A Pie From The Mother

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Abella Anderson

I met Caitlin in a night club when we were both aged nineteen. We quickly fell madly in love with each other and within three months we had set up our first home together. Life was great to start with; we were young, in love and could not get enough of each other.

However as we shared our lives together we slowly began to have our differences, and our relationship deteriated from the perfect start to one where after eighteen months together we came to the mutual decision that it was best to break up and go our separate ways. I suppose that one of the main causes of our relationship deteriating was our sex life. To start with we made love all the time, enjoying each others bodies and experiencing new and different things together. However it soon became apparent that Caitlin had very prudish and different attitudes towards sex than I did.

Since I was a young teenager I have always had a fetish for sperm and cream pies. Before Caitlin my previous sexual encounters had indulged me at times in this fetish. I had several previous casual girlfriends and one night stands that used to let me clean up and eat out the sperm from their sticky pussies after we had made love. I really enjoy the sight, taste and smell of a fresh cream pie. Unfortunately the first time that I tried to go down on Caitlin after we had made love to taste my cream pie, she screamed and pushed my head away saying that it was disgusting and un-natural.

Caitlin did try and make the effort to accommodate my fetish. Occasionally if she had a few drinks and got a little tipsy she would let me clean up her pussy of my sperm with my tongue and mouth, but she never really enjoyed it and I could tell that she was only going through he motions to try and please me. She would not even shave or trim her pussy hair, which she knew that I preferred, saying that it was not normal to do so. We tried to talk about my fetish on occasions, but she always told me that it disgusted her and that she could not understand how I could possibly get any enjoyment from seeing her used sticky pussy full up with sperm, let alone licking and tasting it. I remember one time vividly when we talked and I suggested that it would be great to let another man fuck her so that I could eat up a cream pie that was not my own. Caitlin went berserk at this suggestion and we didn’t even talk to each other for at least a week. It was probably this admission that I would enjoy watching her with another man, and then afterwards eating up the sticky mess that they had made together that was the final straw for our relationship. It was not long after I had mentioned this that we agreed that we were not compatible and it would be best for all concerned if we were to split up.

About three months after I had split from Caitlin I was starting to sort my life out again. I had moved in to a pleasant one bedroom flat and was making social contacts with a group of friends that had nothing to do with Caitlin and our previous life together. I had had the pleasure of a couple of one night stands and enjoyed going down on one of the girls after we had fucked. I had seen Caitlin around a couple of times and we remained on reasonably friendly terms with each other. Things were certainly starting to look up. It was at this time that I had a telephone call from Anne, Caitlin’s mother. She invited me round to her house for a cup of tea one morning for a chat and to catch up.

Anne was a pleasant lady aged in her mid forties. She was always impeccibly dressed, although always on the conservative side. She looked reasonably attractive for her age, and she still had a good figure which was aided by her membership of a private health and beauty club, which she attended on a regular basis. She was happily married to Steve and I had always got on well with both of them when I had visited her home with Caitlin. She had always been warm and very hospitable while I was living with her daughter, and it did not seem un-natural for her to contact me to arrange a meeting for a chat.

As arranged a few days after her phone call I arrived early one morning at Anne’s house. She welcomed me in, made me comfortable in her lounge and prepared a drink. As we made idle chat over a cup of tea and biscuits Anne finally got round to asking “Why exactly did you separate from Caitlin?”

“It’s a long story,” I replied. “But in the end we decided that we weren’t really getting along and that it was best for both of us to move on.”

“That’s a shame.” Anne said. “I was looking forward to eventually having you as a son-in-law.”

“I’m sorry.” I meekly replied.

“No problem, these things happen in life. Why did you think that you weren’t getting along?”

“There were lots of reasons,” I replied as evasively as possible as I really couldn’t go into the details of our relationship with Anne.

“I thought that the two of you were getting along so well, I was really surprised, and sad, when you broke up.”

“Yeah it was a real shame,” bakırköy escort I muttered.

“Was it because Caitlin wouldn’t give you cream pies?” Anne bluntly asked.

