A Lifetime Kink Ch. 04

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He awoke to find her side of the bed empty that next morning. Just as he thought, he was vaguely aware of movement some hours ago, but wasn’t even half-awake at the time. Pausing to listen, the house was quiet. Maybe she’d gone out.

Though shocked by the time displayed on the digital bedside clock – it was nearly noon and he had slept very late – Lee rolled sleepily onto his back where he was certain he wouldn’t drift off again.

Alone with his thoughts it seemed safe to mull things over, and specifically the things that had been said that last night. What had he been thinking?

‘I’ve essentially told her that I’ve seriously thought about banging her,’ he thought, and cringed a little at what she must have thought of him.

‘And that I still do…’

And if it was anything similar to how she judged and scolded herself in recent weeks, she might think him the monster instead, if not damaged. But no, he knew better than that, because it hadn’t ended in some cautious motherly talk, or a stark warning. In fact they had been increasingly affectionate lately, if not indirectly intimate (if that was possible).

And then last night they had slept in the same bed after having that very revealing talk, high on life, lager, and the magical green herb. And while Lee had laid there with his mother, not even bothering to hide his erection as they spoke about those things.

He replayed the parts of the conversation in his head, and got to thinking about how some of the things said, and some of the body language on display, could even have been flirtatious, if not signalling a mutual desire.

And of course they shared a mutual desire. It was out in the open now and he would have to see how she would treat him when she came back home, wherever she was.

Just like that, as he thought these things through, the knots grew bigger in his abdomen and there was a not unpleasant swelling in his shorts.

“I did feel the same way”, he had said near the end. “Still do!”

Jesus Christ, after everything he’d seen transitioning into adulthood, one day his fit and surgically enhanced mother – who he had masturbated to too many time to mention over the years – just takes everything right off the emotional baggage carousel and admits that she’s had a lifetime kink around incest fantasies.

Most men would have run in the opposite direction, at least those without a wife or social life to hide behind. Lee at least had the social life whenever it suited him, friends weren’t an issue. But here he was fully supporting her in whatever it was she wanted to do with that kink.

And then her goes and tells her he feels the same and that he’d have been fine with something physical happening between them. How his heart raced. He felt something vague but dangerous, couldn’t tell if it was deep-rooted anxiety – the poisonous prelude to panic – or forbidden excitement.

Either way it led him into temptation, at least as far as the fantasy went. Growing harder he slipped a hand into his boxers and began to massage his growing erection, cooking up a helpful little scenario of his own.

Imagine that he told his mother that he’d be her birthday present, the way that she had once upon intended to present herself to him. And he would tell her that this was her chance to make up for lost opportunities, to mutually and consensually experience a sexual encounter with the object of her affections, and the fruit of her loins, her son Lee.

The taboo of it all had him thrumming with adrenaline, his blood boiling, and a sore buzzing deep in his bones. Rolling out of the bed, he made his way back to his own room, and in his worked up state he fully intended to abuse himself and shamelessly.


Two hours in the gym and Stevie felt like brand new. Those wonderful endorphins enriching her blood, she glowed with that vital post-sex calmness – no anxiety, no stress!

In those snug, figure-revealing yoga pants she felt desirable. Her thighs and butt swollen and tight with their intense workout, if she were anybody else she knew she’d appreciate what she saw. Glancing in a mirror on the women’s locker room wall, post-shower, if she betrayed any sign of confidence it was only in her lingering fascination.

All these years later, she might not have been the same lover that Gary once left with child, but she was definitely still built for pleasure in every sense. Funny thing, life and how people changed. Without any more thought into it she made the short trip home and quietly let herself in.

Slipping off her trainers in the hall, the house’s taut silence caught her attention. Bypassing the urge to call out and to see if he was home, for whatever suspicion caused her to keep her silence and to just listen – maybe it was a mother’s unique sentinel intelligence – Stevie cocked her ear as she tread on her cotton-socked feet into the kitchen to fetch a drink of water.

Lee was home! It sounded as though he was doing a workout up there. She could hear his laboured breathing, blowing bakırköy escort hard and hissing. But he never worked out without music…

She fetched her drink from the kitchen sink and knocked back half a cold pint. Then quietly she traversed the stairs, again cocking an ear, and then the sounds coming from Lee’s room only served to pique her curiosity even more.

