had written for her, a note I wasn’t supposed to give to her until we were in the air.

“What’s this?”

“A note from Kim,” I answered.

“What’s it say?”

“I dunno. She told me not to read it,” I answered with a shrug. “Chicago center, X-ray Alpha Gulf Foxtrot Seven climbing to fifteen thousand.”

“Roger X-ray Alpha Gulf Foxtrot Seven. Climbing to fifteen thousand.”

“And you didn’t? Read it I mean?” she asked as she unfolded the paper.

“Nope. I guessed it wasn’t my business. I’m just following orders to get you on the plane and get you there anyway I can.”

Amy frowned and looked down at the note, reading it slowly. She flipped the paper over and back again, as if looking for more information.

“And you have no idea what this is about?”

“All I know is that I have specific orders from her highness to fetch you. She said everything else you needed to know was ataşehir escort in the note.”

“But it doesn’t tell me all that much.”

“Well, she was adamant. She wasn’t coming home until you got there. I couldn’t very well leave her there forever, could I?”

“Well, no. But what triggered this? I mean did you do anything to her?”

“Besides throw her ass in the lake the first day? Not really,” I answered.

“You really threw her in the lake?”

“Yep. Picked her up, hauled her ass over my shoulder to the end of the pier and threw her right into the water. She was none too happy about it either.”

“I don’t imagine she was,” Amy answered quietly.

“All I know is she wanted you to follow the directions in the note. I have no idea what it is, but as long as it doesn’t crash the plane, I’d say it’d be best to do them. I mean you know how damn irritating she can get when her suggestions aren’t followed.”

“Suggestions? Is that what you call em?”

“She thinks they’re suggestions.” I chuckled.

“She does?”


“So. In the last three days, you two have, what? Chatted?”

“Well, there isn’t all that much to do up there if you don’t fish or hike, and you know how much she loves the outdoors.”

“Yeah. Sometimes I wonder if she’d even go outside at all if she could avoid it.”

“I understand. So what’s the note say?”

“Just some personal stuff.”

“Personal stuff?”

“Yeah. You know. Personal stuff.”

“Okay. So that personal stuff made me fly all the way back to Chicago, not counting the nearly two hours of a rough Jeep ride down the mountain and back up. I’d kinda like to know what kind of personal stuff was so important.”

“She’s mad at me.”

“About?” I asked as I leveled the plane off at fifteen thousand feet. “Hang on a second. “Chicago center. X-ray Alpha Gulf Foxtrot Seven level at fifteen thousand.”

“Roger X-ray Alpha Gulf Foxtrot Seven. Contact Minneapolis center on three two one point three zero. Have a good day!”

“Roger Chicago center. Switching to Minneapolis center on three two one three zero.” I answered. Before turning back to Amy. “So why’s she mad at you?”

“Because of you.”


“Uh huh. You told her that I would sleep with you for a weekend if you took her with you.”

“Yeah. I did. Just kinda came out in a discussion.”

“A discussion? Must have been some discussion.”

“Actually, it was an angry one. But then that first day we had more than one of those.”

“I take it she didn’t much like the trip?”

“She didn’t like the ride up to the cabin, she didn’t like that there’s no indoor plumbing, she didn’t like that there’s no cell phone service up there, no electricity, and no computer. Should I go on? It only took me about five minutes and I’d had enough and threw her in the lake. The conversation came later.”

“So you what? Threatened to bring her home and she’s now refusing?”

“Something like that. Said she wasn’t going anywhere until I went and got you. So here I am.”

“So here we are,” she agreed. “What was so bad about the ride to the cabin?”

I looked over at her sitting in her high heels and light weight mini-dress, the front cut down well below her breasts, thinking just how much fun I was going to have on the drive up the mountain, since that particular style dress pretty much prevented wearing any kind of bra. I’d always thought she had pretty nice looking tits, though I’d never seen them bare. I suspected that before the day was out I would.

We made good time and soon landed at Crested Butte. Ten minutes of work to prep the plane for storage again and we were off in the well-worn Jeep. As the wind whipped around through the missing doors it kept blowing her skirt up her legs. I couldn’t help but grin to myself at the sight of her lacy pink panties, the hardon growing in my shorts. While I found Kim attractive, physically, I found Amy attractive in many more ways. I’d always wondered why she’s spurned my obvious flirts, until Kim dropped the bomb on me that the two of them were more than just friends, but lovers as well. But even knowing that didn’t stop my body from reacting to the attraction I felt for her.

I turned off the highway and onto the gravel road, the Jeep bouncing and jolting at each hole, making her large tits bounce enticingly in the dress top. My hardon was almost uncomfortable in my shorts by the time I pulled off the gravel onto the winding dirt track I called a road up to the cabin. We bounced and jostled over the rough track, Amy’s breasts bouncing clear out of the top of her dress every so often.

