Valentine Bonus at Work

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“$500? Are you kidding me?” Sadie thought to herself as she furiously drove through the tunnel home in New Jersey.

Her boss, Rick, had been working her 60-70 hour weeks for months working on a merger for the company and a bonus had been promised. Since she knew Rick would be earning around a half a million dollars on this deal, she had been expecting significantly more than $500.

Hell, ten times that wasn’t even enough for the amount of work she had been putting in. $500 was a slap in the face. And to think, she had chosen to work for this guy.

What had she been thinking?

She pondered this as she kept driving. Well, she had wanted to work on Wall Street and this job had given her that; she had made a good salary for a few years and had enjoyed what she did. So why Rick? He had been a good manager early on. He was kind, patient and had taught her how to do her job. And he was harmless; that can’t really be overstated. She had friends and coworkers who had been groped, sexually harassed, pressured into relationships and more. And Rick was nothing like that. He was a little older than many of the guys in the office, probably 25 years or so older than some, and he was as harmless as they come. He liked to tease her a little but it was in such a doddering way that it was more corny than serious, and he thought he was hilarious so she usually just nodded and went along with it.

She was coming to the conclusion that he wasn’t really a bad guy; he was just clueless. He was like a relic to an earlier time when admins were never the primary breadwinners, didn’t have many options and were grateful to whatever they were given from the executives. She just needed to adjust his attitude into this century.

The next morning she was still thinking about it as she showered, and she found herself getting turned on. These thoughts were certainly unexpected. She knew that he had admired her, she was much younger and she knew she looked great. Although she was nearing 30 she still got plenty of attention from both younger and older me, She could usually be seen in professional skirts or suits, but she was in great shape and wore them well. And when she went out with her friends she was always the one who got the most attention. The thought of luring him into an illicit situation and taking control was really exciting her. The thought of this was making her really want this.

Could it be that easy? Could she simply just seduce him?

After contemplating this she decided that she couldn’t. Not that “she” couldn’t per se, but that he was just too much of a straight-laced guy. She had control of his calendar; she knew he didn’t play around. She’d met his wife and she seemed as old fashioned as he was, plus she was a frumpy sort. She looked like a grandmother whereas Sadie looked more like the stereotypical beautiful co-ed graduate student that gave college kids wet dreams. His wife was the kind who would wear baggy jeans and no makeup and work in her garden around their house. She probably hadn’t tried to turn her husband on in years, if ever. Sadie wondered if they even had sex anymore. Sadie was the one who kept up with Rick’s important dates like anniversaries and birthdays and when she went out to pick up his gifts for his wife they were always practical things like raincoats or household items. There was never even a hint of romance between them. Rick probably teased Sadie more than he did his wife despite his comments being more like “dad jokes” than meaningful teasing.

“What to do? What to do?” she thought to herself.

Then the idea popped in her mind. She finished getting ready for work and pulled out her phone to check the calendar. She smiled as she noticed that next Tuesday was the day before canlı bahis Valentine’s Day and just the day she needed it to be.

She went on into work and acted normally, patiently waiting for Tuesday.

Tuesday seemed to take forever to arrive but at least it gave her time to prepare. She went shopping and made the purchases she needed to make, and she manipulated her and Rick’s schedule so that they’d be alone and working together for most if not all of that afternoon.

Around noon she made sure his schedule was completely cleared and then entered his office carrying a tray.

“I’ve brought us some lunch in; I was thinking we’d grab a quick bite and get started on this afternoon’s work,” she announced.

Rick glanced up and answered, “Good thinking Sadie, what do you have to tempt me with?”

There was one of his weak teasing attempts and with what could only be described as a stupid looking grin on his face.

“The man may be a genius in the world of mergers and acquisitions but goodness gracious, he can be a dork sometimes,” she thought to herself.

These lunches were fairly common between them so this was all routine to him. She was about to break this routine, but she knew he needed it to be extremely gradual or else he would balk and end it.

“Why, Rick,” she responded with a smirk, “You know I know exactly how to tempt you.”

