A Mom In Need Ch. 04

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Connie woke up the next morning with a bad hang over, her husband had already gotten up and gone to work. She sat on the side of the bed, rubbing her aching temples as the noise from the birds outside made it worse.

She groggily staggered into the bathroom and turned on the shower, she gave the hot water a moment to run and then stepped in. The warm water cascading over her naked body was helping to both take away her headache and sober her up. She could not believe she exposed herself to her husbands friends, nor can she believe how she was allowing events with Jason go out of control.

Today she was going to make sure she was going to do her best to avoid Jason, she had been so horny over the last few days since being exposed to his large cock that she knew it would be a matter of time before he would fuck her. She was going to her best to not let that happen, as much as the big cock of her son’s nerdy friend enticed, she was going to keep her will strong and not have sex with him.

She got of the shower and wrapped herself in a towel after drying off, then she went into her bedroom and called Jason, she told him she was sick and she would call him when she felt better.

He sounded so sweet on the phone, asking her if there was anything he could do or get for her, she told him that in a couple of days she would call him to let him know if she felt better.

“Hey Mom, just to let you know I’m staying home today, thought it would be nice to hang out with you today.” Scott yelled from outside of her room.

“That’s a nice sweetie, but I’ll be out in a little bit.” She said not wanting to yell back.

An hour later and she was dressed in a pair of shorts and an old tee shirt, her son was just sitting around in an old pair of jeans and no shirt. His lean muscular body, glistened with sweat, he had just finished lifting weights.

“You should wipe that sweat off before you sit on the furniture.” She mumbled heading out into the kitchen.

“Oh sorry Mom.” Scott said to watch his mother walk out to the kitchen.

He followed his mother out to the kitchen, she was pouring herself a coffee and she turned to look at her son. He looked so young and handsome, she had to admit with all of the athletics he did and the weights he has a great body as well. She wished her husband would follow their son’s example and get in shape, fat chance she thought letting out a tiny giggle.

“What’s so funny?” Her son asked.

“Nothing.” She said quickly suppressing the giggle.

“Tell me.” He said coming over to her and putting his arms around her lower back to pull her closer to him.

“Just a thought I had.” She said thinking to herself how strong her son is.

“If you do not tell me, I guess I’m going to have to tickle it out of you.” He said to her with a funny look on his face that she had not seen on her son before.

“Excuse me!?” She asked obviously confused to his behavior.

Without warning he began to tickle his mother, she quickly set the cup of coffee down on the counter to avoid spilling any of the hot liquid on her or Scott. Then she did her best to try and fend off her son, yet his canlı bahis hands were too quick or too strong to stop.

“Scott, stop it, stop it now.” She said over and over giggling as she did.

Then suddenly he stopped, pulling his mother close to him he held her tight around the waist and slid his hand up to her breast. Connie did not say anything, her mouth was now agape with shock, as her son gave it a gentle squeeze.

“Wow mom, you breast feels so nice and firm.” He said to her softly.

“Scott . . . please . . . don’t.” She said squirming as she tried to get loose from him.

“So your son is not good enough for you, but you can act like a slut in front of my dad’s friends. Pull your shirt up and let me see your nice big titties, then I will let you go.” He said to her using a very firm tone of voice.

“What!” She yelled at him.

“C’mon mom, I want to see your nice big titties and then I will let you go.” He said to place both of his hands on the counter trapping her between his arms. His face was eye level with her chest, but he licked his lips in anticipation of seeing her tits up close.

Slowly she pulled up her tee shirt, Connie could not believe she was doing this for her son, yet she felt as if she was in some kind of trance. She pulled it all the way up to her neck to reveal her tight black lace bra, her large tits barely contained in it.

“Take your tee shirt off and undo the clasp to your bra, then I will let you go.” He said in a husky voice.

She took off the tee shirt, she could not help but to feel both sick and confused at what her and her son were doing now. She set the tee shirt on the counter and then slowly she reached up and unclasped the bra, she slowly pulled it down off of her arms. Now her large tits were lewdly displayed for her son to see, and he stared at them for several long moments.

“Now let me go.” She said softly.

“Yeah sure.” He said surprisingly.

With that she fled the kitchen and fled upstairs to her bedroom, Scott stood in the kitchen rubbing his hard cock through his jeans. His mother was hurried by what happened and she ran out of the kitchen without taking her shirt or bra with her. He then heard her door slam, so he went back into the living room to jerk off, he used the black lace bra as he did, staining it with his cum.

Connie laid down on her bed and sobbed, then she decided that she would just spend the rest of her day in the safety of her bed. Away from everyone, she slid her shorts down over her shapely legs and left them on the floor. She resisted the urge to masturbate, even though her pussy felt like it was on fire in the black lace panties that matched her bra.

A few hour later Scott went upstairs to check on his mother, he gently knocked on the door and got no answer. He opened the door and peaked in, he saw an incredible sight, his mother sprawled out on the bed with only her panties on. He quietly slipped into the dim bedroom, she had the curtains drawn and could she snore softly now.

He now stood next to her bed and watched quietly as her large breasts heaved with each and every breath she took. He was mesmerized bahis siteleri by them and gently reached down to softly caress them. His gentle touches made her nipples begin to harden and her breasts were now starting to fill with blood, they began to firm up as he continued his gentle assault on them.

