Wild Weekend

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My name is Bob and I want to recount a memorable weekend I had when I was attending University. I was in Ottawa for a co-op work term and it was in the fall. My girlfriend, Sue, was living in Newfoundland but had traveled to Toronto with her mother and sister on a business trip. Sue and I had planned for her to come to visit me in Ottawa over the weekend so she took a train after flying to Toronto.

Sue was a short brunette with fine curves. Today, she is 5’3″ with 38DD breasts, at the time of this event occurred she was a 21 year-old 36C-27-35. I was also 21. I was above average height standing 6’2″ but I was a slim 180 lbs. I also had broad shoulders and long brown hair.

Sue liked to wear skirts and dresses and usually worn them with nylons without panties. Sometimes she wore stockings and suspenders with panties. She always wore the panties over the garters so that they could be easily removed for sex. She also preferred to wear bras with a front closure. Given her size, she was not comfortable going braless.

Her normal attire gave her a conservative, girl next door look, especially since she wore glasses and she worked in a book store. Underneath that conservative exterior she liked to wear sexy lingerie when we went out together.

I would describe her as a good girl to the outside world but a vixen when we were alone. Sue frequently would be the aggressor in our sex life.

It was Friday and the plan was for me to meet her at the train station. There weren’t too many passengers who got off the train that evening.

When I first saw her, she looked sexy as hell. She was wearing her red trench coat and she had on black nylon stockings and red high heels.

Two young men about our age were walking several steps behind her but keeping pace and checking her out as she walked through the train station. They both smiled at me and gave me a ‘thumbs up’ when Sue came over and gave me a great big hug and kiss.

She felt great and I could immediately tell that she wasn’t wearing a bra as she pressed into me. I thought she was giving me a treat by going braless and that explained why she had her coat buttoned up.

Being a student on a work-term I didn’t have a car. I grabbed her bag because we had to hop on the bus to ride back to my place. Both the lurkers from the train station also got on the bus and sat across from us in the seats that faced sideways.

I noticed that Sue seemed a bit nervous and I assumed it was either because this would be the first time she would meet my roommates, or because it was the first time she would be sleeping over with me. She still lived with her parents and always made a point to end the night at home in her own bed.

She placed her left hand in my lap and said, “I can tell someone is happy to see me.” She then slid her right hand inside her coat to her crotch as she gently stroked my cock through my jeans. When she pulled her hand back out she showed me the moisture on it and said, “And someone is happy to see you too.”

She then brought her fingers up to my face for a closer inspection. I could smell the musky scent of her pussy on them. I kissed her fingers and took them into my mouth to taste as I reached out and lifted her onto my lap to kiss her properly.

She squirmed and whispered, “Not here.” But I held her and continued to kiss her.

As she squirmed I could feel the strap of her suspenders and thought no bra and wearing stockings and suspenders. I felt excited and proud to be with such a sexy, beautiful lady. I was thinking that this was getting better and better all the time.

She finally stopped protesting when she realized that we were starting to draw the attention of other passengers in the bus. She sat in my lap for the next five minutes and I was happy to hold her and enjoy the feel of her close to me.

We were getting close to my stop so I kissed her again. My hands were wandering over her body. I had one hand caressing her ass tracing her suspenders with my fingers as my other hand ran across her front.

As we kissed I undid the buttons on her coat down to the belt without her realizing it. I then slid my hand inside to get a less restricted feel of her breasts. As I reached in her eyes went wide in surprise, quickly followed by my own. She didn’t have a top on and I had just flashed her bare breasts to the two men from the train!

I heard one say “Nice tits.”

Her legs had also spread as we were kissing and the bottom half of her coat had opened to the belt as well. Looking down I could see her pussy. She was only wearing the coat with a pair of stockings and suspenders and red high heels.

The other guy groaned and said, “Fuck she’s hot.”

Sue flushed with heat and embarrassment and slid back into the other seat as she straightened her coat to cover herself again. She turned toward the window and stared quietly out for the rest of the bus ride.

One of the two men leaned towards me and whispered, “I’m Dave and that’s innovia escort Rob.” He handed me a note and continued, “We’ll be at there if you want to get together for drinks later.”

