A Brother’s Memories Part 2

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Thanks to gypsy@endor.com for her expert editing.

* * *

Chapter Three:
If you don’t gamble, you can’t possibly win

With some shaking knees and a case of the butterflies, we were soon standing in front of their room, knocking on the door. The beautiful Asian woman whom I had seen downstairs with the guy from the bathroom opened the door. She introduced herself as Sammi and that her husband, Bill, had run downstairs for a minute, and would be right back. She was wearing a dark blue kimono and she was stunning. She stood about 5 feet tall and weighed in at 100 pounds, she had skin that looked as smooth as fine china; she had short shiny black hair that was so fine in texture it looked as if it would move in your breath. I was smitten in an instant and it took a moment for me to recover my composure and begin to introduce us.

“Hello Sammi,” I began, when Monica jumped in.

“Sammi, my name is Monica and this is my brother Richard, I believe that you have been expecting us.”

A brief moment of surprise crossed Sammi’s face before she replied, “Yes, of course, my husband and I have been looking forward to meeting you all day. Please, come in and make yourself comfortable.”

Bill and Sammi also had rented a suite, and we all took seats in the living room and waited for Bill to return.

After we had taken a seat Sammi said, “I would like to offer you something to drink, but that is what my husband, went to get. He should be back at any time.”

Almost as if on cue, the door opened and in walked Bill. He was a little shorter than me, say 5′-8″ or 9″, obviously in better shape than I am, weighing about 165-175 pounds, with brown hair worn in almost a military cut, and brown eyes. Sammi took care of the introductions and Bill gave us a big smile when she added that we were brother and sister. While Bill and I made drinks, Monica and Sammi went back into the sitting, area chatting like old friends.

When Bill and I joined the ladies, they were swapping stories about kids, ex-husbands, and all that stuff. I learned that Bill was 42 and Sammi was 44, they were from Utah and that they came to Vegas a couple of times a year. They had 3 kids, 2 older ones from her first marriage and a 16 year-old girl of their own. She said that she was from Japan and that she had met Bill when he was stationed there in the Navy. By the time everyone had finished their drinks and were ready for a refill I knew all about her first marriage and the abusive husband she had divorced some 20 years ago.

Monica took this opportunity to explain to them about us. She told them about finding my stories on the computer and of the events that followed. They were both surprised that we had just renewed our relationship yesterday. She sat there and told them the story I had written about our first experiments in sex. By the time she was finished, both Bill and Sammi were a little flushed. But they both said how sexy they thought it was. Everyone was ready for a refill so Bill and I headed to the little kitchen to make the drinks.

While we were making the drinks Bill said, “I am really sorry about taking the panties.”

“Do you do that sort of thing often?” I asked with a grin.

“I have never done this before, believe me when I say I was as surprised as you when I took them.”

“What made you do it? I am not upset or anything like that but it could have ended very different, if you know what I mean.”

“I heard you go in the stall next to me. When you kicked off your shoes I saw that you were wearing nylons and I started to get excited. Then you took off your pants and I couldn’t figure out what was going on but I had a full-blown hard-on by then. I could hear you banging around over there, and mumbling something I couldn’t understand. I thought that you were jacking-off. Then you let out a big sigh and the panties hit the floor. I expected to find them soaked with your cum.”

“No I wasn’t jacking off, I was trying to get the damn panties off. But I had on a garter belt that wouldn’t cooperate with my trying to unfasten it.”

Bill started laughing and said, “You could of just asked for help.”

That got me going as I replied, “Yea, right. I can just hear it now. Excuse me sir, but could you help me get my garter belt undone so I can get my sister’s panties off?”

“Oh, so the panties are Monica’s. I thought that they were a might small for you. How did you end up in them?”

I looked him in the eye and asked, “Sir, do I understand you to be inquiring as to how I got in my sister’s panties?”

He began to stammer, “I didn’t mean, I mean, I don’t want to know the details.”

I totally broke up. I thought that I was going to die laughing: there was such a look of panic on his face. I told him about why I was wearing them and that I had been in the restroom changing to my new ones which Monica had bought for me when I had dropped them. Bill admitted that he found women’s underthings so very sexy that he often wore them to work. I realized that he wasn’t much bigger than istanbul escort his wife and that her things would probably fit him much better than my sister’s did me. I laughed and said that obviously, I, too, enjoyed wearing ladies’ things and going out in public wearing them.

