A Midnight Snack – The Appetizer

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This story is a piece of fiction.


The incessant ringing of the telephone woke me up.

I looked at the bedside clock and sighed as I realized it was well past 7:00 AM.

“Hello,” I mumbled.

“Hello kitty, kitty” said the voice on the other end, sounding unbelievably cheerful at this time of the day.

“Mike,” I screamed as I heard the ever cheerful voice of my brother, “How the hell are you?”

“I will be in your neighborhood for a conference,” he replied, “can I come by and see you?”

“You certainly may!’ I squealed with delight, “why don’t you stay with me?”

“Sure” he confirmed, “I will be there Friday night.”

“I will be wearing my lace panties,” I giggled.

“See you Friday Kat. Love ya”.

“Love ya a whole lot more Mikey,” I replied and hung up.

The memory of our teenage years came back.

I had to go to party and I was dateless. I turned to my older brother Mike for help and he agreed to be my date.

I was wearing a short skirt to show off my legs. I was wearing a tight blouse with the top button open to show off my cleavage enhanced by a push up bra.

We were walking along when a sudden gust of wind blew my skirt up, exposing my lace panties.

The expression on my brother’s face was interesting to watch. His eyes widened. Then he broke into a wide smile.

“You got a pretty ass!” he exclaimed.

From that day on, it became our joke. He would refer to my pretty ass whenever he wanted to emphasize something.

I was excited by the thought of spending time with Mike again — maybe I could persuade him to stay a few more days with me.

Before I knew it, the week was gone and it was Friday,

Soon after I saw him come down the escalator with a huge grin on his face.

I could barely contain myself as I ran to the bottom of the escalator and hugged him.

“You look great!” he gushed.

“What a dumbass,” he said referring to my ex-boyfriend, “Jim is such an idiot.”

When Jim and I parted ways three months ago, Mike was the first one I turned to for comfort.

“Why?” I wanted to know.

“How could that fucking jackass leave you?” he continued his diatribe, “are you seeing anyone yet?”

“Nah,” I replied, “I think I have had enough of boyfriends for a while.”

“Sorry to hear that Kat,” he looked concerned.

“So how is the love of your life?” I asked trying to change the topic.

I had not met Mike’s girlfriend, but Mike never shied away from sharing details about their sex life.

“Actually anyone’s sex life would be better than mine right now,” I groaned inwardly as I heard him provide the juicy details.

“Penny for your thoughts,” Mike’s voice brought me back to earth.

“Wha..? Yeah, ok” I stammered.

“Are you okay Kat?” Mike was concerned, “you were suddenly far away.”

“Oh no, I am fine,” I lied.

“Okay,” he replied, not quite believing me. .

We drove the rest of the way in silence.

“We are home,” I declared as we pulled up.

Mike retrieved his bags from the trunk and took them inside.

“I can’t believe it is SO hot here,” Mike said for the umpteenth time.

He took his shirt off.

My heart skipped a beat.

He must have been working out. I could not take my eyes off his bulging biceps.

I also noticed his tan. His upper body was tanned and blended well with his golden blond hair.

“What are you looking at Kat?” Mike’s mocking tone brought me out of my reverie.

“Just admiring those muscles Mikey,” I replied, pressing fingers against his six-pack, “you working out?”

“Yeah,” he replied with a grin, “I gotta keep up with Leah.”

“Okay, you can put your stuff here,” I pointed to the closet, “and put that body on the bed.”

“Thanks sweetie,” he replied with a smile, “I think I will have a shower first.”

Before I could turn around, he started kadıköy escort to unbutton his jeans and pull them down.

I stood watching transfixed as he dropped his jeans and stood in front of me in his boxers.

I noticed a slight bulge in the boxers and I could feel a flush creep up my back and into my face.

“Okay, I will see you later,” I half-shouted as I turned around and hurried out.

I went to the other guest bedroom that served as my office space to browse through my emails.

I could hear the bathroom fan go on, followed by running water, which I assumed was that him shaving.

After a while I heard the loud noise of water streaming into a bowl. I smiled as I recognized the sound as that of peeing. Suddenly, my mind leaped back to when he stood in front of me in his shorts. I felt the familiar feeling of warmth creeping up through me. I quickly tried to banish those thoughts from my head.

“He is your brother damn it!” I screamed silently.

“So?” started my other voice, “He is strong, he is handsome and probably well hung!”

“No, no!” I tried to fight the feeling, “he IS my brother, not another guy.”

“So?” the other voice asked me again, “and remember you haven’t had sex in the last 3 months!”

Further conversations in my head were interrupted by the ringing of the telephone.

