A Family Affair Ch. 05

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Authors Note –

Please note that this is Adult Fiction, so should only be read by those who qualify!

This is the fifth and penultimate part of this little mini-series, and is probably best looked at after reading the previous episodes , but for those who can’t wait, here’s a little précis of events so far…

Paolo Wharton has a hot experience that he’d only ever dreamed of whilst on holiday in Italy. It set him thinking about a very strange, and enlightening, week!

Paolo lives on the outskirts of London, a member of a big wide-spread family that stretches throughout Europe. At the end of his first year at University his family had arranged to spend some time at his Aunt’s Villa in Tuscany, but for various reasons the rest of his family had dropped out at the last minute and he’d made the trip alone, but he was looking forward to it still. It was a chance to see Maria, a close childhood friend again.

At Pisa airport, he’d been surprised to find his volatile Sicilian cousin Isobella. ‘Izzy’ had appeared, late as usual, to pick him up and drive him to the Villa where he was surprised to find himself the only male resident after his Uncle Flavio is called away on an urgent business appointment. That leaves him with his cousins Izzy, Ilse, Frieda (all around his own age) and Aunt Luisa, but does that matter? The sun’s out, it’s hot and the girls have organised a tennis party at the family’s cooler Lodge in the mountains, so what could possibly go wrong with that? Except just about everything!

In the evening he has an extremely eye-opening private dinner with his aunt where he finds out some surprising secrets about family history. He’s shocked to find himself surrounded be something of a female secret society whose sole aims seems to be to protect him from ‘unworthy’ women. But, as his Aunt demonstrates later, there are distinct benefits!

The next day is an even bigger surprise! After getting talked into a little pact by his devious cousins, much against his better judgement, they embark on a trip to a nearby Tuscan town where the girls vie for his ‘attentions’ in distinctly risky situations…

I’m always interested in people’s thoughts and comments too if you’d care to leave one, and please vote too. All feedback is useful, and sometimes encouraging!

I sincerely hope that you enjoy …



26. The Cafe Gets Busy

When I got back to the shady table under the tree, carefully avoiding a table nearby taken by some women who seemed to be taking an uncommon interest in my passing, my cousins were engaged in an animated discussion.

It was impossible not to blush slightly as I heard them comparing my relative merits as a lover. Especially the size of that part of my anatomy that seemed to interest them the most at the moment!

“Be quiet you lot!” I hissed, as I could almost feel the stares of the women behind me bore through me, and they wouldn’t have needed hearing aids to follow that particular conversation!

“Oh be quiet Paolo,” replied Izzy casually as I took my seat, “…you should be thankful that we’re taking an interest.” My volatile Sicilian cousin, Isobella, wasn’t one for taking orders!

“Eight Inches,” said Ilse thoughtfully as her glance drifted down to my lap. Loudly.

“Oh, at least!” gushed Frieda, in that bubbly high pitched voice of hers, “… and so thick …wow!”

I closed my eyes in exasperation as they began to laugh together at my embarrassment. It might also have been the onset of exhaustion. After all, I’d just made love to two of my sexy cousins in this small, Tuscan market town. Frieda first in the back of my Uncle Flavio’s Fiat Estate in the town car park, and then her twin Austrian sister Ilse, in that almost disastrous session in the Lingerie shop window!

I put all the hysterical giggling out of my mind as I kept my eyes firmly closed and wondered, for the umpteenth time, how I’d got myself into this!

After all, only a couple of days ago, I’d just arrived at Pisa airport ready for a calm, relaxing holiday at my Uncle Flavio’s villa. A just May reward for a break in my University studies. It was hardly my fault that the rest of my family had dropped out of the trip at the last minute and when I’d finally been picked up by Izzy at the airport, it was to be transported into a strange, distinctly surreal world that I was even now struggling to come to terms with!

Uncle Flavio called away on a business trip, my cousin Guilio already away for some unknown reason, and then my Aunt Luisa had eventually dropped the bombshell about the family tradition! This is the one going back over centuries where small groups of females in the family looked after their young men, and formed a kind of secret society together. In this case, the former being my three cousins and Aunt Luisa, the latter being me!

And they’d certainly been ‘looking after’ me ever since!!

I was dragged back into reality when I heard the familiar voice of Rosa, the owner and apparently sole waitress of the small cafe that we’d found in an isolated square just off the main town centre. In our limited time together we’d become quite friendly in our co-linguistic esenyurt escort bond, both of us practicing each other’s language. She speaking to me in halting English, me responding in abysmal Italian. Overall it had worked quite well so far, just!

