A Winter Vacation

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“Honey, do you think we should continue? This storm seems to be getting worse the further we get from home.”

Mom’s voice reflected her concern for our safety as dad continued foraging ahead into the heavy winter snowfall. The highway was covered with at least two inches of new snow that had fallen since the last snowplow made its pass that way.

Our family, dad, mom, my sister Liz and I were on our way to spend ten days at our cabin in the mountains. It was Christmas break and Liz and I had two glorious weeks off from our studies at the state university and, thanks to one of dad’s inspired suggestions, the family was on our way to spend the Holiday together for what might just be the last time the all of us would be able to spend quality time together.

Apparently dad had suggested the getaway sometime after Thanksgiving and mom entered into the whole thing enthusiastically. She fired off an Email to Liz and me and since neither of us had any other plans for Christmas break, we both agreed and now we were on our way. Christmas gifts were packed in the back of the 4×4 pickup under the canopy, as were our cross-country skies, a toboggan, our winter clothing, sleeping bags and the food we would need for our stay at the cabin. Since dad’s truck was an extended cab model, mom sat in the back seat with Liz and I sat up front with dad while he drove.

The cabin had been the scene of many grand weekend trips as well as more than a few weeklong vacation stays over the years. Except for several times when dad and some of his buddies from work had used the cabin in late autumn for deer hunting excursions, we had never tried to use the place in cold weather. Why, I’m not certain except that no one ever thought of it, I guess.

I suppose that if any of us had given consideration to the fact that the cabin, while snug enough for warm weather stays, was totally devoid of insulation, we well might have found some other locale for our Holiday trip. Certainly we would have equipped ourselves with sleeping bags that were more suited to extreme cold. As it was, we assumed that a roaring fire in the old fashioned wood fired range as well as in the large fireplace would be enough to keep us reasonably comfortable.

It was a little after lunchtime when dad turned off the pavement onto the single lane gravel road that led toward the cabin. A half hour later we arrived at the place where snowplows turned around after opening the road to the last farm that was occupied on a year-round basis. Dad drove on into the farmyard and stopped to speak with the farmer and asked if it would be all right to park in the cleared space the plows left. He explained that we planned to ski on up to the cabin and spend a few days. The farmer laughed heartily and said, “Now I’ve heard everything. It’s not bad enough that we have to live up here in this stuff. Now you folks want to come up here and stay when you don’t even have to. Yeah, go ahead and leave your truck down there. I’ll see that those guys don’t bury it and even if they do, I have to plow my road so I’ll see that you can get out when you have had your fill of ‘roughing it’ and want to get somewhere warm.”

With that, dad turned around and drove back to the cleared area. After parking, mom dug out sandwiches she had made up just for the occasion. After eating, we loaded all our supplies on the toboggan and with everything lashed firmly in place, fastened our skies to our boots and we set off up the snow clogged roadway. Fortunately the cabin was located about three miles further up the road. I say fortunately because none of us were in shape for an extended cross-country ski trip and it required several rest breaks before we arrived at the cabin. Had the distance to travel been much greater, I doubt any of us would have had much energy left for opening the cabin and to get the fires going.

As soon as our skies were off and the door was open, dad got busy with kindling and wood he had left inside just for the purpose of having ready material that would start to burn easily. I found a shovel and cleared snow from the porches and the path to the outhouse/woodshed while mom and Liz freed the ropes that bound our belongings to the toboggan and began to carry things inside.

One thing that was not required for our trip this time was ice for the icebox. Our only concern was that things not freeze while inside the cabin and the icebox!

With the important paths shoveled clear of snow, I took a bucket and headed for the spring, hoping that there would be enough open water to fill the bucket. Fortunately, water was gurgling freely from the pipe and I soon had the first of what would prove to be many buckets of water. The hand carried buckets of water were all we had for washing and cooking and everyone had long ago learned to be sparing of the stuff if they didn’t want to be the one to refill the bucket once it was empty.

