Viruses Are a Bitch

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Ava Taylor

“Let’s see now,” says Brandon. “What’s on Pilfer-Bay today. Hmm,” he queries, leaning in close to the monitor to scour the latest list of available downloads.

The year is 2060. Scientists now rule North America, ever since a black matter orb entered the solar system. Dubbed ‘Flipstar 1’, it orbits the sun three time a day, wreaking havoc with solar flare radiation and bathing the earth with the most bizarre lighting variations. Rather than voting for his favorite Science panel hopeful, Brandon’s at home searching for illegal software, idly stroking his ‘hardware’ while doing so. A model citizen? Hardly. Give him credit though, for abiding by the imposed sexual conduct laws; he hasn’t gotten laid since the new ‘no contact’ laws were sanctioned last year. Viruses are a bitch.

Bing! Seconds after selecting Dominatrix Hologram 2040, his computer purrs in readiness. He loves this old school stuff. His holographic module shudders to life. He approaches it, cock in hand, fully ready to play. Autocam aligns on him, offering alternative views of the action.

A wicked, full- bodied black domme materializes to tower over him. Brandon’s pulse races. “On your knees, worm!” she orders. He complies, kneeling before her majestic presence. He trembles, studying his pitiful image reflected on her black leather boots. Crack! She swings her whip past his head; its tip breaks the sound barrier and his will simultaneously. His balls tighten in their sack. His glans flares within his grip, oozing copious drops of pre-come into his cleft.

“Make love to my ass, slave! Worship me!” She turns and backs her gigantic naked derriere up to his face. “Now tongue fuck me! Clean my asshole you slut.” She spreads her supple buttocks, revealing her puckered orifice. He extends his tongue into the fissure, eliciting from her, moans of mounting pleasure.

He glances at the projection featuring him orally worshipping his statuesque black mistress. “Meh, been there, done that,” he chuckles. He clicks the shutdown icon. Brandon has a new toy in mind.

He happily tears the packaging from the Pudtendo 3000 unit. The government, sympathizing with the denied sexual needs of young men like himself, offers hefty rebates for the purchase of this model. He wishes he could afford the latest sex android, but beggars can’t be choosers.

His new Pudtendo Sex Adventure set includes an excellent virtual reality helmet and hard, white groin casino siteleri girdle. They both have mounts for optional robotic mouth, tongue, and vagina attachments. Just for the heck of it, he opted for the penis attachments with semen circulation pump as an afterthought. His nostrils crinkle at the freshly unpacked device’s odd odor. He fastens himself into the housings, licking his lips with sex starved apprehension. Flipping the visor, he sits at his computer, logging onto the Pudtendo website to download trial software. At least the wireless link functioned. He gasps at the vibrations of the slick phallus prodding his ass and the hot, fleshy mouth module hugging his cock.

“Dammit!” hollers Brandon, on finding is system pass-code won’t install. “We’ll see what Pilfer-Bay has to offer,” he chuckles.

The site has exactly what the young stud is looking for: She-male Three Way Adventure! The screen shots treat his eyes with voluptuous lingerie babes, all sporting big erections needing servicing. He rocks his hips within the sterile enclosure, centering the artificial glans against his own yielding anus, yearning to give his ass up to these virtual exotic beauties.

It’s a big download, taking almost five seconds to complete. His computer flashes a blue haze, indicating full installation. He smiles, clacking the visor over his pale blue eyes.

“Okay, now to set this thing up,” he sighs. The unit’s cock pulses a few times, pumping lube into his willing asshole. It’s sculpted head swells, making him flinch and grip his arm rests. “Whoa, not yet!” he shouts. The system obeys.

He sets the cock size to maximum: ten inches long by three inches thick. “Hmm, maybe not,” he groans, nodding at his lack of ass play experience. “Seven long, two inches thick, that’ll be like I’m doing myself,” he mused. The program asks for the helmet cock option. “Oh shit!” He flips the vizor to search amid the packaging for a second big robotic cock.

“Aha, there it is.” He clicks the helmet phallus into place before closing the visor. He flicks the underside of the life- like cock head with his tongue; it swells responsively. It extends a single inch, then retracts. He blinks, sliding his hand above his aching seven incher trapped in the pelvis housing. He grinds his hips, closing his eyes and shivering at the pre-come coated mouth gently vibrating around his cock.

