A Conversation with Jonathan Ch. 03

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Hi Sarah.

Aunty Kate takes up the story.

I smooth my dress down and leave the rest of the family to enjoying the sun, the dry grass feeling good on the soles of my bare feet, as I make the long trek from the garden to the house. Clicking the latch on the old farmhouse door, I enter the kitchen expecting to see my sister embarrassing my nephew in some flirtatious way that she gets some sort of cruel pleasure from, but instead I’m greeted with a empty room.

The cool sensation of the cheap lino on my feet is welcome as I walk in. I scan the kitchen. My nephew’s course work he’s working on for his apprenticeship, is scatted across the kitchen table. It seems like someone’s spilled some liquid on the surface and floor! But the most striking thing is the air. It is humid and fetid. A smell of body heat, of sweat, of … sex?

My ears suddenly pick up the sound of a faint groan or cry that seems to emanate from further in the house. I make my way to the door leading to the living room, creeping slowly, placing my bare feet on the floor like a sneak thief. I enter the living room. There’s no mistake now, the cries are coming from my sister, and judging by the echo she’s in the hallway. These are not cries of distress though, these are cries every woman knows. These are cries of pleasure, of lust, of sex!

With my heart thumping in my chest, I make my way as silently as I can to the door leading into the hallway. It hasn’t been closed completely, leaving a gap of a foot between the door and frame, giving me a chance of a sneak peek.

I hardly dare breathe, as I have a silly notion that my breathing will give my presence away. As I risk a look around the door, I want to gasp at the image I witness. My nephew’s firm bare sexy backside is pumping back and forth without mercy, behind my sister. She’s bent over the stairs, her top hanging loosely from her, panting and groaning in animal lust. The dirty bitch, I think in shock. It looks like my nephew’s finally doing something about her teasing at last. Allow I’m shocked. I can’t take my eyes off the scene. I feel butterflies in my stomach and a tingling in my loins, a warm sensation. I realize I’m getting turned on!

The view isn’t great, so I silently crouch down, not wanting to touch the door, and sit on my knees. With my head lower, it offers me a better view between my nephew’s legs. Stifling a groan, I watch my nephew’s thick length, plow in and out of my sisters pussy, her puffy folds stretched wide, the hairy tufts surrounding it, matted with juice. This is the first time I have seen my sister’s pussy in decades, and I feel so turned on watching it. I can feel the moisture seeping from my own pussy, a damp spot forming on my gusset. hearing the filthy words spill from my sister’s mouth. As she releases her heavy sexy tits from her bra, I can’t help but place a hand between my thighs, rubbing my fingers against the thin material of my skirt, feeling the fabric of my panties, giving me some relief on my wet pussy. The sensation makes me groan as I feel my wiry pubes rub between my panties and pussy-folds, as my sister calls our nephew a dirty bastard and relieves herself, attacking her engorged clit.

I can’t help rocking my hips as I circle my fingers against my skirt, pleasuring my own sweet spot. My wetness spreads as I watch the dirty show, a gasp passing my lips, this time not so discreet. My sister’s eyes lock onto mine. She stares at me upside down, a grin spreading across her thin lips, aware of what I’m doing. My nephew is unaware of me.

I open the door wider to allow my sister Trish a better view. My heart thumping, I lean back against the wall sitting on the floor before I raise my dress up over my knees, letting my sister see up it. Spreading my legs, I stick my hand up, pulling my panties tight, letting the gusset slip into my hot slit, my hairy pussy on full display for her. We stare at each others, my finger rubbing my panties against my erect clit, showing her the effect she and my nephew are having on me. Who they are making turned on!

‘ARRR … oh god. Oh god … fuck aunty Trish … Ahhh … fuck my cunt! Oh … god … it feels so good!’ my sister cries out. It’s aimed at me rather than my nephew, her small eyes looking up my skirt knowing how turned on she’s making me, the teasing bitch! I lay down in the doorway, parting my sender thighs wider, pulling at the top of my panties, the gusset slipping in a long thin line up my slit, letting the wet glistening inner lips of my aroused pussy protrude either side of it. My eyes still locked on my nephew’s pounding cock entering my sisters puffy drenched entrance. I form a V with my fingers canlı bahis şirketleri and slowly run the tips of them along the sensitive, fleshy folds hanging either side of the gusset, feeling my wetness. The tightness of my panties pushes hard against my erect clit. I start rotating my hips, increasing the pressure and sensation on my engorged nub.