I saw the address written on the paper as I stuffed the note in my pocket, but I did not respond.

I picked up Sue’s bag and took her hand as the bus stopped in front of the strip mall near my apartment.

Rob said, “Nice to meet you both and we hope to see you again.”

I nodded briefly as we left.

My apartment was a couple of blocks away. The sun was setting and Sue turned to me and said, “I am so horny that I’m dripping.”

She looked around and pulled me towards the alley beside the strip mall. She stood next to the wall and pulled her coat open exposing herself completely to me. She pushed me back against the wall and crouched down and pulled open the front of my jeans.

She pulled out my cock and opened her mouth preparing to suck it. She said, “You better not cum before I get a chance to stuff this thing into my pussy.”

Her mouth felt divine as it slipped over the head of my cock and she began to slide her lips over the shaft.

After only a few strokes I pushed on her shoulders because I felt like I would explode. She stood up and pushed my shirt up so that her bare breasts could press against my chest.

She raised one leg which I caught behind the knee. Then she reached out to guide my cock into her pussy. It slid easily into her hot, wet cunt.

She reached her arms around my neck and I grabbed her ass and lifted her into the air with my cock inside her. I spun around and pushed her back against the wall. We fucked standing up in the partial shadows of the alley for about 5 minutes before I exploded into her.

After I came, she slid down and sucked my cock clean before helping me back into my pants. We continued the walk back to my apartment but she let her coat hang open flashing her tits and pussy for anyone who might pass by. We did pass a few people on the walk.

Once we got to the apartment, I saw a note posted on the closet door. It was from my roommates. It said they had headed downtown to one of the clubs so they would meet my girl tomorrow.

Sue read the note and said, “Since we’re alone I don’t need this,” as she shrugged off her coat. She walked over to the sofa and got on all fours with her ass in the air.

Seeing her in that position had my cock back to life and I pulled my pants off and pushed into her doggie style. We fucked like that on the sofa.

I pulled out and came all over her ass and back. After which we took a shower together.

She was unpacking her bag and had her clothes spread out on the bed. I suggested that it was still early so we should go dancing. I looked at the clothes on the bed and told her that I thought she was so sexy and I wanted everyone to see the hot woman I was with. I picked up her little black dress and asked her to wear it with the stockings and suspenders and without a bra.

She started to protest and made me beg, telling her how hot and horny it would make me to see her as the center of attention.

She confirmed that her protests were feigned and it was her plan to let her hair down this weekend when she said, “Why not? No one knows me here and after the weekend I’ll be gone and I’ll never see them again.”

As it was a warm evening, Sue left her coat behind. She put on a pair of black 3″ high heels to complete her outfit. She knew I loved it when she wore high heels. We took the bus and headed downtown. On the ride I told her that we needed to make a quick stop at a hotel bar along the way. I said, “My roommates usually stopped there before heading to the dance clubs for two reasons: the drinks were cheaper, and they often found a couple of ladies from out of town that they could convince to join them for a fun evening of partying.”

Although this was true, it wasn’t the reason for my stop on this evening. I hoped to run into Dave and Rob ‘by chance’. This particular hotel bar was the place they wrote on the note they had slipped me on the bus ride from the train station earlier that day.

We got off at the designated stop and went into the bar arm-in-arm. Several patrons stopped to check out Sue and her wonderfully bouncing 36C breasts and her tight ass that was accentuated by the heels and her form fitting black dress. Sue climbed onto a bar stool and I ordered her a black Russian and a rum and coke for myself.

I said, “I’ll be back in a minute. I’m going to have a quick look around for my roommates, Bill and Mike.” I walked around the corner looking for the two guys, Dave and Rob. They saw me first and caught my attention by waving to me. They were sitting with two ladies who were both a bit older, perhaps in their thirties. Both were blondes and wearing jeans and tops. They looked nice.

I walked up to the group and Dave said, “Hi. Are you by yourself tonight?”

“No, I’m here istanbul escort with my girlfriend, Sue. She’s sitting at the bar.” I replied. “We stopped in for a quick drink before we head to one of the dance clubs nearby.”