I didn’t know where to look or what to do. I was so embarrassed and could feel my face and neck flushing red with total embarrassment. I could not take in that Anne had mentioned cream pies. How, and what did she know? Why was she asking me this? How embarrassing for my ex-girlfriends mother to even mention the word in my presence.

“Last week I had a long heart to heart chat with Caitlin and she finally got round to telling me some of the reasons as to why you split up,” Anne said. “She told me that you seem to have a fetish about sperm and cream pies, and that she just couldn’t bring herself to give you what you wanted. My daughter seems to have very prudish ideas when it comes to sex.”

I listened to Anne in total shock. This was my ex girlfriends mother talking openly about sperm and cream pies as if they were the most normal thing in the world. I could not believe that I was listening to her bringing this matter up in conversation about her own daughter.

“Was that the reason why you split from my daughter?” Anne asked.

I muttered “I don’t know what you mean.”

“As Caitlin wouldn’t let you clean her pussy up after you had made love, was that the reason that you split up?”

I nodded slowly embarrassingly back at Anne.

“Was it?” said Anne again a little more firmly.

“Yes,” I replied in a voice that was barely a whisper.

I couldn’t believe that I was sitting in my ex girlfriends mother’s lounge, drinking tea and admitting to her that I had split up from her daughter because she wouldn’t let me eat up my sperm from her sticky pussy after we had made love. The whole situation seemed totally surreal and I was very embarrassed. I fidgeted in my chair trying to think of a tactful way that I could quickly get out of there.

“That’s a real shame,” Anne said. “I’m sorry that the pair of you couldn’t sort it out.”

“Yeah,” was the only reply that I could muster as I still could not believe that Anne had brought this up.

As we sat in silence I did not know what to do. I looked down at the tea in my cup and tried to think of something to say to change the subject. The silence between us seemed to go on for ages and the atmosphere in the room appeared almost physically heavy. Eventually I looked up from my tea cup and met Anne’s gaze sitting opposite me. Our eyes locked together and in a very matter of fact voice Anne said to me “my pussy is full of sperm right now.”

I just stared back at Anne not quite taking in what she had just said.

“Did you hear what I said?” She asked.

I nodded my head to reply. Even if I had wanted to speak I’m not sure that I could have done as my mouth and throat had gone totally dry.

“Steve made love to me this morning just before he left for work. I usually shower straight afterwards but I didn’t this morning as I knew that you were coming for a chat. I just slipped my knickers quickly back on.”

I just stared at Anne listening to what she was saying.

“The gusset of my knickers is soaking wet and I can feel Steve’s sperm leaking out from my pussy.” Anne told me.

I still could not say anything to Anne. My mouth was dry with a mixture of excitement and total embarrassment. I could not believe that Anne was speaking to me like this and telling me about her used pussy.

“I felt Steve come inside my pussy this morning; I felt his warm sperm exploding deep inside me.” Anne told me. “Is it turning you on me talking to you this?” she asked.

“Yes,” I replied in a very quiet whisper.

“Good,” Anne said. “He was making love to me doggy fashion and his cock felt really deep inside me. When he came I felt each warm spurt inside my pussy. He came so much and really filled me up.”

“Oh,” I moaned aloud thinking about Anne being fucked by her husband.

“My pussy is really wet and sticky now, what do you think it looks like?” Anne asked.

I didn’t know what to say but was trying to imagine the sight of Anne’s sticky, well fucked pussy with Steve’s fresh sperm running out and soaking into her knickers.

“Have you actually tasted another mans come from a pussy?” Anne asked.

“No,” I mumbled as I embarrassingly shook my head.

“I bet you’d like to?” Anne said.

I nodded my head slowly back to her in reply.

As I watched Anne sitting in the armchair opposite me she placed her hand in her lap at the top of her expensive tweed skirt. She looked me directly in the eye as she pushed her hand slowly under the waist band of the skirt and moved it downwards. I watched the movement of her hand underneath the material of her dress and noticed the shape that her knuckles made as she bunched them up against the soft material. As she still held eye contact with me, with her hand obviously down her knickers, beşiktaş escort she let out a small moan as her fingers found her pussy. Anne then moved her hand in a circular motion for a few seconds, and then pulled it out slowly from underneath her skirt. She held two of her fingers up and I saw that they were very slimy and sticky. Anne got up from her chair and stepped forward to where I was sitting. “Would you like to taste my sticky fingers?” She said.