“Hello!” I spoke into the telephone, relieved by the interruption.

“Kat?” the voice wanted to know.

“Yes,” my tone was neutral, “and.”

“Hey I am Leah,” the voice at the other end was warm and friendly, “we meet at last!”

“Finally,” I exclaimed, “I am delighted to hear your voice.”

“So,” Leah asked, “when are you planning to come by this way?”

“Hopefully soon Leah,” I was uncertain. “Mike is in the shower. Oh wait!”

I heard the shower stop.

“If you don’t mind holding for a couple of minutes Leah, I will ask him to pick up the bathroom telephone, okay?”

“Sure, not a problem,” Leah replied, ” thanks and hope to see you soon.”

I put the handset down and walked toward the bathroom.

The door was slightly ajar.

I turned the fan off and shouted, “Mikey, Leah is on the phone. Please pick up the one near the shower okay?”

“Okay, Thanks” he shouted back.

I peeked in through the door to make sure he picked up the phone, just as he stepped out of the shower.

A sharp breath escaped my lips as I watched him walk up to the wall telephone, completely naked.

I stood transfixed at the door, watching my brother speaking to his girlfriend.

More amazing was that his pubic area was completely hairless. My mind compared this to Jim’s hairy crotch. Jim would not never agree to shave it all off.

His penis, which was not fully erect, seemed to be huge, definitely bigger than Jim’s.

I watched with growing fascination Mike take his flaccid cock in his free hand and massage it gently. His eyes were half closed, as he spoke softly into the telephone.

His hand was moving faster and faster as his cock achieved full erection, standing proud and away from his body. I figured it must be at least eight inches long.

I licked my dry lips with my tongue while my legs felt weak.

I put my hand against the wall to support myself. My other hand found its way through the waistband of my skirt and panties. I rubbed my clit, running my fingers over the pussy lips.

I dipped a finger into my pussy and found it wet and well lubricated.

My hips moved forward as if on their own, enclosing my finger in the depths of my pussy.

A sigh escaped my lips as I felt the growing need for sex.

I watched with horror when Mike’s hands stopped moving and he turned around to look at the door.

I stepped back into the shadows of the hallway.

When I ventured to peek in again, he had üsküdar escort resumed his stroking while speaking on the telephone.

Consumed by my lust and need, I watched my brother masturbating to the distant voice and matched my movements to his. My fingers were going in and out of my pussy while my thumb was stroking my clit.

“I am cumming baby!” I could hear Mike say louder into the telephone, “I am cumming for YOU!”

With that his body jerked a little and I could see the thick white liquid spurt out the opening of his cock as a steady stream.

I could not hold back any longer either, as my hips suddenly stopped moving and my thighs tightened. I felt cum on my hands as I cupped my mouth with hands to prevent my screaming.

Relieved, I saw Mike drip the last drops into his hands and hang up the telephone.

Just as I thought he was going to be done, he lifted up the toilet seat and let a steady stream of pee into the bowl.

I had to restrain myself into not kicking down the door and holding that beautiful piece of man meat in my hands.

Having completed his discharge, Mike cleaned the tip of his cock with a piece of toilet paper and put on a fresh pair of boxers. He was combing his hair and I figured hanging around the bathroom was ill-advised.

I ran back to my office, hoping the flush creeping up my face would subside.

A few minutes later, Mike poked his head through the door.

“I am starving,” I heard him asking, “shall I fire up the grill?”

I turned around to find Mike standing at the doorway in his boxers.

“Oh my!” I thought as I caught myself staring at his crotch.

“Sounds like a great idea,” I agreed, “I have a couple of pieces of seasoned salmon fillet. You can throw that on the barbie.”

“Yum,” he licked his lips, “I love your lemon and peppercorn seasoning.”

“I will be down in a few minutes,” I announced, “I need to take a shower too.”

“Okay fine,” Mike replied heading down the stair, “don’t take too long.”

I smiled as I headed into my bedroom. It was so typical of Mike.

I got out of my clothes and threw them into the hamper along with my now damp panties.

I caught my reflection in the mirror.

At 5’11, I had taken after Mike in my height. With a bust that fit comfortably in a bra size of 34B, I had a boyish figure.

My nipples were hard and erect, betraying my excitement.

As I headed to the bathtub, I noticed a a drop of a whitish substance on the edge of the tub. I ran my finger over the substance to see what it was. It felt sticky and smooth between my fingers. It had a musky smell, when it dawned on me that I was staring at a drop of Mike’s cum.

Before I could control myself, I brought my finger close to my face and licked it.

“Lightly salted!” I thought to myself as I realized I had just tasted my brother’s cum.