While I went for water, dad had got a couple of our old Coleman casino siteleri lanterns going and mom found candles she lighted, both for light and warmth. It seemed that our guess that fires in the kitchen range and the fireplace would keep us snug was a little short of the mark and every little spark of fire was sorely needed! We knew, of course, the initial warming would be slow but with no prior experience getting the place thawed, had grossly misjudged the amount of time it would take to get fully comfortable.

Daylight was long gone by the time we were able to remove our coats and relax before the women took on the chore of preparing dinner. The kitchen area is hardly big enough to accommodate mom and Liz, let alone dad and me and we would have been under foot had we ventured a helping hand.

The dinner menu consisted of diced, fried new potatoes, sautéed canned button mushrooms, snow (get the irony there?) peas, and broiled steaks so there was little need for more than the two cooks anyway.

With dinner out of the way and the dishes washed and put away, I washed – dad dried, we sat at the table and played cards for an hour or so. I guess our unaccustomed trip on skies had tired everyone because it wasn’t much after nine-thirty when dad yawned and said, “Hey guys, I hate to be a party poop but…”

Mom laughed and said, “Yeah right, but this one time, I think maybe it is time for bed too. Don’t think I’m quite as young as I thought I was.”

Sure, at thirty-eight mom was pretty much at the end of her rope but I had the good sense to keep my mouth shut. The sleeping area in the cabin is a one-room loft with two double beds and is accessed by a hinged stairway that can be raised out of the way when no one is in the loft. Naturally mom and dad zipped their two sleeping bags together and formed one large bag for both of them. Liz and I had historically placed our sleeping bags on the mattress and slept side-by-side but in our own individual bags and that arrangement had worked pretty well over the years. Dressing and undressing had been the only difficult thing and even at that, by studiously looking the other way we had avoided seeing one another with nothing on. Besides that, when we were young, we were sound asleep by the time mom and dad came to bed and I have no idea how they managed or if they even tried.

Certainly in warmer weather, both Liz and I ended up being half out of the confines of our sleeping bags but with underwear and tee shirts we were covered pretty much the way we were when we ran around the house at home whenever we thought we could get away with it. Fortunately that was most of the time.

Anyhow, Liz and I elected to stay up for a while longer after mom and dad disappeared up the retractable stairway. Since we couldn’t seem to think of a card game for two that we wanted to play, we soon put the cards away and simply talked about our experiences at school.

Always before, by tacit agreement, we had avoided talking about our love lives so neither knew much about whom the other was seeing or what, if any, sexual experiences we may have had. Thus, our sex lives had been a taboo subject, well perhaps not taboo but we did choose to avoid discussing the tender subject. I assumed Liz had had, at least, some experience in the sack with guys; certainly I thought she must have been into some pretty heavy petting and more than likely had done a bit of oral stuff if nothing more. That probably was wishful thinking, as while I had never gone as far as to suggest I was sexually active, I did try to leave the impression I knew a damn sight more than I actually did. Fact is, except for some pretty hot necking and kissing and one time when a girl had tried to stroke my erection through my jeans, God, what a disaster that was, my actual knowledge of sex was very limited. Although I didn’t know it then, Liz was about as inexperienced as I was.

By the time Liz and I gave up with the cards and put them away, I could hear snores that could only have been from dad. Since mom didn’t try to shush him, I assumed that she, too, was asleep. That is why I felt it safe to say, “So Liz, getting much?”

“Wha…Oh you ass, of course not. Besides, I wouldn’t tell you even if I were getting it on a regular basis every night. I’m surprised you would think me the sort of girl that would fuck some guy and then tell the world about it.”

“Hey sis, calm down. I was only asking if you have been having fun, not how much or with whom. Besides, if I thought you were doing it with some guy or a girl for that matter, I’d be that last one to breath a word of it to anyone else. I guess I’m just curious and making conversation is all.”

“Well it’s none of your business what I do. And what’s that shit about me and another girl? Jesus, do you think I’m the sort that would be doing it with another girl?”

“Hey Liz, what do I know about that shit? It’s probably locker room bullshit but some seem to think canlı casino girls, or at least, some girls enjoy girl/girl stuff. At least part of the time anyhow.”

“Well, I’m not one of them. At least I don’t think I am. Now, how about you? Since you brought the subject up, are you getting much? Any?”

