Work Break

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Alexis Fawx

Your hands grip my hips as I straddle you on the leather computer chair. They slowly explore the curves under the tight jeans I wore just to turn you on. Reaching to the back of me, your hands grab my ass and squeeze, pulling my whole body closer to you. My body gets warm and fidgety just thinking about those big hands, with thick, long fingers. That hungry mouth of yours takes over mine…our tongues dive deep and the exquisite pleasure of the wet textures rubbing makes us breathe harder. One of my hands wraps around your strong, thick neck and my nails can’t help but dig into the skin slightly. My other hand is rubbing your pecs and feeling over your broad shoulders.

You love when I wear my tight jeans and low-cut black tank top. The jeans hug my figure, giving away hints of what lies beneath and my black tank gives you easy access to my ample breasts. I love when you’re at the computer, working away and I come by to distract you. Kissing, nibbling, licking at your warm neck and teasing your earlobes. At times, I bend over to reach something or lean over you to get at what I need…and you can’t help but stop what you’re doing to watch. You try and get back to work, but I need your attention and don’t let you get away that easily.

Today is no different, only I need you now and I couldn’t help just straddling you in the middle of your work on the computer. Why do you have to smell and look so damn good?

My mouth hastily parts from yours and moves down to your warm, thick neck. Biting gently at your earlobes, I can smell that heavy, musky scent of you mixed with your cologne. Just smelling you gets me wet. I leave a light trail of wetness where my tongue has slid over the skin just under your jaw line. Your head leans back and you let out a low groan when I bite over your jugular vein and run my hands through your hair.

No longer waiting patiently, your cock jumps and pushes against the jeans which encase it like a prisoner. You reach down to straighten it under your pants and the bulging head is just visible at the top, peaking out and still straining against the heavy fabric. My hands run down your chest and stomach to the top of your jeans, my nails grazing over the tip of your cock. Your breath catches and as your hips buck slightly, your bulge rubs against my clothed clit, creating a slight shock wave through my body.

My hands bring your face to mine in a hurry and I can’t seem to kiss you hard enough. Sitting up quickly, your hands pull me into you and hold me against your throbbing bulge. Being needy, my encaged pussy can’t help but begin rubbing against your growing, clothed cock…

Your phone rings. I whine as you give me the apologetic look. Succumbing to the ring, you answer the phone…it’s your boss. You’ll be on the phone for a while.

Remaining straddled over you, my head rests on your shoulder. I can feel the hardness of your cock going down and your hands have released off my hips. I need to have you now and having to give you up to your boss is killing me. My teeth nibble desperately at your neck and I whimper lightly at your free ear. I can’t help but keep humping your groin, pressing the inner seam of my tight jeans against my clit, soaking the fabric with my juices.

You try to keep your voice strong and firm, professional…but it is weakening. You have to take deep breathes to keep from moaning over the phone. It humours me to see you resisting my temptations. But you really have no choice demetevler escort because I’ve decided to drive you crazy, just as you’ve done to me. Rising on my feet and taking leave of your heated groin, I begin to slowly remove my clothes…

Allowing the tank top straps to fall over my soft shoulders, I look at you out of the corner of my eye and see you trying to avoid looking. The tank top is easily pulled up and over my head, exposing my firm, large breasts and the hardened, aroused nipples underneath. Your gaze is fixed on me for a moment and with a sigh, you force yourself back to the computer. With a smile, I unzip the fly on my jeans and begin to peel the fabric down over my hips, revealing the supple skin on my ass. I lean forward onto the bed and stick my ass out for you to observe, which you do with obvious desire. Leaning further forward, I continue sliding the jeans down, revealing the swollen lips of my pussy, my long thighs, and strong calves.

