Visiting Valory

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The morning is cloudy with the threat of rain on the horizon. I am looking forward to visiting my friend, Valory. She is a gorgeous cougar with huge Triple-D boobs. They have been enhanced by a surgeon, but I don’t mind. I love holding them and tweaking her erect nipples. She loves all the attention that I give her and her amazing tits.

I phoned Valory an hour ago to see if she wanted some company today. It didn’t take long for her to yes, although she has some house cleaning to attend to and said she may need my help. I’ll do anything I can to be near this lovely lady.

When I arrive at her place, she is in the middle of dusting the fireplace. She is wearing a flowing black robe with a large pink floral and bright green leaf pattern. Its loose belt leaves the front open and barely covers her gorgeous figure. Underneath the robe, she wears an emerald green satin brassier and matching lace pantie. Her bra pushes up her glorious breasts creating a feast of deep cleavage.

Valory moves about the living room complaining of dust everywhere. She reaches high to the ceiling fan and cleans the surface. She feels warm in the house and removes the robe’s belt. I knock five times on her front door. She looks out the peep hole and sees that I have arrived.

Valory opens the door, “Oh my gosh Rob, you’re early.”

“I know, I just couldn’t stay away any longer. I want to be with you.”

“Well come inside, before it gets wet out there. I’m just finishing up a little dusting, getting things straightened out. Can I get you something to drink?”

“No, I’m good, sorry to be so early, you look beautiful in that robe.”

Valory is a bit flustered at my early arrival and tells me to sit down and make myself at home while she finishes dusting.

“Gosh, you look really nice today, Rob. Are those jeans new?”

I answer, “Yep, I just bought them this weekend.”

“You did, Ooh, I like them.”

Valory waves her duster around. I clearly caught her off guard, arriving so early.

“You remember, I told you I might need a little help today. Well I have a problem with my fireplace screen over here, it’s been sticking, and I don’t know why. Can I get you to take a look at it? What do you think is wrong?”

I bend over to check out the screen. Valory moves behind me and rubs my ass.

I suggest, “Maybe a little oil or maybe a little WD-40 will help.”

I stand up, Valory moves close to me. Her robe opens, revealing her green lingerie. Her tits are overflowing the satin cups.

“So, Rob, how have you been? What have you been doing these past couple of weeks?”

“Oh, just hanging out, enjoying retirement.”

Valory places her hands on my arms, “Wow, it looks like you have been working out? Geez, look at those guns, baby. Your muscles are so tight. Oooh, let me see them.”

I tell her I’ve been to the gym a couple of times, and that it is so nice to have so much free time. Valory raises my arms and grabs the bottom of my tee shirt. She lifts it up revealing my abs.

“Oooh, I like that. Let me see what you look like.”

Valory pulls my tee shirt all the way off my body. She moves her hands all around my chest, rubbing and massaging my skin.

“Ewww, nice job, sexy.”

She grabs my belt and pulls me closer to her body. I feel her firm boobs press into my chest.

“I hope you don’t mind, I’m feeling really, really horny today.”

Those are magic words. She rubs her huge tits up and down my chest. Valory removes her robe and it flutters to the floor. Valory moves her hands around to the front of my jeans.

“Maybe we could, um, give each other a nice long massage. How about that?”

I reach around and rub my shoulders, “actually my back has been a little sore lately.”

“Is it? I love doing massages, especially front massages.”

Valory drops to her knees and unbuckles my belt. She unzips my jeans and pulls them down. I’m commando today and my seven-inch cock snaps to attention.

“Oh, you’re such a naughty boy, Rob; not wearing any underwear.”

Valory grabs my cock and wraps her hand around my shaft. She looks up at me as she opens her mouth and sucks my cock between her lips. She pulls away and strokes my shaft several times.

“Mm, yeah. Mmm, my goodness, I love your cock.”

She moves her head back down and engulfs several inches of my hard shaft. Valory sucks my cock for several moments before releasing me and stroking me. She looks at me as she rubs my hard flesh.

“I bet you didn’t think I’d be doing this so soon, did you?”

“I had my hopes. Your mouth feels so good on my cock. Suck me some more.”

Valory goes back to sucking my shaft. She applies a lot of pressure as she sucks. She concentrates on my mushroom tip, and runs her tongue all around my firm glans. Valory continues to suck as she grabs my jeans and pushes canlı bahis them down to my knees. She alternates between sucking and stroking. My cock is throbbing.

“I am such a cock-aholic.”