“Oh yeah, how about nada, zero, zip? Would you believe that?”

“Ah poor Timmy, no pussy at all?”

I shrugged as if to say, “So what’s the big deal? Probably a hell of a lot of guys aren’t getting any,” and said, “So, getting laid isn’t everything, you know.”

Liz just looked thoughtful for a time and then said, “Probably not but it does seem to use up a lot of time thinking about it, doesn’t it? You know, you may be right about it not being everything though. On the other hand, ever consider we might feel that way because we aren’t getting any? Anyhow, all I can say is that I do hope I get to go with a guy sometime that doesn’t get so excited he blows his load the moment I touch his dick though. Nothing quite like a guy with his shorts soaked with his own cum to bring an abrupt end to a mediocre date.”

I sat in silence for a moment then said, “Yeah, tell me about it. I did manage to get mine stroked a time or two before I embarrassed myself though.”

“Oh. Did she actually have her hand on it?”

“Naw, only through my jeans.”

Liz laughed, “Guess I’m one up on you then. I at least got my hand inside his pants and actually touched bare skin before everything went south. Jesus, you guys sure do pump out stuff that’s messy and sticky. It’s a good thing I was wearing jeans or I wouldn’t have had a thing to wipe my hands on after he came all over me. Woulda served him right if I wiped on his tee shirt. Didn’t even think of it until I had already soiled my own pants though.”

I laughed and said, “My, we ARE a hell of a pair to draw to aren’t we? Well, guess it must be about time to turn in. Guess I better get both fires stoked up for the night and kindling ready for morning though.”

I went outside to the woodshed to get an armload of wood so I could stoke the fires one last time and Liz came along to get a generous armload of kindling. It was still snowing hard and I commented that with any luck at all we would become snowbound and have to miss school after the first of the year. “Yeah, wouldn’t that be great?” Then, with hardly a pause, she continued, “How much do you suppose has accumulated anyhow?”

It was a simple matter to take a stick of kindling and plunge it into the new snow. I marked the snow line on the stick with my finger and straightened and mused, “Must be all of seven inches.”

“So how is it you seem to know exactly where seven inches is on that stick?”

I laughed and said, “Liz, I think I am pretty well acquainted with how much seven inches is; hell I should, I have to hold that much often enough.”

Laughing, Liz gasped, “That much huh? Must be terrible, going around with that much and not having anywhere wet and warm to put it.”

I had a rejoinder on the tip of my tongue but thought better of uttering it; it occurred to me that I had better knock that sort of talk off before I managed to get myself into a bunch of trouble. Back inside and with both fires burning hot, Liz and I went back outside, she to use the outhouse and me to piss a hole in the snow.

Inside the confines of the cabin once again, Liz and I sat down and removed our boots before dropping our jeans. Clad as we were in thermal knit underwear, neither of us got to see much of each other, like nothing at all, and we went up to our bed. I politely followed my sister up the steep stairway and, had she paused suddenly, I would have had my nose shoved into the cleft of her ass. Alas, nothing like that happened and I had to content myself by contemplating what could happen if she were willing and I could, somehow, get up courage enough to make a move. Before ascending the stairs, I turned the gas off on the last lantern still burning and the dieing illumination was just enough to permit us to see our way up the stairs. Once at the foot of our bed, there was barely enough light to see as we both removed our shirts and tossed them onto the bed. Then Liz whispered, “Timmy, look away please, I’m going to take my bra off.”

It was totally dark by that time but, dutifully, I started to turn away as requested but Liz touched me in the darkness to let me know it was okay if I wanted to watch. Would have been wonderful if only the light from the lantern had lasted a bit longer! For all the good it did to watch my sister remove her bra in the total darkness, I may just as well have looked away because, either way, I wouldn’t have seen her tits or anything more than a dim outline of someone standing near me. At that, I believe anything I saw was mostly in my mind; certainly my eyes weren’t much help!

Mostly by feel, we found our own sleeping bags and crawled into kaçak casino them. Surprisingly, an amazing amount of heat had risen in the cabin and the sleeping area wasn’t very cold at all. Actually, shortly after closing the zipper and snuggling down, I had to unzip and, eventually, open the button closure at the top of my long underwear. Before long, rustling and the sound of a zipper told me that Liz, too, was a bit too warm and was trying to get comfortable.

