A Perverse Family

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“Take your hands off my daughter’s tits,” Harold bellowed.

Startled, twenty-year-old John straightened up in fear. Nineteen-year-old Mary cowered back into the couch.

Frightened, meek John stared at Harold, Mary’s step-father, looming over him with a clenched fist pulled back, ready to strike.

Still in a fit of rage, Mary’s step-father asked, “What do you think you’re doing with my daughter?”

A calm, female voice answered for John. “The same thing you used to do with me when we were their age. Now, go back to bed and leave the youngsters alone.”

The look of terror leaped from John’s eyes to the eyes of his accuser, when Janice, Mary’s mother chastised Harold, her husband.

Janice continued. “They’re learning each other. Let them make out in peace. Come to bed. Instead of blowing your top, you can fuck me and go to sleep.”

“Sorry,” is all that Harold said as Janice led him off.

Still shivering in fear, Mary led John to the kitchen, made him a cup of cocoa, found some miniature marshmallows, and dropped them into his steaming drink. They talked about their frightening experience. It was becoming another common event they would remember for a lifetime.

The young lovers unwound as they chatted in the kitchen for an hour.

Janice coughed artificially loud before she entered the kitchen. Mary was washing the cocoa cups. John was standing beside her, feeling her ass.

“I came down to let you know that Harold won’t disturb you. I rocked him to sleep,” Janice said with a smile on her face. Then, turning to John and with a twinkle in her eye, she said, “Don’t you stain my couch when Mary makes you cum.”

John’s face turned a brilliant red before he could say, “No, Ma’am.”

“Now, if you lovebirds don’t need me, I’m going back to bed.”

“What kind of parents do you have,” John asked Mary after Janice left the kitchen.

“Stranger than I ever expected. Excuse me, I have to go pee.”

Surprisingly, even to himself, John asked, “Can I watch you pee?”

“What’s to watch? I sit on the hopper and pee.”

“I’ve never seen a girl pee. Never mind, it’s personal.”

“Mom said we’re ‘learning each other.’ You can watch me.”

“Are you sure?”

Mary took his hand, said “Come on,” and led John to the half bath off the kitchen.

She stood canlı bahis before the hopper, reached under her skirt, lowered her panties to just above her knees, sat on the hopper, and peed. Mary wiped herself. It wasn’t until then that John caught a glimpse of Mary’s heavy, dark pubic bush.

“Do you always wipe yourself?”

“Almost always. Now, let’s go watch the eleven o’clock news.”

No sooner were they seated on the living room sofa and the newscast had started, when John’s hand reached for Mary’s tits. Mary turned to him and kissed him.

He put his hand under her sweater and tried to slip it under her bra. She broke off their kiss, reached behind her back and unsnapped her bra. John fondled the soft flesh of her tits, felt her nipples harden, flicked them back and forth, and pinched them. Mary offered no complaint. She just continued kissing.

Emboldened by his luck so far, John tried to reach into the waistband of Mary’s skirt. No luck. She unfastened one button. His hand slipped into her skirt and under the waistband of her cotton panties. He got his first feel of her heavy bush.

Under her bush, his hand discovered the start of a cleft. He followed it to her already hard clit and on to her love opening. Two fingers entered her. He sent his thumb back to play with her clit. She moaned. She purred. Her hips undulated. She released the kiss and fucked wildly in rhythm with the movements of John’s thumb. She squirted over John’s arm and Mom’s couch. She collapsed backwards onto the sofa.

John took out his dick as he mounted her. He masturbated on her bare belly. His cum sloshed onto her soft skin.

As Mary recovered her senses, she wondered aloud. “I stained Mom’s couch. I can’t blame John. How can I tell Mom?”

A voice from the dark hallway answered, “Don’t worry, Mom already knows.” It was Janice, Mary’s mother. “I saw it all.” Janice was dressed in her see-thru night gown.

“Now you go to bed, Mary. Don’t worry about waking your step-father. He’s completely zonked. John, you sit on the couch just the way you are. I want to talk with you.”

Janice had lied. She knew that Harold, Mary’s step-father was awaiting Mary’s arrival. He wanted to fuck her and he had Mary’s mother’s permission, if Mary approved.

Terrified for the second time in one evening, John sat dutifully on the bahis siteleri couch while Mary went off to bed.