“It’s getting late. We should have stopped for supper,” she said, hanging onto the seat with one hand and the windshield with the other

“Not a problem. Kim said she’d have dinner ready when we got back,” I said as I gripped the wheel with both hands as I approached the same log that Kim had stripped at.

“Kim? Cook? You do live dangerously!” she said as the front bagdat caddesi escort wheels launched over the log, the Jeep coming down hard on the other side. I eased the rear wheels up to the log and bounced over it, stopping on the other side. I shut the engine down, letting the sounds of the wind through the pines waft over us.

“So. This is pretty much where it started.”

“Where what started?”

“The conversations. She was having some wardrobe trouble, kind of like you,” I said nodding down toward the front of her dress where one of her large round breasts had shifted enough to completely expose one of her nipples and about half of her areola.

She looked down, squeaked a little and pulled her dress top to cover her exposed nipple. “Sorry about that,” she mumbled, blushing a little.

“No need to apologize. I’ve been enjoying the view,” I answered honestly. “Anyway, she was having more trouble than that, and I said I’d let her change into something more appropriate. Surprisingly, her version of more appropriate was to get naked.”

“She stripped? Right here?”

“Uh huh. Rode the rest of the way up to the cabin naked. Worked out okay though. That way she didn’t have a lot of wet clothes when I threw her in the lake.”

“Well, she’s been seen by a lot of guys naked. I guess you’re just one more on the list.”

“Yeah. Sorta. I agreed that it wasn’t fair and let her convince me to strip too.”

“You? You stripped naked with her?”

“Well, after her, but yeah,” I said suddenly feeling a little self conscious.

“And she wanted you to?”

“She said it was the fair thing to do.”

“Sometimes I don’t understand her.”

“Well, you’ll understand this less then. She wanted you to do the same thing. Something about if you showed up at the cabin dressed that she’d personally throw YOU into the lake, and the lake isn’t exactly warm.”

“She wants me to strip? In front of you?”

“That’s what she said.”

“And if I don’t?”

“You get thrown in the lake, and just so you know, the lake temperature right now is about sixty degrees.”

“And what? You’re supposed to just sit there and watch me?”

“Nope. I’m supposed to strip with you.”

“Wait. She wants both of us to get naked? What’s she thinking?”

“She’s your boss. You tell me.”

“Well, I’m not going to! Not in front of you!” she said, crossing her arms over her chest.

I looked down at my watch. “Well, we’ve got plenty of time. You made better time to the airport than I expected,” I said, leaning back and putting one foot up on the hump between the seats.

She sat for long seconds, her arms crossed in front of her. “Why?” she finally asked.

“Why what?”

“Why do I have to get naked?”

“I guess because she wants you too.”

“I think it’s just to humiliate me.”

“Humiliate you? How so? I mean weren’t you the one that suggested that you’d have sex with me for a whole weekend to get me to take her on vacation with me? I mean, come on now. Getting undressed in front of me is now somehow humiliating? You’d have to have gotten undressed in front of me for that, right?”

“Well. Yeah.”

“So getting undressed to get me to take her wouldn’t be, but getting undressed after I did, is?”

“That does sound kind of stupid, doesn’t it?”

“Uh huh.”

“So you have to get undressed too?”

“That’s what she said.”

“Okay. So you go first.”

“Alright. As long as you realize that I’m not moving this Jeep until you’re naked,” I said as I moved to climb out of the Jeep. I pulled my t-shirt off and tossed it on the seat, quickly skimming my shorts off and tossing them on the pile I was making. I took a quick, deep breath and pushed down my boxer briefs, my hardon poking out and waving around as I lifted each leg to step out of my underwear. I added the underwear to the pile and then moved the whole pile between the seats. “Okay. Your turn,” I said as I sat back down in the bucket seat, my dick sticking up like a flag pole.

She sat, staring at my engorged shaft and mushroom head. “God you’re hard. Are you turned on by this? By me getting naked?”

“A bit,” I answered honestly. “I mean you KNOW that I’ve been attracted to you since I met you. Having your tits popping out of that dress all the way up here hasn’t hurt any either.”

“God damn. Men are all the same. Fine. You wanna see me naked?” she asked as she undid her seat belt and stepped out of the Jeep. She quickly pulled the dress up and over her head, tossing it between the seats before reaching down and pushing the tiny pink lace panties down and off, her easily D cup tits swinging side to side as she stepped from foot to foot. Her nipples were nearly as large around as my index finger, sticking out almost as far as they were wide, each one centered in the middle of a three inch or larger pink circle of puckered areola. Her stomach was trim, but not muscular, and her thighs looked creamy and soft. Unlike Kim, she wasn’t uniformly bostancı escort tanned, leaving large cream colored triangle shaped patches on each breast and between her legs. Unlike Kim, she wasn’t shaved, but had a nicely trimmed little arrow of dark auburn curls pointing toward her fat puffy pussy lips.