Then, without saying a word, I felt my sister’s hand snake over and fumble around until she found my hand and we stayed with hands clasped for several minutes. I relaxed when Liz tried to drag my hand toward her and let her place it squarely atop her right breast.

Holding hands had been fun and comfortable; having my hand on my sister’s bare breast was an out-of-this-world experience and my cock instantly grew rock hard. Not that anything came of it but a guy can hope, even if it is his own sister he is feeling. It would have been nice if Liz had put her hand inside my sleeping bag and underwear to hold my dick but with my luck I would probably have filled her hand with cum and I already knew her thoughts about that sort of thing!

Nothing more happened before I fell asleep and that is amazing since I had been contemplating the feel of a female breast for so long I should have been way too excited to sleep when it finally happened. I did feel a bit guilty knowing that it was my own sister I was feeling up but, since it wasn’t of my doing, I relaxed and let myself enjoy the feel of her warm flesh.

The cabin, totally devoid of insulation, must have cooled quickly but if and when it did, I wasn’t aware. I only know that I awakened to the sound of dad building the fires up when morning arrived. A quick glance toward the mound that was my sister in her sleeping bag reassured me that she, too, must have got cold during the night and zipped her bag all the way to the top. Thankful that I hadn’t been caught with my hand on my sister’s breast, I turned my attention to the immediate problem; I had a terrific, piss induced, woody. I was faced with the problem of how to get out of bed without either mom or Liz becoming aware of my obviously aroused condition. The longer I stayed in bed thinking about it, the worse it got until, finally, I had no choice but to swallow my sense of propriety and let them see me should either be awake.

Bundled as I was, I had no way of knowing my erection had forced the fly opening of my underwear open enough to allow the entire length of my fully engorged dick to protrude into view. Had I been paying attention rather than watching to see that mom was asleep, I might have been able to tuck myself back in before I opened the sleeping bag wide and swung my legs over the edge of the bed.

As luck would have it, my sudden movement caught mom’s attention and her eyes were wide by the time I noticed just what she was looking at. I knew there was no way to tuck myself away gracefully and I turned my back so my throbbing cock wouldn’t be the object of mom’s attention. Of course, turning my back toward mom exposed everything I wished to conceal to my sister’s avid gaze and I gave up, muttered, “Aw shit,” and did my best to get my dick back into my underwear.

Mom giggled at my discomfort and then apologized saying, “Oh Tim, I’m sorry, don’t be embarrassed, you should be proud the Good Lord was so generous when he made that part of you.”

Liz giggled and said, “Amen to that Mom. I imagine that thing will be the answer to some young thing’s prayers – if it isn’t already.”

I didn’t respond to either of them, didn’t even say as much as a ‘Good morning’ as I made my hasty way down the stairway. At that, I had to pause long enough to slip into my boots before going outside. It was while enjoying the blessed relief one gets when the pressure is finally off that I heard the door open and saw mom make her way toward the outhouse. I guess she had to pee rather badly herself, as she had only taken time to slip into her boots before coming outside. My sister followed immediately behind mom and she was dressed pretty much the same as mom was. Since mom reached the outhouse first, Liz came on toward where I still stood with my dick in hand. Upon reaching me, she said, “Tim, would you mind turning away, I can’t wait for mom to finish.” Then she giggled and added, “Jesus, would you listen to me, here I have the gall to ask you to look away while about all I can see is you holding your cock. Forget it, go ahead and watch if you wish.”

With that, Liz tugged her long johns down to her boot tops and tried to squat so she could pee. I saw right away that if she didn’t squat until her bare butt was in the snow, she was going to pee on her underwear and boots. I guess Liz noticed too because she looked up at me with a rather forlorn expression and said, damn, now what do I do?”

Silently and without bothering to shake the last drop or putting my dick away, I stepped close and held out my arm so that Liz could hold on and shift her weight until she could pee without wetting her clothing or filling her boots. Liz looked up and said appreciatively, “Thanks Tim, that was a big help.”

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