A Sister’s Awakening Ch. 04

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Vanessa arrived home just before dinner time and didn’t get a chance to chat to Megan before hand. Consequently, she sat at the table, quietly eating and only half answering questions from the rest of the family about how her day had been. She could hardly just yell out that she had discovered that what she really liked was eating pussy! So she sat through dinner, her panties wet as her mind kept wandering back over the day’s activities, Megan casting sly inquiring glances in her direction. Vanessa could tell that Megan was desperate beyond measure to get her along and question her as to how it had gone.

And that of course left another dilemma in Vanessa’s mind. Could she do with her sister what she had done with Cindy this afternoon? Cindy had sent her home with a present for Megan that clearly indicated that she expected exactly that to happen. She thought that was a little presumptuous of Cindy, but had been in a daze on cloud nine after their love-making session and in no condition to say no to anything Cindy had suggested at that point. She hadn’t really resolved in her mind as to whether she could go through with it or not and had left it at letting Megan kiss her and seeing what would happen from there. Megan’s arguments as to why it wouldn’t be that bad were starting to swing her way. Not to mention the chance of getting pleasure like she had this afternoon whenever Megan was at home.

Megan sat through dinner watching her sister. Vanessa seemed very introspective this evening, but had a glow about her that Megan was well accustomed to. After all, she often returned form Cindy’s house with that same air of satisfaction about her. She was getting herself wet looking at how beautiful her sister was and thinking about what it would have looked like to watch her sister and her girlfriend tongue each other into oblivion.

Dinner seemed to drag forever for both of the girls as they wanted to be anywhere but in front of their parents. Trust Mum to come up with a 3 course meal tonight ‘just because she felt like doing something special!’ Finally the meal ended and the girls were allocated clean up duties. They started the dishes quietly, discussing this that and everything but the afternoon as their parents were in and out before settling down in the living room to watch some TV. Once they had finally been left alone for a bit, Megan desperately asked Vanessa,

“So, did you have fun? Did you do anything?”

“Yeah, I had a great time, we talked and played on her x-box for awhile and …” started Vanessa

“That’s not what I meant and you know it!” said the exasperated Megan. She had been waiting all afternoon and evening to find out and now Vanessa was stringing her along, using her sister’s frustration for fun! “Did you even show her the panties that I sent you over in?” asked Megan, beginning to doubt that anything had happened and that perhaps she had misread the signs on her face over dinner.

“Yes, I did show her the panties, and she said to say thanks for returning them.”

“Oh come on, tell me you tease, tell me what happened … please?”

“Well, I’ll tell you this much, she really enjoyed getting them back and I had a wonderful afternoon. You’ll have to wait until tonight before you get to hear any of the details ’cause I don’t want anyone walking in mid-discussion.”

“Awwww, ok, if that’s the way it has to be, I guess I’ll have to wait. But I don’t have to like it!” laughed Megan. They finished the dishes and Megan indicated to everyone that she was going up to her room to listen to some music with some less than subtle hints to Vanessa that she should come up and listen to.

Vanessa told her that she’d be up in awhile, but that she wanted to watch some TV first (enjoying the chance to make Meg wait). Megan rolled her eyes in disgust as she ascended the stairs, leaving everyone else alone to watch Television.

After watching a bit of telly, and her parents snuggling on the couch, Vanessa decided that it was high time she was elsewhere and went to put Megan out of her misery. She went upstairs and was about to go into Megan’s room when she hesitated. She could hear a faint buzzing sound that she didn’t recognize coming from within her sister’s room. She stood istanbul escort outside the door, listening and could just hear along with the buzzing that her sister was panting heavily. Vanessa was dying of curiosity to know what was going on but decided to leave Megan to it and just go on to her own room. She lay back in her bed and went to sleep, kind of disappointed that she hadn’t had the chance to tell Megan but at the same time, happy to be able to keep the experience to herself for a bit longer.

The next day, Vanessa caught the look from her sister over the breakfast table and could tell that she wasn’t particularly happy that she had missed out on the story last night. She knew that she was going to have to tell her this morning. Vanessa dressed sin clothes similar to those that she had come home from Cindy’s in so that she could still give the present to Megan as had been intended.

The girls’ parents headed off to their respective work places and it wasn’t long at all before Megan cornered Vanessa demanding to know everything that had gone on the day before at Cindy’s house.

Vanessa told Cindy that she had come up to tell her last night after she thought that she had teased her enough, but that she had heard some strange noises and so stayed away. She queried of Megan what was making the noise in the bedroom. Megan told her that if she told her what had happened with Cindy, then she would tell her about the noises in her room.

Vanessa reluctantly agreed, curiosity driving her onwards to tell of what had happened.