She smiled warmly at me as she placed our coffees and my two Danish pastries onto our table. I breathed out a sigh of relief. She’d clearly either believed the halting explanation that I’d given her a few minutes ago for my behaviour with my cousins, or chose to ignore it…or totally misunderstood my Italian. I was keen to believe the former!

My gaze lingered on the profile of her bust as she leaned across in front of me to pass Ilse’s coffee. She may have been somewhat older than us, but she was still attractive, and her tight white blouse was stretched delightfully over the promising bulge of her breast. I was so distracted that she had to repeat something that she’d asked me.

“Will you be staying for lunch? I’ve got some … errr lovely pasta dishes cooking… ” she asked with a slightly embarrassed air, which seemed a bit strange for a middle aged woman. Well, I’d placed her as mid-thirties when I’d first seen her and apparently she did have a teenage daughter.

“Not sure yet,” interrupted Ilse as she looked at her watch, a big grin spreading across her slim features, “we’ve got something to finish in town first. At least Izzy and Paolo do!”

I rolled my eyes expressively at the thought of what Ilse was referring to. For some reason I’d allowed myself to get into a pact with the three girls to make love to them in public today. Two down and just Izzy to go!

“But we’ll probably be back afterwards, ” I added with a smile, “I’ll be needing to replenish my energy again!”

Rosa’ s eyes narrowed as she gave me a quizical look, glancing quickly at Izzy who was doing her best to kill Ilse with a stare of her own. A faint smile spread across Rosa’s face as she turned away, and she shook her head in apparent disbelief.

Fortunately after that embarrassing moment, my cousins distracted themselves when Ilse started commenting on some of the fashions that the other women at the cafe were wearing. It was a good moment for me to switch off and daydream a bit as I munched my way through Rosa’s superb food!

After a peaceful half an hour though, I noticed Ilse glancing at her watch and starting to look agitated.

“Come on you three, finish up. We need to get going.”

Izzy’s eyes narrowed, “What’s the problem Ilse? We’re not to a schedule,” she responded huffily, hating as ever for anyone else to take the lead.

“Oh yes we are,” laughed Ilse as she took out a note from her purse, “At least you and Paolo are!”

“Here Paolo,” she added, proffering the note, “will you go and pay?”

Looking at Izzy’s stormy features, I judged it wise to move away!

As I neared the door, I saw that Rosa was serving another small group of young woman who’d just arrived and were settling themselves near the entrance to the cafe. There was something vaguely familiar about them, and looking around I could see that a number of tables had also been taken by other small groups of women. The hairs on my neck suddenly bristled as I realised that some of the faces were familiar because I’d seen them at the lingerie shop where Ilse and I had recently been caught in action – literally!

As I caught Rosa’s eye, I could see that she was listening intently to something the women were discussing, so I quickly headed inside the shop to get away from the stares and waited nervously by the counter.

Rosa soon came in behind me, her eyes sparkling as she let them wander up and down my slim frame. I couldn’t help but do the same. Maybe it was the way that my hormones were reacting to the continuous sexuality of my cousins, but the way that her tight blouse stretched over her full bosom and her black skirt caressed her rounded hips really caught my attention!

“Well Paolo, it seems that you have a fan club!” she laughed in her halting English.

She watched me redden and gave a little smile of conspiracy, “Did you really do it in the shop window?”

I closed my eyes in exasperation, unable to even try and formulate an Italian response. How soon before everyone in town knew?!

Rosa chuckled as she took the note from me, and searched for our bill on the desk beside her. In profile, I realised that her face looked younger than I’d thought. Her severe, swept back black hair was doing her no favours, but her bright, hazel eyes were framed in a rather petite facial bone structure and her nose lifted perkily at the tip. Somehow, her expression seemed to be one of perpetual interest of things around her.

And at the moment, that seemed to be me.

As she pulled out change from the purse in her white pinafore pocket, and proffered it to me, I was going to wave it away. But she lay it on the counter anyway and grasped my hand in hers.

I was surprised and a little shocked. The contact of her warm flesh on mine had sent a little stab of electricity up and down my spine. She seemed to stiffen slightly herself at the same time and I wondered if she’d had the avrupa yakası escort same reaction.

But when I looked into her eyes they were serious.

