A Loving Wife, A Loving Daughter

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Double Penetration

This is the story of a young and beautiful loving wife, eventually after many years, falling into her own daddy’s arms, and having an incestuous affair. Then she is coerced into and affair by her young 18 year old neighbour. There is also a little interracial at the end.

Marie was stood at her rear door, she peaked out and looked both ways, why? She didn’t know really because there was no way anyone could see her from the street at all. She turned in her doorway and seemed to shrug her slim shoulders. A man appeared, passed her and stood on the step and faced her. He was one down from her. He put his arms around her waist, she put hers around his shoulders and a deep loving kissed ensued.

It was a long kiss, full of passion, full of loving, she wiggled her arm down and felt for him. She gripped his cock and he moaned softly into her mouth, he broke the kiss and tried to push her back inside. Marie wouldn’t have it, she wanted to desperately, but her husband would be home soon, so her lover had to go, and go now.

The blonde beauty was in love with him, she had been in love with him all her life. Incongruously she also loved her husband with all her heart, it was a conflict she could not reconcile, and could see no way of ever relieving the pain of loving these two men the way she did.

What Marie didn’t yet know her life was to take another dramatic turn, one that would further embarrass her feeling and confuse her even more than she was now. She gave her lover’s cock one last squeeze with a promise of another tomorrow, and reluctantly pushed him away. He smiled at her and hurried off, he too had no desire for her husband to see him here. There would be no excuse for it. He would definitely not be able to say he had just been passing, not when he lived across town from them.

Marie Dewitt was a twenty five year old blond girl from California, a true sun kissed blond beauty, skin like cream, a complexion seen only in TV advertisements, 5ft 5″ of long blond haired heaven, sexy beyond belief without flaunting it, her movements were as graceful as soft waves on a tropical shore.

Her face had a haunting quality, with azure eyes of unbelievable depth, she lured men, boys and women enticingly without effort, innocence abounded her. Her body was in the extreme of sexual maturity. Her nipples were as sensitive as the most intense instrument; a ripple could make her grip herself in aroused excitement. They seemed to be permanently wired in to her deepest erogenous zones.

Her pussy was shaven, smooth as glass, the lips soft and inviting, a succulent lure, her clit was as sensitive as her nipples, and even her neck, along with different areas of her body was in on the act. If others only knew of her 24 hour state of sexual readiness for her husband, and her lover, she would be attacked from all sides.

She saw her lover round the corner of her home, shivered, pulled the tiny and revealing silk robe around her and went in, locked the door and hurried to have a shower so she would be ready for her man to arrive home. She knew he would want her, he always did, one look or touch from her, and he would be at her heels like a little lap dog waiting for scraps from his mistress.

She loved her life, she had everything she had ever wanted, her husband who was crazy about her, and now her lover who was now as equally crazy for her too. He hadn’t been, she had had to lure him, entice him until he could not now find a way to resist her. She had captured him after all these years of yearning and wanting him.

But Marie had had to wait until she was married to get to him, he knew eventually she would get him. He had steadfastly refused to let her embroil him; it hadn’t been until she met her husband to be, that jealousy, though well concealed, made him succumb to her charms. It had taken year upon year but she was determined to succeed, and succeed she had.

When she had first started to feel the changes in her young body, at the age of twelve, changes that rang in the sprouting woman she was to become. Marie had always been beautiful even as a child, and now in the next three to four years, she would crystallise from the girl to the woman.

Her daddy had always been the focus of her whole life, everything she did, she did for him. She began her 12 year effort to get him to be her man, not just her loving daddy, but the centre of her life. Even letting him see her ‘accidentally’ in her underwear, making signs, sitting in his lap, she had always done that. But now she had an agenda she had no control over. All Marie knew was that one day, she would have him all for herself, one way or another.

Her mother had left them for another man at an early age, she rarely saw her and wasn’t interested in her. Her interest, though confusing to her young mind, was her daddy. Then she had met Mark her to be husband, and for some reason she never knew of, her allegiance changed from her daddy to him. Marie fell in love, they planned for marriage, had the engagement and pendik escort a two year courtship.