Vanessa wasn’t entirely comfortable with telling her sister about the intimate encounter that she had gone through and Megan probed with questions trying to establish just how far things had gone in order to get a satisfactory level of information from her sister. Vanessa ended up confessing what she had done but refused to tell Megan any of the real detail. At the end of the questioning, Megan asked Vanessa,

“So, what about this present you mentioned? Are you going to show me what it is.”

“Umm, ok,” said Vanessa. She stood so that she was facing Megan, who looked a little perplexed about what was going on. “You know how you sent me to Cindy in a pair of her panties?” Megan nodded that yes, she remembered. “Well, she sent me home with this for you.”

In saying that, Vanessa picked up the hem of her short skirt and lifted it clear up over her belly. Megan gasped and stared at what was before her. Her younger sister’s pussy was shaved completely bald of any hair. She had returned home shaved! Megan could never have believed that this would happen. She found herself reaching out to touch it, wanting to feel the smooth bare skin. She stopped herself halfway though. This was Vanessa. Would she let her? She looked up into her sister’s eyes and found a look of apprehension covering her sweet face. She quietly asked her sister, “May I?” Vanessa acquiesced with a barely perceptible nod of her head, and Megan extended her hand further, her fingertips brushing over the bald mound. She noted that there was a sheen of moisture over her sister’s lips. She was obviously a little excited whether she was likely to acknowledge it or not.

Megan’s fingers traced their way over the smooth skin above her lips before gently tracing their way down to the labia. Vanessa was looking down, watching her sister’s fingers trace their way over her bare pussy. She was caught, unsure of how to proceed. It had all seemed so natural with Cindy. And damn if it didn’t excite her to have her sister’s fingers traipsing over her skin, but she just wasn’t entirely sure. She gasped as she felt Megan’s finger slide along her pussy lip, her natural lubrication facilitating the movement as it slid gently between her lips. Her pussy was afire with pleasure as the finger slipped inside and she momentarily forgot all her inhibitions, spreading her legs slightly. Encouraged, Megan slid another finger inside her sister’s pussy alongside the first. But Vanessa flinched back, suddenly overcome and unwilling to progress further.

She apologized to Megan and fled to her room. Megan couldn’t believe it. She had blown it again. She was so close and avcılar escort yet she went too far too soon. She put her fingers in her lips, moaning as she had her first ever taste of her sister. With the taste of Vanessa’s pussy in her mouth, she decided that she had to go talk to her now, not wait until later.

Megan entered Vanessa’s room and sat down on her bed. Vanessa was lying on her back, staring at the ceiling but didn’t protest at her sister’s entry.

“You didn’t let me tell you what it was that was making the noise in my room last night,” she opened with, hoping to find a way past her sister’s reluctance.

“You’re right, what was it?” Vanessa asked cautiously.

“Wait here and I’ll show you.”

Megan dashed down the hall to her room and returned quickly, with something hidden behind her back. She sat down on the bed again and revealed the object to Vanessa. It was a 9 inch long silver vibrator.

“It was my vibrator,” she simply stated to Vanessa. I was masturbating with it because I couldn’t wait for you to tell me what you had been up to with Cindy. I was so damn horny, I had to get myself off. Haven’t you ever had to?”

“Of course,” said Vanessa, “but I’ve only ever used my hands, never any toys or anything. How does it work?”

“Well, you turn the base here,” Megan told Vanessa, demonstrating,” and it um, vibrates,” she laughed as it came to life in her hands. “You can either slide it inside, or just hold it against your clit so that it works you to an orgasm like that.” She finished.

Vanessa watched, mesmerized by it. She reached out and touched the vibrating tip. “How good is it?” she asked. “Is it better than fingering yourself?”

“I don’t know about better, but its different,” offered Megan. “Do you want to try it?”

“Umm, ok, can you leave it with me for tonight?” asked Vanessa tentatively.

“Sure, here,” Megan said, turning it off and handing it to her. She left the room and was pleased to hear as she closed the door that the vibrator had been turned on. She smiled and waited, but it was quickly turned off again. She decided that she’d have to wait up tonight and prowl the corridor in the hopes of finding out just when it was put into action.

Vanessa lay awake, the vibrator under her pillow, her fingers caressing her bald labia, still getting used to the strange sensation. Once she was sure that her parents had gone to bed for the evening, she pulled out the vibrator from beneath her pillow. It felt extremely smooth and she rubbed it against her wet pussy without turning it on. She wasn’t real sure about putting inside herself and so decided to turn it on and apply it to her clitoris instead. As it buzzed against her love button, she flinched at the intensity of it. It felt a lot harder against her pussy than she had expected, certainly very different from a penis. She moved it around until she was comfortable and lay back, her hips bucking occasionally when the sensation became too tense.