“You need to be careful Paolo. The police chief in this town is very … errr harsh?… strict? …” she was struggling for the right word, ” … anyway, be careful… I would hate for you to get caught doing something …errrr … unfortunate!”

As she finished she laughed, and suddenly looked a little embarrassed, “Well, here I am sounding like your mother. How old you make me feel!”

“You don’t look old to me Rosa,” I responded seriously, holding her gaze, “in fact you look absolutely…”

“Come on Paolo! We’ve got to go!” interrupted Ilse, standing in the doorway, ruining the moment.

She let my hand slide out of hers as she laughed at my sudden guilty start. But maybe the laugh was a little forced.

“So,” she whispered to me before I turned away, who’s the lucky young lady this time? The auburn one?”

I shrugged haplessly, “Yes, that’s Izzy. She’s …” I didn’t finish.

“I know” responded Rosa with a chuckle again, “I bet she’s a real handful! But don’t forget… be careful … I want to see you back for lunch. You’re good for custom!”

27. A Step Back In Time

As we arrived at the town square again, I was amazed at the bustle after the quiet of the cafe and the heat being radiated back from the stone cobbles was starting to become uncomfortable.

I checked my watch. It was just after eleven thirty. Why was Ilse rushing us along at this pace? She had taken the lead, arm in arm with her sister, Frieda. Izzy had looped her own arm possessively into mine as we’d left the cafe, but we’d had to walk at a brisk pace to keep up.

And was it my imagination, or were everyone really staring at us!

I avoided eye contact as much as possible as we crossed the square until I realised that they weren’t all looking at me! Most of the men had their eyes on Izzy, and the scandalously see-though top that she was wearing. She might as well have just come out in her cream, lacy bra! But the women were different. They were giving Izzy stares of either admiration for her temerity or hate for her brazen appearance. All of which Izzy calmly ignored!

When we reached the other side of the square and some thankful shade from a big, official looking building, Ilse finally stopped. Izzy looked around at the busy scene in dismay.

“Whatever are you planning Ilse? Even I couldn’t do it out here!”

That was a relief to hear. I was about to suggest that we call it a day and go back to the cafe when Ilse interrupted.

“Not here idiot. Down there…look!”

Izzy somehow ignored the insult, and followed Ilse’s eyes towards a sign above a door down a side street.

“It’s a museum…” she stated in some confusion, which matched my own.

“Exactly!” announced Ilse, her blue eyes sparkling in triumph, “Come on, it opens in half an hour and we need to get ready!”

She took us past the entrance to a side door further down the street, and looked both ways before pulling it open. Judging by the faded white writing, it was a fire door, and we trooped in obediently behind her and into a stygian gloom! The transition from bright sunshine into semi-darkness was dramatic and we all took a few minutes to get our eyes acclimatised.

“Come on Ilse, what’s this about?” pressed Izzy as she looked around a small room, crammed full of pots and porcelain in display cases.

“Nearly there!” was the hurried response as Ilse pulled Frieda after her towards a doorway marked ‘Medieval Village’.

Izzy and I followed more slowly. It seemed quiet enough, but I was still looking around warily as we passed through the doorway into an even darker area. It was a big room, split into four major displays, set back around twelve feet from the central area and each focussing on some specific aspect of medieval life in the area. We passed one on farming, another showing life inside a home and one showing the inside of a castle with a great feast on display. In each, dummies were dressed in costumes of the time, frozen in their medieval activities.

It was the final one that Ilse led us to, showing the outside of the castle gates that really caught our attention though.

“No way Ilse! ABSOLUTELY NO WAY!!” exploded Izzy as her eyes widened in shock.

I was about to join her in condemning the idea out of hand, but something made me pause as I took in the sight of a little market place. It looked innocuous enough at first, but to one side was a female figure, bent forward at the waist, head and hands trapped in high wooden punishment stocks! It was easy to see why Izzy might not be so keen on the idea, although Ilse had yet to confirm that this was what she’d planned. Ilse soon put that right though.

“Oh yes you will Izzy. You agreed to this bet in the first place and I’ve already done my part … the lingerie shop … remember!!”

“But you can’t seriously expect me to go in the stocks! And with that… ‘thing’… behind me!!”

She was referring to a rather stern anadolu yakası escort looking male mannequin dressed in some sort of official uniform who was standing behind the female dummy, with what looked distinctly like a leather riding crop raised high above her upturned behind.