Her daddy became more interested in his daughter, he was jealous, Mark was taking his baby from him. He never showed it, but Marie knew, and in doing so it reignited the flame she had for him. The wedding came and went, and 6 months after it, came the day when he could hold back no longer. He hated himself, but his control was nil the day she put her arms around him in her own kitchen, and kissed him. It wasn’t a peck, it was a kiss. One that stunned and thrilled him more than he had ever been stunned or thrilled in his life.

She said to him softly and as seductively as she could, “Daddy, I love you, I always have you know that don’t you? I can see and have seen sadness in you since I married Mark, but you have no need to fret daddy. You have always been the first in my heart and you always will be. I’m here for you whenever you want me, okay?”

His voice cracked, and told her, “Yes Marie I love you, you know that too, but I feel a love for you I shouldn’t feel darling.”

“I know you do daddy, I have the same feeling of love for you too, I have had it since I was a little girl. I still have it and it will never go away, never.”

Marie took the plunge, one that would take her into a loving incestuous relationship with her beloved daddy. She pressed herself against him, bringing an almost instant response from him. His prick lurched in his pants and connected with her heating pussy. She moaned into his mouth as they kissed again, this time she rubbed her body across his and he was immediately aroused to the point of no return.

Marie had planned this all her life, but never really thought it would happen if she was truthful to herself. She had dreamed of loving, and making love to her daddy forever. And now she had him right where she wanted him, he was helplessly in love with his own daughter, but another mans wife! Her arms were wrapped tight around his neck, her pussy ground into him. His submission deepened with each press from her.

“Take me to bed daddy, you know you have to. You need me, you need my love and I need yours,” her words killed off the last dregs of resistance he may have had. He picked up without breaking the kiss and staggered off towards the stairs and up they went. In her bedroom, she dropped to her knees and undid his trousers; she was desperate to see the lustful object of her desires as quickly as it was possible.

He pulled his coat and shirt off, and between them he was naked as a jay bird in moments. Marie eyed his stood out projectile with enthusiasm, and delight. He was the proud owner of a well endowed and even more proud cock. Rising she cupped his balls, squeezed them gently, then ran her hand to his shaft; he sighed and moaned in the same breath. His daughter was controlling him and events, and he loved it.

They joined lips once more and her daddy squeezed her boobs for the first time, finding and squashing a nipple, Marie almost fell to her knees. Pulling open and then off, her blouse revealed her cleavage; he snicked her bra at the back and threw it away. He bent his head and sucked in his daughter’s loudly screaming, and almost distressingly aching nipple, although the only sound to be heard were gasps and grunts from him and his daughter.

Marie was holding her daddy’s lovely prick, she would die before she let go of in now. Not until it was deep in her would she relinquish it. She unhooked her skirt and dropped it to the floor, kicked off her shoes and pulled him by his provocative hard on, to her bed. He followed and they were on it, he looked down at his stunningly beautiful daughter, leaned over her, asked god to forgive him, and in he plunged, Marie orgasmed immediately.

She clung to the man that had given her life, her breath, his love, her love, her mind was in pieces, orgasm followed orgasm, she had no time to counter any of it. Her daddy was thudding his fabulous prick in and out of his daughter’s hot wet and oily pussy. Eventually she had him trapped in her arms and legs, her face, eyes shut tight, was buried in her daddy’s neck as he fucked her with an abandon of a first loves flush.

He began to grunt, Marie urged him to cum in her.

“Fill me daddy, make me a baby, I need your baby daddy give it to me, please daddy please!” Mark and Marie had been trying for the last five months ever since she had come of the pill, but as yet nothing had happened. Her father banged into her one last time and erupted, his cum spouted out and into his beautiful daughters willing wanton womb.

Marie gripped him so hard he found it difficult to breathe, but he didn’t care he had finally found the place to where he belonged. Oh how he wished she had never married, that he had let her know how he felt. He knew how she had felt, she had shown it to him many times, but being her father he had resisted all temptations from her, hard though they were.