Rob said, “I love to dance. Can we join you?” The other three thought it would be a great idea too.

The group finished their drinks and followed me back to the bar where I had left Sue.

She looked a bit surprised to see me return with the two guys from the bus from earlier that day. “I happened to see them when I was looking for my friends and they invited us to join them for drinks,” I explained. “I told them No thanks because we were going dancing.”

Everyone made polite introductions. Dave said, “We are all just visiting town and don’t know any good places to go. We hoped you wouldn’t mind us coming along to party with you.”

Sue agreed and we head off to the dance club.

Sue loves to dance. When she has a few drinks her inhibitions drop and she can be a very provocative dancer.

Over the next three hours, Sue had several black Russians as Dave, Rob and I kept her glass full. The other two ladies were more conservative and reserved and only danced the occasional song.

Sue was constantly on the dance floor with one of the three men, bumping and grinding with each of us in turn.

As the evening was winding down Rob led Sue to the dance floor for a slow song with him. He was a tall black man standing about 6’4″ and Sue looked tiny next to him. During the entire dance you could see that he had her pulled in close to him and he was massaging her ass with both of his big hands as they swayed to the music. When they came back to the table, Sue leaned in and told me that he was grinding a big erection into her belly during the entire dance. She excused herself saying she needed to run to the washroom for a minute.

She returned just in time for the next slow song. Dave grabbed her hand and said, “My turn.”

She kissed me as she walked passed letting him lead her back onto the dance floor. Dave was an average looking white guy standing about 5’10 tall. He also pulled her in close and let one hand drop to her ass and the other held her back. We all watched as Dave bent over and nuzzled her ear and neck while they danced.

At the end of the song he turned her face towards him and gave her a lengthy kiss.

When they came back to the group Sue came over and wrapped her hands around my waist straddling my leg. She pressed in and casually started to rub her crotch against me! Dave looked at her and then around the club and said, “I think the action is winding down here but I have a mini bar back in my hotel room so the night doesn’t need to end yet.”

Sue looked at me and said, “I’m game if you are.”

I agreed as I was curious to see where this was going. I fantasized about a big orgy with three couples having sex in the same room.

On the walk back to the hotel it was obvious that the other two ladies were ready to call it a night. I lowered my expectations to having one more drink before we hit the road.

At the hotel, all six of us got into the elevator and Dave pushed the button to the 21st floor. One of the ladies pushed .

When we reached the 4th floor Dave repeated his offer for them to come up to room 2124 for drinks. I don’t remember their names but both ladies politely refused so we said our good nights and they got off the elevator.

When the elevator doors closed, Dave reached out and took Sue’s hand pulling her over to him. He pulled her into an embrace and gave her another deep kiss. Rob stepped in behind her and started to lift her dress as he bent over to kiss her neck.

To my surprise she wasn’t wearing any panties and she moaned as Rob’s fingers cupped her bare ass. The boys started to lift her dress up and Sue simply raised her hands over her head giving no resistance whatsoever.

I stood in the corner watching my girlfriend pressed between to men getting fondled and groped. I was getting excited by the scene that was unfolding in front of me.

Before the elevator had reached our destination they had managed to pull her dress off and each man was sucking on a tit. Rob moved his fingers into her cunt and Sue moaned and stepped wider to give him easier access.

When the elevator opened to the 21st floor Dave stepped out and casually walked to his room pulling out his key as he went. Rob followed with Sue’s dress in his hand.

Sue grabbed my hand and strutted down the hall wearing only her stockings, suspenders and high heels. She shouted out, “I’m drunk, hot, wet and horny. I’m naked! And I’m going to get fucked!”

We got into the room and it had a king size bed and a heart-shaped tub on a raised platform in the corner. Two of the walls were completely mirrored and there was even a mirror on the ceiling! I looked at Dave with a puzzled expression.

“I was upgraded to the kadıköy escort honeymoon suite because the original room was too small.” He explained.

Sue flipped off her shoes and sat on the edge of the bed. She pulled her knees up and wrapped her arms around them and said, “Before we go any further there are a few rules you boys must follow. Number One, everyone must get naked right now.”