When we returned with the drinks, the girls were in deep conversation so we left them their drinks and sat across the room at the table. From where Bill and I were sitting we had a good shot up Monica’s skirt. We couldn’t hear what they were saying but both ladies were fidgeting quite a bit. Bill asked me what my sister had bought me, so I told him all about the mornings shopping adventure. He couldn’t believe that I had had the balls to go back into the store and ask the same sales girl for help, with her knowing what I was wearing under my clothes. I told Bill, this is Vegas, what else do you expect.

Sammi had moved and was sitting next to Monica and her kimono had parted slightly. I caught a glimpse of red silk as she crossed her legs and thought that she couldn’t be wearing my sister’s panties. Monica was also showing a lot of leg and her wrap around skirt was coming untied. Bill asked me more about shopping for women’s clothes and what color were the panties and camisole Monica had bought me. I was trying to describe it when I looked over at Monica and saw that her legs were spread apart and we could see right up to her panties. I pointed to her and told Bill that they were the same color as those. He turned and was treated to the sight of his wife reaching for the buttons on my sister’s blouse. Monica was trying to untie Sammi’s belt at the same time and was not having much luck. Sammi got my sister’s blouse open and then pulled the tie on her skirt so that it came undone and left Monica sitting exposed in her new panties and bra. She then helped my sister undo the belt on her kimono and slipped it off her shoulders. I was wrong; Sammi was not wearing Monica’s panties, she was wearing another pair of red silk panties and a black lace bra.

Bill and I both were rubbing our cocks watching the girls, when he asked, “Rich would you be willing to show me what Monica bought you.”

I was a little worried about my dick being so small that Sammi and Bill would laugh but then I remembered that this was Vegas, and if I didn’t like their reaction, could always leave.

I stood and started to undress. As I was taking off my clothes I said, “Bill wouldn’t you like to get rid of some clothes as well.”

He hesitated until I dropped my pants and he saw the size of my little pecker. He let out a sigh, stood up, undid his pants and let them fall, showing me the outline of a dick that was just a small as mine, encased in my sister’s red silk panties.

As we stood there I heard Sammi say, “Monica, you were right, their cocks are about the same size. And don’t they both look yummy?”

There was a lot of tension in the air. Along with several hard cocks and wet pussies that wanted attention. Everyone was waiting for someone to grab someone else. I was ready to grab everyone. I wanted this to last, so I calmly took off my shirt and took my drink over to the chair right across from Sammi and sat down in my panties, camisole, garter belt, and nylons. Bill took off his shirt, came over, and sat in the other chair, next to me and across from Monica. As we sat there Monica started telling Sammi and Bill about how we came to be there and what we had been doing. Even thought I had been there she got me really hot with her description of the past 20 hours. Bill and Sammi were openly rubbing themselves as the story went on. I was doing a little rubbing myself. By the time my sister had finished, both Sammi and Monica had their legs spread and providing Bill and I great views. Sammi had her hand on my sister’s leg and was moving towards her pussy. They were both soaking wet and I could see the lips of their pussies sticking out against their panties. I almost shot a wad right then. I had to take my hand away from my crotch or it was over.

Sammi started telling us about how her first husband had been hung like a horse and had always hurt her when they had sex. That was why she had divorced him. She told us how she had met Bill at a bathhouse and fell in love with his skinny little dick. She said that when Bill had told her about our meeting in the restroom she was afraid to agree to anything until he had said that I couldn’t have been too big or I wouldn’t have been able to wear those panties. They had rushed up to the room and that he had put the panties on and they had fucked like rabbits. He was small enough and the panties were stretched enough so he was able to fuck her right through the material. He had shot another load in the panties and that the panties had been soaked with his two loads and Sammi’s juices. Bill said they had had a hard time washing it all out before we came over. Both Monica and I told them that we wished they hadn’t washed them that we would have liked to have taken them avcılar escort home as a memento.

We all laughed and the girls got up and went for refills. I was watching them go when Bill put his hand on my leg and started rubbing it. My dick twitched and he laughed.