Megan grinned with glee at hearing the buzzing, she had just prowled past the door to see if anything had started yet because her parents had settled down for the evening. She listened at the door for a bit, fingering her pussy under her t-shirt, not having bothered to put panties on for the night. She could hear the buzzing of the vibrator and she could also hear her sister panting and moaning at the pleasure that she was exacting on herself.

Megan quietly opened the door and made her way across the room in the dark. From the sound of Vanessa’s moans, she was getting close to orgasm. There was just enough ambient light from the window for Megan to determine that she had her eyes closed. She looked down the length of her sister’s body, the covers thrown off in her self-induced passion. Vanessa’s nipples stood proudly from her breasts and Megan eyed them hungrily. Her bald pussy was dripping wet and he could see her juices coating the plastic tip of the vibrator.

As Vanessa moved closer to fulfilling herself, Megan gave in to temptation. She leaned over her sister’s breast and sucked the nipple into her mouth, biting on it quickly. Vanessa gasped and fell over the edge of her pleasure into her orgasm, her şirinevler escort body rocking on the bed as it coursed through her.

Megan sucked gently on the breast in her mouth, reluctant to let go, even though her sister had already climaxed. She looked up into Vanessa’s face to meet her eyes glancing back down at her. There was no fear or apprehension in her eyes, simply the pleasured after-look of her bliss. Megan took the opportunity to sidle into bed alongside her and fondle her breast. She leaned across and ran her tongue across Vanessa’s lips, which parted to welcome it into her mouth. Megan was thrilled to realise that the kiss was being returned. She felt Vanessa’s hand caress the curve of her hip and she moved to position herself on top of her sister, their breasts pressed together, the hair of her pussy pressed against Vanessa’s nude mound. Their tongues met in a pleasurable kiss, exploring each other’s mouths and dueling in a bid to extract further pleasure from each other.

Vanessa lay beneath the weight of her sister, loving the feeling of their breasts meshed together, their erect nipples stabbing into the flesh of the other. She wasn’t sure that it was right, but it felt good and she decided that for now, she would simply go with what felt good and deal with her feelings later. She had loved her orgasm and she wanted more. Megan was beginning to kiss her way down Vanessa’s body and Vanessa gasped as her nipple was again enveloped in the velvety warmth of Megan’s mouth, offset by the sharp, yet pleasurable pull of her teeth, drawing the nipple up and away from the breast. Vanessa buried her hands in Megan’s hair as she continued her way down to her pussy, her tongue trailing a wet tingling path across her ribs, belly and finally to the mound above her pussy. Vanessa spread her legs, accommodating her sister between them, luxuriating in the pleasure inflicted upon her as she felt Megan’s tongue part her lips, dipping inside her dripping wet pussy. The tongue then slid its way up to her clitoris, the smooth steady pleasure a wondrous contrast to the recent attention of the vibrator.

Megan loved the feel of her sister’s smooth pussy under her tongue. She slid two fingers inside her as she continued to lick at her love button. Vanessa’s legs were wrapping themselves about her shoulders, her head buried between her thighs, her fingers entangled within her hair. Megan reached up and grabbed the vibrator that had been abandoned alongside her sister following her first orgasm and slid it into her pussy, gliding it in and out as she tongued at the erect little nub of Vanessa’s clit.

Vanessa moaned out loud and thrashed about on the bed as Megan turned the vibrator on whilst it was inside her pussy. She again plunged over the edge into orgasmic bliss under the combination of the efforts of Megan’s tongue and the shuddering vibrator. She used her hands under Megan’s armpits, pulling and encouraging her to climb back up along her body. Megan eagerly complied, biting and licking at the skin of her sister’s body as she clambered up to finally crush her lips and tongue against Vanessa’s mouth.

Vanessa rolled Megan to her side and the two sisters simply lay against each other kissing and caressing. Megan started to speak but Vanessa shh’d her, kissing her to keep her quiet before descending along Megan’s body, duplicating the efforts that had so recently been applied to her. She reached her sister’s pussy and laying between her spread legs, caressed her labia with her tongue before licking up and down the length of her slit, tasting the nectar of Megan’s pussy.

Megan writhed as the attentions slowly took her towards release, pinching and caressing her own nipples, crushing her breasts, delighting in the mixed sensations. Vanessa’s tongue established a firm rhythm on Megan’s clit and there she remained, working her sister closer and closer to the brink of her orgasm. She thrust a couple of fingers inside Megan’s pussy and worked them in and out, driving her over the edge. Megan grabbed the pillow and pressed her face into it as she screamed in bliss, her body convulsing and shuddering as it was rocked by her orgasm.

The two girls lay beside each other again, kissing and then just holding each other, drifting off to sleep.

The next morning, heading to the bathroom, Phil, the girl’s father was surprised as he ascended the stairs to notice Megan slipping from Vanessa’s room to her own in a t-shirt. He wondered what it was about, but in his sleepy state, dismissed it and simply went to the bathroom.

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