Yard Work

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You are outside doing yard work on a hot summer day. It’s too hot for that shit, but you want to get it done today so you can be free all day tomorrow. I stop by the house unexpectedly and you invite me to join you for a beer and ask if I’d mind sitting out back with you – you’re too dirty to sit inside. So I join you out back and we throw a blanket down over the fresh cut grass and grab a couple beers.

By the end of the second beer, I’m losing track of the conversation and just watching the sweat roll from your neck down to the waistband of your cut offs. You are totally into telling me about the rest of your landscaping plans until you roll up to grab me another beer out of the cooler, and notice that my eyes are on your cutoffs.

You laugh it off, but I can see the thought of me watching you is making your cock swell. You hand me my beer with a comment about how hot it is. Now, me being me, I can’t resist cooling you off and I take a long drag on the beer before leaning over and dragging the beer bottle down the inside of your thigh. You jump so quickly in surprise that you end up dumping half your beer down my chest and now we have both gotten cooled off. This sends us into gales of laughter. But our eyes aren’t laughing; your boner is practically crawling out the bottom of your cutoffs and my nipples are so hard they ache.

Your eyes stay intently on mine as you lean in and pull my hair loose of the pony tail holder making my hair tumble down all over my shoulders and back. You draw a couple strands thru your fingers…and then pull on one of the strands drawing me in for a kiss. My hands come up against your chest for balance, and feeling you all sweaty, I just let ’em slide down to your waistband and around your back. Your lips press gently to mine, and your tongue finds mine and strokes.

Like a magnet my hair is drawn to your sweaty shoulders and chest, and we’re making a whole new kind of heat. You push me down onto the blanket and follow me down. Your kiss yenidoğan escort is turning harder, more passionate and your hips are rocking with the rhythm of your tongue. You pull on the strings of my bikini top and kiss my neck until my back arches with my moan. You quickly reach under and pull the lower string loose too. Kissing my quickly down my neck, across my shoulders you lick the beer off my chest. Apologizing in a whisper for getting my top wet, you lick the beer off my nipples at the very tips.

My back arches and I whisper that more than my top is wet. You reward me by sweetly swirling your tongue against the nipples till they are both standing at attention and begging for more. My hips arch and I moan your name. By now I have forgotten where we are but as you lift up to pull my shorts off you notice your neighbor out in his yard with his eyes locked on us (and his hand jacking his lawn hose). You sink back down and kiss me firmly, letting me know exactly how much you want me. Then you whisper that your neighbor is watching, and ask me if we are going to cum inside or out. I laugh gently and whisper that I will cum inside and you can cum wherever you want. Kissing me firmly again you roll slightly to the side and say, “Take a look”.

Peeking over your shoulder I see Mr. Middle America standing dumbly in the middle of his lawn. I quickly pull back and kiss you passionately till you have forgotten that he is there, and are reaching for my shorts again. Unable to resist my playful mood, I scream “Oooooh God, baby, ohh yes make me cum!” and then jump off the blanket and grab my top and run in the house. You curse and start to run after me, catching me just inside the house panting “You’re not getting off that easy”. “Definitely not, I’m planning on getting off on your very hard, very long cock baby” and I grab you and kiss you with my tongue simulating exactly the stroke and rhythm I want you to make me cum with.

You let me take the yenikent escort lead and I reach down and firmly cup your cock before letting my fingers find your zipper. Taking my time, I release you and listen to you moan your appreciation as you lean back against the kitchen counter and drop your head back. Your cut offs sound loud as they hit the floor, but not as loud as your breathing. I slowly engulf your warm sweaty cock in my mouth and listen for the catch in your breathing. Sure enough, your breath halts and then with a whoosh starts back up again, louder and harsher than a moment ago. You widen your stance, giving me plenty of room to lick and suck your cock. My tongue bathes you and I moan my appreciation of your taste. I suck you deep and stroke firmly with my hand at the base, letting my fingers ease under your balls and stroke behind them. I feel your legs tense and you moan loud and reach out and stroke my head and hair and start whispering to me. Over and over you tell me how good it feels, how hot and slick my tongue is, how badly you want me, how beautiful I am, how hard you are.

With every word I am more aroused, moaning and panting around your cock. My moaning and panting is driving you crazy and you pull me up for another torrid kiss, our lips and tongues mating wildly. You don’t bother with my zipper, just running your hand down the inside of my shorts and find my bikini bottoms. Cursing you pull your hand out and reach with both hands for my button and zipper and then push the shorts and bikini bottoms off at once and slide your hand right into my furry mound. You waste no time and sink a finger deeply inside me, never letting go of my mouth and tongue. I moan and melt against you, my mouth going slack, unable to feel anything except your hand. Quickly you insert another finger and at the same time brush my clit with your palm and I shudder and squeeze your fingers with my love muscles.

I drag my lips up your neck to your ear yenimahalle escort and pant and whisper in your ear “now, now!” gasping and melting on your fingers. “Oh, no baby” you whisper back and stroke your fingers in and out of me, then spreading my juices over my clit. “My turn to tease you baby” you grin as you take your hand away and pick me up and slide me onto the kitchen counter. “Spread your legs and I’ll make you cum” you tell me. Suddenly I feel open and exposed, until I notice that somewhere along the way you unzipped your pants and are slowly jacking your cock. Its rock hard, and all my attention is centered on it. When you lean close and spread my legs, my thighs part like melted butter. I lean back on my hands and let my head drop back until my hair is brushing the counter top. “Ohhhh yes, what a sweet juicy pussy you have baby” you moan. You swirl your tongue along my clit and down into my now sopping slit. The sound of your voice so rough and uncontrolled is like lightning in my soul. You take notice that I tense and shiver when you talk, and immediately start a rolling dialogue pausing only to flick your tongue on my clit. You slide your fingers in circles around my slit, not sliding them in, just around and around.

“Yes, I’m going to make your sweet pussy cum baby, you know I am. I want to feel this pretty pussy tighten all over my cock baby”. I gasp and close my eyes, sinking deeper into the electricity your creating. You suck on my clit and continue to tease my slit until I moan that I can’t hold back any longer, “I wanna come on your cock, pleeeeease baby”. You immediately slide me off the counter and I wrap my legs around your waist and begin kissing you like tomorrow doesn’t exist. You push me against the cold refridgerator door and split me open with your cock. I shudder and immediately begin cumming from the cold on my back and the heat in my slit. My pussy milks your cock hard until you start to cum too. It feels like one very long, very wet cum. I can’t tell where mine stops and yours begins. Suddenly there is loud silence as the refridgerator momentarily pauses running. “Lets go to bed” you whisper. “What about the lawn?” I enquire and you laugh and tell me there’s nothing left to do but take care of a bush while your hand strokes my furry mound again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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