Should I lick them, he thought to himself as he stood there, then ever so gently he went over to his father’s side of the bed and carefully laid down next to his mother. He leaned over and began to gently suckle the closest of her breasts. His mother emitted a soft moan from her lips, yet showed no sign of waking up.

Growing more and more excited he now sat up so he could go back and forth licking and sucking both of her large breasts. Connie’s breathing was now becoming more and more ragged as Scott worked on them. Then her lust filled son slid his hand down his mother’s stomach and inside her panties. His mother’s bare cunt made his erection hurt as it pushed against his jeans, straining to get out.

He rubbed his hand over the wetness of her pussy, his mother moaning as he did and then spreading her legs to give him better access to it. Scott was now figuring that she was having a dream and it would be safe to continue, he slid down and gently moved the fabric of her panties aside so he could see her pussy in all of its pink glory.

Scott being more experienced than Jason knew exactly what to do he took two of his fingers, then he stuck them into his mouth to get them wet. Then he gently pushed them into his mother’s tight cunt, he did this very slowly and he could feel her pussy muscles grip the intruding digits. Then with his other hand he gently rubbed her clit in tiny slow circles, his mother continued to moan steadily now, yet her eyes remained closed.

Scott now slid his fingers in and out of his mother’s pussy a little faster with each thrust, and his mother was now humping her pelvis against his hand. Then he took a chance and started to lick her clit as he finger fucked his mother. He jumped when he felt his mother’s hands reach down and grab the back of his head, pushing his face harder against her clit.

“Oh yes, don’t stop, oh yes, oh god yes I’m going to cum all over your face.” She moaned aloud as he sons’ tongue worked furiously against her clit and his fingers fucked her hard. “Oh fuck, yes I’m cumming, ah, ah oh yes, oh fuck, oh god dammit I came, oh SHIT!”

Scott jumped back as his mother’s whole body jumped up, she reached down and pushed his fingers out of her pussy. Connie grabbed the blankets and pulled them up around her to hide from the perversion her son had just committed against her body.

“GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY ROOM!” She screamed at him.

He quickly ran out of the room and down. The stairs, within a few minutes she could hear the door slam and his truck tearing out of the driveway. Connie did not cry this time, she sat on her bed still in shock by what had happened with her son. Her son had given her a beautiful orgasm on her marital bed and she still felt horny for more.

She did not feel ashamed now of being horny as she did earlier today, she got up off of her bed and bahis şirketleri decided she was going to do something about it. She went to her closet and pulled off her panties, leaving them on the floor she found a short summer sun dress, that had spaghetti straps. She pulled it over her head and walked barefoot next door to Jason’s house, but she rang the door bell.

Stud you better be home she thought, this is probably going to be your lucky day, within a few moments he answered the door. He surprised to see Connie, he did not even say come in, when she just pushed by him and entered the house. She pulled the door out of his hand and shut, then she slammed him up against it and kissed him hard on the lips.

She pulled his shirt up over his head and then she pulled his shorts down, his big cock was already getting hard. She got down on her knees and sucked it hungrily into her mouth until she could feel it get completely hard in her mouth.

Satisfied that his cock was now ready she pulled him by the hand until they got to his parents’ bedroom. She pushed him down on their bed and then she pulled off her sun dress off, she climbed on top of him and straddled him. She lined his big cock up with the hot wet opening of her pussy, then she slowly lowered herself down on it.

“Oh god, that feels so good.” He moaned aloud.

“Not as good as it feels inside right now, oh shit I never felt such a big cock in my hot pussy.” She said to him. “Oh baby just lays there and let take care of you.”

She bounced up and down slowly on his big cock to give her pussy a chance to get used to the size. Then as it loosened up and accepted the larger cock, she was able to ride it faster and harder, she now had lean forward and use the bed for support. Her big tits were now in front of Jason’s face, he reached up and sucked on both of them. Then he too felt the need to thrust up, he reached down and held onto her waist.

Scott timed his thrust with Connie’s and pushed his huge cock up inside of her pussy, he was now pounding his big cock in and out of her. Connie’s loud moans of passion and Jason’s loud grunts of lust now filled the house. Soon both of them were cumming and Connie collapsed down on top of Jason.

The two of the laid together for several minutes recovering, Connie slowly got off of his deflated cock. It made a pop when it pulled out of her pussy and then she could feel his cum starts to ooze out of her cunt.

“Wow, that was fantastic.” He said to her.

“Thanks, you weren’t so bad either.” She said to pull her dress back on.

“Yeah, well I hope you will continue to help me get better and better.” He said to her reaching out to touch her leg.

“You can count on that, I’ve never had a cock as big as yours and I don’t intend on letting it go to waste while there is still time left before you go to school.” She said to put her dress back on.

“This is definitely the best summer ever.” He said to watch her get up off of the bed.

“I’ll see you again.” She said leaning down to kiss his forehead.

With that Connie turned and left her young lover in his bedroom, she crossed the line and became what she had feared would happen. She became a slut for a young man who has a big cock, now what was she going to with a son at home who lusted for her and a husband who were trying to encourage her to have sex with his friends.

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