Trish’s eyes close tight, her mouth forming a perfect ‘O’ as her fleshy thighs start to shudder. I’m flashing my sister my hairy pussy, bringing her to a climax.


I cant help but let out a audible gasp as my sister releases spurts of gushing clear juice down her thighs every time she lets out a cry of passion. I have never seen a women ejaculate like that before. The sight makes my own juice run, I let out a mumbled moan as I feel the warm trickle dampening my screeched gusset. My breathing comes in short gasps through my parted ruby red lips as I grind my hips, my panties stimulating my love button, my sister acting like a shameless slut for me.

Raising her head she looks over her shoulder at Jonathan. ‘Ahhh … I think … aunty Kate wants to join … us.’

My nephew slows his thrusts, looks over his shoulder, seeing me lying in the doorway, stimulating my aroused pussy. The flash of surprise on his face leaves in a fleeting second as I shamelessly continue to pleasure myself. Any doubt he has vanishes. He turns his hips slightly, giving me a better view of his cock slowly sliding in and out of his aunty’s soaked pussy, inviting me to join them.

Turning over, I crawl to them on my hands and knees. It seems right, because I feel like a bitch on heat. Kneeling behind him, I run my fingers up the back of his thighs, caressing his inner thighs with slow strokes, feeling the firm taunt muscles. ‘Don’t stop,’ I hiss, as he continues to fuck. ‘Oh Trish, our nephew’s fucking your cunt,’ I groan, my voice thick with lust.

‘Oh Kate, just look at our nephew’s cock. It’s going so deep in me!’ she responds.

My hand slides between his thighs, taking his heavy dangling balls in my palm, hearing him groan as I feel the weighty objects. My other hand grips one of his peachy firm bum cheeks, parting it, exposing his tight pucker little bum-hole. I can’t resist leaning in, my nose pressed against his bum cleavage. Breathing in his manly musky aroma, I let my hot wet tongue circle around the tight entrance, stabbing at it with the tip, my hot breath heavy and laboured.

‘Oh aunty Trish! Aunty Kate’s licking my arse,’ my nephew gasps.

‘OH Kate, you dirty girl,’ my sister answers.

As I gently rim my nephew’s sensitive hole, I slide my hand from his balls, up along his hot rigid shaft. My fingers slip over the slick length, reaching the entrance of my sisters hole. I let them caress her sensitive protruding lips around my nephews pounding cock.

‘OHHHH … GOD!’ my sister groans out loud, as she feels her older sister play with her pussy folds, and falls back on Jonathan’s cock wanting to be felt more. I let my drenched fingers slide up and down my nephews shaft caressing my sisters wet hanging folds, the tip of my middle finger rubbing her stiff erect clitty, flicking it back and forth as my tongue laps at my nephew’s musky bum-hole, my tip assaulting the entrance.

‘Oh aunty!! I’m cumming!’ my nephew groans. He knows just what to do! He keeps pumping his long length into the hot damp heavenly hole of Trish’s pussy, slowing his pace as I position myself behind him. My hot breath caresses his backside as my button nose pushes against the crevice, my wet tongue circling the tight back passage, the hot tip eagerly pushing at the entrance every time he thrusts back. My fingers gently fondle my nephew’s slick shaft as I tease Trish’s stretched hole, whilst his swinging balls slap against my arm. I

feel the sack tighten. I know he’s on the verge of losing control.

(Jonathan takes up the story.)

‘Turn around my filthy little sis!’ Aunt Kate orders Trish, her heavy breathing against my ear. Aunt Trish turns her big frame around sitting back down on the stairs leaning back, resting her elbows on a couple of steps higher, spreading her thighs as wide as she can, stretching against the panties hooked around her knees, giving me a glance of her matted juicy honey pot, her blouse top torn allowing her heavy pendulous breasts to hang out, the hard elongated nipples sticking out like clothes pegs around her red large areolas.

As I look at her round face coated in a sheen of sweat her dark curls of her hair plastered to her forehead, the small features fixed in a state of lust as she pants, I realise what a sex maniac she is!

