Weekend Of Bliss Ch. 02

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2 – Road Trip

It had been two months since we met Jessel and shared a fantastic and unforgettable weekend with her in our home town.

We had been planning for another memorable get together since the day we dropped her off on the highway to begin her hitchhike home. This time, we were going to Reno; Vegas would have been fun, but, Reno was more our budget. Besides, we probably wouldn’t venture far from our hotel room anyway.

Jordan and I wanted to either fly or drive down, but, Jessel insisted we pack a light bag each and stick out our thumbs.

“Trust me, you two will have the time of your lives on the hike down there. Half the fun is the people who pick you up” This was her mantra to convince us to thumb it.

Really, it was me who needed convincing, I’ve only ever hitchhiked twice in my whole life and was kind of scared. I was excited at the same time – adventure lay ahead!

Our first few rides were uneventful, I was almost disappointed. Jessel had me so wound up and looking forward to meeting new people.

Once we crossed into California events took a turn for the better.

The first ride was laid back and the driver a good looking guy of about 25 years old driving a massive Dodge Hemi truck. His name was James he told us as he explained he often travelled alone and always picked up hitchhikers for company. There was ample room and we happily piled in – Jessel riding shottie, Jordan and I taking the back seat.

“Where are you three headed?” James asked.

“Reno!” We chorused in reply.

“Cool, Reno’s fun, the booze flows freely as long as you’re gambling, the drugs are cheap and the prostitutes plentiful.” He grinned then added in Jordan’s direction, “But, I guess you won’t have to worry about finding some ass dude, looks like you already have your hands full buddy, lucky bastard.”

Jordan chuckled, “You don’t know the half of it.”

The four of us chattered some more for awhile, then James pulled out a joint as he pulled into a rest stop.

“Get yerselves comfy, I need a little break.” He told us as we shifted around to do just that.

I don’t know if it was the joint we smoked or just the mood of the trip that inspired Jordan to say what he did, but, I’m glad he said it.

He smiled lazily at Jessel, licking his lips, “Aww, poor James, he travels all by himself and picked us up for entertainment, Jessel, I think you should pay the man for our ride.”

Jessel was momentarily indignant until Jordan clarified his statement, “Give him a blowjob, it’s the least you could do.”

She looked over at James thoughtfully, a mischievious grin on that pouty little mouth of hers. Taking off her seatbelt, she climbed over to him, ass waving in the air long bakırköy üniversiteli escort enough for me to reach over and give her a good spank and a nip on the ass cheek, she squealed in delight, pausing to see if I would give her anymore.

“Tough titty baby, that’s all you get….for now”

Once in position, she quickly and expertly undid his pants, yanking them down around his knees. His dick immediately sprang to life, standing at attention waiting for his just rewards.

Jordan and I leaned forward, eagerly watching the show. She sucked that cock like a pro. Taking his full length into her mouth, she slowly withdrew his dick from between her lips, licking the tip, circling it teasingly with her tongue, then plunging back down upon it, engulfing his tool completely. It took her no longer than five minutes to make him explode, she loved it, lapping up every last drop of his come.

That blowjob got us all the way to Oregon.

Our next ride found us while we were lunching at a rest stop.

She was tall, an attractive brunette named Elise. Her features were soft, but, her body looked chiselled in the shorts and tight tank top she wore. Her breasts were small and pert, you could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra, her nipples straining through the thin fabric, hardened by the early summer breeze.

While sharing the picnic table with us, Elise told us about herself, surprisingly, she was 48 years old, had a 25 year old daughter and a 5 year old grandson. She was a fitness instructor and a pretty hot grandma. She was also very interested in Jordan.

She offered us a ride as far as her home town, a good 70 Km away. We accepted the ride without hesitation.

As she led the way to her car, I snickered under my breath and whispered to Jordan “Looks like you’re paying for this ride Jordan.”

Jessel and I passed on the front seat so our well hung hero could have the honor. Elise babbled animatedly during the entire drive, often touching Jordan’s shoulder or lingering her fingers on his knee, then thigh. She told us wild stories of her youth, taking every chance she could to touch Jordan, her body language screaming for a good, hard fuck.

When we arrived to the outskirts of her hometown, Elise invited us to her house for dinner, “So you aren’t starving for the rest of the night.”

She explained that this area didn’t keep very late hours and no place would be open for us to buy food.

“As a matter of fact, I have a spare room, you three should just stay the night and head out in the morning.” she sweetly offered. “C’mon, what do you say? I’m sure we could have quite an enjoyable evening.”

We were all feeling a bit road weary, bakırköy bdsm escort so we agreed to stay. She cooked us a lovely meal and we settled down in her front room for after dinner drinks.

“So,” she asked, “Tell me about yourselves.”