“Alright,” he says, resolving canlı casino to finish setup. He narrows his eyes, scrolling past the half lit glory hole scenarios. “Naw, that’s too wimpy.” He considers them a second choice to the three way action promised elsewhere on the screen. He clicks around, finding none of the scenes will now initiate. He has to reboot since the unit missed detection of the helmet cock on start up, thus hopelessly locking the system. Two seconds later, he’s ready to get fucked.

“Perfect!” he chirps. He’s back to the She-male Multi-Partner Zone, settling on a scene with three mouth watering women with cocks. Each one is of differing ethnicity. The first, Maria, is a tall, shapely latino with big fuck-able titties. The second seen circling the screen, Vickey- a sultry, athletic black woman endowed with a long, fat headed, swinging prick. The third, Kim, is a smaller, but perfectly proportioned asian girl with perky tits high on her delicate torso. Lovely. He scrolls through the options, selecting a different outfit for each. The latino babe gets black vintage stockings with garters and heels. The black girl is decked out in full leather thigh boots and a tit lifting corset. He keeps the asian fox nude, save for pink high heels. Good job Brandon, very nice.

The black girl is clearly in charge. “Hey boy, do you like what you see? I sure hope so, ’cause we’re horny as hell!” She saunters towards him, her cock rising to attention. She licks her lips suggestively, rolling her hips, putting one foot precisely in front of the other. The screen flickers, revealing the other two girls on either side of him. She sinks to her haunches, balancing on her heels, looking up at Brandon. “Oh, that’s one fine cock you have there.” She sighs, “Smaller than mine though.” Her hands rise to his groin, to encircle the jutting image of his rod. The machinery strokes him deliciously in time with her slow, milking motions.

“You want to come?” she laughs. Brandon nods, hoping for a blow-job. “You’d better not!” She slaps his balls, the machinery responds, he flinches. Looks like they think of everything down at Pudtendo. She tips back, resting her palms on the ground, uttering, “Get down here, Momma needs a good sucking!”

He climbs forward on his hands and knees to slurp her throbbing, black hardness into his mouth. Maria hops in behind him; Kim slips under him, chambering his cock in her mouth. The machinery kaçak casino churns with vigor.

“Ahh, god that’s good!” purrs Vickey, “You love sucking momma’s rumble stick, don’t you boy?” Brandon nods, pausing to look into her bleary eyes. The machine is fucking his mouth, injecting gobs of salty fluid onto his delighted tongue. He moans at Kim’s sucking of his grateful love rod. Maria speaks up.

“Hey there, I’m Maria. Open your ass amigo!” He tilts his ass upwards, offering her his tight confines. “Oh nice!” she giggles, shoving her thick, stubby she cock up his ass. He slumps forward, gasping at her invading him.

“Hey! Did I say to stop sucking? growls Vickey. “Momma needs to shoot her load!” Brandon obeys, bobbing his head over her mouth-stretching fuck stick.

Kim sucks cock perfectly. He catches a glimpse of her tiny hand as she masturbates below him. The machinery is working well, bringing him to the brink of his own climax. Maria’s cock up his ass shuttles onto his prostate, plunging wetly into his captive asshole. He can’t hold out longer; he trembles violently, shooting his spunk into the asian sucking him. The sensors detect his eruption. The pump whirs, the tubing whitens.

All three foxy fuck hounds sigh and moan as they come. “Ah! Momma’s coming, swallow my load!” Brandon’s eyelids flutter as the expanding phallus, fully buried, balls deep in his face heats up. The machinery ejects spurt after spurt, punishing the back of his throat with cum sucked from his own cock. Maria’s powerful cum shot overflows his rectum, spilling hotly down his the back of his shriveled ball sack. The screen goes blue. He collapses in bliss.

“Beep! Beep! System requires valid user identification!” The machine’s tinny voice calls out to him. He pulls the head housing from his sweaty blonde curls, unhooks the dripping cum tube and sits at his computer. He tries repeatedly to patch the program code. He fails, due to a system virus. The system refuses to accept.

“So what? I got what I wanted,” he chortles.

“System anti-piracy mode initiate!” A red and blue light pattern flashes its indignation.

“Pfft! Big deal,” he snorts, smiling while flipping the system’s off switch.

Enormous plasma billboards energize, lighting the darkened street below. Everyone outside is bombarded with Brandon’s personal information including the log code to his hard drive files. The more alert parents admonish their children to avert their gaze from the looped video clips of Brandon in action. His readily recognizable avatar is seen sucking black she-cock while enjoying an ass full of big latino fuck rod.

What an age he lives in.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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