I nodded at her still incapable of speaking after what I had just seen. Anne held the two fingers that had just been deep in her pussy out towards me and I saw that they were very slimy. I could see that the top half of one of her fingers was covered in white globules of her husband’s sticky sperm. Anne pushed her fingers towards my face and I opened my mouth and sucked them in. I tasted her musky pussy juices mixed with the salty bitter taste of the globule of her husband’s sperm. I sucked her fingers clean and licked my lips appreciatively.

“Did that taste good?”

“Oh yes,” I hastily replied.

Anne briskly moved away from me, “good, I’m glad that you enjoyed that. I think that you had better leave now.”

I felt as if I had been dismissed by a school teacher and Anne’s attitude had quickly changed to a distant and professional manner.

“I suggest that you leave and have a think about what has just happened. I would be grateful if you did not mention this to anyone else, and especially not to Caitlin.”

“I promise that I won’t tell anyone.” I replied.

“I will phone you sometime during the next few days,” Anne said.

I left Anne’s house quickly and returned to my own flat. I could not believe what had happened. My ex girlfriend’s mother had put her fingers in her pussy and fed me her juices mixed with her husbands sperm. This was the first sperm that was not my own that I had tasted, and it was good. I spent the next few days dreaming about the sight, smell and taste of Anne’s pussy after it had been fucked by Steve. It seemed as if I walked around with a permanent erection as I mentally imaging her sticky sperm filled pussy and what it would be like to place my mouth over it and gently lick and suck.

A few days later I had a telephone call from Anne. She asked how I felt about what had happened when she invited me round to her house for a chat. I was a little more confident now about what had happened and told her that I had very much enjoyed our meeting and what had taken place. Anne asked if I would like to come round and see her again. I replied that I would love to see her again and we arranged that I should come and visit her the following morning at 9.00.

Just before 9.00 am I walked up the large gravel driveway to approach Anne’s house. I noticed that Steve’s car was not parked outside so he must have already left for work. I rang the bell and waited for what seemed like ages for Anne to answer. The door slowly opened to reveal Anne wearing an expensive looking long silk gown.

“Hi, I’ve been waiting for you to arrive, do come inside.”

I once again entered her familiar house and stood before her in the spacious hallway.

“I think that we both know why I’ve invited you round again don’t we,” Anne said with a wry smile on the corner of her lips.

“I think that I do.” I replied.

“Would you like to come upstairs with me then,” Anne asked giving me a sexy wink.

“Yes please,” I eagerly replied.

As I replied Anne turned to walk up the wide stairs that led off from her spacious hallway. I followed behind her watching her ass sway inside the covering of her flimsy silk gown. At the top of the stairs she pushed open a door and walked into a large bedroom. I followed into the room behind her and she turned and pushed closed the door. As she brushed past me to close the door I inhaled her expensive heady perfume which was very intoxicating. The large king-size bed behind her was unmade and the covers were roughly pushed back as if someone had not long got out of it.

Anne stood in front of me and slowly started to undo the buttons down the front of her silk robe. I started to feel excited as I realised that Anne was going to expose her body to my gaze. As she undid her buttons she matter of factly said “Steve gave me a quickie not long ago before he left for work this morning, and my pussy seems to be dripping with his hot sperm.” My mouth went dry as Anne told me this and I could feel my heart start to beat faster and pound in my chest. “Would you like to clean my dirty pussy up?” Anne asked.

“Oh yes.” I managed to say as Anne stepped out of her robe in front of me. Anne was naked now apart from a pair of small white lacy panties. I stared at her knickers and noticed the large wet spot covering the front of them. She looked delicious even though her breasts sagged a little and were not as firm as her daughters. I watched as Anne placed a thumb each side of her panties beylikdüzü escort and slowly eased them down over her pussy. As her knickers slipped down her pussy slowly and seductively came into view. She was neatly trimmed and I noticed that unlike her daughter she had shaved away the lower area of her pubic hair to reveal a totally smooth area round her crinkly long love lips. Anne slipped her knickers off her ankles then lay down completely naked on the bed in front of me.