“I love the feel of nylons when I wear them,” Bill said as he continued to move his hand towards my crotch, “but this is the first time I have ever felt another man’s legs in them.”

“I love the way they make my legs feel so smooth. And I love what you are doing to them right now,” I told Bill, “nylon stockings are great, but pantyhose can be a problem, especially if you forget you have them on and try to use the men’s room in a bar.”

“I guess you had just such an experience? Why don’t you tell me about it?”

“I was out with several of the guys from work one night drinking beer and telling lies. After several beers I got up to take a leak. Several of us headed to the restroom. I unzipped and reached for my fly, and it wasn’t there. All there was pantyhose, talk about panic. My buddies were teasing me with remarks like ‘Hey Rich can’t find it’, and ‘Maybe you left it in your other pants’. I knew they didn’t know what I was wearing so I just waited them out; after they all left I had to tear a hole in my pantyhose to go. So I do recommend that you never wear pantyhose unless you know where you will be. Thigh-highs are the only way to go.”

He was laughing so hard tears came to his eyes. He continued his travels up my leg to the bare skin at the tops of my hose. I reached over and placed a hand high up on his thigh and gently let the back of my hand brush his panty encased cock and balls. His hand moved to the front my panties and in no time he had my dick in his hand through the thin material. I was just repaying the favor when the ladies came back around the corner. They had removed their bras and their tits both had lipstick marks around the nipples. As they brought the drinks back Monica came over and sat in my lap and Sammi sat on Bill’s. We had to remove our hands from each other’s cock but with a sexy clad woman sitting on our laps, we couldn’t complain.

I reached around Monica and was stroking her pussy through her panties while Bill did the same for Sammi. Both women had their legs spread and were playing with their nipples.

Sammi asked me, “Rich, has it really been 11 years since you have had sex with anyone?”

I replied, “Yes, that is until last night! After I broke up with my fiancée in 1989, I lost a lot of my self-confidence. I began to feel that I wasn’t attractive to women and I became really afraid of being rejected. That, along with my fear if AIDS/HIV, I just pulled into a shell and stayed there, getting fat.”

Sammi and Bill both agreed and said that was why they had never done this before. We discussed safe sex techniques and all agreed that it wasn’t safe to believe strangers and to always use protection.

“Bill,” I said in a quiet voice, “I don’t have any protection with me.”

To which Bill replied, “That’s ok. Besides the drinks that was the other thing I had to run downstairs for.”

Since Bill and I were sitting next to each other and the girls were facing each other we all had a good close-up of their panty clad pussies. I slid my fingers in the leg of Monica’s panties and pulled the crotch aside as I started to finger her moist pussy. Both Bill and Sammi were watching as my sister’s smooth pussy opened up for my fingers.

Sammi jumped up and said, “You have no hair!”

Monica replied, “Sammi, neither of us do. We both like to keep shaved. Does that bother you?”

“No, but I would like to see it all.”

Monica smiled and raised her hips; Sammi stripped the panties away in a flash. With a smile she asked, “May I feel it? It looks so clean and sexy I just want to rub my hands across it. Ok?”

Monica took her hand and placed it on her pussy. As Sammi stroked Monica’s pussy, Bill reached over and slid his wife’s panties down her legs. She had a small black bush with a set of tiny pink lips that stuck out from it. Sammi and Monica had moved to the other couch and were exploring each other’s body.

As we were watching the ladies getting better acquainted, Bill asked me, “Rich, did I hear right, are you shaved as well?”

I replied, “Yes, I have been keeping it pretty much shaved for years and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love the way it makes my panties fit better and looks so damn sexy as well.”

“Rich, could I see what you look like shaved?”

“Sure Bill, but I can’t get my panties down with a garter belt and nylons on. Would you like to help this time?”

In no time he was between my legs undoing my stockings. I sat there watching the scene before me. My sister and Sammi caressing each other, their hands deep in each other’s pussies. Bill was between my knees rolling my nylons down my legs and gently taking them off. When he reached for the waist of my panties I raised my ass so he could pull then down. şirinevler escort He misunderstood the action and let his hands slip under my ass and pressed his face against my cock. He was licking the length of my dick right through my panties and it felt fantastic. I lifted my ass again and ground my cock against his face as I pulled at the waist of my panties trying to get them off. He realized what I wanted and took hold of my panties and slowly pulled them down until they were right at the top of my dick. He nuzzled that soft area right at the base of my cock as he rubbed his hand over the smooth skin above. I slipped out of my top and raised my ass again so he would continue. He got the idea and took my panties the rest of the way down and slipped them from my feet.

