A Friday Meeting

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“Hi, it’s me, I’m running late as usual, I’ll be there in 10 minutes.”

“Well, he’s here already and waiting for you, but I’ll let him know” the secretary said with a tone in her voice that never failed to make me feel guilty, though she was always a very pleasant girl.

I rush through in my usual manner and go straight to the office as the secretary is telling me that he’s waiting for me in there. I walk in and close the door behind me. He’s standing at the windows looking out and I get a good look at him from behind, he knows I’m looking, but he let’s me look.

“Hi James, sorry to keep you waiting.”

He turns and smiles, which never fails to make my nipples hard. He’s got that playful look in his eyes that gives hint to the sexuality and seductiveness of his mind. Delicious indeed. He strolls from the window and sits across from me.

“I see you’ve made some changes to the office” his voice, soft, sexy.

“Yes, I like to change things around a bit and I’ve heard it’s good to do so….comfort zones and all that…”

We small talk through the first few tense moments as we try to focus on the business at hand rather than the strong sexual tension that is heating up the room.

“It seems you’re very busy these days, perhaps too busy, are you sure you’re not trying to take on too much? And now you want to involve my company; but, I’ve got my doubts as to whether you have the time to give adequate attention to us. I also have reservations because other companies might not see this as an appropriate joint venture.”

“Fuck what they think, they don’t run this company, I do.”

I look up to see an amused look on your face at my childish outburst and I begin to giggle a bit. ataşehir escort

“Look, I have no intentions of making this venture known, but I do think we might both benefit from it” an impish grin spreading across my face as naughty thoughts of you enter my mind. I try to push them aside and refocus as I hear you saying something about me needing to relax.

“I’d like for you to part your thighs and let me see your panties” you say in a cool and controlled manner.

A wave of pleasure jolts through my body as my nipples harden and my panties become damp as I try to absorb what you just said.

I look at you to make sure I hadn’t just imagined what you said. You see my confusion and lean forward and put a hand upon each knee and gently spread my legs apart.

“That’s better, don’t you think? I’ve noticed your flirting and seductive behavior, what with those short skirts that reveal your panties when you bend over in front of me, the winking, etc…isn’t this what you really want?” your voice playful, yet completely in control.

If you only knew all the things I really wanted to do with you, my thoughts insisted. I feel myself blushing from head to toe, unnerved yet excited that it was all out on the table at this point.

“Look, I’m going to be perfectly honest with you,” I say, trying to gather the nerve to go on. “I’m extraordinarily sexually attracted to you, I think that sex between us would be nothing less than incredible…”

As I’m speaking you lean forward and rub your fingers lightly over the crotch of my panties.

“Is that so?” you say in that smooth, silky voice. “So you have no problem with what I’m doing?”

“None whatsoever” I breathlessly whisper kadıköy escort as I place my hand over yours to reassure you that it’s more than ok.

And then your lips find mine, a kiss I’ve dreamt about many times. Soft, full lips, the perfect kiss. Playful, passionate kisses, that make my body long and ache for more. Such delicious lips you have.

As we kiss, my hands explore your chest, your bottom, and then slowly, the erection straining at your pants. I’m filled with wanton lust and desire as I unzip your trousers and slip my hand inside. Your cock throbs against my hand as I caress you through your underwear. And then months of pent up desire take over as I unbutton your pants and slide them down your body.

On my knees now, I look up at you. You look at me encouragingly and I slide your underwear down and look at your lovely cock.

You catch your breath as my hand closes over your flesh and I begin to stroke you. You’re so hard. I lick my lips and give you a soft kiss on the tip. You moan as I slowly suck you into my mouth and swirl my tongue around your cock. I suck and kiss and tickle you with my mouth until you’re nearly screaming and losing control. You grab me up off the floor and sit me on the desk facing you in the chair. You grab at my panties and slide them down my legs, then push my knees apart. You smile as you discover a shaved, girlish pussy. You explore me with your fingers, feeling the smooth skin and the wetness, as I writhe in anticipation. You lean forward and take a nice long, slow, tortuous and teasing lick that almost makes me cum. Your tongue starts its licking and flicking on my clit, occassionally sucking it into your mouth. My body is shaking and I can barely contain bostancı escort bayan my screams as I tell you I am going to cum. You slide two fingers into me and continue with your mouth on my clit. I tell you I’m going to cum so hard I don’t think I can take it, which makes you work me over even more.

Wave after wave of orgasm wash through my body and still you continue. With two fingers still pumping in and out of me, you stand up, and then replace your fingers with your cock and pull me up close to you.

We kiss deeply as you begin to fuck me. I wrap my legs around your back, trying to get all of your cock in me. I needed a good, hard fucking and you were doing a bang up job. I feel another orgasm begin to course through my body as I feel you tensing. I squeeze my pussy tighter around your cock, wanting you to cum just as hard as you had been making me cum. I grab your bottom and pull you in tight. And then it happens, you let out a roar and begin to cum, filling me with your warm load as my pussy shudders and convulses around your cock from yet another orgasm. You collapse atop me on the desk and we stay there, spent, basking in the satisfied after glow of sex.

We kiss again deeply, passionately, but sated, for now. Unfortunately I had another appointment and we had to begin righting our clothing.

“Well, we certainly didn’t get much business accomplished today” I say with a playful and teasing smile. “Shall we try again next Friday?”

“Of course, I’d be delighted to. I’m looking forward to working with you again, perhaps we should make the appointment for later in the day next time?”

“I think that’s a wonderful idea, I’ve many creative projects I’d like to show you, there are many roles my company could provide for yours, quite to your liking I’d think.”

“Well, then young lady” you say rather challengingly, “that’s a pretty bold statement.”

And with that you smack my bottom and head out the door saying “See you Friday.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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