Without hesitation, Rob, Dave and I started to remove our clothes. You never saw three men get out of their clothes so fast.

Once we were all naked, Sue grinned impishly as she looked each man over before continuing.

“Two, I’m outnumbered here so my pleasure must be your focus. If I’m happy, then I promise that you will be happy too. Next, if I say ‘no’ or ‘stop’ everyone must do as I say. And finally, my boyfriend, Bob, goes first and you two can only watch until I invite you to join.”

It was not surprising that everyone agreed to her rules. It was easy to tell by the three fully erect penises that there was only one thought on each man’s mind — sex with Sue.

I admit I was a bit nervous and excited because one girl with two or more guys was my favorite sex fantasy. I couldn’t believe this was going to happen as I had only ever seen this sort of thing in porn movies. Sue directed me to sit at the head of the bed propped up on the pillows. She then crawled up on all fours between my legs and stuck her tongue out and slowly licked once around the head of my cock moving her tongue up and over the slit before sliding it between her lips.

It felt great, I always loved her blowjobs; especially when she engulfed my cock in her mouth and pressed her tits into my balls. I often told her how I would fantasize about another man playing with her pussy or fucking her while she gave me one of her special blowjobs lying on her stomach between my legs.

She lay down with her breasts pressed into my balls. She spread her legs to put her ass and cunt on display to Dave and Rob. As she sucked my cock she wiggled and ground herself on the bed. She stopped sucking my cock long enough to say, “I think someone should be eating my pussy right now.”

Rob was the quickest to respond and was between her legs with his nose buried in the crack of her ass as he licked and fingered her pussy.

It took less than a minute for Sue to start moaning around my cock. The hitch in her breathing told me she was close to cumming.

She stopped moving and held my cock deep in her mouth as she started to spasm from her first orgasm.

After she finished cumming Sue got up on all fours to move away from Rob’s mouth. She told him to come up beside me at the head of the bed. Then she wrapped her tits around my cock and tit fucked me as Rob got in position.

She started to stroke Rob with one hand and me with the other. Sue said, “I’m impressed that you both have bigger than average cocks. We’ll have to see how well you can use them.” My cock is about 7″ and Rob’s black cock was at least two or three inches longer. His cock was so thick she could only wrap her hand about three quarters of the way around it as she stroked. She turned and said, “Don’t worry, Dave, I’m not forgetting you. It is now your turn to eat my pussy and lick my asshole while I play with these two. You boys are not allowed to cum yet. You better tell me to stop if you are getting too close.”

Dave moved up and licked Sue’s ass and pussy and she alternated sucking and jerking Rob and my cocks. I think this continued for about five minutes before Sue was moaning again. She turned to Dave and said, “You need to be using your fingers too or else I’m never going to cum.” I had to pull out when I heard this because I could feel the pressure start to mount in my balls.

Sue moved over to focus on sucking Rob’s cock. She pushed him into a sitting position and she lowered her tits into his balls as she continued to blow him. Dave continued to lick and finger her as she slid back down on her stomach between Rob’s legs.

She started to groan with pleasure. Rob said “Oh shit!” and tried to pull out of her mouth. He pulled out and the first spurt of cum blasted her upper lip. She grabbed his cock with both hands and quickly got him back in her mouth as he continued to spurt. She swallowed his cum and began to moan as Dave was finally bringing her to orgasm. She let the cock slip from her mouth but wrapped her tits around it and stroked it while she continued to cum on Dave’s face.

When both their orgasms had subsided Sue said to Rob, “You failed to follow the rules so now you must go to the penalty box. Go sit in the chair in the corner.” She then asked Dave to get on his knees on the bed facing her. She stood on the floor and bent over and took his cock in her mouth. She stroked and sucked his average sized cock and played with his balls with her other hand. Unlike Rob and I, Dave’s cock was uncircumcised.

After a couple of minutes, she asked me,”Are you ready to get back into the game because I need you to fill my pussy with cock now!”

I stepped up behind her and admired her ass and pussy. It looked great framed by the suspenders and stockings. I aimed my cock at her pussy and rubbed the head along the slit before sliding in. I grabbed her hips and began to fuck her.

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