Janice said nothing. She sat next to John, put an arm around him, locked his mouth in a fervent kiss, and pulled him closer. Her other hand first cupped his balls and then slithered onto his semi-hard dick. She pumped it slowly, then more quickly, always keeping the meek boy’s mouth sealed with her kisses.

She stretched her leg over him and skillfully guided his now erect penis into her vagina. She looked squarely into his eyes and said, “I want what my daughter got. I’m going to fuck you John like you’ve never been fucked before.” Janice fucked back and forth, side to side, up and down, on John’s dick until it ached and he screamed as his semen leaped into Janice’s cervix. She squirted onto John’s arm and onto the stain her daughter had made only minutes ago.

Janice recovered her equilibrium. “Lie back, John, and rest. Dad will need a few minutes to put a fuck into Mary.”

When Mary entered her bedroom, she found her naked step-father waiting for her.

“Mom said that you would be sleeping.”

“She lied. I told her that I’ve wanted to fuck you since I met you,” he said.

“What did Mom say?”

“She said its okay by her if I get permission from you.”

“I’ve wanted to fuck for you since the night I watched you fuck Mom.”

Surprised at her reaction to his request, he simply sat on her bed confused.

“Stay put, Daddy. You don’t mind if I call you ‘Daddy’ do you, Harold,’ she asked her step-father. Without giving him time to answer, she added, “I want to practice doing a strip tease. Don’ touch me while I undress.”

She noticed his limp dick.

Mary swayed back and forth as she removed her clothing. She stretched her arms when she noticed Harold looking at her tits. She folded her hands in front of her triangle faking modesty when she noticed him looking at her bush. With only her stockings on, she turned her back exposing her bare ass as she removed her sox. When she turned back to face him, his dick was no longer limp. It was erect with a gentle curve to it.

“Don’t touch yet,” she said as she moved towards him.

“Lie on the bed with that beautiful cock straight up in the air. You are not going to fuck me. I am going to fuck you.”

He lay back. She bahis şirketleri mounted him. As she started to fuck, she shouted, “Giddy-up, Daddy.”

He held her tits to stop her from falling forward. He marveled at her vigor. Fucking exhausted her and she hadn’t yet made him cum.

“What do I have to do to make you cum,” she asked.

“Lie on the bed, belly down,” he answered. “I want to fuck your ass.”

“I’ve never been fucked in the ass.”

“There’s always a first time. I’ll be gentle and I’ll lube you. I’ll be right back. I have to get some lube from my room.”

When Harold got to his room, he found his wife Janice back in bed. She had already finished servicing John.

“I need some lube for your daughter’s ass,” he explained.

“You’re not going to fuck her in the ass, I hope. She’s only nineteen.”

“It’s time she got broken in.”

“I’m going to watch and make sure you don’t hurt her,” Janice said as she jumped out of bed and donned a robe.

Janice watched from the darkened hallway. A nightlight illuminated Mary’s room with ample light for Janice to watch her second-husband fucking her daughter in the ass.

First, he poured some lubricant in Mary’s crack. Then he used his finger to spread it the length of the crack and into and out of her asshole, more time than necessary.

Then he presented his dick to Mary’s mouth.

“Wet my dick with your mouth,” he commanded.

When she finished lubricating his dick with her mouth, he mounted her. His legs straddled her hips.

“Spread your ass cheeks so I know that you know what I’m going to do to you,”

She reached back and spread her ass cheeks and held them open.

“Tell me if I hurt you,” he said as the head of his dick explored the rim of her opening. Slowly, his dick found its way in. Mary never yelled. Mary never said “It hurts.” She did say “Unnh” a couple of time.

Her sphincter muscles closed tightly on his dick. She pushed her ass up to meet his thrusts. Only two thrusts and Mary could feel his dick spasm as it delivered a semen enema that would keep her awake all night.

Harold dismounted, slapped Mary’s ass and said, “I love you. Get a good night’s sleep.” He left the room, took his wife’s hand in the corridor, and the older couple retired to their bedroom.

Janice said, “I’m glad you did her slow and gentle.”

“I wish I were still in her ass fucking. I came too quick.”

“You can fuck my ass, if you want.”

“I’m drained,” is all Harold could say before he fell asleep.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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