She had never played into one of his comments before so he looked up and might have even shown a bit of concern, but before he said anything or really thought much about it, Sadie had set lunch in front of him, and he noticed that it was his favorite meal from the cafe downstairs.

Sadie sat across the desk from him and finished setting their meals up, smiling at him but not doing anything overtly sexual. She knew that her hair and makeup were perfect and that her blouse had an extra button undone today, but those were hopefully subtle enough changes that he wouldn’t consciously notice. He was a man so he’d eventually pick up on it; she just needed to stay in view and let nature take its course.

They sat eating and making small talk. Nothing they hadn’t done dozens of times before.

She watched as he sipped his cup filled with tea, nearly empty now, and as he noticed her looking at it, he said, “It’s almost as sweet as you, my dear.”

She had to stop from rolling her eyes as she thought to herself that she’d probably heard him say that to her hundreds of times, but this time she’d tease back.

“Rick, you shouldn’t say that,” she responded coyly, “I’m only sweet sometimes, other times I can be a bit of a bad girl.”

He looked at her directly for a second or two but went back to eating. He probably couldn’t think of anything to say in response. The man certainly wasn’t experienced at flirting so she thought that he would be more uncomfortable than aroused at this point.

What Rick didn’t know was that, as he finished his tea, which was overly sweetened by the way, was that he had just swallowed his first ever Viagra. The reason she had used more sugar than usual was because Sadie had crushed the blue tablet and mixed it in as well. She didn’t think that it would affect the flavor, but by adding some extra sugar she was quite certain that he’d never notice anything different. She also knew that by being crushed it would take far less than the 30 minutes that the ads say to take effect.

A few more minutes of small talk and Rick suggested that they get to work.

Sadie checked her watch and saw that they had been eating, and in Rick’s case drinking the tea, for about a half hour so the Viagra would start to have its effect at any time now.

“Actually, Rick, if you can wait a minute I have a surprise for you,” she bahis siteleri said.

“Surprise, what surprise?” he asked.

“You’ll have to wait a sec, can you do that?” she teased with a wink.

“Are you ok, Sadie?” he asked, “You seem to be acting strangely today.”

“Damn,” she thought, “I went to fast.”

“Oh well, it’s all in at this point,” she concluded her thought.

“Why, Rick, you always are such the tease to me I thought I’d just tease back a little to lighten the mood some. We have a lot to do today and I thought it would be fun.” she stated while maintaining eye contact.

He didn’t respond, so she thought she should push him a little more, “But if you don’t think you can handle it, I’ll stop.” With this she nodded with a slight pout.

“No, no, it’s not that,” he answered immediately.

“So predictable,” she thought, “He can’t admit any possible weakness.”

“It’s just that, you know, I’m a married man,” he finished, probably thinking that this would end the discussion.

“I know that Rick, I’m just having fun. How about this? We’ll do the teasing thing and make the day more fun and simply establish a rule that no touching is allowed. That way we’ll see if you can handle it without any potential problems, That’ll be alright, won’t it?” She countered.

Not ready for this, he had no choice but to nod.

“Great,” she said with another wink. “I’ll just set up our paperwork on the table over here, you can just sit there and watch.” She gave a big smile to show that she was back to teasing and he relaxed a little.

Rather than work on what he had been working on before lunch, he found that now that the suggestion was out there, he couldn’t help but watch her. She moved around the table, sometimes reaching across it with paperwork and other times bending over rearrange things. He couldn’t decide which he liked better: one way gave him a view of her cleavage and the other presented her perfect ass.

“My God, she’s beautiful,” he thought. He had always known this, of course, but he hadn’t noticed her sexuality before. He was oblivious to the fact that her blouse was tighter than normal and her skirt a good deal shorter, but he was noticing that he was getting aroused, very aroused.

She knew she had put on enough of a show and that he had to be watching; she also knew that by now the Viagra was doing its magic. She quickly looked up and caught him staring.

With a knowing smirk she teased, “Caught you looking, didn’t I?”

“Uh,” he stammered. “No, no,” he lied, “I was just remembering that you said something about a surprise. Right?”

Sadie was surprised he came up with that, but she was ready, “Oh, I do, and I think, no, I know that you’ll love it.”