I lost sight of her below the waist as she walked around the Jeep, stopping at the door space next to my seat. “Well? You wanna do it here?”

“Huh?” I asked stupidly.

She stepped to the side and rested her hands on the back fender, bending over and sticking her ass out, her big tits swinging below her chest. “That’s the idea isn’t it? That’s what all you guys want. Get em naked and then fuck em? Well, I promised you a fuck, why not come get it?”

I shook my head in amazement. “You know. This is the kind of thing I’d have expected from Kim. Not you. You’ve always been nice, sweet, gentle. This… This is… This is just not the YOU I’ve seen.”

“Well, it’s the me you get when you wanna treat me like a piece of meat. So come fuck me and get it over with.”

I didn’t bother to move from my seat. “Yeah. I’d love to have sex with you. But not like this,” I said shaking my head.

“Why not? You’re a guy, right? Isn’t that the goal? Strip em and fuck em?”

“Not all guys are like that.”

“The hell they aren’t,” she said as she straightened up and started back around the Jeep. She climbed in and buckled her seat belt. “Well. I’m naked. Let’s go.”

“If you say so.” I answered, reaching down and starting the engine. I was more than a little surprised at her sudden change in demeanor, and I had no idea what had caused it. Since I’d known her she’d been nothing but sweet. While the naked thing, suggested by Kim, was supposed to be a bit of an ice breaker between the two of us, something that Kim THOUGHT that Amy wanted. Now I wasn’t so sure. Maybe going to get her had been a big mistake. Maybe something in the note, which I hadn’t read, and now wished I had, was provoking this response. Either way, I wasn’t nearly as turned on as I was only minutes ago. Even watching her bare breasts bounce and sway as we made our way up the rough road wasn’t having the effect on me one would expect. No, suddenly I wasn’t convinced that the rest of the week was going to be all that my mind had conjured up. “So. What did her note say?” I asked as we bounced through a particularly deep rut.

“Just some stuff,” she said evasively.

“Is that what’s got you upset?” I asked, gripping the wheel tightly and glancing over at her.


“Partly? What’s the other part?”


“Me? What did I do?”

“Well, for one thing, you weren’t exactly honest with me.”

I was pretty sure I knew what she was talking about, me telling her it was an emergency to get her out here. But I wasn’t going to offer. “How so?” I asked instead.

She twisted herself in her seat and glared at me. “You said this was an emergency. Somehow, getting naked in the woods with you doesn’t FEEL like an emergency. You also got naked with Kim. THAT by itself isn’t exactly normal. Have you been fucking her too?”

I stopped the Jeep and looked over at her. “I thought you two were lovers. What makes you think that she’d even have any interest in having sex with a guy, let alone me?”

“Just the fact that she told you that makes me believe something else is going on here. She wouldn’t say that unless you’d tried to push yourself on her. Is that what made her so mad? You got naked around her and couldn’t keep your hands off of her? I thought you were different. I though you weren’t like other guys, wanting to get into her pants just because of how she looks. How could I have been so wrong?”

“I think you better ask her,” I answered with a frown, dropping the Jeep into a lower gear and letting out the clutch again. I was suddenly glad that the cabin was only a couple more turns away.

We rolled into the grassy front yard of the cabin, the road just sort of ending where the ground leveled out. Kim must have heard us drive in, stepping out of the door as we rolled to a stop a dozen yards from the front porch. She was wearing high heels and a flowery, flowing dress that was semi-sheer, her body teasingly visible through the thin material. Somehow she’d managed to get her hair done up and makeup on so that she looked every bit the model as she did when she stepped onto the plane four days ago.

“AMY!” Kim said cheerfully as she stepped off the porch toward us. “Oh. I see that Adam took my suggestion. Did you enjoy the drive up naked as much as I did?”

“Your suggestion? I thought it was an order. A direct command,” Amy said sharply, as she looked over at me climbing out of the Jeep.

“Well, suggestion, order. They’re pretty much the same, aren’t they?”

“Not so much,” Amy said as she slipped out of the seat. “So how much has he taken advantage of you?”

“Taken advantage of me? Why would you think such a thing? He has been the consummate gentleman. He’s shown me things that I had no idea existed, and he’s included me in things that I never thought I’d do.”

Amy looked at me as Kim hooked an arm around her shoulders and drew her toward the cabin while I pulled her suitcase from the back of the Jeep. “He didn’t force himself on you? Make you have sex with him?”

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