Anne looked at me and smiled; she then opened her legs and drew her knees upwards. “Eat me,” was all that she said. I looked at her naked body. Her nipples were standing out hard from her breasts. As she spread her legs her pussy had gaped open and I could see that her long smooth love lips were matted and sticky with sperm. As she lay looking at me I watched as a trickle of thick white liquid start to ooze out from the bottom of her gaping pussy hole. “Come and taste me.” She said.

I needed no further encouragement and quickly moved forward to position myself between her parted thighs. As I gazed on her pussy I inhaled deeply savouring the musky aroma that was emanating from her sticky pussy. I moved forward and poked my tongue out to touch and open up her long smooth love lips. As I did so the contact of my tongue on her sensitive pussy made Anne moan out loud. I ran my tongue up the length of her moist crack and tasted the juices that were starting to flow out from inside her.

Anne was very wet and sticky and as I probed her pussy with my tongue she contracted her muscles and forced a great wad of her husband’s sperm out into my willing waiting mouth. I felt the hot sperm coat the inside of my mouth and tongue, and tasted the salty bitter flavour as I swallowed the stringy strands down. I licked and probed Anne’s pussy which was making her moan in appreciation. I looked up from between her legs and saw that she was pinching her nipples and rolling the hard buds between her thumb and forefinger. Her legs clamped together on my head as I rhythmically stroked her clitoris with my tongue. I swallowed down all the juices that were flowing from her pussy. The more I concentrated on her clitoris the more that Anne writhed beneath me. I did not have to lick for much longer before Anne’s body seemed to shudder underneath me and a long low moan escaped from her lips. I felt her pussy muscles spasm on my tongue as she shuddered through a huge orgasm.

As Anne’s orgasm subsided and I moved my head away from between her parted legs she crudely asked “do you want to fuck me?”

I didn’t answer her but just started stripping my clothes off. As I stepped out of my pants my hard cock sprang into view. It had been rock hard virtually since I had first walked through her door. I moved forward and without hesitation pulled Anne’s legs over my shoulders and sank my hardness straight into her dripping pussy. I slid inside her with one smooth thrust and enjoyed the feeling as her hot pussy engulfed my cock and seemed to pull me in. I thrust into Anne and she moved her body to meet mine. All that could be heard was our heavy breathing and the slapping noise that our bodies made as we thrust against each other. As I pushed my cock into Anne I realised that she was a much better fuck than her daughter.

“Fill me up lover,” Anne moaned at me.

I pulled my cock out from Anne and told her to turn over. She did as I asked and knelt on the bed with her ass high in the air. Once again she parted her legs and I saw the puckered star of her pink asshole with her gaping wet pussy beneath. I positioned myself behind her and pushed my cock deep into her. Anne moaned as I filled her pussy up and started thrusting. As I fucked her doggy fashion I felt Anne’s hand brush my balls and realised that her hand was between her legs with her fingers rubbing over her own clit. The speed of my thrusting increased and as Anne played with herself I could not hold back any longer and grunted as I erupted my sperm into her pussy, which not long ago had been filled by her husband. Anne moaned as I came and I realised that she was orgasming as well.

“Lie down lover,” Anne said to me as I pulled my softening cock out from her pussy. I did as she asked and lay on my back on the large bed. Anne quickly moved to straddle me and I looked up to see her open pussy messy with my fresh sperm. Anne slowly lowered herself down until her pussy was only inches above my head. I could smell her musky woman scent. “Open your mouth wide” she said. I did as she commanded and then she squeezed her internal muscles and a great wad of my sperm slipped out from her smooth pussy. I took all the hot mixture into my mouth and swirled it round with my tongue before swallowing it all down. It tasted delicious. Anne then sat down on my face and ground her very wet pussy on my mouth and chin. I poked my tongue out to lap at the pink wet depths of her pussy as she used my face to grind her pussy up and down on. Once again it did not take long for Anne to shudder to an orgasm as she moved her pussy over my face. As she moved off me I licked my lips to wipe the copious amounts of sticky love juice that were still covering my mouth and lips.

“That was great,” Anne said. “My daughter does not know what she missed.”

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