It was the reason that I’d paused! It was clear who would be playing that part and being in that position behind a trapped Izzy and her unprotected buttocks was starting to look rather appealing.

“I promise not to hit you with the whip Izzy.” I offered airily.

Izzy turned and glared at me, but I just smiled sweetly back at her.

“And we don’t have to lock you into the stocks Izzy,” suggested Frieda helpfully, “… so you’ll be able to get out … if you want to lose the bet that is.”

Izzy transferred her glare to us all in turn, before she took a deep breath and said through gritted teeth, “Alright then…I suppose so …but I get to hold that lock!” She was pointing at the metal lock that was loosely keeping the two halves of the wooden stocks in place.

That was all that Ilse needed to go into action! Within seconds she’d pulled open the stocks, lifted out the female dummy and pulled off its ‘wench’ style dress. It was a mustard affair with long, loose skirt and a tight fawn bodice just under some loose white string drawn material that covered the dummies bosom. She threw it at Izzy as she removed the dummy and pushed it behind a partition at the back. Taking her lead I got hold of the male mannequin and stripped it quickly before adding it to its mate behind the same partition.

“Come on Izzy, get on with it, they’ll be opening the gates soon!” hissed Ilse as she set to work on another female mannequin standing next to a barrow of false vegetables. There were two together and Frieda had started on the other as well. I was amused to see that they intended to participate as well. No doubt to add to Izzy’s discomfort!

Izzy had stepped carefully onto the ‘set’ but was still holding the ‘wench’ dress and looking at it rather distastefully.

“Paolo,” snapped Ilse in frustration, “get Izzy undressed will you!”

Well, that was one instruction that I would have no problem following!

I dropped my pile of clothes for a minute and came up behind Izzy, letting my hands rest on her hips for a moment before sliding them up her sides and over the thin material of her sheer cream blouse. She gave a start at my touch and then a low groan as I cupped her breasts through the lacy, matching bra. She rocked back into my arms as I let my fingers explore, searching out the twin peaks of her nipples, massaging them inside their soft little prisons. She was clearly already aroused. Maybe the thought of being locked up in the stocks wasn’t so bad after all!

I worked on them for a few minutes and was rewarded with a string of moans and groans of appreciation as her nipples reacted to my rubbing and nipping before she groaned louder again as I lifted my hands up higher and started to undo the buttons of her blouse. It seemed to take no time at all, and suddenly Izzy was co-operating enthusiastically as she unbuckled her belt, released the fastening at the side of her skirt and dragged the blouse out.

Taking my opportunity, I ran my hands back under her loosened blouse and found the clasp of her bra, squeezed it open, and slipped my hands under the material before sliding round to the front again and easing my fingers under the bra cups to cup her breasts again. But this time I had her warm, taut orbs right in my hands! I felt an immediate surge of interest between my legs as Izzy groaned louder and rocked back into me again.

Looking to one side, I could see that Ilse and Frieda had already hurriedly stripped off and were stepping into similar gaily coloured dresses that Izzy was supposed to be wearing. I caught my breath as I watched their beautiful bare bodies disappearing from view. There was no doubt about it. I had some incredibly hot cousins!

I could see Ilse getting impatient though as she looked at her watch, so I cut short my renewed acquaintance with Izzy’s perky and hardened nipples, pulled her around and dropped down to my knees as I finished undoing the skirt zip and dragged it down off her hips so that it fell in a little heap at her stocking covered feet. I had to pause there for a few seconds as I was left staring straight at her pantie covered pussy. The panties were a match for her bra and the lacy cream material was stretched tightly across her bush and mound. Between her legs a darker, damper patch exhibited her readiness!

Swallowing hard, I fought against the temptation to simply rip them off and dropped my fingers to her stocking tops to detach her suspender fasteners. She seemed to rock on her heels as I began to draw the smooth stocking down her legs, and when I looked up I could see that her eyes were shut as she savoured the feeling. She didn’t seem inclined to interfere, so I slipped off her shoes and finished removing the stockings before reaching up and dragging down the matching suspender belt. It caught the sides of her panties and rolled down the sides a little, revealing the top of her curly blonde bush. Standing back, I thought that she looked absolutely ravishing, the blouse and bra hanging loosely from her shoulders and completely failing to cover her beautiful breasts while her bush peeped out from the top of her half rolled down panties. It was hard not to just step forward, bend her over and take her there and then to relieve the big bulge in my pants!

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