He settled on to her kartal escort in the most loving of ways, she was soft, warm and gentle under him, her breathing was heavy but sweet and even, her smell tantalised him, her very being made him dizzy. But she was still his daughter, and this should not have happened, he didn’t berate himself, he had succumbed to temptation yes, but he felt inside that this was ordained, meant to be.

He raised his head slowly and looked at her lying under him, she slowly opened her huge blue eyes and nearly shot him dead with them. Her smile told him he was okay, it told him she was happy, she was in love and always had been. He smiled back a little weakly, Marie drew her daddy down again for the kiss that cemented and confirmed that this would not be a one off thing.

His heart bounced in his chest, it was a kiss of utter love, from a woman to her man, and from a man to his woman, not father and daughter, those days were over, gone forever. Marie kept her grip and rolled him on to his side, knees high up she held him, she was his counsel, it used to be the other way round, but no more. Marie had it all now, her husband, her marriage, and now her father had been brought into her world, the way she had always seen it in her heart.

Unusually Marie felt not one moment of guilt, why she didn’t know, she just knew it was right, so it was sat with her in a way that fit her life. She was dying to suck her daddy’s lovely cock but thought it better to wait while, there was ne need for hurrying things, it would come this she knew. Her daddy peered down at her protruding nipples, fingered one then sucked the other into his hot mouth.

Marie squealed inside, they were on top form today, she thought, her arousal so soon after cumming the way she just had, was so heated she burst inside her chest and came once more. His fingers found her dripping pussy, he hooked his middle finger in right up and past the second knuckle, his thumb found her clit. Marie screamed out in utter passion.

But time soon passed and he had to go, she saw him off, and prepared herself for her husband. What she didn’t know and hadn’t seen was her neighbour’s 18 year old son at his bedroom window, snapping away with the all singing all dancing camera he had asked for and got the day before for his birthday.

It had the ability to take photo’s in semi dark conditions without having to use the flash, and he had taken about 20 successive photo’s of his gorgeously beautiful and very sexy neighbour kissing and definitely fondling her own father. He knew without doubt who he was, he had talked to him often enough.

And the surreptitious way they had parted, her peaking, him head down and scarpering around the corner, told him all he would want to know. She was having it off with her own dad, of that there was no doubt! The way she had felt for and smiled when she had groped and grabbed his cock. And his reaction when she had.

Alex hurried to his computer and downloaded the pictures, when he studied them he was in awe of them. There could be no doubt who they both were, and even more, what they were doing, it could not be denied. She might try, but already he was betting she would lose if she did. His next thought, what to do with them, but he already knew, he would try and use them to blackmail her in to fucking him too.

His reasoning was that if she would fuck her own father, then letting him in on the act would be a no brainer! His problem was one of timing; he only had the rest of this week and all of the next to do it. He would be leaving to go to college, but to take the memory of fucking his beautiful sexy neighbour was too much too resist.

He bought photo quality print paper and printed them all off twice, and also saved them to file. He knew her father only came twice a week, Monday’s and Thursday’s, and the occasional Sunday for lunch. So that should leave him free to fuck her on the other three week days.

Alex looked at himself in the mirror, he believed he cut a pretty decent figure, 6ft 1″ 175lbs, dark hair, square chin, good physique, and intelligent. He put the photos into an A4 envelope and prepared himself for the following morning when he would hand them too her and see what happened, what her reaction would be. In with the photos was an invented e mail address, just for a little protection, though if it went tits up there wouldn’t be much.

The following morning, his parents had gone to work, he showered and got ready, leaning over the fence at 9am, he saw movement; she was up, her husband at work. He drew a deep breath and shouted her name. Marie appeared at her door.

“Hi Alex, did you want me?” she asked huskily, the sound of her voice made his prick jump!

“Yes Marie, I have this for you,” and waved the envelope her way. Marie walked to him asking him as she came, what was it? “Have a look and pop back for a chat when you seen the contents Marie,” he told her, turning and walking quickly maltepe escort back to his house. His heart was beating like a drum as he shut the door behind him.

Marie went into her kitchen and lifted the contents out, she saw the first photo and gasped loudly, it was of her kissing her daddy! And it was obvious it wasn’t a daughter’s kiss on his cheek, other photos confirmed that, lips were firmly locked and in different positions as the movements showed. And when she got to the ones where she was blatantly fondling his prick and then smiling at him, it was obvious to a blind man that father and daughter ‘bye bye’s’ this was not!