Valory opens her mouth and presses her head against my groin. She swallows the entire length of my shaft down her throat. I am so impressed she can deep throat my seven inches. She pulls back and licks my tip. She pays close attention to my spongy glans as she licks and slathers her saliva all around my shaft. Her blowjob is divine. She makes several more attempts at swallowing me down her throat and succeeds every time.

Valory changes course as she releases my cock and moves down to my balls. She loves that I shave my balls and sucks one nut into her mouth. It pops from her mouth and then she swallows the other one. She feasts on my ballsack and then licks the length of my shaft before sucking my entire cock back into her mouth. Valory continues her oral assault for several minutes, sucking and stroking until I’m on the verge of cuming.

“Mmm, I love cock, I love cum. I want you to give me some cum. Would you?”

Valory mauls my cock as saliva drips from her wet mouth. She wipes her ruby red lips with my cock and sucks me deep inside her mouth.

“Oh, fuck my mouth, Rob.”

Valory sucks me deep into her throat. Her nose presses up against my small patch of pubic hair. She has me totally engulfed. She releases my cock and then sucks my balls. She licks up the side of my cock and then around my firm glans. A bit of pre-cum leaks from my tip.

“Mmm, oh yeah, I love all your pre-cum baby. It tastes so good.”

She sucks and strokes my cock some more.

“Mm, I’m so horny. I’ve got to have you fuck me.”

I reach down and palm Valory’s left breast while she strokes me. I move my hand to her right boob and squeeze, before reaching behind her and unsnapping the bra clasp. Her emerald green bra slides off her huge tits as she rises to her knees. She squeezes her globes together forming perfect cleavage.

“Oh, fuck my titties baby, oh yeah. Oh, fuck yeah, baby.”

I slide my hard shaft between those lovely breasts. Valory looks up while I help her hold her tits in place. Her breasts create the perfect place for my cock.

“Mmm, I love getting titty-fucked.”

She spits on my cock and her chest creating a nice slippery surface for my shaft.

“Oh yeah baby, fuck them.”

Valory releases her tits and I grab hold, pressing them tighter around my shaft. I slide my seven inches faster and faster between her warm skin. She grabs my ass and pulls me to her.

“What a tight ass you’ve got baby. A nice tight ass.”

Her hard nipples press into my hips as I slap my body into her flesh. I fuck her boobs for several more minutes.

“Oh, my gawd, mmm, Fuck em, real good.”

My hips slap against her tits as I slide my seven inches between them.

Valory is ready for me to eat her pussy. I release her tits and we drop down to the soft carpet.

“Are you going to lick my pussy for me?”

She lays back, lifts and bends her legs. I help her remove her emerald lace panties and toss them aside. She spreads her legs and I move down between her thighs.

Her sweet aroma surrounds her pussy, “You are nice and wet.”

Valory moves her hands to her mound and spreads her pussy lips for me. Her black pubic hair is neatly trimmed. Her long fingernails are painted silver and shimmer with sparkles, providing an erotic frame around her cunt.

“Yeah baby, real wet. The second I opened the door, my pussy started getting so fucking wet. Oh, my Gawd, it feels so good when you lick my clit. It makes it so fucking hard. Oh yeah, Oh Rob. Oh, fuck baby.”

My face contacts her full outer lips. Her huge boobs stand up against gravity. Her pink aureole are four inches wide and frame her very erect nipples. I gather my first taste of Valory. She spreads her outer lips, allowing me to lick her pink inner labia. She is so wet. I concentrate on sucking her hard clit between my lips. My mouth presses against her cunt and I lick her pink wet labia.

“Oh, my gawd. Yeah, stick your finger in my pussy.”

I push my middle finger deep into her wet recesses. The pink flesh grips my finger. I finger-fuck Valory.

“Oh, oh yeah, mmm. Oh, my gawd, it feels so good. Mmm, lick my clit while you’re fucking my pussy with your finger.”

I continue to piston my finger in and out of her cunt as I lower my head and lick her hard nubbin. Valory keeps her outer lips spread with her fingers. I lap up her juices.

“Oh, my gawd. Oh yeah baby.”

I suck her pink labia between my lips while I continue to drill my finger into her pussy. Her juices cover my hand as they flow from within her inner core. Valory lifts her head from the carpet and watches me slide my finger in and out.

“Oh bahis siteleri yeah baby, oh you’re making me squirt.”

My finger is buried within her tight hole as I search out her G-spot. I find the hard ridge and apply pressure. Her thighs quiver. Valory continues to watch me finger-fuck her pussy. She moves her ass back and forth searching for more pleasure.

“Oh yeah baby, hit my G-spot really good. Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah. Mmmmm.”