She left the office and appeared a couple of minutes later with a pink bag.

He watched as she began gently undoing the wrap.

“Tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day, Rick, and I got you something special this year for you to give your wife. I think she’ll like it and I’m pretty sure you will too.” She was almost whispering as Rick seemed mesmerized by her fingers undoing the strings of the bag.

She came around the desk beside him and hopped up on the desk facing him, only inches away, and she crossed her legs as he watched.

She then pulled the first item out of the bag and placed it on his desk in front of him.

He decided to focus on the items, not her, but that was becoming increasingly difficult as his cock was rapidly expanding inside his pants more than he thought it ever had.

“First, these thigh high stockings with lace,” she said in a silky voice, “You like?”

“They’re very nice but I don’t know if she’d like them,” he said.

“Does she wear lingerie for bahis şirketleri you?” she asked

“No,” he answered.

Then he quickly looked at her.

She knew that he was embarrassed by this answer and had responded without thinking.

“Oh, poor baby,” she teased, “I’m sorry.”

He didn’t have a response so he looked back at the desk.

Sadie kept going. She pulled out a matching corset and smoothed it out slowly.

“Nothing like this, either?” she asked in a sad voice.

“No,” he said again while staring at the items on his desk.

Sadie knew he was in emotional pain admitting this but she could also see that his cock was straining against his pants.

“Well maybe she’ll wear them if you give these to her.” Sadie said with a sad little shrug, “You’d like it if she would, right?”

“I don’t know,” he answered. He wasn’t sure what he was thinking. Did his answer mean he didn’t know if she’d wear it or he didn’t know if he’d like it?

Before he sorted this out, Sadie spoke, “Sure you would, Rick. look at me.”

As he looked over he saw that she was slowly pulling her skirt even higher, revealing that she was wearing the same stockings.

“Rick, I can see that you like mine,” she whispered when she was sure that he had noticed that they were the same.

“Want to feel them?” she asked.

Before waiting for an answer, she placed his hand on her knee and began moving it softly on her thigh, both the outside and inner thigh.

Although she thought he may cum in his pants right then, he managed to say, “I shouldn’t touch.”

“Oh, right,” she playfully responded, “We said we wouldn’t touch and yet you did.”

As he was about to protest that she had done it, not him, she put her lips as lightly as possible on his ear and whispered, “I’ll just touch you to make it even.” She paused and lightly licked before continuing, “I mean if that’s ok, Rick?”

He didn’t say anything, but Sadie thought that she noticed a bit of a nod so she reached her hand down and began caressing his hard cock through his pants while now kissing his neck.

Unbeknownst to Rick, she was unbuttoning her blouse with her other hand.

When finished with the buttons, she pulled back from him so he could see and said, “And this is what the corset looks like.”

As he stared, she let her blouse fall to the floor.

“I can’t,” he stammered.

“We can,” she responded while deftly unzipping his pants, “We’re two consenting adults and no one will ever know. We’ll do it this one time and never speak of it again.”

She began kissing his mouth and there was no resistance. She unbuttoned the bottom of the corset, freeing her pussy and let him look.

“Never seen a trimmed one, have you?” she asked.

“No, but it’s amazing,’ he said.

“Wait til you feel it?” she teased as she lowered down onto him.

As he exploded rather quickly she knew that she had won.

She would never bring this up again like she said, at least not for a few weeks until she had her positive pregnancy test. She knew this was her ovulating day. She had been tracking it monthly since college. But, until now, it had been a day to avoid sex.

She’d come in a few weeks from now and act horrified that she was pregnant. She would insist that she was incredibly pro-life if he asked about an abortion, and she would eventually provide him with three options.

He could leave his wife and marry her. If chose this she’d make sure that there was no prenuptial agreement and she’d be set for life. He could just give her the whole bonus. He might think that this was a cheap way out, but once he paid her and she puts his name on the birth certificate, she’d be able to come back for more whenever she wanted, or He could sign a child support agreement and buy her a house in the city so she wouldn’t have to commute as far.

Whichever he picked, she didn’t care. She knew she’d be much better off with any of the options.

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