You try and reach out to touch the meaty flesh between my legs, but I move out of your reach. The look of desperacy on your face drives me on. You seem to choose the phone instead of me and for that, I’ll keep tormenting you…

Laying myself gently down on the soft bed and placing a pillow under my head, I allow my hands to roam over my hyper-sensitive skin. At first the fingertips grace my breasts with slow strokes up and around the creamy white hills and then over the stiffened nipple, causing me to release high whimpers. A finger goes in my mouth and I suck hard, wetting it with my warm saliva. I bring the wet finger to one nipple and rub in small circles. Watching you, I can see your tongue slide over your lips and I know what you want…

My hands decide to be where your mouth wants to be and move down, down, to have the palm rest on the trimmed mound and fingers dangle over my hot cunt. I can’t help but get slick and wet as I see the need in your eyes and the pure jealousy of not being where my fingers are. The longest finger of my hand moves its way in between the moist lips of my pussy while the two fingers on either side of it spread the lips open wide for you to see. My other hand is still rubbing my breasts. The pink inner lips glisten with my desire and beg to be touched. I can feel my clit throbbing as the longest finger rubs it up and down, gently at first, and then firmer. Moans and sighs escape my mouth, completely beyond my control.

Speaking to your boss over the phone, your voice cracks and I try not to laugh too loudly. You swallow hard and keep your eyes on me, leaning forward in the chair to have a better look at the show between my legs. You seem like a predator, ready to pounce. The muscles in my pussy keep seizing and releasing as I rub my clit, causing convulsions throughout my body and then as I drop the longest finger into the tight entrance of my pussy, my back arches and I moan louder. Your eyes don’t leave me now and I am really enjoying the fact that you’re watching. Two fingers seem so tight inside me, even as wet as I am, I struggle to push them in as far as I can. The clenching walls of my cunt grasp around my fingers and the intense warmth radiating from inside feels divine. I need to be stretched badly and keep hoping you’ll drop the phone…but you don’t, and I keep going…

I can feel my body getting so close to coming as three of my fingers press against my clit, rubbing it up and down and then in dikmen escort quick circles. The pressure and rhythm cause my hips to buck and my breathing to speed. It’s pure torture trying to rub to the perfect point and drive myself over the edge. Without warning, a wave of pleasure mounted…

“Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes…” I breathily beckoned.

As the orgasm hit hard, I yelled out, “Oh Fuck!” and writhed on the bed.

Losing yourself in watching me, you dropped your phone by accident and scrambled to pick up the phone and apologise to your boss. A smile washed over my face from both pleasure and amusement. The throbbing in my abdomen and pulsing between my legs intensely pounded for longer than usual and although the orgasm was mind-blowing, I really wanted something more.

Eventually returning to a state where I could sit up again, I proceeded to watch you talk on the phone. You kept looking over at me with needing eyes and I noticed your cock bulging in your pants once again.

Not one to let a stiff cock go to waste, I take a pillow from the bed, place it on the floor in front of you and position myself on my knees between your thighs. You seem to plead with your eyes not to continue. I’m completely aware the phone call is important, and yet, I don’t care. I continue anyway…

Running my palms and fingertips over your thighs, I notice the musculature in your legs and feel the heat radiating from your core. I run my hands upward, not touching the groin area, and then bring them back down to the knees. I’m truly fascinated with the bulge growing between your legs. I can see your cock strain and release over and over as my hands near. As I place my hands over that spectacularly large bulge, I can make out the long shaft, bulbous head and balls all by touch. Working to free your member from its prison, I unbutton your jeans and unzip the fly, slowly opening your pants and lowering them down to your hips and then down and off your ankles.

You perfect cock stands erect and throbbing. The head bulges and grows as I take the shaft in my hands and look at the thick veins running over it. Your hand tries to make mine move up and down the shaft, but I push your hand away, not allowing you to do anything. I lick my lips and look up at you with my big blue eyes. Placing my wet lips at the tip of your cock, I slowly stretch them over your head, pushing down as I take you in. Pulling your head back out, I suck hard and you breathe heavily. Your voice is getting weak again and I can feel your hands drive into the skin of my arm as I suck harder and harder on your cock. My mouth lowers further down your shaft with each oral penetration. The slick tongue in my mouth works fervently to circle your head, around the protruding rim and then flick the tip.