We were all nude except Bill who still had the panties on that we had come to retrieve. I had him stand up and I knelt in front of him. I knew that both ladies were watching as I began sliding my sister’s panties off my newfound friend. I let my mouth follow close behind the panties as they slid down over his hips, kissing and licking the exposed area. As his dick came into view I slid my tongue down the length of it to his balls. As I licked his shaft and balls I was rewarded with a blast of come that went all over my face and chest. What a load this guy can shoot! It is at least three or four times the amount that I do. He said he was sorry and started to pull away but I grabbed his ass and held him tight as I rubbed my cum soaked face all over his cock and balls. I heard a pair of groans and turned to see both ladies shaking as they came on each other’s hands. I stood up and let Bill know I wasn’t mad by wiping a handful of his cum from my chin and rubbing it on my cock.

Everyone except me had cum; but that was OK with me since I wanted to save one for later and if I let loose now it would be all over. As we all sat back and sipped our drinks Sammi came over to take a close look at my shaved cock and balls. As her delicate fingers stroked me, my cock twitched and a big drop of pre-cum formed on the tip. I asked her to please be careful, that if I came now I might not get hard again for a long time. Reluctantly, she got up, took her finger and wiped the pre-cum bead from my dick and was rubbing it on her nipples as she headed to the door to the bedroom. She asked if we would like to freshen up and disappeared through the door. I looked over at Bill and saw that his cock was hard all over again. This guy was amazing! Bill told us that they had a spa tub in their room and it was big enough for all of us if we were so inclined. That sounded so nice as I had quite a load of Bill’s cum drying on me.

The water was running in the spa as we all stepped into the bathroom. Sammi was sitting on the toilet taking a piss. She got all embarrassed and started to stammer and stutter. Monica rushed over and knelt by her and said that it was ok and told her about our morning piss together.

She looked up and said, “Do you need to pee now?”

I thought she was talking to me and I said, “I think I could.”

“No, I meant Monica,” she replied with a grin.

Sis smiled and stepped right up and, as Sammi slid as far back as she could, sat on Sammi’s lap and let go. Her piss was splashing all over Sammi and back on herself. From where we stood, Bill and I had a wonderful view of it running off them and splashing into the bowl. Without a word, we walked up, grabbed our cocks, and started pissing on my sister’s ass and adding to the flow. When there were four empty bladders, we all took turns and rinsed off in the shower and then we climbed in the spa.

As we sat there recovering, we shared stories about our lives and generally got to know each other a whole lot better. Sammi had been sitting next to me and had been playing with my cock the whole time. I could tell Bill was getting the same attention from Monica. I was playing with Sammi’s little bush when she moved over and sat in my lap. She took my head and brought my lips to her breasts.

As I rolled her nipple in my mouth Sammi whispered, “Will you shave my pussy for me?”

“I would love to my dear, but don’t you think your husband should have that honor?”

“He has never done it before, but you have; I would feel safer with you doing it.”

“Ok, but let’s at least ask if it would be all right with him.”

Bill and Monica were locked in an embrace when Sammi said, “Bill dear,” he looked up and she continued, “I asked Rich to shave my pussy for me, is it ok with you if he does?”

Bill replied with a grin, “Only if Monica would be willing to shave me!”

“What are we waiting for,” was Monica’s response.

Well there was nothing but assholes and elbows trying to get the equipment together. Monica and I knelt in the tub as our hosts sat on the rim and prepared to join the ranks of the smooth. Bill was still hard and I was hoping that sis didn’t cut it off for him. We turned to our tasks and in short order we were done. When I got done I leaned forward and gave Sammy’s newly bared slit a long slow lick. She tasted great. I heard some grunts behind me but I couldn’t turn my head because Sammy had wrapped her legs around my neck and was dragging my face back to her cunt. I readily obliged and gave her pussy a complete licking. I kept at it until she came for me several times.

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