Wedding Day Confessions

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Let me tell you about myself first of all. My name is Dawn I’m 22 years old and got married 2 years ago. My marriage is a happy and very eventful one but the following story is the true story of my wedding day and how my life changed for the better since that day.

The whole day had gone perfectly timing speeches and now it was the evening due every one was dancing or chatting getting happily drunk, including my husband. I had watched all evening as friends and family supplied him with a steady flow of alcohol knowing only to well that he’d be useless by the time we retired to our bed room if something wasn’t done soon.

I walked over to him and told him that if he didn’t pack it in, he would get nothing for the next year from any of my holes not even a hand job. He looked me in the eye told me he was only socialising bonding with the family, so I walked off leaving him at the bar.

I sat down at a table watching everyone in the room I noticed that some of the men had disappeared which I just assumed was to have a cigarette. I poured myself a glass of red and noticed my mother walking over to me she sat down next to me and poured herself a glass. She leaned in to my year and told me that she had left my wedding present in our honeymoon suit, I looked at her puzzled and she just smiled with sparkling eyes and told me to go and look.

I got up from the table and walked up to my room my mother following me I opened the door and in front of me stood 4 men with great big smiles on their faces. The men in question were my new father in law, brother in law and two of my ex boyfriends.

My mum told me that she knew my husband was useless (she hated him from day one and never wanted me to marry him) so she got me something I needed including (Ben my ex fiancé who she was very keen of). I smiled out her and thanked her being the horny slut I am. My mum moved to the corner of the room and took a seat taking out her phone ready to take pictures.

Ben was the first one to make a move her moved behind my and unfastened the back of my very flouncy dress. “Lets get a look ankara escort at what’s this slut has shall we” he’d said to the others cheering in unison. My dress fell to the floor leaving me standing there in my brilliant white underwear my Basque which had very delicate lace detail flowing over it pushing my tits up and almost bursting over the top. Attached to it 6 suspender straps 3 on each side which firmly gripped the tops of my delicate stocking tops, the soft nylon encasing running down my legs to my toes which were enclosed in a pair of white stilettos with a 6 inch heel. Id chosen not to wear a thong as I though it would give my new husband a greater ease of access, I was right about one part of that at least.

I watched as every man in the room smiled and their eyes widened in delight. My mother barking at them telling them to do it, to treat me like the little fuck toy I was ( she had found my pics in the past and my vids of me getting up to various filthy acts and even encouraged me but they are other tales to tell.)

Ben grabbed me from behind turning my face to his he pressed my lips against his

His tongue immediately darting inside my mouth I reciprocated as I felt a hand on each breast pulling them out. I looked out of the corner of my eyes to see my father my other ex Jason releasing my left one and my brother in law David on my right both of them lowered their mouths to my hard brown nipples and began to suck and bite on them. I could just see the top of my father in laws shinning head placing itself between my thighs his tongue quick to find my pulsating clit. I moaned in as the sensations flooded me of four men tease me with their mouths.

It didn’t take them long to send me shuddering to my keens crashing to the floor panting for breath. I heard David telling them that was enough focus on me and now it was their turn to get what they came for. I felt hands underneath me dragging me on to all fours my legs being spread behind me and a thick cock stretching my newlywed pussy wide before I could look around to see who it was my held was grasped firmly escort ankara as my father in law shoved his cock into my mouth and down my throat forcing me to gag I heard my mother cheering him on shouting choke the bitch as she took photos on her phone.

I was being brutally pounded from both ends whilst wanking Paul and Ben of one at a time my hand working their shafts franticly switching from one to the other. I felt the cock behind me slamming in harder and faster (which id now worked out was Jason) so hard I couldn’t stop myself releasing muffled moans and screams as the force of Jason’s cock working my stretched twat pushed me further onto my father in laws cock forcing it deeper down my throat. I felt my father in law tense up as he pushed his dick deep down my throat before filling it with a hot sticky load he seemed to come forever and there was a great cheer from my mother and my abusers as he pulled out and I coughed up his cum gasping for breath. The sight of this sent Jason’s cock into overdrive as he ground deeply into me his balls slapping my clit as they swung forward; he dug his fingers in to my ass cheeks hard as he filled me with his load before pulling out.

“That’s enough messing around stop being gentle with the bitch, Ben Jason you know what the whore is like so tear her apart” My mother barked still taking pics on her camera phone. Without any further hesitation Ben ordered Paul to get underneath me and slide his cock inside my sticky and dripping cunt without a second thought.

Then Ben called my mother over and told her she was going to need close ups, he got behind me and placed the head of his long thick veiny shaft against my slutty entrance lying it next to Pauls (his cock is a good 10 inchs with about 6 inches of girth) he pushed gently and I moaned then without any warning he rammed it in I screamed in pain as my mother took pictures.

Both Ben and Paul began to slide their cocks in and out of my pussy in unison making me moan with each thrust tears starting to escape the corners of my eyes as they built up speed they fucked me harder ankara escort bayan than I have ever been fucked before my pussy acing as it was stretched beyond its limits it was like a fire racing through it.

Hurt the tart make her scream my mother shouted as she switched her phone to video mode and began to film the depraved scene with one hand and her other slapped my ass before she guided it to her own clit. My father in law and Jason kneeled in front of me slapping their now rejuvenated throbbing cocks against my face as they wanked of franticly tears streamed down my face as the pain from every angle swept through me smearing my make the ecstasy out combined with the pain drove me to an earth shattering orgasm as the cocks at my face spewed there thick load over it closely followed by my mother screaming to heaven as she filmed and her hand that was once busy with her perfectly ageged slit now tugged brutally on my left breast I felt Paul tense up and spurt what felt like a bucket load of cum into my unprotected twat closely followed by my true love Ben spearing me deeply as he emptied his balls into me they pulled out and I collapsed to the floor dripping in cum my face red from being slapped and smeared in make up and spunk my breast bruised from my mother and my pussy gapping like a woman who’d given birth to 6 kids oozed salty fluid.

Before I could relax my mother pulled me to my knees by my hair and told me to clean up I sucked and licked each guy in turn till their cocks were clean then they all left without a thank you all except Ben. He stayed with me fucking me over and over. Two hours later my husband came up to the room and burst through the door he was presented with an excellent view of bens monster cock splitting my asshole my mum had show him the pics and video. I told him to sit the fuck down and watch that I warned him and now Ben was my lover my true love he did as he was told sobbing as he tried to hide his hard on in his trousers.

When Ben had finished with my ass I told my hubby that Ben would be staying the night in our wedding night bed and he would be around a lot more when we got home. After that I through him out to sleep in the corridor the last thing he saw that night was me handing my wedding ring to Ben who placed it on a chain around his neck as I took his cock in my mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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