Being the cheeky imp that she is Jessel exclaimed “We three met a couple of months ago and spent an entire weekend together fucking.” She paused for effect then went on to say, “Now we’re travelling to Reno in the hopes of having many erotic adventures together!”

Elise’s cheeks went flush as she absorbed this information. She looked at each of us, one after another, with a new light in her eyes. They gleamed with excitement.

“Well, I have just the thing for tonight then.” With that, she got up and left the room.

She returned soon after with a box, explaining as she placed it on the coffee table that it was an adult board game given to her by her ex-husband when they were still married. It had never been opened, which would probably explain why they divorced. The game was basically a variation of truth or dare, each space marked “truth”, “dare” or left blank. If a player landed on a truth or a dare space, they drew a card from the appropriate deck and either answered truthfully or carried out the dare. The blank space was just that, the player landing on it didn’t have to do either.

I rolled the highest, so I got to go first. I landed on a truth square, drew my card, reading it aloud, “Would you ever participate in an orgy?” my answer was quick and the only one I could think of, “Only if it included my Jordan”

Next, Jessel disappointingly landed on a blank space. Then Elise’s turn was also a truth.

“Have you ever passionately kissed someone of the same sex?” She blushed deeply and giggled, “No.”

Jordan landed on a dare and had to take off all his clothes except underwear. My turn again, this time, I am dared to masturbate to orgasm or for 15 minutes, whichever “comes” first. Jessel takes her turn again and is pleased to draw a truth card, here we find out that our dear Jessel has fucked herself with “objects not meant for sex” Further questioning reveals that once she was so desperate for a fuck, she used a rubber handled flashlight. Back to Elise, who draws a dare. She is dared to have oral sex with the player sitting opposite her. She slowly looks up at me, blushing. I smile at her welcomingly, but she seems a bit embarassed.

“Elise, take off your clothes, lay back and enjoy” She removes each piece of clothing with great deliberation as I admire her lean, fit body bit by bit.

I lead her to the Papa San chair in the corner and gently push her back into it, placing her legs wide apart so we bakırköy elit escort can all get a good look at her now slick pussy. I want to get her anticipation up, so I kiss her softly on the mouth, running my hands lightly over her smooth shoulders, ever so lightly brushing her pert little tits. My mouth trailing kisses along the path my hands wandered.

Soon I am between her thighs, rubbing them, kissing them, licking them. She tries to squirm her juicy hole closer to my mouth, but, I make her wait. Still kissing and licking her inner thighs, she throws her head back and moans. Suddenly, I slip two fingers deep into her hole, wriggling them back and forth. She gives a little scream of shock and pleasure. Now I dive into her muff, tongue first, grinding against her clit, causing her to moan uncontrollably. her hips bucking as I bring her to the best oral orgasm she has ever had.

Jessel is standing to the side of us tapping her foot impatiently, I look up and she exclaims, “Hurry up! I’m waiting for my turn!”

Knowing she meant her turn at the game, I decide that she meant she’s waiting for her turn with Elise. I move aside and present a beautiful, oozing pussy to my horny friend and say, “I dare you to make that pussy come again while she’s completing her dare with me!”

At this point, Jordan pipes up, “It was MY turn before Jessel!”

“Ok, Jordan, I dare you to fuck this pussy, while she’s eating me out!” I challenge.

Jordan stands up, proudly displaying his raging hard-on. I move Elise to the floor, doggy style so she can take a pounding from that gorgeous hot rod of Jordan’s and eat me at the same time. I lay before her and she envelopes my clit with her lips, instinctively knowing just the right amount of pressure to use. I cry out for her to please, please finger fuck me, when she suddenly stops and directs Jessel to a desk drawer, her “goodie drawer” where Jessel finds a good sized dildo to add to the fun.

Elise gives my greedy hole a quick lick before driving that thick dildo deep inside me. I hear her gasp as Jordan enters her, keeping time with her thrusts as she fucks and sucks me to orgasm.

Poor Jessel, she’s left out, so I invite her to come sit on my face for awhile. Her juices are sweet and she’s quick to come. I want to watch her get fucked again, I tell her so and she climbs off my come covered face so i can help her straddle Elise’s doggy pose.

I want to watch Jordan pound them both. I kneel beside them watching in lewd fascination as Jordan enters first one slick cunt, then the other. Again, getting to fuck back and forth between two pussies.

I love the way his cock looks, sliding in and out, stretching them, making them both scream with pleasure. I want to see them all come and I sit with my legs splayed open, playing with my clit, working the dildo in my wanton slit, bringing myself to orgasm as the three of them fuck each other into a frenzy. We all fall into a heap, exhausted, but, still lazily playing with each other.

So far, it’s been an awesomely horny trip and we haven’t even made it to Reno yet.

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