The deepest, filthiest moan oozed from his lips as he gave himself pleasure. Door wide open, he had no way of knowing she was there, and especially as she made no sound. The shocked gasp expanded in her throat like trapped air as her heart attempted to exit her mouth.

It was one thing to see him erect in his sleep. It was another thing entirely to see him spitting into his palm to lubricate his thick veiny cock, slickly fucking his fist at the most absurdly erotic pace, getting lost in his own moans.

Jesus fucking Christ, how she would ride that thing. Her knees were like jelly, her pussy burning deep, and her pulse pounded in her ears as she watched and listened to her son masturbating about…

‘Oh fuck, mum, what are you doing to me?’ he panted, raising his hips up off the bed. She swooned, stealthily grabbed hold of the doorframe, and her mouth hung agape there as the morning’s deep thoughts were affirmed in that one dumbfounding question.

Lee was not just trying to make her feel better by saying the things that he did. He was not just trying to find relevance in the feelings his mother wrestled with. When he said that it would have been consensual, that he still thought about having sex with her, he was telling the god’s honest truth.

It was as though a dam burst inside her, and not just behind the thong she wore home from the gym. All of those sexual taboos and emotions came to the fore like a tsunami to the shore, and threatened to flatten her.

She battled to hold her breath, her body threatening to give way if it did not get what it wanted and now knew what it could have. Slyly she figured that he would be none the wiser if she simply matched his fast and shallow breaths, and now she was breathing with him, only a matter of feet away from the head of his bed and watching the forbidden scene play out.

He was on the verge, so close and yet refusing to lose control, Masterfully he stroked firmly at his slippery pole, which now blushed an angry red from the friction of his erotic self-loving interlude.

‘Fuuuuck,’ he groaned aloud, causing her to jump in her skin. ‘I want to spunk so fucking deep in you!’

Was it possible – her pussy twitched and lurched at the understanding of those words!

With one hand she covered her mouth, because involuntarily now she was about to orgasm right along with him. Their synchronised breaths played their part somehow, as though this sexual experience had bonded them and had become tantric if not psychic.

Like the tiny devil on one shoulder, or it might even have been the innocent looking one, Stevie heard her inner voice talking all by itself. It said that she needed to tell him somehow that, yes indeed, the feeling was still mutual.

And yes indeed, she now knew what she did to him.

Also yes indeed, the thought of him spunking so fucking deep inside her right now was violently churning within her like a grapefruit to the juicer.

You have to tell him that not only is the feeling mutual, that it’d be 100% consensual, that little voice whimpered. You need to tell him that it can happen if he wants it to.

You know yourself that you want it to!

She heaved, her firm breasts busting out of her workout vest, up and down, up and down, with the heavy labour of her breathing. Nothing in her life had made her feel this orgasmic, and Stevie was not even touching herself.

Suddenly giving into his climax, Lee thrust up into the air, his toes curling all the way from the balls of his feet, and his feet curling at the ankles. Every muscle in his body seemed to strain and to flex impossibly hard.

He exhaled his loud exclamation of sweet release, hissing in another breath and then forcing it back out again, and along with it came the first thick spurt, virginal white and gloopy. It flew straight up into the air before coming back down on his balled fist, having no chance to ooze down over his fingers before the next load came, and the next after that.

With a bone-dry mouth his mother stood there petrified, hearing the breath shivering from his mouth as he practically spit-roasted himself, the glazed slab of prime fantasy meat that he now was.

By the time he was just about done, floating off into a blissful coma, he was oozing and dripping with his own spunk. Stevie’s motherly instinct to go fetch him a towel – not that she ever had in such a situation – almost overrode her need to disappear as covertly as was possible.

Silencing her breaths again she tiptoed to the stairs and very carefully returned to the kitchen downstairs, flushing furiously in her utter disbelief. On the way there beşiktaş escort she met herself in the mirror in the hallway.

Her face was beet red, as though she’d been smacked with a hard hand around both cheeks. Mouth agape, her grey eyes had darkened and intensified, as though the image in the mirror was even more here than the reality standing before it.

For some reason Stevie became transfixed. It was like looking at a stranger. Who was this woman? Out of nowhere she smirked, the guilty look of a young girl who had almost been caught doing something naughty.