I canlı kaçak iddaa now know aunt Kate intends to make her nephew unload over her sister, as I feel her push her middle finger against my back passage pushing hard against the tight resistance it offers, I gasp as her slender digit enters slowly, breaking my anal cherry, inch by slow inch it slips deeper in. Aunt Kate’s firm grip on my shaft relents, her soft long fingers slide up my slick length, caressing the hot ridged member before cupping my swollen bell-end, rubbing in circles she spreads my oozing pre-cum over my sensitive gland in the palm of her hand.

She stimulates my back passage and sexual gland the way only a older woman can, the pleasure so intense its almost unbearable.

‘Oh aunty Kate!’ I gasp. Aunty Kate looks at Trish.

‘Our horny nephew’s got something for you little sis, and I’m gonna make him give it to you. What do you say, you dirty little teasing slut.’

Aunt Trish plungers her fingers into her seeping wet snatch, bucking her hips, ‘Oh god yes! Make him give little sis a bath!’

Aunty Kate’s hand grips my ridged thick shaft and starts pumping the slippery length in short fast strokes, her finger grinding my tight back entrance. ‘Oh aunty! Oh aunty! Oh aunty,’ I groan. I can’t hold off as I feel my balls tighten, my bum grips Kate’s finger as I feel my sperm race up through my length.

‘Awwww cum for aunty’ Kate groans, as my cock twitches violently in her grip, a thick milky stream erupts forth, the heavy spunk arching out, landing with a splash across aunt Trish’s face. ‘Awww my god!’ aunt Kate gasps at the sight of the eruption, pumping my cock faster, milking her nephew’s cock. ‘Oh my god, Oh my god, Oh god,’ she keeps exclaiming, as I keep sending hot spunk over my aunt Trish, who just shrieks in surprise and lust, as the splashes of my cum land across her face and tits.

Aunty Kate’s fingers slip and slide over my length getting drenched in sperm as she tries to aim my spurting rigid cock at her sister, intending to soak her. She works her fist, draining the contents of my balls, with her pounding hand.’Oh Jonathan! Look at the mess you have made of aunty Trish, you wicked boy!’ Kate groans, her voice thick with lust.

I pant for air as my spent cock spills the last drops of cum from my drained balls. Aunty Trish lies across the stairs, pumping her fingers into her seeping twat, her juice staining the carpet. Her face is coated in a sheen of milky deposits from her nephew’s cream, as she circles her tongue, collecting the hot creamy load. Her breasts are slick from my huge ejaculation, with trails of my cum hanging of her large nipples, dripping onto her skirt!

Kate looks at the scene, the smell of animal lust in the air! She craves satisfaction!


‘This is turning out quite a marathon, Jonathan!’

‘Sarah, I was wondering what kind of women you are attracted to? I know you have a lover, is she your first and only or have you had others in the past? is it looks personality or some of both? What kind of fantasies do you enjoy? For myself, I find all women attractive or desirable in there own special way. The only kind I don’t desire, is the super-model kind! I do have a thing for the prim and proper type, the kind who are librarians/vicars wives, spinsters etc, who have a air of sexual repression/frustration in starchy blouses etc.’

‘I’m a fairly recent convert to sex with other women.’

‘Another kind are short older buxom women, with full breasts, hips and also married women I confess! I know its wrong but maybe it’s a challenge? The only other woman in my family I have fantasized about a lot in my youth, was a second cousin (she was the granddaughter of a great aunt).’

‘No family members in my fantasies, I’m afraid.’

‘Dee was a typical spinster type. She was about twenty years older than me, living with her aged parents, with a secretary job that was for life. She was very prim and snooty, with small breasts, and never wore a skirt that wasn’t at least to her knees, she had straight dark hair to her shoulders with a fringe that as dead straight.’

‘A challenge for you?’

‘Dee wore glasses that where to large for her face. If she was at a family gathering, she would get all prudish and frowning if any crudeness entered the conversation (if my aunt Trish was there it was more than likely!). She had a total air of sexual frustration and repression, that I found such a turn on! I always thought she needed a good fuck and imagined if she ever did finally get it she would be a wild animal!’

‘Heather is my first – and one and only – being a vicar’s wife, she can be quite intense and very canlı kaçak bahis caring. She’s usually matter-of-fact, but when she gets horny, Heather gets very intense and demanding! I can imagine other women though. At meetings, I sometimes look at one or another, and wonder what they’d be like in bed! It’s usually the ‘serious’ ones I would like to fuck!’