I turned on the water and stood under the shower, letting the streams of warm water all over me. As I took the body wash on a wash cloth and soaped my body, my mind began to wander, thinking again of Mike and then his cock. I could feel the excitement build up inside me again.

I picked up the shaving cream and the razor and shaved my underarms and legs. Then carefully I shaved all of my pubic hair. I rinsed off the conditioner and stepped out of the shower.

As I patted myself dry, I looked in the mirror again, to make sure I had not missed any hair. Satisfied, I realized how pink my pussy lips appeared.

Covering myself in the bath towel, I headed to the bedroom. I found my favorite green paisley print sundress which stood way up on my thigh and showed off my bare back. Wearing a bra was out of the question.

As I rummaged through my panty drawer, a sudden devilish thought occurred to me.

I closed the panty drawer without putting one on and ran down the stairs.

I went tuzla escort out on to the deck where the welcome smell of cooking fish and corn hit my nostrils.

Still shirtless, Mike was hunched over the barbecue, cleaning up the grill. The fish fillets wrapped in foil, were on the table along with salad, grilled vegetables and corn.

“I’ll get the beer while you finish up,” I said, running back into the kitchen.

I headed back out to the patio, with a cooler filled with a few bottles of beer.

“Wow!” Mike was staring at me as I walked by. All he had on was his boxers.

“Wow what?” I teased him, “haven’t you seen a girl in a dress before.”

I realized that he was staring at my chest. My nipples were protruding through the thin fabric of my dress.

“You are not wearing a bra?” leave it to Mike to get straight to the point.

“Michael!” I raised my voice in mock protest and stuck my tongue out.

He blushed as he suddenly realized that his erection was showing through the fabric of his boxers.

“Shit!” he swore, “Sorry sis. You are looking very sexy tonight.”

“Thank you Mikey” I blew him a kiss.

“And,” he continued, “there is always something very erotic about seeing erect nipples through a dress.”

“Jeez Mike,” I tried to cover my chest in mock modesty, “if you keep talking like this, I will reach out and pull your cock out of your boxers.”

We both laughed.

“And if you were not my sister, I would fuck you right now,” he was still laughing.

“Okay, enough of this,” I wanted to stop this before I lost my self-control, “lets eat. I am starving.”

“Good idea,” Mike served the food.

I bent down to retrieve the beer from the cooler and noticed Mike was still staring at me.

“Cut it out Mikey, you are staring at my boobs.”

“Sorry,” he was apologetic.

“That’s okay.”

I steered the conversation to Leah, his job, his conference and so on. I watched him in the fading sunlight as he talked with glowing enthusiasm.

Our beers were gone and he stood up, stretched and let out a big yawn. “Its been a long day, sis”, he said stifling a yawn, “I will trade the dessert for some sleep.”

“Sure,” I could see he was tired, “go on upstairs, I will clean up.”

“Thanks Kat,” he held out his hands.

“You are welcome,” I replied fitting myself in his embrace.

Mike’s hands felt hot on my bare back.

As I stood up on my tiptoes to kiss him good night, the front of my dress lifted up. I could feel his growing hardness through the boxers against my suddenly bare pussy. Almost unconsciously, I moved up and down, feeling Mike’s thick shaft as I felt the first tinges of wetness.

“Goodnight sweety,” I could feel Mike’s hot breath on my ears.

“‘Night!” I responded, brushing my lips against his and ending on his cheek.

He let me go and thankfully the front of my dress came down. I forced myself to turn away, so he would not notice the flush creeping up my face.

As I turned away, my breasts brushed against his hand.

“Oopsie”, we both said in unison, while his hand cupped my breast.

I felt a jolt of electricity flow through his hands, lighting my whole body on fire. .

With weak knees I sat down on the chair.

“Sleep tight sweetheart,” he started.

“And don’t let the bed bugs bite!” I completed.

He slowly walked away, as if shaken by the experience.

Once all the dishes were put away, I turned off the lights and headed to my bedroom.

I could not resist a peek through open door of the darkened guest bedroom as I passed by. I breathed a sigh of relief as I heard the soft snores.

I went into my own bedroom and peeled off my dress. I looked at my night gown laying on the bed, but decided to sleep naked. The cool satin sheets felt good against my skin.

As I snuggled underneath the blankets, I closed my eyes with my hands cupping my breasts. All I could think of was that it was Mike’s hand caressing my breasts.

My other hand found my wet pussy.

As I lay there pleasuring myself, a wave of orgasm hit me. As it subsided, sleep finally overtook me.

My last thought before I fell into a deep sleep was that the next few days were going to be very interesting.

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