My middle finger is a piston working in and out of her pink flesh, drawing more cum from within. A squishy sound fills the room as more cum builds up and drips down her thighs.

“Ah, oh fuck yeah, ah, ah, ah. Oh, finger that pussy, finger it really good.”

Valory’s large clitoris is solid and emerges from within its hood. It stands out like a tiny cock centered between her inner labia. I place my hand on her taut stomach to hold her still while I attack her cunt with force. My hand is covered with her juices.

Valory gasps, “Oh my gawd, oh yeah baby. You’re going to make me squirt all over your fucking hand, baby.”

She squeezes her thighs together, trapping my hand and erupts in a gut-wrenching climax. Cum squirts from within her core and covers my hand. My middle finger is a blur. I work it in and out of her pink flesh while Valory rides through her orgasm. Her cum flows like a river from within her labia.

“Oh, my gawd, oh my gawd, oh fuck. Mmm.”

Valory is not content with one climax, she demands more. I withdraw my finger and move my body up, preparing to slide my seven inches between her dripping slit. Valory rubs her pussy and spreads her juices all around her fur covered mound.

“Oh yeah, give me that cock. Oh, fuck yeah. Oh yeah baby.”

Valory lifts her legs and grabs her ass, pulling her mature cheeks apart. I slide my shaft between her puffy folds. I press against her and bury my cock in her cunt.

“Oh yeah baby, stick that cock in that pussy. Oh yeah, oh yeah.”

I move up onto my knees while I hold her legs up in the air and press my body into her fleshy ass. I am buried to the hilt.

“Mmm. Oh yeah, oh yeah. Oh, my gawd, oh my gawd.”

I hold her legs higher, giving me room to fuck her quickly. Our bodies slap together in unison as I fuck my darling Valory. She stretches her arms above her head as she lays on her back, taking everything, I can give. Her huge tits ride high on her chest and shake with abandon. They look like two cantaloupes, so big, so juicy.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah, so good”

Valory moves her hands around her tits to steady their movement. She squeezes the flesh and pinches her nipples, driving for another orgasm.

“Oh yeah, oh baby, you’re going to make me fucking cum.”

Our bodies slap together. I drive my hips into her as her body prepares for another climax. My shaft stretches her pussy, filling her hole. I hold her ankles and raise her legs higher to allow me room to fuck my goddess. Valory reaches out to grab my thighs, forcing me to plow into her body faster and faster.

“Oh, my gawd, I love your cock. Oh yeah.”

I release my hold on Valory’s legs and she wraps them around my waist as I continue to drive my cock into her pussy.

“Oh yeah, fuck that pussy really good. Oh yeah, oh gawd, ah.”

Her silicone filled tits shake back and forth as I slam into her body. I slow my pace and lean back on my hands allowing my cock to slide back and forth within her slit. Valory reaches down and spreads her outer lips, opening her pink gash.

“Mmm fuck yeah, Mmm, slide it in and out real slow.”

My hard cock throbs as I slide in and out. It shines with her juices. Her hard clit pulsates and rubs against my shaft with every thrust.

“Oh yeah, it feels good when you do that. Deeper, deeper in there, deeper inside that cunt. Yeah get it deep inside that cunt, baby. Oh Yeah, yeah, make my fucking pussy squirt all over your fucking big cock. Ahh.”

Valory spreads her lips more as I continue to pound away.

“Oh gawd, oh slam that pussy baby, slam it real hard. Oohhhh, Fuck yeah.”

I grab her thighs and spread them wide while Valory continues to open her pussy for my cock to penetrate.

“Oh, my gawd, oh yeah, oh yeah. Ah yeah, fuck yeah.”

I move my hands up her body and grab her tits. I squeeze her full mounds and press down on them giving me more leverage to fuck her relentlessly. I continue to move in and out, our bodies slapping against each other. I lower my hands to her rib cage for better balance. Her breasts shake obscenely back and forth with pink nipples standing erect.

I slow down and prepare to change positions. I place my hands on the floor next to her hips and move back. My cock slides out of her pussy as we move around.

“Oh yeah, fuck yeah, oh how about a little doggy style for me, huh? Oh yeah, I like it doggy style. bahis şirketleri Mmm, yeah baby.”

I kneel up, my cock sticks straight out covered in pussy cream. Seven inches of hard meat. Valory rolls over and gets up on all fours. She faces the fireplace. The soft carpet protects our knees. I grab my shaft at the base and line it up with her open gash. I move close to her wide mature ass and slide into her pink flesh.

“Give it to me. Give me that fucking big, fucking cock. Ah yeah.”

