Wild Night

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It was a Friday night and my boyfriend decided that we were going to hang out with his friends by his sister’s house.

When we arrived, Fairy his sister, greeted us and I left him and went to help Fairy in the kitchen. She was preparing the food. I heard some laughing coming from the room above us and Fairy told me that the other guys had arrived already. We finished prepared the snacks and we both left to go upstairs to join the guys in the upstairs TV room.

I was accustomed to this type of atmosphere because it was always two girls to about 7 guys. One would be my boyfriend and one was hers and the others were just friends. We like to hang with each other a lot.

When we got upstairs I heard the sound of some heavy fucking and I realized that they were watching a porn movie.

I joined my boyfriend on the bed and watched a woman took two dicks in her cunt at the same time. I silently said “wow” but not silently enough because my boyfriend leaned over and said in my ear, “Don’t worry we’ll try that soon”. I studied that statement for the whole night. We ate, played card games, watched more movies until 1 am the next morning.

Fairy and Josh (her boyfriend) left the kitchen for a moment, and Russell was telling me he wanted to talk to me about something.

I knew what this meant, he held my hand and took me back up to the TV room.

To our surprise, Josh and Fairy were on the bed making out. She was sucking off his dick like a hungry bitch, this seemed to turn on Russell even more. He started playing with my ass telling me how he wanted to fuck me next to his sister and her boyfriend.

I was really horny by now and I turned to kiss him. By now, Josh was positioning his huge dick to enter Fairy and I could see how horny esenyurt otele gelen escort she was. She was soaking wet and her pussy lips were swelled.

Russell guided me to the bed next to them and started to take off my panties, it was easy for him because I had on a mini skirt with a halter top (both easy access to my privates).

By now Josh and Fairy were fucking like crazy and keeping a lot of noise I knew the guys downstairs heard them.

Russell started sucking on my breasts and playing with them, gosh I love it when he does that. I moaned and he bit down on my nipple. We undressed each other and went into 69. I felt his tongue probe at my entrance and he sucked away as if he was sucking to live. I ran my tongue in circles on his dick’s head. He always tasted so wonderful- we continued this way for a good 15 minutes and then he put me to lie down. I felt his finger on my pussy lips and he started to finger fuck me. It felt so good. He entered another one and I moaned and he took this as pleasure and entered a third finger, I was now getting finger fucked with three fingers and I loved it.

I felt a hand on my breast and I realized that Fairy was massaging my breasts while Josh fucked the living shit out of her. He was grunting like an animal and she was moaning and playing with my erect nipples. Just then Russell inserted his 8 inches of cock into me, I was soooo wet that he slipped right into me. He fucked me, slow then fast and I told him to go faster. I started talking really dirty and he fucked me faster and harder.

Ohhhhhhhh it felt so good.

Just then, Josh took out his dick and Fairy came and sat on my face. We had already eaten each other pussies so this esenyurt rus escort was not new to us. I tasted her juices, I licked and sucked on her clit, she loved it. She started to ride my face and I could smell her pussy all over. It smelt freshly fucked.

I heard some voices entering the room and I knew that the others had decided to join us.

I’ve never had an orgy before, I’ve had a threesome with Russell and Fairy.

I was excited as well as afraid. I felt Russell leave my cunt and I heard Fairy moan, I felt her asshole and I could feel her getting fuck in the ass. I also realized that it was Russell that was ass fucking her. This really turned me on, Russell fucking his sister, Oh my gosh. I felt a hand between my legs and then someone roughly put their fingers in me. All of them, I was actually getting fisted. I was so wet, I began to cum on this person hand ( I still didn’t know who it was).

Fairy went on all fours beside me with Russell still ass fucking her. What a sight! I saw that the person who was fisting me was Josh and a guy named Kevin was playing with my breasts. Josh replaced his hand with his dick, he wasn’t as big as Russell but it still felt good to have someone inside of me. Kevin stuck his dick in my mouth and Jason stuck his in Fairy’s mouth. I sucked on Kevin’s dick, licking the head and he fucked my mouth. He was just about to cum when he rammed his dick so far in my mouth, my jaws stretch to the max. I felt his cum hit the back of my throat, I licked it off his dick, every last drop, I wanted to suck him clean. Josh finished fucked me and then Russell came back over. He laid down and pull me on top of him. I love this position and Russell was so big that I enjoyed it with esenyurt türbanlı escort him all the time. We started to fuck like Adam and eve just created sex. We were wild and frantic, I heard Kevin say that he wanted to enter me from the back, I couldn’t believe it. I was going to take two dicks in the same hole. I remembered what Russell told me when we were watching the porno and I looked at him. He smiled and said, “I told you”. I smiled too but I was actually enjoying riding his hard cock. I felt Kevin entered me from behind, I was tight of course with Russell’s dick in the same hole, but Russell eased me up of him and Kevin positioned his dick in my cunt and then Russell brought me back down on him. They both entered me at the same time. I thought I was going to split in two. It was painful but pleasurable. I massaged my clit and Russell sucked my nipples as I rode him. Just then Russell started to cum. I allowed him to cum in my cunt after all he’s my man. He came, I felt it hit my inner walls, he moaned, I moaned, everyone moaned at that time.

I looked around and saw Jason fucking Fairy like mad. He was at the point of climax. Fairy told him to cum on her breasts, he pulled out and came on her breasts in 2 seconds. Just then I felt Kevin’s muscles tighten and I knew he was going to cum. I told him to cum on my back. He did and then slapped his dick against my ass cheeks. Russell kissed my forehead, I was sweating like crazy.

I saw Fairy riding Josh and she was near to climax, I realized that I only came once. I lay down and started rubbing my clit to get myself off, my vagina was sore from that two man fucking. Russell came and put his dick in my cunt and started to fuck me all over again. I was glad to have his dick in me. In about 15 strokes we both came at the same point. He squirted his load into my cunt which was already gushing juice from its canal.

By 4 am we were all exhausted we just fell asleep on the bed. I awoke around 12 and I saw Fairy and someone going at it again I looked at Russell and he smiled. I smiled to. We were both ready for another round but that’s another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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