Not long after she heard the shower running and smiled to herself, though her cheeks still burned. Ten minutes after that and Lee was downstairs with her, looking blushed in his state of semi-undress despite the fact that he’d never had a problem with it before. Was it possible that he had been aware somehow of her presence?

Was she not quiet enough in her departure? Maybe he, like her, had inherited the acute wolf-like ears of Stevie’s own mother. She offered him a cup and he gladly took it, his eyelids heavy and puffy.

Without a word, Stevie smiled and reached to kiss her son on the cheek. And then…

‘That sounded like a lot of fun.’

With such boldness she even shocked herself, but he was the one blushing hardest. Lee was now certain that she had been in the house, just like the day he had been balls deep in Kit and swore he saw her in the doorway for one split-second.

And now he knew for sure that she had heard him masturbating in his room. ‘Did I even hear my name?’

She was actively pursuing this, letting him know that, yes, she had heard him. Lee blushed furiously, unable to keep the coffee cup to his lips as his pursed lips stretched into an intense grin.


‘Oh yes I did… stud!’

‘Did not!’

‘You said Mum…’

‘When did you get home?’ his dignity demanded, and hoping that it would change the direction of the conversation, for now.

She slapped him playfully on the backside through his jeans, admiring his still-damp torso in the shadows and reflections of the afternoon sun, a move that surprised even her at that moment. Never did she expect that she would appreciate his typically desirable physical attributes so shamelessly, and to have him know it.

‘Guess I’ll go change your bed, again,’ she mock-scolded.

Grinning herself, as her son’s turned to a look of disbelief, Stevie walked away with a slight wiggle in her hips. She wasn’t showing off to him. Her pussy was so damn wet and willing that she simply couldn’t walk straight. She needed to be in control of herself, in the least so that she might one day have the honour of deliberately handing that control over to her son.


‘How’s about we order a takeaway tonight?’ Stevie asked early that evening. Lee, who wasn’t up to much, other than milling around and contemplating the very weekend he was wasting, perked up at the idea.

No more sneaking around – she had bounced perkily into his bedroom, animated as a cartoon character, flushed and smiling. He didn’t know why. He had been singing to herself all day.

‘Yeah that sounds good,’ he affirmed.

None of the conversation Stevie actually had in mind came to fruition, and of course because she didn’t dare to add; “after all, you must be exhausted after your workout today…”

“What workout?” he might have asked, before making the connection, adding; “Ha-ha, very funny. Did you enjoy spying on me?”

“Perfectly natural”, she would say and maybe with another double-entendre along the lines of, “you clearly had a lot on your hands!”

And that’s how he would realise that she didn’t only hear him, but that she saw. And he might ask just how much she saw…

Perfectly natural was how things escalated within the four walls of Stevie’s imagination, but so quickly did they escalate that her courage to speak up couldn’t keep up. She felt that courage slipping away as a result. The smiles and happiness and singing – the cooler facade of a woman controlled by her raging libido – did not last.

‘Mum!’ Lee had been speaking. Stevie had completely zoned out.

‘Huh? I’m sorry love, what was that?’

Lee’s eyes were on her like the prison yard spotlight in some fifties crime thriller, blindingly blank and yet alert with suspicion. ‘I said, what were you thinking?’


Oh right, the food.

Time slowed down and time sped up. Time and time again, Stevie found herself over-thinking and yet coming up blank. She didn’t recall even ordering the food by the time it turned up. Then when the leftovers sat on the kitchen worktop later that evening, she barely recalled what she’d eaten.

Lee, who was trying to make small-talk, was plenty aware of the tangible confusion between them. Still, he had to be honest with himself. There was a feeling of unease within him.

9pm rolled in. He was flicking through the shows on Netflix in his room. She beylikdüzü escort had showered and settled into a pair of light cotton jogging pants and a tank top, and had been reading in her room. Barefoot he heard her padding back into his room once again, but she stopped at the threshold of the doorway and stood there looking blankly at the TV screen.

Stevie exclaimed softly, appearing mildly conflicted. This was the look she gave whenever she had something to say and didn’t want to say it, and it was plastered all over her face.

‘What’s up?’ he asked patiently.