I grab her ass and slide my cock deep into her pussy. My hips press against her fleshy cheeks and I’m buried to the hilt.

“Oh yeah, fuck yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, ahhwwww.”

I slam into her rear. My cock spreads her inner lips.

“Aw, you’ve got a big cock, baby.”

Valory leans down on one arm as she pushes her ass higher up. I get a better angle to push deeper into her cunt. My hips slap against her ass. I hold her hips to keep her close to me. Valory works her ass back and forth swallowing my cock each time. I move my hand to the small of her back to guide her movements. I take control again as I grab Valory by the waist and pump my cock deep into her cunt.

“Oh yeah baby, spank that ass.”

I pull back and slap her wide ass cheek before pushing in again. I pump into Valory repeatedly.

“Oh gawd, I love your cock baby. Mmm, let me play with your balls. Mmm. Yeah, your balls feel so good.”

Valory reaches back through her legs and grabs my balls. She squeezes and pulls on my ballsack. I slide my cock deep into her pussy. As I pump in and out, air is pushed out creating farting sounds for several moments.

“Fuck me in and out. Oh yeah baby, pussy farts.”

Valory pushes back against my hips. My shaft slides within her wet flesh creating more noise.

“Oh yeah, oh baby, oh fuck yeah, oh, oh, oh.”

She lifts her body up as I continue to fuck her. Her boobs hang down as she moves. They swing back and forth with her body movements. I pound her pussy for all I’m worth. Valory continues to grunt and groan. She reaches back with her left hand and rubs my chest as I hold her up by her hips. I drive my seven inches into her tight cunt.

“Oh baby, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh gawd you make my pussy so fucking wet.”

I slap her left ass cheek as fuck her. More pussy farts fill the room and I slap her right cheek. We separate, and I fall back. Valory leans her head on the carpet and reaches around to spread her butt cheeks. Her gaping pussy is on display. I feast my eyes on her pink inner labia and dark red core. Black curly hair on her puffy outer lips frame her hole. Girl juice runs down her thighs.

“My fucking pussy has been gaping after you’ve been fucking it. Mmm, yeah, mmm. Look at that fucking gaping hole. Aw, that’s what you got your fucking big fucking cock into. Mmm. My nice fucking gaping hole.”

Valory runs her fingers around her red gash inviting me back in. She spreads her ass cheeks; her tight O-ring on display. I just want to fuck her and make her happy.

“Oh yeah, I need your cock back inside of it again baby. Oh yeah, Mmm. Wet that pussy just a little bit there baby. Oh, OK, now stick it in there. Oh yeah. Oh yeah.”

I slide my shaft inside her wide-open pussy. I piston my cock in and out driving her body into the carpet.

“Oh, it’s so good, it’s so good. Oh. Mmm. Yeah.”

I hold on to her ass while I slide my cock in and out. Her big tits are smashed into the carpet as I fuck Valory. I love watching my shaft spread her thick, puffy pussy lips.

“Oh, I want to get fucked. Oh, Mmm, baby I want your cum, baby. Are you going to fill my pussy hole up with your fucking, hot, thick, creamy cum, huh? Yeah, oh yeah. I want some of your fucking cum, baby.”

I pull away from Valory’s pussy and she turns over onto her side. She raises her leg, and spreads her ass, exposing her throbbing clit and her wet pussy lips covered with short black hair. My hard shaft sticks up in the air and my balls hang low. I press my fingers onto her clit and run circles around the pink pearl.

“Uh huh, oh gawd, oh yeah. Make my fucking clit hard. Oh yeah, oh gawd, that feels so good. Oh yeah baby. Mmm. I love it. Oh yeah, I love it baby.”

Valory reaches down and rubs her wet lips gathering her cum on her fingers. She licks her fingers and tastes the juices. She continues to rub her pussy while I stroke her inner thigh. I move my hand to her wet cunt and tap her folds. She taps her mound at the same time.

“Oh, baby it feels good. Oh yeah, spank that pussy. Oh, it’s a bad pussy. Yeah. Bad, bad pussy. Oh, I want your big fucking cock in that pussy, OK. Rob, you wanna fuck me, huh? Oh yeah, fuck me real good. Mmm. Oh yeah.”

Valory strokes her pussy getting it ready for my cock. She pulls her curly black pubic hair. I move close to her and scoot up on my knees. I guide my shaft between her hairy folds and slide in. Her wet snatch easily accepts my cock. I fuck my precious Valory. Our bodies slap together as I grab her left breast and hold it. I keep her tits from shaking too much.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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