(Back to Aunty Kate’s story.)

Kneeling down, I stroke my nephews slowly deflating cock. I look on, as a thick white drop of cum seeps from the slit. Quickly, I dart my tongue out catching the juicy pearl before it falls off. Closing my warm mouth over the soft member, I let my tongue collect the salty warm discharge coating the length, letting it mix with my saliva.

My dark almond eyes look up at my nephew’s handsome face as I clean his spent cock, his manly taste and the sexual act makes me moan unable to contain it I feel the warm trickle of honey caress my inner lips as I drip into my gusset.

‘Oh god, I want more. I’m so horny!’ my sister Trish groans, breaking my concentration. I turn to her, watching as she works her fingers into her soaked pussy. I feel annoyance building in me. Hasn’t she had enough?! The spoilt brat in her is coming through! That selfish streak of demanding her own way! Not this time though.

I stand up facing her, grabbing a handful of her wet matted hair in my fist. ‘I think its my turn now, don’t you little sis! Don’t be a spoilt little slut.’ I move up a couple of steps, placing my feet either side of her, pulling up my thin summer dress. I show her my white panties, the patch of wetness in the gusset showing my arousal.

We don’t say a word, my sister knows what to do. Raising her hands, she hooks her fingers around the elastic top, pulling my panties down my thighs, the gusset clinging to my wet entrance. Finally losing its hold, the material sticking to my sweaty wet thighs, as my little sister tugs them down to my knees. I keep a firm grip on her clump of hair in my fist as she traces a slow path back up my inner thighs to my honey pot, the thick wiry thatch surrounding the folds of my shrine, covered with drops of my sweet nectar.

‘Ohhh , yes! Aarrrr … play with my pussy, my dirty little sis,’ I hiss as Trish’s hand cups my aroused pussy, rubbing back and forth, my fleshy sensitive folds flopping left and right against her hot palm. With her other fingers she parts the hood, letting my hard engorged clit stick out, flicking it, rolling it with the tip of her finger.

‘Oooo, my horny big sis,’ she mumbles as I seep hot love juice onto her palm. I tug on her hair, making her gasp in pain, lifting her head, I want her looking at me as she brings me off. My eyes are glazed with lust as I gasp in tiny whimpers, my legs shaking.

‘Mmmmmm’ I breathe. I tug on her hair, pulling her head further back, starting to trace my finger across her coated face. A thick line of our nephew’s cream collects along the side of my slender digit. I press it against her soft red lips, and being the slut that she is, she willingly excepts it, sucking on my sensitive finger like it was a small cock, whilst her hot wet tongue circles my digit as she lets out a muffled groan around it.

Her fingers start to rub against my entrance, first one, then two, then three probe my wet dark heavenly hole, slipping them in and out. My womanly juice runs down her fingers as she doesn’t let up her attack on my clit. ‘Awww god … Awwww god … Awww god!’ I cry out, I bucking my hips up and down in time to her finger fucking.

Enraged with lust I wipe my hand over my sisters cum splatted face, smearing her make up in streaks, I force my four spunk-coated fingers into her mouth, slipping them in and out, my sister desperately licking and sucking them.

Jonathan’s underneath me, lapping at Trish’s soppy twat, as she struggles to moan around my stuffed fingers. I pull them out and squat forward, pushing my throbbing cunt onto her face, her nose brushing my clit.

‘Ohhh lick my sweet pussy sis!’ I beg as the sensation of her hot breath and wet tongue attacks my seeping folds!


‘All three nearly satisfied!’

‘Will you all cum together, Jonathan??’

‘I don’t intend to, I was only going to add a tiny bit to the end, I’m just writing a follow up at the moment involving just my two aunts talking later after the event.’

‘Ok. Waiting with bated breath!’

‘Sarah, the end to this story involves aunty Trish licking aunty Kate, with me behind rimming Kate’s tiny bum-hole. The one I’m writing when I get the time, is set afterwards.’

‘So, when will you be ready for me to suck your cock? I’m wet through here, waiting for you to get your hands on my crotch.’

‘Be patient Sarah! Though I have to admit that my cock is stiff and ready for you.’

‘Mmmm. Let me have a quick feel of your cock. Stiff and warm! I’m ready to cum… oooooooooooohhhh … Ahhhrrrrgh. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!’

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