‘You’re going to hate me,’ Stevie insinuated shyly, wringing her fingers.

‘Okay,’ he said with a resigning shrug.

‘I didn’t just hear what went on in your room earlier this afternoon,’ she said slowly, swallowing hard. ‘I saw everything…’

‘Oh,’ he exclaimed.

‘Your door was wide open…’

Lee instantly flushed a panicked beet red…

‘It’s pretty obvious what was on your mind, and I know that I’ve already hinted in so many words that I was aware,’ she continued. ‘So you really do think of me that way,’ she trailed off.

Now as he sat in his low leather TV chair, Lee was at too much of a loss to really consider embarrassment as an option.

‘It was very flattering,’ she added, meekly entering the room and perching herself at the bedside. In that moment all she wanted to do was to scream. Instead she began to laugh defensively. ‘One moment I’m coming up to see what you’re doing with your day, the next I’m standing there in complete shock, thinking “fucking hell my son is hung”.’

‘How long were you watching?’ he croaked. He figured he might as well get over it, seeing how she had humoured him about that very same thing earlier. Then Stevie admitted she had seen almost the whole thing, and heard the things he was saying.

Both their mouths were quivering and hot. Lee managed a dry laugh, momentarily covering his eyes. Ever present, Stevie met him with a nervous giggle. ‘I’m sorry, I know I shouldn’t have. It’s just that you’ve been on my mind a lot, and considering what we’ve had to talk about,’ she tried to excuse herself. ‘I was just stunned that you clearly… still have a thing for me… that way…’

‘What were you thinking?’ Lee asked then. She didn’t see it coming. Again, animated images of him buck-naked, writhing and making love to his own hand resurfaced, and the butterflies were back with a vengeance.

What was she thinking? It was not an attack, that question. The tone of his voice implied that he was intrigued as to what made her look, all things considered. Was he inviting her to come clean about maybe wanting to, and enjoying doing so?

Now it was her turn to blush beet red as her gaze glowed. ‘Well now…’

She couldn’t believe she was about to say this. ‘I’ve told you what I think, haven’t I?’ That alone hinted why she had stood there watching for so long. Lee actually felt the crotch of his boxers begin to stretch and grow tight around his snug package.

‘Like what you saw?’ he asked. At that Stevie blushed harder and laughed, tucking her chin into her shoulder and staring at the wall momentarily.

Stevie nodded, squirming against the firm mattress, her thighs tightly clamped together. She was desperately trying to pinch off the maddeningly sweet throb of her clitoris, but the act of doing so only caused the most delicious sensations to radiate deep inside and up her abdomen and into the pit of her stomach.


‘You started this,’ he mocked. ‘I’m guilty – caught red handed.’ Then looking back to the television, as though he might find his deeper thoughts there; ‘It’s not like I even have the benefit of the doubt. You don’t even need to hear me admit it. You were there!’

Again, she was thinking back to his hand wrapped around his cock, one moment slick with spit, the next oozing with all that thick, hot spunk. And when he said those words, the sensation filling her moistening pussy and radiating up her body spiked, like an electric shock. Stevie gasped.

‘I’m sorry, it won’t happen again,’ she offered weakly, a sheepish look betraying the possibility that she was not even sorry.

‘Are you sure about that?’ His staring eyes accused her in advance. He too was trying not to smirk.

‘You can make extra sure in future by closing your door?’ But would he? He looked away smirking guiltily, unable to contain his mirth. Either way it probably didn’t matter. It was all out there now.

‘Listen,’ she said, her tone suddenly different. ‘I’m going for a short drive and a breath of fresh air – clear my head. Want anything while I’m gone?’

‘I’m good,’ he dismissed.

‘You are, are you?’ she countered, her eyes now vaguely accusing him. Of course she was joking. He wasn’t exactly innocent but he was still her angel.

‘Don’t go daydreaming behind the wheel,’ he jabbed playfully.

‘Okay,’ Stevie responded. He was not going to get away with that easily. ‘Shall I close the door or will you have pants on when I get back?’

Lee’s cheeks burned.


He had a lot to think about. What did it all mean? The moment Stevie left, he slipped on his shoes and went for a walk around the local cemetery. The great thing about the neighbours there – they weren’t the invasive talkative type!

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