She fell into a chair and was mortified, she had been caught red handed, and so had her daddy, her first thought was to phone him, but swiftly decided against it. No she had to speak to Alex, he had to destroy them, no one must ever find out. She would find a way, she had money, she would buy them. After around 30 minutes of fretting she decided to go and see him, not knowing that Alex was almost having a heart attack waiting for the shit to hit the fan.

She called their house line; waiting a while she almost put the phoe down when Alex answered.

“Alex, I’ve seen the photos, what are you playing at, what are you after?” Marie was totally unaware that it was she he was after, not money, nothing but her and her luscious beautiful sexy body.

Ignoring her question, he said, “Do you want to come over to chat Marie, speaking on the phone doesn’t seem appropriate to me?”

Without thinking she said, “Give me 5 minutes.” And she closed the call.

As Marie changed to go over, not thinking about what she was wearing, which was a mini skirt, snug top and hair up in a piny tail, she looked ravishing,. But also she was starting to get angry, mad even, at the thought of that jerk doing what he had done. Even though what her and her daddy was doing was wrong, in her mind it paled into insignificance to Alex’s wrongdoing.

She knocked heavily on the door and Alex opened it immediately, he stared at the blond vision before him. Marie had seen the look a million times from other men and women, it didn’t faze her any more. But she would have been a little worried to say the least had she known what Alex’s intentions were.

“Right Alex,” she said, “what do you want, money, how much Hmmm? I’m not into blackmail and I don’t like it so be careful or the police will get involved!”

He shut her up straight away, by saying, “But the photos will be on the net and viral before they collar me Marie!” he told her.

Her voice softened, she would negotiate, “Okay Alex tell me, I can’t allow those photos to get out, it would ruin three lives, mine, my husband’s, and my fathers.”

Alex took a double deep breath, and came right to the point.

“I go away soon to college Marie as you know.”

“Yes Alex I am aware of that,” she said, getting exasperated.

“Okay,” he told her, “I want what your husband and father’s getting, simple, you come across and the photos disappear!”

Marie faced him open mouthed, her tongue was caught in her throat, this she had not even contemplated.

“Alex you have to be joking, you want me to have sex with you, you are trying to blackmail me. I won’t have it, I won’t!” And Marie did the silliest of girly things, she stamped her foot, Alex smiled.

“It’s your only way out Marie, if you think about it, there is today, tomorrow, and Friday, then the same next week, what you do in between is your business, but I would think more than carefully if I were you.” He felt he was on solid ground now. That was until she grabbed him by the throat, and rammed him up against the wall.

“You cheeky fucking bastard!” She railed, “I will not have sex with you in any shape or form, so you can forget about it!” Marie turned and stormed out of his house and returned home, but by the time she got there she was worried. When she entered her home her phone was ringing. It was Alex, “Your last chance Marie, now or never, do or die, you have 30 minutes before they go on the web!” And before she could reply he put the phone down on her.

Marie was knocking on his door again 29 minutes later. When he opened the door she flung herself at him, punching him in the jaw, and forcing him down to the floor, but he swiftly overcame her and pinned her down.

“Oooh I do like a feisty woman Marie,” he said and giggled. Marie struggled but couldn’t budge at all.

“Now,” he said quietly, “are you going to be a good girl for me for the next, er, what is it, ah yes 6 days in total Hmmm?”

Marie had been thinking that if she attacked him it would scare him off, back him up, but no, she had got that wrong too.

“Everything will be on my terms Alex you bastard, I hate you, what I say goes!” She bellowed up at him. Alex kissed her so quickly she didn’t have time to turn away. He locked his lips on to hers and kept them there for a long time refusing to let her get away, when he did relent, Marie was breathless.

“Let me up Alex, I can’t stay here like this on the floor.” He eyed her suspiciously, “please?” she added. He moved away and stood up before she did in case she tried to repeat the attack. But Marie had formed a plan, one that would keep her pussy intact from invasion by him.

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