A Hot Day

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It was an incredibly hot and humid day, and I had picked it to clean the house. What a mistake that was. I’d only been at it for a half hour, but already I was covered in sweat. Sitting on the floor in my kitchen, I swore at myself, and gave up. Running upstairs, I got undressed, and put my new bikini on. It was time for a quick dip in the pool. My bikini barely covered anything. It was little more than three white triangles and some floss, but I wasn’t worried about anyone seeing me, as my fence was fairly high.

I walked outside, and dove into the pool. I swam laps for a moment, and then floated on my back. Closing my eyes, I savored the feel of the water over my body. Suddenly, a shadow blocked out the sun. Opening my eyes, I almost screamed as I saw you on the side of the pool.

You smiled and said, “Hi, I’m your new neighbor, I came over to ask you if you had a screwdriver I could borrow. I tried calling out but you must not have heard me.”

I pressed a hand to my chest and sighed in relief. “Oh hey, I’ve been meaning to stop by and introduce myself. Yeah, I have one inside, just a second.” I jumped out of the pool and quickly toweled off. Walking inside, I hear you follow me in.

I run into the kitchen and grab a screwdriver out of the junk drawer. I hear you come up behind me, and suddenly I remember what I’m wearing. Or more accurately, what I’m not wearing.

I spin around and bump right into you. You were closer than I thought. I look up into your eyes and stammer out, “Here’s.. um.. here’s the screwdriver.” You don’t back away, in fact, you step closer still, so that I’m pressed against the counter. Taking the screwdriver out of my hand, you grab me pendik escort by the neck and kiss me passionately. I moan and press my damp body against you.

You pull back and smile, “It’s pretty hot in here, why don’t we take a quick dip in the pool?” My eyes light up at the suggestion and I allow myself to be pulled back outside. I slip back into the pool as you begin to undress. “Oh damn,” you say with an evil sort of grin on your face, “I forgot my bathing suit. Oh well. I’ll just have to do without.” And with that said you strip down till you’re completely naked.

Sliding in the pool, you walk slowly towards me. Sliding your arms around me, you pull me close for a searing kiss. I bring my legs up to clasp around your waist and hold on as you push me back against the wall of the pool. Reaching between our bodies, you push aside my suit, and slide your fingers roughly into me. I moan and arch my back at the sudden assault.

Sliding your fingers in and out, you prepare me for your cock. You smile slightly and take your fingers out. Holding onto your cock, you position it at my entrance, and shove it roughly inside. I cry out as my first orgasm takes me. You hold still for a moment, sheathed to the hilt inside me. You begin to move, slowly at first, and then with increasing speed. The water of the pool swirls around us as you move back and forth, in and out of me. Faster and faster you move, until you groan and come deep inside of me, filling me with your juice.

You pull out and step back. I grab the wall for support and look at you with lust in my eyes. Jumping out of the pool, I motion for you to follow me and run into the house. I run as far as the kitchen maltepe escort before you catch up to me. Spinning me around, you kiss me deeply. We continue for a few moments, and then break apart.

You turn me around and bend me over one of the kitchen chairs. Ripping the bikini bottom off, you shove two fingers deep into my waiting pussy. I moan and arch my back as your fingers pump in and out of me. You spread them apart while they’re deep inside of me, pushing at the walls of my cunt, stretching me out. Slowly, a third finger enters. You shove your fingers in and out of my dripping pussy. I cry out loudly as another orgasm takes me.

Withdrawing your fingers, you position your cock at not my pussy like I expect, but at my ass. I look over my shoulder at you, questioning, and just as I open my mouth to speak, you begin to shove your cock into my ass. I cry out in pleasure-pain as you fill my back entrance up inch by inch. You keep going until you are completely sheathed inside me, your balls pressed against my cunt.

You begin to fuck me in the ass quickly, your balls slapping my cunt as you go faster and faster. I cry out and begin to come again. My knees buckle and you grab me around the waist, supporting me as you fuck me in the ass. Just as you begin to come, you pull out of my ass, and spray your juice over my back and ass. You rub the hot liquid into my back, and place me back on my feet.

I smile up at you and say, “We’re pretty sweaty now, want to take a shower?” You grin down at me and say, “Lead the way.”

I take your hand and lead you upstairs into the master bathroom. I step into the huge shower and turn on the water, not hot but not kartal escort too cool. Peeling off my bikini top, I step into the shower and pull you in behind me. We stand under the spray for a moment, rinsing off. I reach over for the soap, and begin to rub it on your chest. I smooth it over your chest and arms, down your stomach and to your legs. I kneel down to get a better angle and begin to soap your legs and ass.

This puts your cock right in front of my mouth. I lean forward as I’m soaping your thighs and lick the tip. It jerks in response, and I laugh and lick it again. Slowly, I abandon the soap, and focus on sucking your cock. I slide it in and out of my hot mouth, swirling my tongue around the head. As I begin to move faster you stop me. “I don’t want to come again too quickly,” you say. “I want to savor this.”

You reach down and pull me up so that I’m standing with my back to the spray. You push me forward so I am pushed against the wall of the shower, and kneeling down, you spread my ass cheeks so that my pussy and ass are in line with the cascading water. I begin to writhe in ecstasy as the water pounds on my sensitive flesh. Leaning forward, you lick my pussy, from clit to asshole. Pushing forward, you begin to flick the tip of your tongue over my clit, driving me wild with the sensations coursing through my body. You begin to fuck my pussy with your tongue, pushing it in and out of my wet cunt.

Just as I begin to have another orgasm, you stand up and shove your cock into my waiting pussy. You fuck me with frenzy, shoving your cock in and out of me. We continued fucking for several minutes, until you begin to speed up, and then suddenly stop. Withdrawing, you shove me around and to my knees, and begin to come all over my face and into my mouth. I swallow it all down, and the spray of the shower washes away that which I don’t. You look down and laugh at me and say, “So where was that screwdriver you had?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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