Your pre-cum only makes things easier for me and I can suck over your head and shaft faster and faster, moving my tight hand up to the rim and down to the base. Your hand grabs some of my long, brown hair and I moan as you move my head up and down. I’d stop to push your hand away, but I can see the lust in your eyes and how badly you want me to continue. Your cock penetrates my tiny mouth and I can tell you get excited when you see your bulging head poking out of my cheek. I can’t take much more as you thrust faster and I know you can’t either…so I stop…

I stand quickly and put your legs together. Straddling you again, only facing away, I grab your hard ankara escort cock and lower myself down over it. Rubbing my clenching, tight slit with your head, I look back and see you’ve closed your eyes to try and focus on your phone conversation. Your answers to your boss’s questions have become one-word answers instead of lengthy explanations and to hide your heavy breathing, you hold the mouthpiece further away. I’m determined to get you off the phone because I need a good fuck…now.

I whisper just loud enough for you to hear, “oh god, I’m so tight…I need your thick cock.”

With that, I lower myself and your head begins to separate the slick inner lips and penetrate my slit. I’m tighter than I had thought and as your head presses through, I moan and clench around you. Looking back again, I see you watching where my pussy is lowering onto your long dick, almost completely absorbed with the disappearing act. My hands are braced upon your knees for support, shaking when I have taken most of you in.

Helplessly wanting, my head throws back as, “oh yessss….” escapes my lips.

I spread my thighs wider to try impaling myself further onto you and press down hard onto your base. The walls of my cunt grip and tighten when I try lifting back up, your cock slowly being pulled back out all the way to the tip. One of your strong hands grabs my hip and clutches…a non-verbal sign you’re enjoying what’s happening.

I’m slightly sore from being stretched and yet, it feels so good having you inside me that I can’t stop myself from lowering down again. The second time is easier and as I reach the base again, your thighs spread out just a little, making my legs spread out a little more. I moan in the pleasure from the extra stretch and lean forward, allowing my hands to support me from the floor.

Looking back at you, your eyes roam over the better view of my spread pussy and your free hand grabs my ass. Your breathing is getting deeper. Tightening my ass, I lift my pussy up your shaft slowly, allowing you a great view of my inner lips struggling to hold onto your cock. Your hand tightens on my ass. I drop my pussy over your cock quickly and you nearly drop your phone again. Coming up and pressing down a little faster, I can’t help but watch you watching my ass bouncing off of you.

Unexpectedly, I hear your phone clack shut and with an animalistic groan, you lift me by the waist with your cock still inside me, and move me hastily to the bed. Pushing me onto my hands and knees, you spread my legs out, grab my hips and begin forcefully thrusting. I can barely catch my breath from shock while your pull your thick cock out and then plough it back in all the way faster and faster. You grab my shoulder with one hand while keeping one hand tight at my hip and pull me onto you even harder. I feel as if I’ll go blind with ecstasy and begin to feel wave after wave of pleasure. I don’t care who hears me at this point as guttural moans and growls come out of me. My nails grip into the bed and it feels as if I’ll be ripped in two by your huge cock at any point.

Your pace quickens and the force from your pounding pushes me down onto my chest, with my ass still up in the air. The muscles in my pussy clench down and I cannot help a carnal scream escaping my mouth, reverberating through the room. Your cock thrusts in deeply and you let out a moan of release. I can feel your hot cum flood inside me, coating the walls. You twitch and convulse and grip my body tightly.

After a while, your hands slide down off my hips, we fall to the side and just try to regain our breathing.

You pull me in close to your body and wearily say with a grin, “there, are you happy?”

Too worn out to speak, I can only nod with a smile.

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